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Gaia Portal: Forestations of confrontationals are now removed…

Forestations of confrontationals are now removed…
by ÉirePort

Forestations of confrontationals are now removed.

Next energetic phase begins.

Harbingers of Light are viewed in spectacular displays.

Concomitant releases and influxes of variant energies come forth.

hu-man awareness leaps to the Hue-level.

Rapid uplifts come for all of Gaia.

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Speaking about "harbingers of light" this was off my balcony this morning... -AK

Thursday, January 29, 2015

The spreading alchemy of central bank money-printing

The European Central Bank's nearly trillion euro quantitative easing is expected to boost inflation in the eurozone to closer to two per cent. (REUTERS)
Money is confusing because bankers equate money with value. Money is not value, money is an abstraction of value, first it was gold, but that was hard to carry, then was it printed paper which was fractionally reserved like the gold system before it, and then it became an IOU for your value as a human being (Your VALUE as Eternal Essence in Body - which they monetized in numerous ways like birth certificate bonds, prison bonds, etc.) which they never told you they monetized, gave you no remuneration in consideration for its use, and loaned back your value to you with interest via the central banking system. Then in the 1990s along came computer created derivatives using algorithms so complicated nobody could ever calculate the risk of these non-linear instruments or predict them turbulent markets... which gave them a completely audit free way to build that mountain of debt based paper even higher... That's why they talk in circles, because if they told you the truth.. you'd hold them responsible for what they have done with it. And they are very very afraid of that... -AK

The spreading alchemy of central bank money-printing
Money for nothing and recovery for free? U.S.'s economic turnaround pulls EU into the pool

By Neil Macdonald, CBC News Posted: Jan 28, 2015 5:00 AM ET Last Updated: Jan 28, 2015 5:01 AM ET

Neil Macdonald
Senior Washington Correspondent

Two years ago, I sat in the hushed fortress of the Bank of England, listening to one of its secretive boffins, a languid fellow named Paul Fisher, explain the creation and meaning of money.

He reached into his wallet and fished out a 10-pound note.

This note is worth 10 pounds, he said, because you and I and all the people walking around on the streets out there believe it's worth 10 pounds.

That's it. That's the only reason it has any value beyond the intrinsic value of the paper and ink itself. It's all about trust and belief.

Forget any notion you might have about every pound, or every dollar, being backed up by that much capital out there in the economy.

The gold standard was a myth, too, by the time it was abandoned in the Seventies. There was never anywhere near enough gold to back up all the American dollars in circulation.

So, money is worth what it is only because we continue to trust it, explained Fisher, and any central bank can print more without debasing it as long as everyone keeps trusting and it's all managed carefully by wise people, to wit the central bankers, who are unelected and make their decisions in secret.

It was a dizzying, counterintuitive lesson.

    Neil Macdonald: The secretive world of printing money

    Central bankers move from shadows to spotlight

A few months earlier, the head of Germany's central bank, Jens Weidmann, took another view of money, one much closer to my Protestant sensibilities.

He began the same way Fisher did, asking rhetorically what money is, then answering his own question: "Money is that which serves as money."

Bank of England Governor Mark Carney and
Germany's Bundesbank President Jens
Weidmann attend a conference of central
 bankers in November. (Reuters)
He then quoted Goethe's Faust, probably the foremost literary work in the German canon.

In part two of the fable, the emperor is whinging about his constant need for more gold, and Mephistopheles, the devil, advises him that all he really needs to do is sign some paper and call it money and everyone will accept it, and all his problems will be solved.

The venal emperor and his courtiers proceed to do just that, "drowning their desires with love and wine," a Goethe line Weidmann quoted directly.

Eventually, the devil disappears and they realize the currency is worthless. The devil's money, Weidmann told his audience, led to inflation.

Core Structural Changes

Core Structural Changes
by Lisa Renee ~ Energic Synthesis

These new cosmic frequencies are forcing everything hidden to be revealed in so that core structural changes can be developed in order to survive or progress forward. The operating system of organizations and entities must change in value from a closed (exclusive) system to an open (inclusive) operating system, in order to evolve and survive ongoing in these new frequencies. We may be required now to build a new platform for our life, or make small or big changes to how we function in our day to day life.

