Monday, December 31, 2012

We have some good news for you.

We have some good news for you. 
As channeled by Ron Head
December 30, 2012 in Michael, Ron's Channeled Messages


As we begin our last message for your year of 2012, let us give our deepest appreciation to each of those who have followed our channelings throughout these months for all of their dedication and efforts toward your planet’s ascension.

None of you has had an easy time of it, and yet, here you are, preparing for another year of the same.  Well, we have some good news for you.  While there is still quite a way for you to go on this journey, you will soon be quite well aware that the most difficult part of this undertaking is behind you.

There is much to do.  Some of it will indeed be no ‘piece of cake’, as you say, but neither are you anywhere near as unprepared as you were even a short time ago.

You are far stronger now and have at your disposal inner resources you have not begun to uncover.  The masters that you have been, the leaders that you have been, the healers that you have been, and much more, are now just beneath the surface, and you will bring them forth now.

You have been carefully taught that anything just beneath your surfaces must be evil, scary, and avoided at all cost.  You were taught that in order to keep you from discovering where your treasure lies.  Well, wait until you find out even the smallest part of what is really there awaiting you.  Wait until your ‘How could I ever?’ transforms into your ‘How in the world did I ever?’

Become cheerleaders for yourselves and each other this coming year.  You are about to perform some rather miraculous deeds, both personal and otherwise.  There is no Santa Claus.  There will be hard work to be done.  The miracle will be that you find you can do it.

The coming together of soul groups will continue also.  It is now the time for which you agreed to come together.  You will find more fun, more joy, more love.  Nothing will stop you.  Begin by being grateful to yourselves for what you have accomplished.  If you can’t see it, have enough trust in us to believe what we are telling you.

This time is always a time for you to celebrate.  Make it a special time this year.  We open our hearts in love to you, as always.  Well done, dearest friends.  Well done.

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We Are Definitely on a Different Time Line....

Will Smith & Son in a SciFi adventure on a class 3 quarantined planet. Earth.
"Fear is not real, fear is a choice..."

And then there's this quirky Zombie movie where love un-Zombies humans via the human heart....
"Love Makes Us Human"

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Keep an Ear on Sheldan Nidle

Sheldan Nidle, who some have tried long and hard to defame, is proving to be one of the more interesting sources of information. Sheldan is called a channeler by most (even me), but he has claimed he was fitted with a communication implant by the Galactic Federation to be their spokesman.  He's a different sort of "channeler" than most of them.

I've noticed over the years and months that Sheldan often announces events mere weeks before they happen.  Others have noticed too:
  1. During my interview with Cobra he told me that many human telepaths are fed erroneous dis-information by the dark ones. This doesn't mean they don't get accurate information too, but many times its a mix. This isn't their fault so much, just the pervasive power the dark ones have held up until recently.  He also said he felt that Sheldan Nidle was the most accurate "channeler" out there.

  2. We (Brian, KP, AK) are noticing strong corelation of what Sheldan Nidle has said, especially in the last 2 months, with the information being released by The One People's Public Trust.

POOF: Always Darkest Before the Dawn

Greetings and Salutations; the Kingdom of 'Reap what you Sow'. The Indians call this the law of karma. The crap you put out always comes home to roost. Humans have never been able to get away from it. No amount of physical denial can disconnect the connection between thoughts and deeds and its' return to its source. So, as cocky and arrogant that these folks have been, they are headed for places unknown for some reason.

There are some bones in this stew so let your gut push you to the truth. Sometimes the 'facts' are just accepted opinions and opinions are like fly crap. It is everywhere, forming specks on the clearest glass. Tho the masses have had no idea of what was up for the the global thieves, you can be sure they knew and were given many chances, to get on the right side. They chose the dark side, an impossible position to win from. This no place to negotiate from, they were always destined to lose. As I understand it, there will be no half measure, we're not bumbling into the future, doing constant skirmishes, that's not how you clean up a planet. Each of us has a job and most already know what's in their hearts to do, all folks need is the resources to participate and he whose job it is, is large and in charge, is making it happen, no matter the opposition. People say to me, I don't 'see' any changes, the folks in charge didn't want anyone to see the lead up to the change, you don't telegraph the movements of your troops. They have a habit of killing the innocent to make a point. the closer they get to utter defeat.

When the door is opened for the masses, the messes which have been created will be cleaned up, the atmosphere, so we have clean air to breathe free of chemicals, pure water brought to the surface, and free energy to power your homes. It'll be better than the Jetson's world. Many things have been sitting on shelves in various places, that research and development is not necessary. We're not talking about anything long term here, just getting busy and 'doing' it. 'The doing gets done in the being it'. Change your mind and your ##### will follow, think about it. lololol I suggest, be prepared to have long held beliefs challenged. Some of them are like the dog that don't hunt.

