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Living A Life Of Joy

Most of us didn't come here to meditate our lives away in a cave and get all spiritual and enlightened in that way... we came here to experience the physical human experience... ALL of it! The laughter, the tears, the joy, the anger… ALL of it! Living a Life of Joy is not about challenges not arising... it's about loving it ALL and constantly shifting to the higher, broader perspective because you know that everything is in divine order and orchestration... that's how you stay joyful and enlightened! ~ ♥ Sierra Goodman ♥ ~

WTF??? Did I just read this in The Atlantic Magazine?

I thought I might read this on David Icke's site, but not The Atlantic! LOL!!!  As if my weekend wasn't weird enough as it is...someday I will have to tell you about this weekend.  -AK
While the underlying concept is good, the typical foil helmet fails in design and execution. An effective Faraday cage fully encloses whatever it's shielding, but a helmet that doesn't fully cover the head doesn't fully protect it. If the helmet is designed or worn with a loose fit, radiofrequency electromagnetic radiation can still get up underneath the brim from below and reveal your innermost thoughts to the reptilian humanoids or the Bilderberg Group.

POOF: So,Off You Go Now

Sunday, 30 Sep 2012 15:14:58 -0400

[Maybe I'm reading more into this than is there, but I think Poof including this song is a hint about those mystery Chinese and US ships off of San Francisco. -AK]

Ride Captain Ride Lyrics 
by The Blues Image

Seventy-three men sailed up from the San Francisco Bay 
Rolled off of their ship, and here's what they had to say 
"We're callin' everyone to ride along to another shore 
We can laugh our lives away and be free once more"

But no one heard them callin', no one came at all 
'Cause they were too busy watchin' those old raindrops fall 
As a storm was blowin' out on the peaceful sea 
Seventy-three men sailed off to history

Ride, captain ride upon your mystery ship 
Be amazed at the friends you have here on your trip 
Ride captain ride upon your mystery ship 
On your way to a world that others might have missed

(Repeat first two verses)


Ride, captain ride upon your mystery ship 
Be amazed at the friends you have here on your trip 

Greetings and Salutations,

I needn't say much, it's not exactly been quiet out here. Good time to practice being under a non disclosure. Learn to have no comment or like the gurus and monks, practice silence. I once heard an indian woman say; 'A quiet mind is a divine mind'. No chatter, what a concept.

It will be wonderful when taxes go away, I must say tho, back in Ike's day, it was a high as 90% in the us...but prices were low, you could feed the neighborhood with 25 bucks, and they used to have gas wars between gas stations. Ahh, the good ole days. What if I said, you're heading to a world very similar, minus the cold war in the background, or all the chinese walking into the sea and arriving in LA and taking us over. Never running out of chinese mind you. We got that stuff from the same people who told us to get under the desk in school in case of a nuke attack The game of fear continues. But, you know, the only game you got left is creating fear in the masses, if your pockets have been picked clean. Create as much mass confusion as you can, perhaps you can get the people fighting each other so hard, you can offer yourself as the the one's who know how to calm the masses. Going for another spin around the planetary clock. Say, 10,000 years this time.

All manner of legalities have run out in the us government right now. These contracts will not be reissued either. No extensions. Even last week, some folks found out the limits of their power. Tough cheese, when you're use to having the finest.

Here's some ideas to think about:

Love and Kisses,


Hilarion: You Are Your Own Greatest Treasure

Hilarion: You Are Your Own Greatest Treasure
As channeled by Marlene Swetlishoff/Tsu-tana – 30 September, 2012

Beloved Ones,

A great many of you are experiencing fear in ways that did not bother you before. Know that you are picking up on the fears of the mass consciousness field and that you have control over your mind and your thoughts. At such moments all you have to do is remember that you are always surrounded by a legion of Angels.

There is no place upon this Planet that you walk alone. As you have trodden upon your spiritual journey in this lifetime, you have amassed a greater following of Light Beings who watch over you so that at this point in time, you each have a veritable army of Light to protect you.

To counter the chaotic energies that are prevalent in these times, look closely to find the beauty all around you – in people, in places, in your surroundings, in every small vignette of physical perfection, and make this your focus. You are holding the vision of a beautiful and pristine World for all of Humanity and you are making a difference.

GAIA PORTAL: 10-1-2012 Corner is Turned…Enjoy this Ride

10-1-2012 Corner is Turned…Enjoy this Ride

30 September 2012

10-1-12 corner is turned. Intentions held in alignment with 5D Gaia portals and connecting grids will not be delayed. And appear in the moment of held intention.

We ask care in aligning Higher Individual Hue-man Self with New Paradigm Gaia pattern of unfoldment.

The 10-1 portends massive transformation for Gaia and Children. Both of the internal and apparent external. Such rests upon combined intentions of all.

Grids are energized sufficiently in Higher D aspects for such transformations to begin.

Enjoy this ride.

Russian Video on Nazi Third Reich Antarctica UFO Base

This video was posted at Kerry Cassidy's Project Camelot blog .  Its in Russian with English subtitles.  I find this interesting as my dad witnessed these flying over Germany.

In Truth, There Is Nothing To Judge

In truth, there is nothing to judge
September 30, 2012 by John Smallman

The river of time — that aspect of the illusion of which many of you are most conscious — is flowing swiftly and smoothly, carrying you insistently and unfalteringly along with it towards your divine destination.  Regardless of any doubts or uncertainties that you may harbor your arrival is assured, divinely assured.  Focus on the absolute certainty of that assurance when doubts or anxieties arise within you, knowing, as you most definitely do, that your Father’s Love for you is drawing you irresistibly homeward.