The higher frequency you are working within that is inside any of these old organized structures will reflect the sudden onset of collapse, immediate chaotic changes or economic flatline. As an example, people that are working within jobs of creative, artistic or spiritual interest will have an immense pressure to change their attitudes, values and rules of engagement to reflect a matched higher vibration. The matched vibration is open and inclusive – not hidden or exclusive. The more dense control structures take more time to dismantle fully, and although not impervious to radical chaotic change, will be slower because of the bureaucratic red tape of the governmental and societal systems that are very slow to make progressive changes. These systems are collapsing, but are meeting a critical mass of its “collaborative collapse” as so many of the World Pillar control systems are interdependent and falsely propped up on each other. These are completely unsustainable systems built upon competition and divide and conquer.

During this period, when challenged by the 3D structure, practice states of engaged detachment to such scenarios as accusations, betrayals, legal and financial compliance issues, losing material objects, etc. The entire base foundation of one’s primary support structure is changing now. YOU may be pulled out of places or organizations that you were previously working, living or removed from people that you were collaborating with. Meditate and rest a lot, as dealing with these types of issues can be quite physically draining and stressful. Many of us must withdraw continually to our inner sanctum to gather inner strength and energy for the next round of changes.

The old control matrix and the hidden entities manipulating and using it are barking, biting and scratching in every way they can to gain some momentum. The control matrix is an intrinsic part of all of our banking/money, legal, educational, medical/drugs, compliance structures and job systems, so these areas have been slapping us silly with all they got. The closed control system model is deranged and broken. It has been revealing its mad psychosis to us more and more with every passing day. The desperation of these entities behind the control of these systems is desperate when it is realized that they cannot function in the same way anymore. As a result to this desperation, more mind controlled automatons appear with a standard boiler plate to wield more bi-polar attempts to force mass compliance to their generated fear and terrorist mechanism. Unfortunately, the unconscious masses are being mostly preyed upon to be the enforcer of these negative agendas, in fear of a paycheck or security for their families.


It feels as if everyone I’ve ever been, in every lifetime, has settled in, pulled up a chair and is leaning forward with their hands on their knees, watching, waiting and expecting the show to start. They are all smiling, knowingly…  (Is this integration?) I don’t have the heart to tell them that the show has not even been picked, let alone begun. 

What has been chosen (by the one writing this post) is perhaps the least effective; tension mixed with a bit of apprehension all rolled into illness.  Self-absorption rules the day, and even typing these words feels like an extraordinary effort.  So what gives?

It’s not for lack of ideas; there are legal pads full of them, surrounding my desk.  It’s not for lack of ability either, (remember all those “other “versions watching and waiting?  They have done and been, well, everything and everyone.)

It’s more like – to what end?  This journey has been incredible and life changing and seemingly never-ending.  We thought it was going to be over 2 years ago, got over that and moved into, well, anticipating  “the event”, and we are still here.  The changes and disclosures and exposures are happening in quiet ways all over the globe.  The headlines today could be ripped from the media two years ago… expectations for global financial collapse still predominate.  How many times have we hoarded food or cash?  Too many.

There have been weeks of contemplation.  After years of signing “we are the ones we’ve been waiting for”, the wait is truly over in my heart.  I get something now, and not just intellectually.  I get that no one is coming, not via space ship or celestial light or streets of gold.  I get that it’s me.  This reality/new paradigm/life/world that I am living is entirely/100%/absolutely and in no uncertain terms my own.

That’s just the way it works.   There is no reason and no explanation that will explain this. It is the slavery mindset that thinks “why?” We are moving out of that now.  This realization is part of what comes with accessing your godhood/your authority/your sovereignty.   A god stands there, knowing the answer, and gives. What does he/she give?  Everything he/she has.  

We’ve been misled about many things and lied to about many more.  What you may think constitutes godhood is nothing more than the expressed desires of a worship hungry being.  We are the gods here.  Humans.  These words may sound like blasphemy.  They are not.
The media, churches, governments and schools have been broadcasting FEAR and SEPARATION for so long; it has seeped into the depths of our consciousness and feels true.

It is not true. Everything you’ve been told until very recently is suspect. I know that you know this, but what do we do with it? I’ve been contemplating questions like – “What will it take to live as the god I AM?” “How will it feel to love 24/7?” These are the hallmarks of the new Paradigm; and what we came to know, to live, to BE.

The answer to “To what end?” is given then – to get, not just intellectually, but in every fiber of our being, sovereignty; to embody Agape.  This cannot be told to us by anyone other than ourselves.  It is humanity that we’ve been waiting for, the people that have the answers, and the collective that will determine a new way to be.  We will discover together what it is like to live as sovereign humans.  We will form new ways to be in relationships and business, families and games.  Oneness will be realized in the same way we do everything else, as a product of necessity.  There is no one who can do this for us.  It is time and we are the ones standing here. 