I'm ready, are you? All things end and begin, in this world. The lid has already been partially, lifted as I told you last week, now the total reset approaches, don't be surprised at How things get done. Many are talking on the net with pieces of the puzzle so, they assume things which have no basis in actuality, but they sound good. The truth is stranger than fiction. So stay loose. Your personal business is your's so, watch the 'sharing'. The folks in charge, know where you are and what you're doing not necessary to get on somebodys' list to get an invite to the party. That's work that's already been done by the right people.

In closing, I wish everyone a happy new year and a fantastic future.

Consultations until the knock on the door.

Love and Kisses,


The One People's Public Trust: Q & A

Update: Most recent documents from the OPPT and Heather Ann Tucci Jarraf can be found at  -AK

Heather Tucci-Jarraf
Dec 27 (3 days ago)

to Brian, American, kauilapele, Trustees, Advisors

Thank you, Brian, for sharing your wonderful insight, experiences, and Truth.  Your generous energy is willingly fused with all creation and that is the key :)

I accept.  So we go forward to co-create...I will forward you the emails I have responded to for the last four hours or so just so that you can sense the "flavor" of what is manifesting in the collective conscious...that way we can all begin to have the same "database" so to speak in order to co-formulate and do-create consciously.

I am a mother of four very wonderful, energetic and young children, amongst other roles. :)  I am in awe and wonderment at what is transpiring, but I accept it with full conscious responsiblity and liability.  How do you all respond to the emails and inquiries that must experience?  After my time "acting" in the theater of "court" and banking, I have relished my quiet corner where we have worked...basically with the only audience being the former principals, agents, and beneficiaries of the former slaverly systems.  SO MUCH ENERGY IS MOVING IN A FRENZY.  I know it will settle out and stabilize, but, boy! is it powerful :)


without prejudice (by the way, this is a phrase that lawfully and legally keeps those former systems in their place of Truth)

Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf

The power of the creator is the loving choice to experience through many.
The power of many is remembering the choice to experience.

Brian Kelly
Dec 28 (2 days ago)
to Heather

Hi Heather,

I realize this message will transmit while you are deep in what is I'm sure is a much needed, and definitely deserved slumber. I didn't cc anyone into this thread simply out of concern that others might feel I'm steering a very powerful and productive dialogue into an off course direction. :)
I'm curious if you are one of the so-called Earth Ally's many of the channelers and Cobra (from Portal 2012) commonly refer to? Any affiliation with our brothers and sisters from the stars? ;-) just curious....

Cosmic Blessings,
Heather Tucci-Jarraf
Dec 28 (2 days ago)

to Kau'ila, me, Americani, Trustees, Advisors

You are all so wonderful!  It is only going to get more outrageously fun from here!!!!

Brian, in regards to your question in another email regarding allies...when inspired or otherwise moved to ask a question...please have no caution, no fear, no worries...there is a reason a question wells up inside or is inspired inside any of love and ask it in love as you have.  Then set your intent to BE consciously aware of EVERYTHING AROUND YOU.  You can ask yourself, "what do I know?"...that's what I do.  Do it all the time, actually, like breathing.  Let me give you an example, shall I?  Brian asked if I was connected to the allies channeled and mentioned by Cobra....all Truth, the whole Truth, and nothing but the Truth is rolling out now, and I must admit, I am having the best time and "floating" (when I am grounded :) ).  AK posts on the blog the article about the gold being taken out of the castles and such ( ) let me return the energy in kind by way of further transparency of connecting, or rather, making visible the interdependency and oneness of just a few dots more:

This particular message was between myself and Jonathan D. Betts.  We have a very quirky and fun working relationship...anyways, back to the gold...

 [12/9/2012 2:12:19 PM] Jarrafusa: When they go to see the gold they stole and hoarded in their "space", their chesire grins shall fade in a twinkling of an eye...for what they will find instead is the equivalent of one gold-wrapped tungston bar for each of them with a love note from me...and they shall know the truth...that they are loved. (heart)
[12/11/2012 7:50:22 AM] Jonathan Betts: Such thoughtful poetry.
[12/11/2012 8:09:13 AM] Jarrafusa: ;)
[12/11/2012 8:09:32 AM] Jarrafusa: Poetry to some...the truth for others (chuckle)
[12/11/2012 8:10:11 AM] Jonathan Betts: So what is our next step?
[12/11/2012 8:10:45 AM] Jonathan Betts: And yes poetry is in air quotes
[12/11/2012 8:10:47 AM] Jarrafusa: the united states of America is almost ready to go...I will have specific proposal
[12/11/2012 8:11:07 AM] Jarrafusa: sent to you
[12/11/2012 8:11:19 AM] Jarrafusa: is that like an "air guitar"?
[12/11/2012 8:11:23 AM] Jarrafusa: (chuckle)
[12/11/2012 8:11:42 AM] Jonathan Betts: yep

That was the "lyric" that came to me while consciously listening to this majestic symphony we are a part of.  :)  (Gold-wrapped tungston  I sent that off via skype to all the former principals, agents and beneficiaries of the former slavery system that day.  Then I saw myself and a bunch of others appearing in their caches (local and non-local) and instantly making the gold disappear safely transported to a storage for final release, so I wrote that love note, put it under my pillow, set the intent that a copy be left at each former cache, and went to sleep.  My husband was shaking his head, smirking, and begging the whole time to be "read in" to whatever I was doing....because I was having such an excellent time with my self :)  (I will scan the love note in when I find it in our moving box)

How long after was it when they announced and reported that the "Queen of England" unexpectedly inspected the gold holdings?  Lol.

