Monday, July 28, 2014


by Marlene Swetlishoff ~ July 27, 2014

Love is the greatest force in the universe and this force will have its effect within and upon the planet.

Beloved Ones,

The pressure within increases as the energy intensifies from the cosmos. The activity of purification is intensifying in all quarters of life. There is no escape for anyone or anything upon the earth plane. All are as one in the eye of the cosmic storm that is passing through. The energy sensitive among you will find yourselves moving into the next step of your journey in wonderful and unexpected ways. With a suddenness that is startling, you will find yourselves in a blessed space as you find the longed for peace within. As this alignment and recalibration takes place yet again, you enter a new phase of healing within your human operating system. The healing will become noticeable in your daily life as you go about your duties. There will be more energy flowing through you and you will have the energy to create all that you desire in your lives. Your ability to remain focused upon your goals will see a marked improvement.

There will continue to be a choosing of the crossroads for each and every soul upon the planet and it can be difficult for many as the rifts within families and friendships continues to occur. Many times, these rifts are temporary as those who are confused about what is occurring or totally unaware of it move away in rejection of the awakened ones. Hold your ground and remain centered in your own truth. Each person on Earth is responsible for their own choices and decisions at all times and must accept the consequences that come about as a result. Those who hurt or harm others will find that energy coming back to them in numerous ways that will keep them having to look within themselves in a clear and honest manner until they understand that the energy they give out into the universe comes back to them in equal measure, no matter if it is positive or negative.


In times past this energy took some time, sometimes years, to manifest within a person’s life but what will now start to occur with more rapidity is the manifestation of focused thought so it is wise to become disciplined in your thought processes so that only good will come to you. When you notice recurring thoughts that make you feel unhappy and sad, let them fall away and immediately replace them with empowering thoughts or ideas. As you practice this regularly, life will take on an added lustre as you begin to see life through the lens of joy, beauty and contentment. People everywhere will start to do things for others just for the pleasure of bringing joy to others. There will be spontaneous and random acts of kindness that will blossom all over the planet. The spirit, energy and force of love will uplift the hearts and minds of many people as they feel into these waves of love coming into the atmosphere, into and from the very Earth itself.

The now floundering and chaotic shadow energy will become balanced both within each person and within the outer world in daily life. Each person will see in their mind’s eye, the outcomes of each energy input they choose to make and will be able to instantly correct any action, thought or behaviour that could bring them an unhappy experience. As this continues, the mastery of self on all levels of being takes place and opens the way for the further downloading of one’s higher essence into the physical human operating system. More enlightened beings walking upon the planet bring a more enlightened society and civilization. This is already taking place and will only grow stronger as each person brings in their higher essence, the higher aspects of their soul.

Love is the greatest force in the universe and this force will have its effect within and upon the planet. The unseen will become visible and will open up a new vista of experience and sensory delight to all who have attained this level of frequency. As more people attain this level, it paves the way and makes it easier for others to rise to greater levels of consciousness and understanding. The golden age of Terra will rise in glory and majesty remembered and lived.

Until next week…

I AM Hilarion

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Sunday, July 27, 2014

Kauilapele's Blog: Let Me Say This about That…


 I like this post, I am tired of people giving reasons to judge other people based on trivial choices in their own private lives... and the burdens of expectations they try to instill in others.  -AK

Let Me Say This about That…
Posted on 2014/07/26 by kauilapele

As I feel it right now, at this moment (0130 HST), there are certain things that rankle from time to time, and that means I’m to pay attention to what “the rankling” is all about.

First off, we all have our own backgrounds, our own views, and all this and all that. My deal is that I BE and DO my OWN, and allow others to BE and DO their own.

So I see that any “rankling” in my innards is my own NOT allowing others to have their own. But I’ll say this…

There’s times when I hear things like, “The Bible says this”, or “Natural Foods Magazine says GMO will kill you”, or “To be a Light Worker you have to meditate (exactly) 4.33 hours per day”, “You’ve got to eat only organic foods,” and so on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on….


The Essence of ME is what I AM, and the BODY and Mind and Spirit of ME is what does the DOing. Whatever it is.

You know, I only get “tired of all that on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on stuff”, when I fail to remember SELF… MY SELF… and that’s Higher Self, with a capital HS. And that’s MINE and MINE only, to BE.

I’m not here to live up to anybody else’ paradigms of living. NO. They can rant and rave and say and imply that there’s something “wrong” with me if I’m (and I quote), “Male or female, straight or gay, black or white or anything in between, read the Bible (or Koran, or Torah, or whatever the hell LightWorker book is out there right now) or don’t read the Bible (or Koran, or Torah, or whatever the hell LightWorker book is out there right now), have a job or don’t have a job and all that on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on stuff.”

So I’m at peace with it now. I’m just going through a multitude of “new” stuff, new “work”, that’s all kind of more “groupy” than before.

So now I guess there’s only one solution… allow my Self to enjoy being a “Grouper”.

Karen Dover: Movement into SOUL frequency realities

Movement into SOUL frequency realities
Posted: July 21, 2014
Author: Karen Dover

The New Earth frequency realities are realities that are created by your SOUL in the dreamtime platform as you exit the old 3D Earth frequencies.  As many of you are now experiencing these are now fully accessible at a human conscious waking mind level. As you now release fully the frequencies of the old 3D earth created construct you allow the FLOW of the LOVE that IS naturally. This flow seeks balance at all moments of all moments and this is what plays out a human conscious waking mind level in the shifts and movement in your outer waking reality.

The human logical mind is unaware of the natural flow of the LOVE that IS, indeed the human logical mind is TAUGHT to contain and suppress this natural flow and is TAUGHT to look for LOGICAL patterns of movement. This keeps you bound to a lower frequency and filters out the natural flow of universal energies which are MULTI DIMENSIONAL in essence. Many of you at this time are attempting to place the framework of “logic” to an unfolding that is anything but logic, the universe is by DESIGN.  At a human conscious waking mind level this design may be blurry but this does not make the DESIGN any less TRUTH.

At this time you are manifesting that which your SOUL has created WITH YOU, you are in effect merging your SOUL with your human vehicle to experience HEAVEN UPON EARTH at a waking human conscious mind level. This may be providing you with interesting scenarios at this time as the human logical mind will continue to attempt to reference your outer waking life in the context it has been TAUGHT to within the old 3D earth reality.

YOU ARE NOT YOUR HUMAN LOGICAL MIND, you are an energy that has incarnated into a human vehicle.  The human logical mind will try to teach you that your past exists when in TRUTH it is held only within the construct of your logical mind.  It will attempt to teach you to project this moment into the future and attempt to place some pattern upon the outcome, all is not TRUTH for you exist ONLY in this moment and as such the power of change and expansion exists only in this NOW moment.