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Multi-million Gold Heist From Curacao Boat

Not sure if the above video is the same boat, but its got me wondering... -AK

Multi-million gold heist from Curacao boat

By By KAREN ATTIAH, Associated Press – 10 minutes ago

WILLEMSTAD, Curacao (AP) — Armed men dressed as police boarded a fishing boat Friday in Curacao and stole about 70 gold bars worth an estimated $11.5 million, police in the southern Caribbean island said.

The boat's captain was struck in the head in the early-morning assault before the thieves made off with the gold in three cars, police spokesman Reggie Huggins said. Authorities believe there were six men involved in the heist. No suspects are in custody.

The captain and three crew members were from the South American country of Guyana, he said. Huggins declined to say who owned the boat or to provide any details about the possible source of the gold.

The boat, by its appearance, would seem an unlikely place to stash that amount of gold. The "Summer Bliss" is a fishing boat with rust streaks on its white cabin and no visible security.

A crew member who gave his name as Raymond Emmanuel told The Associated Press that they left Guyana four days ago and arrived early Friday in Curacao. He said they were delivering the gold to a company in Curacao but said he did not know the name of the business. He referred questions about the source of the gold to the captain, who was meeting with authorities on the Dutch Caribbean island and not immediately available.



(by Waves Forest)   Part Two: TENSEGRITY TOOLKIT

In part one of this report we presented some evidence in support of a wild-sounding hypothesis: the artificial retardation of human progress and cooperation is induced by inorganic nonphysical parasites that “cultivate” humans as sources of self-importance-flavored awareness energy, which they consume.  This predation occurs at the level of reality where we consist entirely of fields of energy.  Even those humans who believe they are controlling everyone else are themselves being parasitized in the same manner.  This arrangement has been going on all over the world throughout recorded history.  The sorcerers who first identified these parasites called them “flyers”, but since that term has several meanings in modern English, we’ve been referring to them as “awarenivores” for the last decade or so.
Disengaging self-significance repels these parasites.  To accomplish this we can utilize any of a wide variety of ancient energy-gathering and re-deploying movements which in modern times are known as magical passes or tensegrity.
Since some people may find these concepts rather upsetting, at this point it might be useful if we provide instructions for performing a pass with the specific purpose of restoring emotional equilibrium, before continuing this exploration.


This pass serves as a sort of emotional reset button.
The movement is asymmetrical.  Energy is pushed diagonally across the body from left to right, but not the other way.
Start with the feet about shoulder-width apart, and with the right foot about the same distance in front.  The knees are slightly flexed for stability.

The hands are right beside the pancreas area, the vital center known as the center of feeling, on the left front side between the hip and ribcage.  The left hand is held next to the crest of the hipbone with the flat palm up, fingers pointed diagonally towards a spot above the right knee.  The right hand is held with the palm down, a few inches directly above the left palm, fingers pointing the opposite direction.  
The right elbow projects forward to allow this.  From this position, take a deep breath.
Now with a sharp exhalation that fully engages the abdominal muscles, the hands shoot diagonally forward, horizontally, a few feet to the area above the right knee.  They arrive with the left hand flexed back, fingers up, in a position such as one would use to stop traffic, and the right hand in a back fist just above it.  The back of the right fist faces the same direction as the left palm, forward and to the right.  This movement and breath is then repeated as many times as necessary, five, ten, twenty times, whatever it takes.  The body can feel when it’s had enough.  If the unwanted feeling returns later, simply perform the movement again.  (One of the cumulative effects of regularly practicing magical passes is a reduced susceptibility to negative emotions.)
Although this is called a movement for dispelling anguish, as far as we can tell it works on dispelling other unwanted emotions as well.  This pass would not be part of one’s regular practice, but used only when needed, or when showing others how to use it.  It works regardless of whether one can see the energy, or understands how it works, so it is effective even for very young or very old people.     

We'll Be Celebrating And Dance Till Dawn.....
...Everybody Knows It's Over, We Knew It All Along...

Thursday, November 29, 2012


Got some clarification on the confusion yesterday.  The POOF video will return soon when the all clear signal is given.  We were a tad early.  Sorry for the dust and smoke.

Hopefully we can have a transcript ready for those of you who found the video hard to understand due to the American dialects and poor audio quality.

This makes me want to make sure I got the Cobra interview audio down well, hopefully I can complete the audio editing this weekend.