You have a saying, “Home is where the heart is,” and the heart of your true Self is eternally at Home with your heavenly Father.  Nevertheless, that does not appear to be the case as you contend with the problems and anxieties with which the illusion continuously presents you, while you strive determinedly to find your way out of it and back to that glorious state.

As ever-greater numbers of you decide that you have had enough of this insane suffering and resolve to bring it to an end, your striving becomes more diligent and effective.  And because it is your spiritual intention and because you are divinely assisted, there is nothing that can prevent your awakening from occurring just as divinely intended.

Your Beliefs Bind You To The Illusion

Your beliefs bind you to the illusion
09/30/2012 by John Smallman

The excitement mounts as your awakening draws ever closer.  You have been waiting a long time for this and you will not be disappointed.  Some of you have had so called “peak experiences,” when whatever you were doing flowed perfectly and at a level of competence or ability that was way beyond what you would describe as normal.  It was uplifting for you, even galvanizing, because it seemed that you could do no wrong, could do nothing to interrupt or prevent this energetic flow from delivering the most remarkable outcome.  The sheer wonder of moments like those are as nothing compared to what awaits you upon your awakening.

The journey to reach this stage in your evolution has indeed been arduous — a long and exhausting endeavor — but the end is in sight, and even though you have doubts, deep within yourselves you have a certainty, a knowing that this is true.  When you relax, meditate, or pray, seek out this certainty within yourselves; focus on it and intend that you awaken, because doing so reminds you that this is your destiny and that it is God’s Will for you.  By doing this regularly you allow yourselves to confirm that deep inner knowing and your doubts fade.  You are on your way Home, and nothing will divert you from that path because it is calling to you so irresistibly.

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Venus Over A Cathedral

Updated: 10/1/2012 A reader pointed out this cannot be Notre Dame in Paris as its in the middle of the city not next a mountain or hill.  Its probably Spain but I don't know where. -AK

Individual images taken of Venus in one year to create a full curve. The summer solstice being at the top, winter solstice at the bottom, and equinox where they lines cross. Infinity and beyond and Notre Dame.

Reach Out For Us And We Are There With You

Reach out for us and we are there with you.
As channeled by Ron Head
September 29, 2012 in Michael, Ron's Channeled Messages


Our discussion today will begin by our asking once again for you to notice the sharp upturn in energy this full moon is bringing.  You may feel distinct changes in your reactions to events around you.  When you are prompted to speak or act, please remember to combine your feelings of unconditional love with your desire for change.  The impulse to do something may be new to you personally and unfamiliar.  It is always best to begin from one’s heart center and proceed as you know your highest vision of yourself would act.  That way, when you pause to ask yourself, “Did I just say that?” it will be with a smile on your face.

As you may be able to tell from the previous paragraph, you are now going to begin manifesting in earnest the changes in self for which you have long prayed as well as some that you intended long before this lifetime.  The legion of true lightworkers and wayshowers is now about to reveal themselves and assume the responsibilities for which they came here.  Know that your Creator and ourselves have the utmost trust and confidence in you.  Give up your feelings of insignificance, of smallness.  You are a part of a very immense group that will not be denied.  Your word, your smile, your ability to cope, your inner strength will all count for far more than you can imagine.

Gaia Portal: Star Assignments are In Place…

Star Assignments are In Place…

September 29, 2012

Star assignments for next steps are in place. Tactical positions for Light Beings have been outlined and those receptive are in full alignment. Awaiting further instructions.

Star Code 48693

Note: Please don't ask me what this means. I have no idea!  -AK

SOLDIER HUGS: The Leo Wanta Story

I have read bits and pieces of this over the years on Internet blogs, and to be honest I don't know the whole story on all of this. Various blogs have said the George HW Bush Nazi-Odessa cabal stole this money intended by President Reagan and Ambassador Leo Wanta for the American public. The complete story is now available in serial form on -AK

Publication Decision Regarding: OFFICIAL LEO/LEE WANTA Biography 

FROM: Marilyn MacGruder Barnewall DATE: September 19, 2012

I am very excited about the prospect of publishing on your Web site my “in process” book about Leo/Lee Emil Wanta, America’s most successful intelligence operative who served as President Ronald Reagan’s personal Intelligence Coordinator.

As I have discussed with you on your radio broadcasts on numerous occasions, I believe we are on a short path to ruin as a nation. When Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke announced Quantitative Easing III, it became very apparent to me that one of two things will happen and happen fairly soon: 1) The funds he intends to invest in those worthless mortgage-backed derivatives created from 2005 until the present time – the ones that should have bankrupted the too big to jail banksters on Wall Street long ago – will further depreciate the dollar and we will soon have rampant inflation. Or, 2) The bottom will fall from under the markets as the world recognizes the worthless mortgage-backed derivatives for what they are and the economy will contract severely, causing prices to fall, banks to fail, etc. Neither is a good scenario.

Gaia Sings!

Interesting how similar this sounds to whale songs! -AK

Frequency Shift: ET Mummy Found In Egypt:
Photo Leaked By Cairo Museum Insider

ET Mummy Found In Egypt: Photo Leaked By Cairo Museum Insider
Posted on September 28, 2012
by Gillian

The rumors have been whispered for years that the mummy of an extraterrestrial had been found in Egypt, nestled in a burial chamber beside a great Pharoh. Now, more evidence of the mummy’s possible existence have been reported on Facebook, along with this compelling photo.

I have included the accompanying text exactly as it was translated from Egyptian. I have not edited the text, nor changed a word, as it has a ring of truth to it just “as is.” You be the judge. Is this an elaborate hoax? Or is it possible that there were visitors to Earth that could have shaped the Egyptian culture, even played a part in it? Did this race of ET visitors build the pyramids – a feat we cannot recreate to this day?