You lovely bunch of beings are sooooo spot on, receiving data like crazy, and it is going to increase with every moment of the will come from (what is for now perceived as) near, far, friend, foe, stranger, or not so stranger :), Truth, is presented in just the right formula, pitch, tone, key for that beautiful and majestic symphony that creation is conducting....BE a conscious participant, just BE.

Have fun. Going back to sleep for an hour or so to enjoy what you all just manifested as you all!

Brian, if I didn't answer your question sufficiently for you...I'll be back to do so. :)


without prejudice

 Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf

The power of the creator is the loving choice to experience through many.
The power of many is remembering the choice to experience.

Dec 28 (2 days ago)

to Heather, Kau'ila, Americani, Trustees, Advisors

Reading this email brought tears to my eyes and made me laugh simultaneously :) This rabbit hole is getting so deep, it's hard to keep up with it all!

I'm so grateful for you Heather...I'd say you answered my question pretty darn well :-)
Dec 28 (2 days ago)

to Heather, Kau'ila, Americani, Trustees, Advisors

In an instant every single one of Sheldan Nidle's messages have just exploded into my consciousness like a time bomb set to go off in this precise moment of NOW.

If we're talking about total and complete transparency here, then it would behoove me to admit the next sequence of questions coming to the surface pertain to another kind of Disclosure (you know, the one with a capital D)...:)

Sheldan Nidle said this on Dec 25:

Dratzo! We return! During this holiday season we are preparing a series of final surprises for the dark which will mark the end of our waiting-period. Then our sacred allies’ many programs for manifesting your new reality can begin. Much has transpired over the past few months that can finally permit us to start the final moves toward new governance and a formal disclosure announcement. Here it is important to note that disclosure will allow us to address you directly for the very first time. Once we can speak directly with you, we intent to deal with various vital subjects right from the outset. Your world has been run for millennia by a group of ultra-wealthy and very powerful men and women whose sole concern was for themselves alone. It is now time for your interests to be fully represented and this we intend to secure! Your present economic and societal predicaments need to be looked after properly by those who are about to take the helms of your new governments and new financial institutions. You also must be informed about what has been happening over the last decade to prevent all this from manifesting as was originally planned.

So many parallels to what we've explored over the last few days...the word coincidence should officially be removed from the English dictionary. Someone needs to send an email off to that Webster character ASAP :)

Steven Spielberg couldn't come close to creating something THIS juicy! Ok, I admit it, I'm having way too much fun! :)

Sydney Morning Herald:
The four business gangs that run the US

The four business gangs that run the US

ROSS GITTINS December 31, 2012
Illustration: Michael Mucci.

IF YOU'VE ever suspected politics is increasingly being run in the interests of big business, I have news: Jeffrey Sachs, a highly respected economist from Columbia University, agrees with you - at least in respect of the United States.

In his book, The Price of Civilisation, he says the US economy is caught in a feedback loop. ''Corporate wealth translates into political power through campaign financing, corporate lobbying and the revolving door of jobs between government and industry; and political power translates into further wealth through tax cuts, deregulation and sweetheart contracts between government and industry. Wealth begets power, and power begets wealth,'' he says.

Sachs says four key sectors of US business exemplify this feedback loop and the takeover of political power in America by the ''corporatocracy''.

First is the well-known military-industrial complex. ''As [President] Eisenhower famously warned in his farewell address in January 1961, the linkage of the military and private industry created a political power so pervasive that America has been condemned to militarisation, useless wars and fiscal waste on a scale of many tens of trillions of dollars since then,'' he says.

Second is the Wall Street-Washington complex, which has steered the financial system towards control by a few politically powerful Wall Street firms, notably Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan Chase, Citigroup, Morgan Stanley and a handful of other financial firms.

These days, almost every US Treasury secretary - Republican or Democrat - comes from Wall Street and goes back there when his term ends. The close ties between Wall Street and Washington ''paved the way for the 2008 financial crisis and the mega-bailouts that followed, through reckless deregulation followed by an almost complete lack of oversight by government''.