This will take movement beyond situations where there is someone placed higher than the rest of the crowd, on a stage.  This will take community.  None of us have done this while human.  We will have to help each other.

What will change now is everything.  This will happen in your own life and in mine.  It may not make the headlines yet that is irrelevant.  It will happen because you have intended it.  You who are reading these words have an investment in living as the free, sovereign being you are.  You predict oneness and global peace.  You allow love, and in fact are expecting it.  What will create this is a gathering together with a unified intent. Who will create this – is YOU.

To move this effort forward I’ve begun the Hundredth Monkey Project.  The intent for it is that together we can move past the fear & hesitation that blocks our power, into an empowered life grounded in self-love.  I’ve asked the group that my partner channels to join us.  Not because they know better than we do, they don’t (they are not living human lives).  What they bring to our “Monkey Project” is the voice of our greater selves and a different point of view.  They exist in a realm that we have come to call “the Jello”, it is a place of unconditional acceptance; we have come to name the atmosphere they exist in GRAL (Glorious Radiant Love).  From a perspective like that, only extremely positive energy is infused into the space and that has been a welcome assist.  They represent a place we are creating right now, on earth, as this new Paradigm.

There are efforts at community cropping up everywhere now as we co-create the new.  This project is not the only one, not by a long shot.  We are not meant to do this alone.  We are meant to connect.  I wish for all of us a place that feels like home.  

There is a plaque hanging in my kitchen and it says “There are two things to give our children.  One is roots and the other is wings.”  2015 is the time to find a comfortable place from which you can fly. 

We are the Ones we’ve been waiting for.

The World You Want

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Russian Central Bank Deputy Head Shoots 3 Dead In The Far East Of The Country Before Killing Himself

Russia police vehicle
REUTERS/Vladimir Konstantinov

Russian Central Bank Deputy Head Shoots 3 Dead In The Far East Of The Country Before Killing Himself


JAN. 27, 2015, 6:52 AM 7,139 3

The deputy head of the Russian Central Bank directorate in the Amur region of the country has shot dead three people before turning the gun on himself, Russian independent news service Interfax reports.

The killer, named in Russian media as Vladimir Levkin, is alleged to have shot two women and a man in an office on the first floor of the regional Central Bank in the city of Blagoveshchensk. All three died at the scene.

The motive for the shootings is unclear at this time, though Russian media is speculating that the shooter may have been having problems at work.

An official said: "Two women and one man are among the victims of the deputy head of the regional department of the Central Bank. One of the victims was also a deputy head of the bank, another the head of department of the bank and the third was a chief of a department of the bank."


Russian media reports suggest that the shooting could have been in response to Levkin's failure to pass certification and consequent loss of his leadership position at the bank.

An official spokesperson confirmed that personnel changes at the bank had been discussed shortly before the shooting:

"According to preliminary information, the day before [the shooting] the management of the bank held a working meeting. The discussion focused on personnel changes."

Amur region Russia
Wiki Commons
Amur region.

Read more:

Wes Annac: Desire: What Do We Really Want?

Desire: What Do We Really Want?
Tue, January 27, 2015

Written by Wes Annac, The Culture of Awareness

“With what love and desire for union (with God) one is seized — what wondering delight!” – Plotinus

It’s been said that every form of desire is ultimately a desire to know our creator (and to know ourselves as our creator). All of the longing we experience, which we convince ourselves is for material things, loving relationships, etc. is really a longing for a greater perception; a communion with our creator, who expresses infinite love to all of its children.

Everything we long for here on earth is a mask that hides our true desire; our true longing, which, little do we know, is for a higher state of consciousness where we understand the blissful, spiritual nature of our existence.

We live in a place that seems empty of love or spirituality. Love exists on earth, but it’s minimized to a purely romantic concept that doesn’t do justice to its true purpose. Similarly, controlled religions have distorted our understanding of Source, and we’re taught to believe in a limited, human version of our creator that was clearly thought up by man.

Every religion contains truth and untruth, and that’s why I’m okay with throwing the occasional quote from the Bible (or other religious books) in these articles. Most of us know by now that contemporary religion is highly and purposefully distorted, however, and this is why so many people have turned away from spirituality.

Hardly anyone wants to sit in a church and hear about how they’re miserable sinners who are basically hated by a vengeful creator who’ll send them to hell in an instant if they don’t act right, but most people don’t understand that this is a massively incorrect portrayal of our creator that’s been pushed by religious leaders who want to control the masses.