The description of the photo, leaked by an anonymous source at the Egyptian Anitiquities Department, reads:
“The body of a perfectly preserved, carefully mummified an alien was found buried in an ancient pyramid. A mysterious creature from between 150 and 160 centimeters was found by an archaeologist near Lahun when exploring a small pyramid near the Dynasty doceaba of Senusret II. However, this fact was not revealed immediately.

The mummy of what appears to be an alien, dates back more than 2,000 years and it seems it would be a humanoid” said a source at the Egyptian Antiquities Department, who provided details and photographs of the find but did so under condition anonymity. “

Friday, September 28, 2012

CBS NEWS: The Bloodline Families Who Have Run This Country Since It Began

This is an old video from George W Bush years, but quite amazing!  My nephew discovered this on YouTube.

Listening to myself

Every now and again, when faced with a seemingly irresolvable issue, I set an intention for the “highest and best for all concerned”, get in a quiet, meditative state, and write out a question.  Then I listen.  Sometimes the answers come loudly and quickly!  They are recorded with my non-dominant hand.  There is less editing that way, as my logical brain is occupied with making the pen work.

The following conversation happened because of some current physical issues.  These were things I assumed were fully healed and repaired.  Maybe the answers will help you as well; we are One. 

Remember, we hold the answers to all of our questions, we only need ask. 

We are the One we’ve been waiting for.

Question:   What is going on with my body?

It is your deepest 3D fear.  How’s it going so far?  This is what your fears are creating.

How do I change this?  This is not what I want.

You have to look at your life squarely.


Let me finish.  ... (you have to look at your life squarely) WITHOUT FEAR.  This is how things are altered.

Are things created from fear?

Things are created from focus.  You are extremely focused and powerful right now.  This is why you look and feel as you do.

Please, I need concrete steps to change this.  I am asking for help.

Take a look, decide what it is you want, and focus there only – without fear.  With determination see the changes you want.  This does not mean avoid looking elsewhere.  It is this contrast you are here for.

Thank you.

The Fireworks Are Now Beginning…

The Fireworks are now Beginning…
September 28, 2012

Grid point sparking occurs as alignments finalize in preparation for next stage of Ascension process. Energy upgrade for the Gaia Entity is required for final period leading to the 12-21-12 Grand Window.

Scientifics in the 3D-4D are occurring so as to prove concepts of Higher Levels. More to be unveiled increasingly as day passes night.

Many are called. And many answer that call. Unlike prior sylloquisms.

Messages from Gaia have overridden Cosmic ones. This may seem odd to some, but Gaia is the primary focus of the Cosmos at this time. We see all is proceeding smoothly, and do not anticipate any more stops in progress through the 12-21-12.

The Fireworks are now Beginning… And they are Real…

We Know About Your Lies

GOP Symbols Changed in 2005

SaLuSa, September 28, 2012

SaLuSa, September 28, 2012

The time lines are beginning to merge into the ones that carry the most energy, and are naturally strongest where people have the intent to ascend and those who do not. What you will be looking at is the result of your mass consciousness that is creating according to your wishes. Ascension itself is going to bring changes that have been divinely decreed, and are of Universal proportions and controlled by the higher forces. You do therefore create your own experiences, and Ascension will be your final one as you leave the cycle of duality, to take your place in the New Age. Events can be changed according to your speed and level of advancement, and that allows for any delay caused by the dark Ones. So we say to you still keep focused on the actual Ascension, and prepare for an input of powerful energy that you will be aware of.

There is always going to be much discussion about how the future events will take place, as there are many different views about it. What you have been promised will certainly come about and you have much to gain from it. In fact the timing has often had to be adjusted, and you are of course now aware that some events have had to be put back. However, you will not miss out and you will pass on to a higher vibration, and benefit from the many changes that will lift you up further into the Light. The old paradigm will by then have no further influence in your lives, and you will enjoy the absolute peace and joy that comes with the new one.

Gospel of a survivor: Rwandan woman chooses forgiveness over anger after living through genocide

Reblogged from the National Post
Joe O'Connor | Sep 27, 2012 10:30 AM ET

Damascene Ilibagiza was more like a best friend than an older brother to his sister, Immaculée. They could talk about anything and, in her eyes, Damascene was the sun and the moon and the stars: an athlete, a scholar — a sidekick.

She would learn about the day her brother died after the killings stopped. A Hutu mob stripped him to his underwear and beat him with the handles of their machetes, while demanding that he tell them where she was hiding. He faced his attackers, Ms. Ilibagiza was told, and said he “pitied” them; said he would “pray” for them.

He didn’t beg for his life. He pitied a bunch of killers, urged them to strike him down and when they hesitated asked what they were waiting for.

There were other horrors.

Ms. Ilibagiza’s father was shot dead, her mother butchered and another brother massacred in a soccer stadium, along with thousands of other Tutsi tribe members seeking sanctuary from the Rwandan genocide that erupted in April 1994 and saw 800,000 Tutsi murdered by their Hutu countrymen over the course of 100 days.

Maybe he still had the same evil in his heart as when he was killing innocent people — but I wanted him to know that I was no longer in his way

Ms. Ilibagiza gives a moving account of the bloodshed and the 91 terrifying days she spent in hiding in the best-seller, Left to Tell. She lives in Manhattan, runs a charity dedicated to helping Rwandan orphans and travels the globe sharing her story. She will be in King City, just north of Toronto, for a pair of talks Friday and Saturday.

Candid Cat Camera

Cats amaze me. They are independent, loving, aloof, fearless, and good friends.  When I get sick my Simba will curl up at my side and not leave.  