Executives at collapsed Iceland bank jailed for fraud

Executives at collapsed Iceland bank jailed for fraud

REYKJAVIK | Fri Dec 28, 2012 12:17pm EST

Dec 28 (Reuters) - Two former executives at an Icelandic bank which collapsed in the 2008 financial meltdown were sentenced to jail on Friday for fraud which led to a 53 million euro loss, in the first major trial of Icelandic bankers linked to the crisis.

All three of the small North Atlantic island's top banks collapsed in quick succession in October 2008 due to big debts incurred during a rapid overseas expansion.

Glitnir was the first to fall after the collapse of Lehman Brothers caused international credit markets to freeze up.

A Reykjavik court sentenced Glitnir's former chief executive, Larus Welding, and former head of corporate finance, Gudmundur Hjaltason, each to nine months in jail, of which six months were suspended for two years. They had denied the charges.

Prosecutors said the two approved a loan to a company which owned shares in Glitnir so that the company could in turn repay a debt to Morgan Stanley.

The decision, taken outside the regular decision-making process, meant Glitnir was too exposed to the company and cost the bank at least 53.7 million euros ($71 million), the prosecution said.

The sentence was less than the jail terms of at least five years demanded by Iceland's special prosecutor, who is looking into alleged wrongdoing connected to the crisis.

"We have a conviction, which is of course the main thing," prosecutor Holmsteinn Sigurdsson told reporters outside the courtroom when asked whether he was disappointed with the length of the sentence.

The special prosecutor is also looking into alleged wrongdoing linked to the collapse of the other two former top banks, Landsbanki and Kaupthing. ($1 = 0.7563 euros) (Reporting by Omar Valdimarsson; Writing by Patrick Lannin in Stockholm; Editing by Pravin Char)

Israel's former foreign minister indicted on fraud charges

Avigdor Lieberman, then Israel's
 foreign minister, is shown during
 a Nov. 21 news conference at the
 prime minister's office in Jerusalem.
 (Abir Sultan / European Pressphoto Agency),0,4069446.story
Israel's former foreign minister indicted on fraud charges

Ex-foreign minister indicted in Israel

By Batsheva Sobelman

December 30, 2012, 9:52 a.m.

JERUSALEM — Avigdor Lieberman, Israel's controversial former foreign minister, was indicted Sunday on charges of fraud and breach of trust.

The indictment, issued in a Jerusalem court, follows a long, drawn-out legal investigation into accusations of corruption against Lieberman, known for his uncompromising right-wing positions toward the Palestinians and Israel's own Arab population.

It also comes three weeks before general elections and casts a shadow over Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's senior ally, whose political future depends on the legal outcome.

Originally investigated for more serious charges of money-laundering and bribery, Lieberman was ultimately indicted in a side case that grew out of the primary investigation over the past decade.

According to the indictment, Israeli investigators in confidence asked the Israeli  Embassy in Belarus to ask local authorities for discreet assistance on the probe into Lieberman’s activities. Israeli Ambassador Zeev Ben-Aryeh passed this information on to Lieberman when the latter, then deputy prime minister, visited Belarus in 2008.

Iran: Police announce more arrests around currency crisis
Iran: Police announce more arrests around currency crisis

Source: Radio Zamaneh

The Tehran Police force has announced that 88 "gold and foreign currency brokers" have been arrested, as disputes have intensified between the Iranian government and the Central Bank over handling the crisis in the currency and gold markets.

Police officials reported today, December 30, that 88 people had been arrested for being engaged in the illegal and criminal handling of gold and foreign currencies, the Fars News Agency reports.

The detainees are charged with selling "fake gold coins, stealing money from their customers, and distributing counterfeit dollars and low-quality coins."

The possible distribution of $5 billion in counterfeit money was noted in Parliament in recent months.

The currency market has been highly volatile in Iran in the past several months, and the government previously had announced a number of arrests prior to this, also in connection with the fluctuations in the currency market.

Some MPs have accused the Ahmadinejad administration of deliberately keeping the foreign currency market in a state of fluctuation in order to make greater profit from the sale of state dollars.

The government has denied the allegations and blames the intensification of international sanctions for the steep fall in the national currency.

In first half of 2009, the dollar was traded in Iran at about 10,000 rials, but in the past year the exchange rate in the free market has risen to 35,000 rials.

EU and U.S. sanctions on Iran's oil and financial sector have reduced Iran's oil revenues by half, which has had a direct effect on Iran's foreign currency reserves.

... Payvand News - 12/30/12 ... --

Sundogs in the Yukon

On Dec 30, 2012, at 1:07 PM,  K.  wrote:

Hello to you both! [KP and AK]

I live in Faro, Yukon, Canada, and I just thought you should see this. 

On December 24th, from the moment the sun rose (10:11 a.m.) to when it set (3:50 p.m.), two huge sundogs appeared.  I’ve never seen sundogs appearing ALL DAY!  It was absolutely spectacular and impressive. 