Control is the main purpose of contemporary religion, but we can transcend all of its nonsense and discover a real, lasting connection with our creator, who, as we’ll discover, loves its children unconditionally and would never want to hurt us or send us to a fiery inferno.

Grandmaster Putin’s Trap

I think it will not go as Putin or the Chinese expect, but what needs to happen will happen. -AK

Grandmaster Putin’s Trap

Thu, Dec 25, 2014

By Dmitry KALINICHENKO (Russia)

Grandmaster Putin’s Trap
Accusations of the West towards Putin are traditionally based on the fact that he worked in the KGB. And therefore he is a cruel and immoral person. Putin is blamed for everything. But nobody ever accused Putin of the lack of intelligence.

Any accusations against this man only emphasize his ability for quick analytical thinking and making clear and balanced political and economic decisions.

Often Western media compares this ability with the ability of a grandmaster, conducting a public chess simul. Recent developments in US economy and the West in general allow us to conclude that in this part of the assessment of Putin’s personality Western media are absolutely right.

Despite numerous success reports in the style of Fox News and CNN, today, Western economy, led by the United States is in Putin’s trap, the way out of which no one in the West can see or find. And the more the West is trying to escape from this trap, the more stuck it becomes.

What is the truly tragic predicament of the West and the United States, in which they find themselves? And why all the Western media and leading Western economists are silent about this, as a well guarded military secret? Let’s try to understand the essence of current economic events, in the context of the economy, setting aside the factors of morality, ethics and geopolitics.

Development of crude oil prices.
Development of crude oil prices.
After realizing its failure in Ukraine, the West, led by the US set out to destroy Russian economy by lowering oil prices, and accordingly gas prices as the main budget sources of export revenue in Russia and the main sources of replenishment of Russian gold reserves. It should be noted that the main failure of the West in Ukraine is not military or political. But in the actual refusal of Putin to fund the Western project of Ukraine at the expense of the budget of Russian Federation. What makes this Western project not viable in the near and inevitable future.

Last time under president Reagan, such actions of the West’s lowering of oil prices led to ‘success’ and the collapse of USSR. But history does not repeat itself all the time. This time things are different for the West. Putin’s response to the West resembles both chess and judo, when the strength used by the enemy is used against him, but with minimal costs to the strength and resources of the defender. Putin’s real policies are not public. Therefore, Putin’s policy largely has always focused not so much on effect, but on efficiency.

Very few people understand what Putin is doing at the moment. And almost no one understands what he will do in the future.

No matter how strange it may seem, but right now, Putin is selling Russian oil and gas only for physical gold.

Putin is not shouting about it all over the world. And of course, he still accepts US dollars as an intermediate means of payment. But he immediately exchanges all these dollars obtained from the sale of oil and gas for physical gold!

Aisha North: A short update on the energies

A short update on the energies
as channeled by Aisha North
January 27, 2015

By now, much has been set into motion that will once again necessitate a period of incubation before it can take fully hold, and what we mean by that is simply this: you have once again completed one of many cycles whereby your energetic environment, both on the inside and on the outside, has been reset to such a degree, the overall effect it has on your physical and mental vehicle is so great, it needs to be incrementally digested. In other words, look upon this as a period of more quiet reflection, and when we use the word reflection, we use it on purpose. For now is the time to not only cast your eyes about in ways that will be better suited to take in the inner workings of your own physical vehicle, but also in a manner that will enable you to entrain yourself with what is being broadcast from all the sources around you, both in the way of all of the physical sources for these new frequencies, but also the more esoteric ones.

Again, our choice of words may seem to cloudy up the surface of this wonderful mirror you are all part and parcel of here at this gathering place you call the Pond, but in effect, they will help you the better to see what it is that is in actual fact taking place beneath what is at times a rather stirred-up surface. For even as you come together, your own energetic interactions will set things astir, but they will do so in a good way. For this pattern of crisscrossing wavelets that your outpourings here at the Pond create, will help to engender some very clear and defined responses in those deeper layers – both in you as individuals, but also in this magnificent collective unit that you are all a part of.