I love this video, but I don't agree with keeping cats out of nature, they are so much more mentally healthy when they can roam in nature. Our cats spend about 8 hours a day outdoors and they kill tree rats and other rodents that can carry plague or hanta virus.  The cats themselves are preyed on, we never let them out after  6pm because of roving coyotes that come in off the green belts in our community.  Cats are predators (as are dogs or ferrets) and certain species of birds. But when they do kill the first thing they do is sever the spine so the animal feels no pain and doesn't suffer long.  They will play with a dead animal, or to my wife's horror bring home a trophy. They are a part of nature and they do keep rodents under control. It is said the reintroduction of cats into the Europe was one of the reasons that ended the black plague.  The Egyptians revered cats.

A neighbor ours kept their two cats indoors, one had its claws removed.  The one without the claws slipped outside and an owl grabbed it and flew off.  The cat with claws is still alive.  

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Patterns of Piano Music Notes

Isn't interesting how these piano notes look like mandalas and some crop circles?

More here:

South African Banks Must Pay Out Big Time

SA Banks must pay out big time

Dear Citizen,
Up to a trillion rand could be refunded to South African customers by the banks. This is precisely the kind of cash injection that will help bring our country out of debt slavery and into a new age of prosperity.

Millions of South Africans who have loans or credit could see their monthly repayments reduced substantially. And tens of thousands of people who have had judgments against them over the past two decades may be eligible for compensation. Garnishee orders should be slashed and small businesses struggling with overdrafts should be released from the shackles of debt slavery.

In simple terms – it is very possible that your credit card, home loan, personal loan, vehicle loan or any form of credit you may have, has been settled in full by a third party, called a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV).  Because your loan has been settled in full (ie. the bank has been paid out for your loan), the bank cannot bring your case to court. Under these circumstances, the collections process undertaken by banks, and any judgments taken by the bank as a result, would be unlawful.

Once a loan has been securitised (this is the technical term for this process), the bank loses the legal right to the asset. Confirmation of this was given to the New Economic Rights Alliance in the form of the attached letter from the South African Reserve Bank (see page 5, para AD8).

Julian Assange,
International Intrigue
and What’s Going On With Ecuador

2012 AUGUST 29

Julian Assange, International Intrigue and What’s Going On With Ecuador

This article was found by Jeannie, a member of The 2012 Scenario Discussion Group. It is from an Italian-language blog called ‘Free Thought: The Home of the Italian Exiles at Home’ by Sergio Di Cori Modigliani . The original is in Italian here:

Sergio describes his blog’s philosophy thus: “the purpose of this blog is to contribute to the spread of free thought without ideological ties, without party affiliations, without economic dependence on [sources] more or less hidden. Independent and connected to groups of international bloggers operating in California and South America”.

Assange and the Attack on the Republic of Ecuador
By Sergio Di Cori Modigliani i – August 18, 2012

Important Note: Re-edited in English from Google translation by Sandhya Jain.

Today we talk of geo-politics and the freedom of information. But what is happening today technically (i.e. politically) began on 12 December 2008, though some say September of that year, but it took four years for the shock waves to reach Europe and America.

The issue relates to Julian Assange, Wikileaks, and the Republic of Ecuador. Mind you, it was assumed in the entire American continent, Australia, and Europe that the world was the same as ten years ago. But the world does not work that way anymore.

In Italy, no one was told of the fight growing between Brazil and the United Nations, badly managed by Christine Lagarde who heads the International Monetary Fund, whereby Italy was officially relegated from the eighth largest to the ninth largest economy in the world. It was overtaken by Brazil. So at the next G8, Italy will not be invited, but Brazil will. So we had the decision to abolish the G8 and G10 becoming the new standard.

Europe, with England and Germany at the helm, simply cannot accept the “Keynesian” triumph of South America. In essence the western guideline remains: “Let them stay home and remain grateful that we let them survive like the Africans. Otherwise one by one they will all end like Gadaffi.”

This is the warning in a nutshell So, quietly, South America has in the last 40 days sent three powerful messages; the last and most important was on August 3, and it was televised live from the New York office of the International Monetary Fund. Now for some facts.

Tarpits, Honeypots and Venus Fly Traps

By American Kabuki,

This is a very strange time.  All around us the autumn crispness of change is occuring.  Structures, institutions and energies of oppression crumble and disappate.  Amazing pieces of information are flooding into our consciousness from so many different sources about what lies ahead.  We've come a long ways actually, we no longer puzzle of what, we pretty much know that. We are also learning the how.  The when we do not know, nor do we know the pace of the change.

We get frustrated because we know we are surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses. Galactics, interdimensionals, angelics, Elohim, the Crystallines, Gaia, Mother/Father Creator.  The Solar system is chock a block with craft.  Krulian cruisers doing what ever they do with their planetary sized craft moving in and out of the Sun.  We even have those who really don't care what happens to us, this is after all not their fight, but they are watching.  Curiousity has brought everyone it seems.

There you are!

We are completing our Quest right now.  Today is the last day of this journey and we can see our destination.

Although it’s always been there, it may well have been invisible.  Wrapped in blinders of shoulds and judgments, you could not see Agape.  It is obvious to you now.  Clear vision is available to us always, yet it sometimes shows up in surprising ways.

“Hook” (2003) is a story of finding yourself again, after a long time of loss.  The three clips here illustrate the journey.  Peter Pan has forgotten how to fly.  What he needs is simple; he must find his happy thought.  What is your happy thought?

From Agape flows a constant stream of smiles.  The point of this Quest was to find an eternal source of love.  It has been here always, right there in your heart.

First Called ‘US Enemy of State’,
Now Julian Assange Makes UN Appearance

First Called ‘US Enemy of State’, Now Julian Assange Makes UN Appearance
Posted by Stephen Cook

First this morning, my time in Australia, he has been called an ‘enemy of the state’ by the US  (see second story below) and now he’s at the UN!