The pictures don’t really do it justice, but it was truly an amazing event.

And I want to say thank you for the work that you do, and wish you both a wonderful holiday season!

With gratitude and joy,

GAIA PORTAL: Channels of 5D energy have widened upon Gaia

Channels of 5D energy have widened upon Gaia
by √ČirePort

Channels of 5D energy have widened upon Gaia. These widened channels part of process of Gaia upliftment into 5D. Sensation of floating, and/or "not being present in 3D" are currently the norm.

As these sensations are embraced, as much as possible, infusion of 5D energies into Gaia occurs.

"humanity (small 's')" dissolves. Hue-manity awakens.

December 30, 2012 at 18:50

AA Michael's Visit to Joe Crane

December 26, 2012 Visit
It was the day after Christmas here where I live when Michael and Shekinah showed up having something to give.

That is all the poetry you are going to get. My daughter Gabby is spending the time with me till after the New Year, so I stayed up until after she went to bed. I was ready to turn in and call it a night when I noticed a light start to form in the office. No bedtime for me I thought, because angels are afoot or maybe on the wing. I strolled to the office because I knew nothing was going to take place until I got there. The light was a little strange this time because not only was there the bright white light that announces the arrival of an angel but this time there was a violet light mixed with it. It didn’t take long to see why this was happening. Michael came into view first but there was the Shekinah right behind him. Michael stood in the gate as he always does, yet in the background the light of the Shekinah started filling the space as she came in to full form. This doesn’t happen very often so I knew something special was going to take place.

Michael:   We would speak with you.

Well Michael I can see this is going to be important if you and the Shekinah are here at the same time. So let’s us get down to it. No sooner did I say that when they both chimed in saying…

Michael/Shekinah:   Holy, holy, holy blessings be to the masters. Blessings be to all those that took in in their hearts to be with the birth of the Light. 

Michael:   Little do they know that which they have done. The bringers of a new dawn of time create an age unlike any that has been. Much will be asked of you in this time to come. All will be charged to bring about the setting of the vibrations that will truly bring about wonders that none have dreamed possible. Something wonderful is truly happening. You and others may not see it, yet it is coming to pass. As this grows, the masters will play a most important part.

(There is more that follows dealing with the Wholeness Blessing. If you wish to read that you can go to

Saturday, December 29, 2012


This information was posted at the United Nations, all rates show are in reference to the US Dollar.  