Let us explain. As we have talked about many a time before, you all carry a unique frequential signature within your system, while at the same time, there is also a part of your energetic makeup that is a perfect match with the collective vibration that is being engendered here at the Pond. And so, like the more complex musical instruments, you are all polyphonic. That is, you are capable of entraining yourself perfectly by allowing that unique frequential signature of yours blend in with that clearly defined “carrier tune” that constitutes the basic structure for this entire unit. In other words, you vibrate not just in one energetic “note” but in a whole harmony, and even if your signature tune will always differ from that of the others, it will also harmonize perfectly with that ever expanding group of individuals that you are here to co-create with. For just like the basic swirls on the tips of your fingers all resemble each other in such a way, they make a harmonious whole if you compare them individually, they also differ from each other to such a degree, none are a perfect match to another. But still every sequence and combination of swirls and loops are needed in order to make the whole construction complete, and so too it is with your energetic frequencies.

And now, all of you have added another set of strings to your lyres as it were, and just like any seasoned musician, you need time to familiarize yourself with the new sound of your instrument. For even if that instrument is one that you are more than familiar with by now – after all it consists of the very essence of your being housed within that same physical frame you have had ever since you came into flesh this time around – now, that instrument has acquired a whole new range of harmonic potential that you have yet to explore. Not only that, these new frequencies will also allow your interplay with others to evolve to a much higher degree, so therefore you all need time and indeed space to allow this new range to extend itself fully.

So again we say know that all is well even if everything may feel even less familiar than before. For that is why you are here, to keep pushing that envelope further and further out by taking new steps in literally every direction. For every time you receive these emissaries of light into your system, they come to accompany you on that next step of this journey, and as you are all more than aware of by now, every step of this journey will inevitably lead you into uncharted terrain. So take some time to sit and pluck your new strings, and try to listen in to what it is they are telling you. Also allow these new notes to drift out into the ethers, for when you allow these new notes to emerge from you, you will set off the corresponding vibrations in those around you connected to this same “orchestra” and then, you will all help to entrain each other in such a way, the combined output of all of these new chords will reach another quantum level.

Again, our choice of words may seem a bit flowery or obtuse for some, but be that as it may. What we are trying to convey is simply this: now your range has once again been increased, and we do mean that both in a very literal way but also in a more esoteric way. For you have now at your disposal an instrument that is capable of soaring even higher and reaching even deeper than what it used to, so do not hesitate to try out its potential. So sit up and listen to your own inner tune, and do not forget to take notice of what it is you hear coming to you from the at time perhaps still somewhat hesitant strumming from others. For when the vibrations from your own unique instrument is allowed to answer back, your response will set of some very new frequencies in the recipient of your response. And so it will continue to unfold, as these new frequencies begin to bounce back and forth between you all.

So now, it is indeed time to play and time to listen, for this is not a one way process, it is in actual fact a conversation that needs to take place, one where all are invited to say their piece, and one where all are welcome to have their say. For then, the symphony you create will be one that will move so much along with it in its wake. So do not be shy dear ones, for even if you might feel like a novice at this, you are in actual fact an old hand at this kind of energetic conversation, so simply allow yourself to be creative. For you will not be judged in any way by your output, for the main thing is simply this: it is there for you to enjoy playing around with, for this is a vital part of being a creator, daring to allow the pure joy of creating be your guide when it comes to letting go. And only by letting go of any idea of “perfection” will you be able to create, for perfection is not the ideal to strive for here, that is merely an old imprint created to restrict you by setting up a “standard” for how, what and when to do anything at all, a “standard” that only serves to disable any and all thirst for creating. So just allow yourself to let go and enjoy the process of exploring in itself. And then what you will help to co-create will be beyond perfection itself, for then what you create will be as vibrant and as alive as only something coming from the sheer joy of creating from the heart can be.

Complete documentary "CitizenFour" made by Laura Poitras about Edward Snowden, is available to download at

Note: A 720p version (1.2 GB) is available as a torrent here:  -AK
Complete documentary "CitizenFour" made by Laura Poitras about Edward Snowden, is available to download at

Posted By: MrFusion
Date: Wednesday, 28-Jan-2015 01:48:37

The film is available in two forms, an HD version (3.6 GB 7zip file) and a lower-res version (1.2 GB 7zip file). You will need the free 7zip software to unpack them to the mp4 video files. If you do not have high speed broadband it may take hours to download them.



Screen grabs are also available in separate files.

I am not sure what terms under which John Young of has posted the videos. The lower-res version has been there since Sunday. Perhaps he has tacit approval of the filmmaker to post them.

Cryptome has also posted a government notice announcing plans for a significant expansion of NSA facilities at Fort Meade, MD, sufficient to accommodate an additional 7,200 employees: