Tuesday, April 24, 2012

It's Like Riding a Bike

It's like riding a bike
Sophia Love

So what is it really?  Oneness.  What does unity look like “where the rubber meets the road”?  You and I are one?  Really?  We don’t look alike, do the same things or even think alike.  It must be something I can’t see.  Our unity must be expressed on a different field.

It’s like riding a bike.  You learn once and never forget, regardless the years between trips.  Remember your first time?  It was my father’s hand who held the two-wheeler upright, running along beside me while I chattered and pedaled.  He neglected to mention he’d be letting go.  When I noticed, three things happened in rapid succession – my mouth dropped, a fly flew in and I crashed to the pavement.  But I can ride a bike.

The decision to ride happens in your head.  Your hands rest on the handlebars, turning while squeezing and releasing the brake.  Your feet push the pedals, your legs pump, and your eyes direct while the muscles in your torso maintain you vertically.  Each body part contributes a unique and vital component that results in a bike ride.  You’d never go anywhere if your head didn’t first decide to do so.  If you ask your hands what they are doing, they’d respond “gripping and releasing” while your feet will tell you they are “pushing these pedals”; all true.  Only your head knows the bigger answer – you are riding a bike.

We are connected there – beneath every action and non-action the collective us is doing something, making a statement. We speak with one voice and if you step back far enough, our voice can be heard.

There can be a subtle pressure to always do more, to join up, be pro-active, and make a difference.  Not everyone can be the legs, the powerhouse of energy pushing those pedals.  Behind those legs lie the buttocks.  They appear to just sit there, resting.  Yet without their participation and co-operation those legs wouldn’t move.  Don’t be fooled by appearances.  We are all riding this bike.

What is unclear today may be the decision to ride.  There is a sense of “waiting” – well, this is that anticipation.  Do we feel like a bike ride or are we comfortable in the garage.  What will it mean to make that choice?

It means first being aware that there exists the potential.  You may not have known you had a bike or that there was anyplace else to go.  You do and there is.  It is entirely your choice as to whether or not we’ll go.

The control of every facet of our lives has been brilliant and insidious.  Awake now, it is slowly becoming apparent.  At your deepest level you cannot ignore the possibility for change.  This bike is bright and shiny and sitting in your bedroom.  Either get on or throw a sheet over it because it’s not going away.

Some of us are legs, some of us butts – all of us are necessary.  Before we can usher in a new world we have to collectively decide we want to go.  Do we?

Bike rides include mud puddles, sunshine, flies in the mouth and crashing to the pavement.  They ultimately take us somewhere, even if it is back home.  We are different for the trip – exhilarated, fresh and expanded.  We’ll always get on again.

This point of decision is where we connect.  We are seeing government, bank and education protests worldwide. These are the legs.  They won’t get anywhere without the rest of us.  We are speaking as one.  What are we saying?  Will we go or will we stay?

Right now, the bike sits, uncovered and waiting.  We can cover it back up and remain unmoving or not.  We cannot ignore it.  No change is a choice.

We are connected and are deciding right now.  Every one of us.  This is our oneness, our power and our brilliance.  There is no small part, no insignificant act.  From a distance our light is brilliant.

We can go anywhere.  It’s like riding a bike.  Once you get on, the rest is natural.

We are the ones we are waiting for.

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