There is so much more – much, much more – to the whole Julian Assange saga than many of us realise… as we will soon know.

sage’s post on Sergio di Modigliani’s blogpost which explained a lot of the real background to the Assange story  is here:

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

NYT: In Prosecutors, Debt Collectors Find a Partner

Angela Yartz with debt collection notices on district attorney
letterhead. She was threatened with conviction over a $47.95
check to Walmart.

In Prosecutors, Debt Collectors Find a Partner
Noah Berger for The New York Times

Published: September 15, 2012

The letters are sent by the thousands to people across the country who have written bad checks, threatening them with jail if they do not pay up.

Collection notices.

They bear the seal and signature of the local district attorney’s office. But there is a catch: the letters are from debt-collection companies, which the prosecutors allow to use their letterhead. In return, the companies try to collect not only the unpaid check, but also high fees from debtors for a class on budgeting and financial responsibility, some of which goes back to the district attorneys’ offices.

The practice, which has spread to more than 300 district attorneys’ offices in recent years, shocked Angela Yartz when she was threatened with conviction over a $47.95 check to Walmart. A single mother in San Mateo, Calif., Ms. Yartz said she learned the check had bounced only when she opened a letter in February, signed by the Alameda County district attorney, informing her that unless she paid $280.05 — including $180 for a “financial accountability” class — she could be jailed for up to one year.


By Joe Crane
September 25 th, 2012

Just when you want to kick back and relax October arrives. Talk about one busy month, here it comes. Starting on the 5th of the month I will be in Spokane WA for a Meet & Greet to be held at 3430 South Grand Boulevard Spokane WA 99203. At Integrated Medicine Associates , from 7:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. It should be a whole lot of fun because I haven’t been in Spokane for some years now. I am really looking forward to seeing some of my old friends and meeting some new ones. Besides me filling the room with laughter and fun, I will be talking about what Wholeness is for us all. Ask yourself what would being whole mean to you? How could you use it in your life? You will be surprised at the answers to you questions and the new found wisdom you leave with. This hour and a half might just might be the best hour and a half you have ever spent. Come join me and your friends for fun and enlightenment. I promise you that you will not soon forget this evening we spend together. This Meet & Greet is by donation to help cover the cost.

Now for the peace de resistance. Harvey Cane has so graciously invited me to come to Spokane and not only teach the power of the Seven Names of God, but also receive the Wholeness Blessing. The Wholeness blessing will be sealed with in each of you so that you will be able to give this powerful Blessing to others.  The best part of giving the blessing is that you get back just as much as you give if not more. Will you start looking and feeling younger? Some have had this happen for them. Will it help in healing many of the things that are physically out with you? There are amazing healings that have continued to happen for people every day.  Will it heal the mind of many things ailing our mental capabilities and some cases just the every day to day tasks? You would be surprised of how it has helped many in just that.

Those that have attended any of the classes I have given in the past will tell you. I am very informative when I teach and best of all, I am fun and funny.

Workshop to be held at 1400 north Mullen road Spokane Valley Washington 9-6 p.m. and the cost is $144  per person, if you register in the next 7 days the cost is $124.  Contact Harvey Cane at (509) 270-1234 for more information.

Bless your Hearts

Hold All, Including Self, In Love And Light

Hold all, including self, in love and light.
Michael as channeled by Ron Head
September 26, 2012 in Michael, Ron's Channeled Messages

We believe it is time to devote a conversation to your understanding of oneness.  What we will discuss is not new to you, but, apart from your intellects, you have not yet integrated it into your consciousness.

It has been over one hundred years since your science discovered that everything you see consists solely of energy.  You have proved over and over again that what you speak of as matter does, in fact, not actually exist as ‘solid stuff’.  It is easily demonstrated that only fields of energy are real.  Yet your illusion still has a solid grip on your perceptions.

The perceptions are what we would discuss today.  And what we would begin by saying is not new either, although perhaps not quite as widely understood as yet.  Because you are a part of a huge field of energies, there is no knowledge, no event, no understanding, which is not available to you at any time.  You are immersed in uncountable bits of information in each moment.  Your ability to make sense of these ‘signals’ is however limited.  So you accept, tune in, to those which make sense to you and construct your own particular world from those.  What do you suppose makes the difference between that which you select and that which you don’t?  What is the major component of your ‘tuner’?  And we answer, your beliefs and your prior understandings of your experiences.

As long as you hold on to these, your world, your personal world, will have a difficult time changing.  In fact, it will not.  It will need to demonstrate to you where your understandings are not valid.

This is happening, and always has.  However, we would like to point out that in order to make your next few months easier for you, and to speed up the personal changes which you so eagerly await, it would be best for you to closely examine what you are holding so tightly that you might want to release.  Do not make a major problem of it.  Simply open your heart and mind to other possibilities and examine them when they arrive.  Accept them if they seem of value to you.  Above all, drop judgments of self and others.  Those judgments are, at the very least, based upon limited information.

That does not mean you must accept everything another says or does.  There is a difference between acts and those who act.  Be prepared to hold all, including self, in love and light.

This is what is happening in your consciousness, at the behest of your highest selves, with your awareness or without.  Your favorite ‘symptoms’ are, for the most part, your resistance to the new.  Throw your arms wide open, why don’t you?  Thank your highest selves and your Creator for all that is being sent to you.  You will soon know that it is what you have wanted for all time.  May your days be full of the joy of knowing this.

We will speak again soon.  Good day.