(by Waves Forest)  [January 2012]

What is keeping humans from reaching their full potential?  What prevents modern civilizations from becoming truly civilized?  More and more people are feeling the impulse to evolve to a higher state.  What is holding us back?
We can imagine in great detail what a harmonious culture would be like.  We have plenty of evidence of past societies that were stable, peaceful and maintained healthy long-term relations with their environments.  Yet each was eventually overrun and demolished by dominator cultures with no apparent comprehension of or respect for the natural systems that made their existence possible.
We still have a chance to forge a civilization based on cooperation instead of conflict, harmonizing with natural principles rather than fighting them.  Humans have repeatedly developed cleaner, safer sources of energy and raw materials, nonpolluting transportation methods, inexpensive full-spectrum healing options, and economic systems that promote abundance instead of scarcity.  Despite generations of suppression by resource monopolists, these options still exist, ready to be deployed whenever we’re ready.  
We know in our bones that impeccable behavior should be the reliable standard, not the remarkable exception.  Compassion and generosity come naturally, unless people are conditioned to regard them as weaknesses to be exploited.  Yet for all our envisioning and intending a bright new world, where peace, harmony and abundance prevail, we still aren’t managing to make it happen.  We know better, yet seem collectively incapable of doing better.  What the heck is wrong with us?
A problem can be solved only when it is fully and accurately described.

Its solution will be implicit in the problem’s description.  When a problem persists despite many efforts to solve it, some key element is missing from the problem’s description.  Where the missing element should be, we’ll find instead a faulty assumption or outright deception.  The bigger the problem and the longer it’s lasted, the more deeply embedded the wrong assumption or deception must be.

When we extrapolate the eventual consequences of suppressing all efforts to establish a genuinely harmonious, sustainable civilization, there are no human conspirators that can ultimately benefit from doing so, no matter how strongly they may believe otherwise.  Certain humans have clearly been persuaded that the outcome of such suppression of alternatives would be in their favor.  Such humans would have to be totally self-absorbed, to the point of being oblivious to their underlying connection with the web of life, and utterly indifferent to all the suffering caused by their actions.  But who or what is doing the persuading?

What sort of beings would think this arrangement serves their purposes, and be capable of exerting the influence required, for so long, without revealing their role or even their existence?  Can we work backwards from their effects to a description of their nature?

Their suppression of alternatives is causing long-term global ecological damage, turning forests into wastelands, poisoning soil, water and air, disrupting weather cycles, lowering oxygen levels and driving countless species to extinction.  So even if all this is just a by-product of their agenda, they could not have human or even organic priorities.  Whatever they are, they’d need to have either very long lives or absolute behavioral consistency over many generations.  They’d have to be capable of continuous intimate contact with and influence over human minds, while remaining essentially invisible.  And they’d have to have a motive, something they get from this mass manipulation of our species that makes it worth all the effort.

Palestinians win implicit U.N. recognition of sovereign state

Palestinians win implicit U.N. recognition of sovereign state

Palestinian president at U.N. ahead of vote
Wed, Nov 28 2012

By Louis Charbonneau
UNITED NATIONS | Thu Nov 29, 2012 6:46pm EST

(Reuters) - The 193-nation U.N. General Assembly on Thursday overwhelmingly approved the de facto recognition of a sovereign Palestinian state after Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas called on the world body to issue its long overdue "birth certificate."

There were 138 votes in favor, nine against and 41 abstentions. Three countries did not take part in the vote to upgrade the Palestinian Authority's observer status at the United Nations to "non-member state" from "entity."

The assembly approved the upgrade despite threats by the United States and Israel to punish the Palestinians by withholding funds for the West Bank government. U.N. envoys said Israel might avoid harsh retaliation as long as the Palestinians did not seek to join the International Criminal Court.

The much-anticipated vote came after Abbas denounced Israel for its "aggressive policies and the perpetration of war crimes" from the U.N. podium, remarks that elicited a furious response from the Jewish state.

"Sixty-five years ago on this day, the United Nations General Assembly adopted resolution 181, which partitioned the land of historic Palestine into two states and became the birth certificate for Israel," Abbas told the 193-nation assembly after receiving a standing ovation.

"The General Assembly is called upon today to issue a birth certificate of the reality of the State of Palestine," he said.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu responded quickly, condemning Abbas' critique of Israel as "hostile and poisonous," and full of "false propaganda."