UN Operational Rates
United Nations Treasury
Country Currency Code Currency
Effective Date
Operational Rate
Afghanistan Afghanistan Afghani AFN 12/31/12 0:00 52.05
Albania Albania Lek(e) ALL 12/31/12 0:00 105
Algeria Algerian Dinar DZD 12/31/12 0:00 78.08
American Samoa US Dollar USD 12/20/95 0:00 1
Andorra Euro EUR 12/31/12 0:00 0.754
Angola Angolan Kwanza AOA 12/31/12 0:00 95.57
Anguilla E.C. Dollar XCD 8/2/95 0:00 2.7
Antigua and Barbuda E.C. Dollar XCD 8/2/95 0:00 2.7
Argentina Argentine Peso ARS 12/31/12 0:00 4.91
Armenia Armenian Dram AMD 12/31/12 0:00 403.4
Aruba Aruban Guilder AWG 6/15/96 0:00 1.79
Australia Australian Dollar AUD 12/31/12 0:00 0.965
Austria Euro EUR 12/31/12 0:00 0.754
Azerbaijan Azerbaijan Manat AZN 11/2/12 0:00 0.785
Bahamas Bahamian Dollar BSD 2/25/94 0:00 1
Bahrain Bahraini Dinar BHD 11/2/12 0:00 0.377
Bangladesh Bangladesh Taka BDT 12/31/12 0:00 79.5
Barbados Barbados Dollar BBD 8/1/08 0:00 2
Belarus Belarussian Ruble BYR 12/31/12 0:00 8540
Belgium Euro EUR 12/31/12 0:00 0.754
Belize Belize Dollar BZD 12/14/05 0:00 2
Benin CFA Franc XOF 12/31/12 0:00 494.592
Bermuda Bermuda Dollar BMD 3/16/94 0:00 1
Bhutan Bhutan Ngultrum BTN 12/31/12 0:00 54.93
Bolivia Bolivia Boliviano BOB 11/2/12 0:00 6.96
Bosnia and Herzegovina Bosnia and Herzegovina Convertible Mark BAM 12/31/12 0:00 1.475
Botswana Botswana Pula BWP 12/31/12 0:00 7.65
Brazil Brazilian Real BRL 12/31/12 0:00 2.053
Brunei Brunei Dollar BND 12/31/12 0:00 1.222
Bulgaria Bulgarian Lev BGN 12/31/12 0:00 1.475
Burkina Faso CFA Franc XOF 12/31/12 0:00 494.592
Burundi Burundi Franc BIF 12/31/12 0:00 1527
Cambodia Cambodian Riel KHR 12/31/12 0:00 3965
Cameroon CFA Franc XAF 12/31/12 0:00 494.592
Canada Canadian Dollar CAD 12/31/12 0:00 0.993
Canary Islands Euro EUR 12/31/12 0:00 0.754
Cape Verde Cape Verde Escudo CVE 12/31/12 0:00 83.14
Cayman Islands Cayman Is. Dollar KYD 8/1/12 0:00 0.82
Central African Republic CFA Franc XAF 12/31/12 0:00 494.592
Chad CFA Franc XAF 12/31/12 0:00 494.592
Chile Chilean Peso CLP 12/31/12 0:00 470
China Chinese Renminbi CNY 12/31/12 0:00 6.235
Colombia Colombian Peso COP 12/31/12 0:00 1771
Comoros Comoros Franc KMF 12/31/12 0:00 370.944
Congo CFA Franc XAF 12/31/12 0:00 494.592
Congo, Dem. Rep. Congo Franc, Dem. Rep.of CDF 12/31/12 0:00 928
Cook Islands New Zealand Dollar NZD 12/31/12 0:00 1.222
Costa Rica Costa Rica Colon CRC 12/31/12 0:00 493.1
Cote d'Ivoire CFA Franc XOF 12/31/12 0:00 494.592
Croatia Croatia Kuna HRK 11/2/12 0:00 5.782
Cuba Cuban Peso CUP 11/1/95 0:00 1
Cyprus Euro EUR 12/31/12 0:00 0.754
Czech Republic Czech Koruna CZK 12/31/12 0:00 18.89
D.P.R of Korea Korean Won, North Korea KPW 12/31/12 0:00 98.95
Denmark Danish Krone DKK 12/31/12 0:00 5.621
Djibouti Djibouti Francs DJF 2/1/01 0:00 177
Dominica E.C. Dollar XCD 8/2/95 0:00 2.7
Dominican Republic Dominican Peso DOP 12/31/12 0:00 39.85
East Timor US Dollar USD 12/20/95 0:00 1
Ecuador US Dollar USD 12/20/95 0:00 1
Egypt Egyptian Pound EGP 12/31/12 0:00 6.188
El Salvador El Salvador Colon SVC 12/31/00 0:00 8.75
Equatorial Guinea CFA Franc XAF 12/31/12 0:00 494.592
Eritrea Eritrea Nakfa ERN 6/30/07 0:00 15
Estonia Euro EUR 12/31/12 0:00 0.754
Ethiopia Ethiopian Birr ETB 12/31/12 0:00 18.11
Fiji Fiji Dollar FJD 12/31/12 0:00 1.74
Finland Euro EUR 12/31/12 0:00 0.754
France Euro EUR 12/31/12 0:00 0.754
French Guiana Euro EUR 12/31/12 0:00 0.754
French Polynesia CFP Franc XPF 12/31/12 0:00 89.976
Gabon CFA Franc XAF 12/31/12 0:00 494.592
Gambia Gambian Dalasi GMD 12/1/12 0:00 30
Georgia Georgian Lari GEL 12/31/12 0:00 1.641