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The Remaining Conflicts Now In Progress Are The Last To Arise On The Planet

The remaining conflicts now in progress are the last to arise on the planet
September 26, 2012 by John Smallman

Love is the antidote to the contagion of pain and suffering in which so many are engaged.  For eons you have tried to bring peace forcefully into being – by authoritarian legislation backed by penalties and punishments, by criminal violence against one another, by conflict between groups, and by wars between nations – and you know from your history and from personal experience that it simply does not work.  The remaining conflicts that are now in progress, even though they may appear insoluble, are the last to arise on the planet, and they will cease because the people who are engaged in them have had enough; and even as they fight they fully understand that violence leads only to further violence and not to solutions.

As Light-bearers, your task is to embrace the peace within yourselves by releasing all feelings of righteousness that are causing conflict within you.  The inflexibility of righteousness is a dead- end street.  You have been preparing to do this all your lives as reason, intelligence, and comprehension have shown you the inadequacy of the traditional ways of attempting to solve problems and achieve agreement.  It takes courage to change . . . and determination . . . and intense focus.  You have those talents, those strengths, and you are being fully supported in your intention to use them by the divine energy field that has enveloped you in order to ensure your success.

You Will Begin To Experience Strange Thoughts Or Intimations

You will begin to experience strange thoughts or intimations
09/26/2012 by John Smallman

The field of divine Love enveloping Planet Earth is having an enormous effect on humanity.  Its influence is irresistible and irreversible, and because of it you are all moving towards Love and away from fear.

Wars, terrorist attacks, criminal activity, and political activity in every field – international affairs, corporate, local, educational, health, religious, etc. – are all driven by fear, and have been for eons.  Fear is so ingrained in humanity, in every nation, race, and culture, that it is very difficult to eradicate.  Nevertheless, that is what you have been doing very slowly for a very long time, and in the last few decades your rate of progress has been accelerating.

Love is the divine force field, It is eternal, It is one, It is without opposite, It is that in which all that exists is incorporated and unified.

SaLuSa, September 26, 2012

SaLuSa, September 26, 2012

As you are finding time is speeding by, and the prophesies of massive earthquakes and other physical happenings have in no way occurred quite as was envisioned. You can certainly take some credit for the outcome, as by bringing the Light to Earth, you have also brought calmness. It does not however mean that there will not be physical changes, as some are inevitable. By keeping the vibrations high through the coming weeks, you can ensure that you have a fairly smooth finish to the cycle. We are of course part of the reason for the way it is working out, and are maintaining what can be called a peaceful time. Yes, there are battles taking place in some countries, but these will not be allowed to escalate into a greater global war.

It may sound strange to say that you are achieving peace on Earth, but it is so as more and more people demand it along with their freedom. You are already seeing the last stand in many countries, and the military personnel are showing their belief that it is time to call an end to all war. They realize that apart from self defense war is a senseless act that rarely achieves any lasting effect. Instead it creates hatred, and those whose people and lands are destroyed will carry thoughts of revenge until they are fulfilled. Is it not true Dear Ones, that you have created the terrorists that plague the world with their insane acts of self destruction and murder.

Outsourcing Love

Audio Version

Love is a truth.  You can throw things at it, yell at it, call it names, hide it, cover it, refuse to acknowledge it, deny it or ignore it; it will remain.

Love is the foundation of each interaction, every relationship and all of life.  None of this would be here if not for love.  We exist in a world of form; birthed from Agape.  You are the outsourcing of God’s love.

The acceptance of oneness is a gradual process.  As you look into your own eyes and find your inner light, you simultaneously discover the light in each other.  We are ever seeking beings, pushing forward always for more.  Expansion and growth are the methods of our evolution.  As you begin to love truly the One that is you, you naturally notice the love that is me.  Love is not an end, it is the beginning.  There is no end to Agape, for the One that you are is infinite.

Love yourself and set free the bonds of ownership and duty that bind your relationships.  Love cannot be owned and it is not exclusive.  It is a force.

Love is a fierce knowing of truth; an acceptance of every dark and wonderful, passionate and violent, hideous and exquisite facet of life.

To experience Agape is a fearless act.  There is nothing that cannot be said or done or looked at.  It is acceptance without judgment.  You are here because you are a fellow Master.  If there is anyone who can pull off Agape in this controlled, violent, angry and divisive world – it is you.  You were chosen to do this.  You have all that is required.

This Quest is not for the feint of heart.  This is the Ultimate Quest.  Fearlessly look into the eyes of all life that is before you and love.  Whatever it takes to unconditionally honor – give it willingly.

There is no loss in love.  You have enough for me and the rest of us as well.  Contrary to what you’ve been told, love multiplies as it is shared, exponentially.

If we just practice acceptance, open our eyes and see the love that surrounds us, we would be astounded.  We think that it will take so much effort, when in fact our reward will be beyond description.

Agape is freedom; our gift to the world comes from our very own heart.  See the One that we are and love yourself without reservation.  It is a simple, yet revolutionary act.

You are the One we’ve been waiting for.

Thank you for being here. We meet tomorrow, for the conclusion of this Quest.

With so much love,

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Sheldan Nidle - September 25, 2012

Sheldan Nidle - September 25, 2012

September 25, 2012

5 Ben, 1 Tzotz, 9 Eb
Dratzo! We return with more to discuss with you. At present, your ongoing body ascension programs are being temporarily suspended by divine decree, while a series of time collapse points goes into effect in the run-up to the end of your Gregorian year. These time-collapse points represent the juncture at which alternative timelines are integrated into your present ascending reality, because this is the sole reality which is to go forward into 2013. This collapse process can cause fluctuations in the Earth field, causing imbalances to your physical bodies. Furthermore, this process reduces the alternative scenarios that the dark cabal has available to it to try to circumvent the divine plan. These collapses are being implemented by the galactic Time Lords in order to prepare your realm to gracefully enter this single new reality. These collapses can create various physical side effects in many of you, which will include headaches, pains in your neck and spine, and assorted aches in the muscles of your legs and arms. These discomforts are only temporary, but Heaven wishes us to slow down our work on your bodies to compensate for the extra physical stress upon you during this time-collapse period.