This was posted at the 2012 Scenario

GAIA PORTAL: Higher D magnetic and temporal codes have activated

Higher D magnetic and temporal codes have activated
by ÉirePort

Higher D magnetic and temporal codes have activated. Supreme sensations come rapidly to all Hue-manity. Humanity general also receives these, but activations occur later.

Movement to Higher D elevations occurs readily now, as old paradigm patterns dissolve. Illusion is no longer supported in any aspect and rapidly appears, then dis-appears, from consciousness.

"Second-class" or lower choices are not supported, rather only those which are connected to Higher Self.

Gaia shines with the Joy of Highest Fulfillment. Be... at Peace. All... is well.

ÉirePort | November 29, 2012 at 21:05 

REMOVINGTHESHACKLES.COM: Bolivian Pres Evo Morales: Dec 21 Is The End of Hatred & The Beginning of Love


Bolivian Pres Evo Morales: Dec 21 is the end of hatred & the beginning of love

My Question is:  How many other world leaders know and understand this?  How many would admit to knowing this?

In MY opinion, the massive changes that are about to happen- politically and financially/economically - are due to the fact that the world leaders KNOW what December 21, 2012 means for humanity.  The push to oust the cabal began in earnest in the spring of 2011, when the non-aligned nations met and said "NO MORE!"  I believe that these people who began incredible change over, knew exactly WHY is was necessary to break the strangle hold of the Cabal over the people of this planet.

Here is the amazing words of Bolivian President Evo Morales to the UN in September 2012 excerpt from an English translation of his speech:
And I would like to say that according to the Mayan Calendar the 21st of December marks the end of the non-time and the beginning of time [I think this is backwards perhaps because of mistranslation. We are moving into non-time, the NOW -AK]. It is the end of the Macha & the beginning of the Pacha. It is the end of selfishness & the beginning of brotherhood. It is the end of individualism & the beginning of collectivism...­ the 21st of December this year.

The scientists know very well that this marks the end of an anthropocentric­ life and the beginning of a biocentric life. It is the end of hatred & the beginning of love. The end of lies & the beginning of truth. It is the end of sadness & the beginning of joy. It is the end of division & the beginning of unity. This is a theme to be developed, that is why... we invite you, those who bet on mankind, we invite those who want to share their instances for the good of mankind...
If the video below is unavailable in your region go here:

Earlier this year Bolivia's Foreign Minister David Choquehuanca made the announcement that December 21 2012 would bring the end of capitalism, egoism and division, bringing in an era community spirit and love. “the end of the Macha, the end of hatred, the end of capitalism” and the beginning of “la Pacha, the start of love, of community spirit”.

Offshore secrets revealed: the shadowy side of a booming industry

Home of Sarah Petre-Mears on Nevis.
Photograph: James Ball/

Offshore secrets revealed: the shadowy side of a booming industry

A worldwide research effort in collaboration with BBC Panorama and the ICIJ reveals the people behind these anonymous companies

David Leigh, Harold Frayman and James Ball
The Guardian, Sunday 25 November 2012 15.00 ES

The existence of an extraordinary global network of sham company directors, most of them British, can be revealed.

The UK government claims such abuses were stamped out long ago, but a worldwide joint investigation by the Guardian, the BBC's Panorama and the Washington-based International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ) has uncovered a booming offshore industry that leaves the way open for both tax avoidance and the concealment of assets.

More than 21,500 companies have been identified using this group of 28 so-called nominee directors. The nominees play a key role in keeping secret hundreds of thousands of commercial transactions. They do so by selling their names for use on official company documents, using addresses in obscure locations all over the world.

This is not illegal under UK law, and sometimes nominee directors have a legitimate role. But our evidence suggests this particular group of directors only pretend to control the companies they put their names to.

The companies themselves are often registered anonymously offshore in the British Virgin Islands (BVI), but also in Ireland, New Zealand, Belize and the UK itself. More than a score of UK agencies sell offshore companies, several of which also help supply sham directors.

One British couple, Sarah and Edward Petre-Mears (video), who migrated from Sark in the Channel Islands to the Caribbean island of Nevis, have sold their services to more than 2,000 entities, with their names appearing on activities ranging from Russian luxury property purchases to pornography and casino sites.

In 1999, the government claimed Britain's sham director industry had been "effectively outlawed" after a judge, Mr Justice Blackburne, said the court would not tolerate "the situation where someone takes on the directorship of so many companies and then totally abrogates responsibility". But our findings show this has failed to be policed.

Video and more at:

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Of course they will be only used for humanitarian applications...yeah right...