Germany Euro EUR 12/31/12 0:00 0.754
Ghana Ghana Cedi GHS 12/31/12 0:00 1.899
Greece Euro EUR 12/31/12 0:00 0.754
Greenland Danish Krone DKK 12/31/12 0:00 5.621
Grenada E.C. Dollar XCD 8/2/95 0:00 2.7
Guadeloupe Euro EUR 12/31/12 0:00 0.754
Guam US Dollar USD 12/20/95 0:00 1
Guatemala Guatemala Quetzal(es) GTQ 12/31/12 0:00 7.95
Guinea Guinean Franc GNF 12/31/12 0:00 7055
Guinea-Bissau CFA Franc XOF 12/31/12 0:00 494.592
Guyana Guyana Dollar GYD 10/1/12 0:00 202.5
Haiti Haiti Gourde HTG 12/31/12 0:00 42.85
Honduras Honduras Lempira HNL 12/31/12 0:00 19.94
Hong Kong HongKong Dollar HKD 12/31/12 0:00 7.752
Hungary Hungary Forint HUF 12/31/12 0:00 219
Iceland Iceland Krona ISK 12/31/12 0:00 127.5
India Indian Rupee INR 12/31/12 0:00 54.93
Indonesia Indonesia Rupiah IDR 12/31/12 0:00 9728
Iran Iranian Rial IRR 12/31/12 0:00 24296
Iraq Iraqi Dinar IQD 3/1/10 0:00 1170
Ireland Euro EUR 12/31/12 0:00 0.754
Israel Israel Shekel ILS 12/31/12 0:00 3.722
Italy Euro EUR 12/31/12 0:00 0.754
Jamaica Jamaican Dollar JMD 12/31/12 0:00 92.85
Japan Japanese Yen JPY 12/31/12 0:00 86.07
Jordan Jordanian Dinar JOD 11/2/12 0:00 0.708
Kazakhstan Kazakhstan Tenge KZT 10/1/12 0:00 150
Kenya Kenyan Shilling KES 12/31/12 0:00 85.9
Kiribati Australian Dollar AUD 12/31/12 0:00 0.965
Kuwait Kuwaiti Dinar KWD 10/1/12 0:00 0.281
Kyrgyzstan Kyrgyzstan Som KGS 12/31/12 0:00 47.35
Lao, People's Dem. Rep. Laos Kip LAK 12/31/12 0:00 7971
Latvia Latvian Lats LVL 12/31/12 0:00 0.525
Lebanon Lebanese Pound LBP 12/31/12 0:00 1499
Lesotho Lesotho Loti LSL 12/31/12 0:00 8.491
Liberia Liberian Dollar LRD 9/1/12 0:00 73.5
Libyan Arab Jamahiriya Libyan Dinar LYD 12/31/12 0:00 1.25
Liechtenstein Swiss Franc CHF 12/31/12 0:00 0.911
Lithuania Lithuania Litas LTL 12/31/12 0:00 2.602
Luxembourg Euro EUR 12/31/12 0:00 0.754
Macao Macao Pataca MOP 12/31/12 0:00 7.984
Madagascar Malagasy Ariary, Madagascar MGA 12/31/12 0:00 2258
Malawi Malawi Kwacha MWK 12/31/12 0:00 334.06
Malaysia Malaysia Ringgit MYR 12/31/12 0:00 3.059
Maldives Maldives Rufiyaa MVR 6/1/11 0:00 15
Mali CFA Franc XOF 12/31/12 0:00 494.592
Malta Euro EUR 12/31/12 0:00 0.754
Marshall Islands US Dollar USD 12/20/95 0:00 1
Martinique Euro EUR 12/31/12 0:00 0.754
Mauritania Mauritania Ouguiya MRO 12/31/12 0:00 303.76
Mauritius Mauritius Rupee MUR 12/31/12 0:00 30.3
Mexico Mexican Peso MXN 12/31/12 0:00 12.81
Micronesia US Dollar USD 12/20/95 0:00 1
Monaco Euro EUR 12/31/12 0:00 0.754
Mongolia Mongolia Tugrik MNT 12/31/12 0:00 1396
Montenegro Euro EUR 12/31/12 0:00 0.754
Montserrat E.C. Dollar XCD 8/2/95 0:00 2.7
Morocco Morocco Dirham MAD 12/31/12 0:00 8.411
Mozambique Mozambique Metical MZN 12/31/12 0:00 29
Myanmar Myanmar Kyat MMK 12/31/12 0:00 854.5
Namibia Namibia Dollar NAD 12/31/12 0:00 8.491
Nauru Australian Dollar AUD 12/31/12 0:00 0.965
Nepal Nepalese Rupee NPR 12/31/12 0:00 87.9
Netherlands Euro EUR 12/31/12 0:00 0.754
Netherlands Antilles Netherlands Antilles Guilder ANG 8/3/95 0:00 1.79
New Caledonia CFP Franc XPF 12/31/12 0:00 89.976
New Zealand New Zealand Dollar NZD 12/31/12 0:00 1.222
Nicaragua Nicaragua Cordoba Oro NIO 12/31/12 0:00 24.17
Niger CFA Franc XOF 12/31/12 0:00 494.592
Nigeria Nigeria Naira NGN 12/31/12 0:00 156.9
Niue New Zealand Dollar NZD 12/31/12 0:00 1.222
Northern Mariana Islands US Dollar USD 12/20/95 0:00 1
Norway Norwegian Krone NOK 12/31/12 0:00 5.562
Oman Oman Rial OMR 11/2/12 0:00 0.385
Pakistan Pakistani Rupee PKR 12/31/12 0:00 97.58
Palau, Republic of US Dollar USD 12/20/95 0:00 1
Panama Panama Balboa PAB 2/25/94 0:00 1