Event Calls For Cultural Shift In News Media

The Good News for the Media panel (L-R): Martyn Lewis, Seán
Dagan Wood, Jeremy Wickremer and Jodie Jackson

Event calls for cultural shift in news media

Journalists and members of the public came together in London on Wednesday to debate the need for more good news in the media. Kathleen Cassidy reviews the event

A landmark meeting of citizens, journalists and advocates of positive news took place at the British Museum on Wednesday, reflecting an increasing demand for a more realistic balance of good and bad news.

The Good News for the Media event, on 19 September 2012, drew more than 100 guests and included a panel of speakers featuring former BBC news presenter Martyn Lewis, Positive News editor Seán Dagan Wood, and founder of the Transformational Media Summit, Jeremy Wickremer.

GAIA PORTAL: Stargate Gaia has become “Star Gaia”

Stargate Gaia has become “Star Gaia”

September 25, 2012

We are Seeing Beings of Great Stature… Tall, standing in strength, hands together, on a Grand Sphere of Light.

We have not seen this until this moment. We are seeing it now.

The Sphere is Gaia. The Beings of Great Stature are Awakened Hue-manity.

Illuminescence of Gaia has tripled since the 9-9 Portal. We speak of the Inner Illuminescence, which many may also have awareness of in the so-called outer.

“Gaia” became “Stargate Gaia” as of the 9-9. As of this moment, “Stargate Gaia” has become “Star Gaia”.

Fullness of Illuminescence will be attained within a short period, dependent upon the rate of Higher Consciouness development of the humanity collective.

Fullness of Illuminescence is assured at this time in Gaia’s Ascension process.

You Are Much More Integrated With Your Wholeness

You are much more integrated with your wholeness.
channeled by Ron Head
September 24, 2012


The progression continues.  The equinox has passed, and still you feel no let-up in the downloads and changes to your energy fields.  There will be almost no respite for you now other than brief troughs between the waves.  The ‘surf’ will continue to build.  There will be several more very large ‘big ones’ for you to catch between now and the end of the year.

The incoming energy/information has now reached truly what could be called flood stage.  Yet you really, if you honestly think about it, do not feel overwhelmed at all.  It feels to be just as it was six months ago.  This is a measure of your progress, my friends.  Your capacities have increased tremendously.


Today we are on the second half of our Quest for Agape.  As we proceed, we’ll encounter lots of “Stitch’s”.  In the movie, “Lilo and Stitch”, Lilo was consistent about one thing – love.  The object of her affection was a destructive, mono-syllabic weird looking alien.  There was nothing warm and fuzzy about this pet.  Lilo decides he’s family and will not leave him behind; an extreme example of unconditional love.

Lilo could not know the motivation of Stitch, yet she identified with him as another lost soul, lashing out at a world he didn’t understand and that couldn’t understand him.

We are all Stitch to some degree.  There are no exceptions.  We are here for reasons we don’t fully recall, trying to fit in, do the right thing, find some love and happiness.

We came to this life because we have an incredible opportunity.  We are going to experience in one lifetime both extremes – polarity and unity.  We will advance while physical, and the intensity of that experience is what we came for.  Comparatively few beings signed on for this – being human is hard.  Yet you did, confident you could pull it off.   A shift of such magnitude that it’s been heralded “The Shift of the Ages” is what you agreed to conduct.  You are not watching this happen, you are making it happen.

In the home stretch now, you are looking around wondering how you’ll ever cross the finish line.  You may also be contemplating what the prize is.

First – the how – without judgment.  Every circumstance, each mistake, every outburst or criticism or atrocity witnessed you’ll view without blame, accusation or fault finding.  There is a difference between seeing clearly the person responsible for an action and hating him or her for it.

The first demands clarity of vision while the second incorporates duality.  Agape does not mean that suddenly all behavior is allowed to go on and that it is okay with you.  In a world such as ours, which has been deeply enslaved in density and polarity, the complete change to “service to others” will take awhile.  Many here will remain in the “service to self” modality for a bit.  Our challenge is what to do when they impact our life.

First, love.  All are equal here.  We are One.  Hatred and punishment is not necessary, while removal and re-education most definitely applies.

In our personal relationships, the option for re-education may not be there, yet we can always step away.  “Service to Others” does not mean NOT service to you, it includes you.  You are all others, they are mere reflections of the One that you are.

This is where our Quest began and where it must go.  Love that man or woman in the mirror.  All actions, thoughts, and words support her; everything he does begins with acceptance.  You are okay.  You are more than okay, you are a champion. 

 The prize is bliss.  Absolute joy ensues when you see only love.  Regardless of what your focus is, you are witnessing the workings of God.  This is possible with agape.  Loving the One that we are yields astonishing happiness.  No longer are you wasting your moments in judgment or pain.  You will stand in the truth of your divinity and establish a firm ground of love.  All who enter will be encased in the radiance of Agape.  No mistakes.  No exceptions.  This is where we are headed.  It is what we came for.  This prize cannot be measured in terms of earthly wealth, it is priceless.

We are the One we are waiting for.

Thank you.  I love you so very much and this Quest is a gift.