Papua New Guinea Papua New Guinea Kina PGK 12/1/12 0:00 2.02
Paraguay Paraguay Guarani PYG 12/31/12 0:00 4250
Peru Peru Nuevo Sol PEN 12/31/12 0:00 2.55
Philippines Philippine Peso PHP 12/31/12 0:00 41.1
Poland Poland Zloty PLN 12/31/12 0:00 3.068
Portugal Euro EUR 12/31/12 0:00 0.754
Puerto Rico US Dollar USD 12/20/95 0:00 1
Qatar Qatari Rial QAR 12/31/12 0:00 3.639
Republic of Korea Korean Won, South Korea KRW 12/31/12 0:00 1072
Republic of Moldova Moldovan Leu MDL 12/31/12 0:00 12.02
Republic of Yemen Yemeni Rial YER 12/1/12 0:00 214.86
Reunion Euro EUR 12/31/12 0:00 0.754
Romania Romanian Leu RON 12/31/12 0:00 3.334
Russian Federation Russian Rouble RUB 12/31/12 0:00 30.24
Rwanda Rwanda Franc RWF 12/31/12 0:00 630.37
Saint Helena St.Helena Pound SHP 12/31/12 0:00 0.619
Saint Kitts and Nevis E.C. Dollar XCD 8/2/95 0:00 2.7
Saint Lucia E.C. Dollar XCD 8/2/95 0:00 2.7
Samoa Samoa Tala WST 12/31/12 0:00 2.2
San Marino Euro EUR 12/31/12 0:00 0.754
Sao Tome & Principe Sao Tome Principe Dobra STD 12/31/12 0:00 18497
Saudi Arabia Saudi Riyal SAR 8/3/95 0:00 3.75
Senegal CFA Franc XOF 12/31/12 0:00 494.592
Serbia Serbian Dinar RSD 12/31/12 0:00 85.45
Seychelles Seychelles Rupee SCR 12/31/12 0:00 12.75
Sierra Leone Sierra Leone Leone SLL 10/1/12 0:00 4300
Singapore Singapore Dollar SGD 12/31/12 0:00 1.222
Slovakia Euro EUR 12/31/12 0:00 0.754
Slovenia Euro EUR 12/31/12 0:00 0.754
Solomon Islands Solomon Is. Dollar SBD 12/31/12 0:00 7.3
Somalia Somali Shilling SOS 4/1/12 0:00 24300
South Africa South Africa Rand ZAR 12/31/12 0:00 8.491
South Sudan South Sudanese Pound SSP 12/31/12 0:00 3.05
Spain Euro EUR 12/31/12 0:00 0.754
Sri Lanka Sri Lanka Rupee LKR 12/31/12 0:00 126.9
St. Vincent and the Grena E.C. Dollar XCD 8/2/95 0:00 2.7
Sudan Sudanese Pound SDG 12/31/12 0:00 5.969
Suriname Surinamese Dollar SRD 6/30/12 0:00 3.33
Swaziland Swaziland Lilangeni SZL 12/31/12 0:00 8.491
Sweden Swedish Krona SEK 12/31/12 0:00 6.488
Switzerland Swiss Franc CHF 12/31/12 0:00 0.911
Syrian Arab Republic Syrian Pound SYP 12/31/12 0:00 74.37
Tajikistan Tajikistan Somoni TJS 11/2/12 0:00 4.76
Tanzania, United Rep. of Tanzania Shilling TZS 12/31/12 0:00 1576
TFYR of Macedonia Macedonia Denar, the former Rep. of MKD 12/31/12 0:00 46.86
Thailand Thai Baht THB 12/31/12 0:00 30.64
Togo CFA Franc XOF 12/31/12 0:00 494.592
Tokelau Islands New Zealand Dollar NZD 12/31/12 0:00 1.222
Tonga Tonga Pa'anga TOP 12/31/12 0:00 1.61
Trinidad and Tobago Trinidad and Tobago Dollar TTD 12/1/12 0:00 6.37
Tunisia Tunisian Dinar TND 12/31/12 0:00 1.542
Turkey Turkish Lira TRY 12/31/12 0:00 1.79
Turkmenistan Turkmenistan Manat TMT 1/1/09 0:00 2.85
Turks and Caicos Island US Dollar USD 12/20/95 0:00 1
Tuvalu Australian Dollar AUD 12/31/12 0:00 0.965
Uganda Uganda Shilling UGX 12/31/12 0:00 2652
Ukraine Ukraine Hryvnia UAH 12/31/12 0:00 7.93
United Arab Emirates United Arab Emirates Dirham AED 8/1/12 0:00 3.673
United Kingdom U.K. Pound GBP 12/31/12 0:00 0.619
United States of America US Dollar USD 12/20/95 0:00 1
Uruguay Uruguay Peso UYU 12/31/12 0:00 19.04
Uzbekistan Uzbekistan Sum UZS 12/31/12 0:00 1980
Vanuatu Vanuatu Vatu VUV 12/31/12 0:00 86.37
Venezuela Venezuela Bolivar Fuerte VEF 12/31/12 0:00 4.289
Viet Nam Viet Nam Dong VND 12/31/12 0:00 20818
Virgin Islands (UK) US Dollar USD 12/20/95 0:00 1
Virgin Islands (USA) US Dollar USD 12/20/95 0:00 1
Wallis & Futuna Islands CFP Franc XPF 12/31/12 0:00 89.976
Zambia Zambian Kwacha ZMK 12/31/12 0:00 5190

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