See you tomorrow,

United States of America Corporation
fiscal year ends this week;
time to end the horror

United States of America Corporation fiscal year ends this week; time to end the horror
Posted by Benjamin Fulford
September 24, 2012

The United States of America Corporation (as opposed to the Republic of the United States), based in the Vatican-like independent city state of Washington D.C., has its fiscal year end on September 30th. This criminal corporation has been constantly at war over the past 60 years if not the past several hundred years. It needs to be bankrupted once and for all and many of us are trying to do just this. The 13 inbred families that own this corporation have been trying desperately to avoid bankruptcy by starting World War 3.

However, even though they retain a rump of brain-washed slaves in Europe and North America, they have lost their ability to fool the world’s governments, militaries and intelligence agencies. Soon even the brain-dead TV slaves will awaken.

The recent troubles between China and Japan have provided us with a unique peek at how world elite power-games work at the highest level. China’s new leader, Xi Xinping, vanished from public view for a couple of weeks after making a speech at a top communist party academy. During that speech Xi denounced his predecessor, Hu Jintao, as being too soft on the Japanese because he had a Japanese mother, according to high level Chinese sources. He cited as his example Hu’s stance towards the disputed tiny Islands known as the Senkaku or Daiyu Islands. After the speech, angry Hu loyalists kidnapped Xi and beat him up, warning him not to mess up what was supposed to be a peaceful transfer of power.

Monday, September 24, 2012

SaLuSa, September 24, 2012

SaLuSa, September 24, 2012

The worldwide movement to bring about peace is gaining in support, and is helping awake others of the need to no longer tolerate the lack of compliance with your demands. Success will be yours but maybe not quite in the way you would have expected. We will certainly have a hand in it, and are allowed to assist where the Lightworkers are concerned. The main focus for the time being are the governmental changes that are needed to put the right people in charge of your future. Once one country has removed those who are not working for the people, the demand for changes elsewhere will escalate. There will be no stopping the energy from bringing down the dark Ones, and in general terms they know that their time is up.

On the one hand the world would seem to be in a hopeless mess, but beneath it all you are birthing the New Age and it waits to replace the old one. The old status quo cannot be maintained anymore as its very structure is falling down. No amount of effort or money can keep it intact, and many reputations will go down with it. Already legal actions are poised to bring more well known names out for their criminal activities. Some of the biggest culprits are still able to hide behind others who have done their dirty work for them. However, in the final reckoning no one will be able to avoid justice, or having to answer to the higher authorities. They are all known to us and their every deeds are held in the akashic records.

Matthew Ward - September 24, 2012

Matthew Ward - September 24, 2012

Original Golden Age master plan; most essential reforms to come simultaneously; subsequent changes; disclosure; free will; off-planet light beings’ limitations; Gaia’s vision for Earth; violence in North Africa and Middle East; record of Jesus’ wife; health in fourth density; redistribution of wealth; Earth’s ascension into fifth density

1. With loving greetings from all souls at this station, this is Matthew. The view from our vantage point could be likened to a global hurricane with millions of eyes, the tranquil areas within the massive storm: violence erupting in North Africa and the Middle East, random acts of violence elsewhere, national economies tenuous or bankrupt, unstable governments, tyrannical regimes still in power, growing numbers of refugees.

Breathe, We are One

Hello!  Today marks the halfway moment on this Quest.  You are “Just as far in as you’ll ever be out.” (Anna Nalick – Breathe)

What does that mean?  It means we have a choice.  Right now.  We can still go either direction, and with equal effort get where we are headed.  We know what going back to duality looks like.  What will it take to get to Oneness?

To proceed from here on you must be willing to see through the illusion.  We have a saying in our house, you have to “buy the rubber suit”; a reference to the old Godzilla movies, where you could actually pick out the zipper on the monster.  If you wanted to get the most out of the show, you had to ignore the zipper, and believe the costume.

For us to reach a state of unity we’ll have to remember, with or without a zipper, that this is all a finely tuned performance.  I am not my body.  I chose her to express and experience a lifetime.  She’s been here a few years, has a history and a future.  Yet she is not me.  I am a light, a force, a unique aspect of Divinity.  I chose every moment she experienced.  None of those moments define who I am.  they were merely scenes in the play of my life. This is the truth for each of us.

In order for us to embrace Oneness, we must remember there is a rubber suit and notice always the light beneath.  Life demands that we play our roles – we are light workers in costume.  We look like fathers, mothers, sisters, brothers or orphans.  We are privileged and poor, suffering and celebrating, vibrant and ill.  We are doctors, lawyers, therapists, plumbers, engineers, scientists, musicians and teachers.  This time, in this life, we have picked one, two or a dozen of these outfits to wear; these “rubber suits”.

There is difference between pity and compassion.  Have compassion without pity, for pity separates and compassion unites.  In this life you may appear to be more fortunate than some others.  If that is true, and you are moved to share your abundance, then do so.  Always give in a way that honors the recipient without creating a state of being beholden or subservient. The roles we choose are many.  Rest assured you have at one time walked in everyone’s shoes, as they have in yours.

Without these shoes we are One.  There is no difference – we’ve all come to serve.  What are we serving?  We are propelling our own evolution – individually and collectively, by playing out our roles.  We are serving the ultimate gift – we are offering love.  It is what emanates from our very pores and right through these shoes and rubber suits.

When you engage with another who appears to be in need, you have been gifted.  He or she is shining a light on a part of you that you need to see – whether it be compassion or indifference; their presence has called it forth.  There is no right or wrong, there is only experience.

From here on in, in order to proceed towards Oneness, we’ll have to remember the “rubber suit” and honor the light within.  Every time.

If we can get there, as often as possible, our travelling will be easy.  Then Oneness will be all that we see, and our path will be brilliantly lit with the lights of our seven billion souls.

We are the One we’ve been waiting for.

Thank you.  It is an honor to be here.

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