Synthetic Police Are Coming: DARPA Engineering Autonomous Robots

Because of the risks involved in rescue aid workers and human response teams, DARPA awarded Boston Dynamics, Inc. a $10.9 million contract to manufacture humanoid robots that are bi-pedal, built like humans and have a sensor head with on-board computing capabilities. Completion of the project is expected for August of 2014.

These robots are being created to assist in excavation and rescue missions, according to DARPA . They could also be employed to evacuation operations during either man-made or natural disasters.

Another of DARPA’s interests into robotics is the Avatar for the allocation of bi-pedal robots and essential super-soldiers and has devoted $7 million of its $2.8 billion 2012 budget to developing “interfaces and algorithms to enable a soldier to effectively partner with a semi-autonomous bi-pedal machine and allow it to act as the soldier’s surrogate.”

These human-controlled robots will be strong enough to “clear a room” and “facilitate sentry control and combat causality recovery.” Yet these “terminators” would easily be the most effective weapon against civil unrest or radical revolutionaries that did not subscribe to the globalist agenda.

Stanford University’s Aerospace Robotics Laboratory (ARL) wants to introduce autonomous robots into law enforcement situations; such as response in lieu of police SWAT teams.

In high-risk tactical situations, autonomous robots could replace trained personnel without threat of injury or loss of life. Under the direction of a tactical commander, those robots could be released to provide safe and secure assurance of mission completion. Possible voice recognition software could be used to allow the commander to direct the robot, convey commands, and gather information about the environment before deploying human law enforcement.


Czech defence minister Alexandr Vondra resigns, citing election loss to corruption scandal

Czech defence minister Alexandr Vondra resigns, citing election loss to corruption scandal

Wednesday, November 28, 2012
By The Associated Press

PRAGUE - Czech Defence Minister Alexandr Vondra is resigning from his post, citing a lack of public support.

Vondra says Wednesday he decided to resign after he failed to be re-elected to Parliament's upper house in October elections.

Prime Minister Petr Necas says Vondra, a former anti-communist dissident and keen supporter of close ties with the United States, was the best defence minister in the last 20 years and described his resignation as "a loss."

Vondra has been under fire from the opposition for years over an overpriced audiovisual deal he was responsible for in 2009 that was linked to the country's EU presidency. Vondra denies any wrongdoing and has not been charged. But he acknowledged the case contributed to his defeat.

Necas has yet to name a replacement.

Obama Ends Federal Contracts With BP
Citing "Lack of Business Integrity"

The bodies of 11 workers were never recovered in the Deepwater Horizon oil rig spill in the Gulf of Mexico in April 2010. (Gerald Herbert/File/Associated Press)

BP suspended from new U.S. government contracts

2 BP supervisors, ex-executive in court on Gulf oil spill charges

The Associated Press Posted: Nov 28, 2012 8:36 AM ET Last Updated: Nov 28, 2012 1:47 PM ET

The Obama administration put a temporary stop to new federal contracts with British oil company BP today, citing the company's "lack of business integrity" and criminal proceedings stemming from the Deepwater Horizon disaster in 2010.

The action by the Environmental Protection Agency won't affect current contracts, but prevents BP and its affiliates from new government contracts and grants "until the company can provide sufficient evidence to EPA demonstrating that it meets federal business standards," the agency said.

In a further blow to the company, BP will be disqualified from winning new leases to drill for oil or gas on taxpayer-owned land until the suspension is lifted. The federal government planned a sale Wednesday of more than eight hectares of offshore land in the Gulf of Mexico. BP won't be eligible for that sale, the Interior Department said.

In London, BP sought to minimize the effects of the suspension, and said it has been informed by the EPA that an agreement to resolve the dispute is in the works. Highlighting its investments in the U.S. economy, BP said it employs 23,000 American workers and has invested more in the U.S. than any other oil and gas company.

"The company has made significant enhancements since the accident," BP said in a statement, noting its efforts to adopt new drilling standards and to reorganize its operations in response to the spill.

The suspension will not affect any existing agreements between BP and the federal government.

The EPA said the suspension was standard practice when a criminal case raises responsibility questions about a company. The suspension came the same day two BP rig supervisors and a former executive were scheduled to be arraigned on criminal charges stemming from the deadly explosion and the company's response to the resulting oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

BP to plead guilty, pay $4.5B

BP announced earlier in November that it will plead guilty to manslaughter, obstruction of Congress and other charges and will pay a record $4.5 billion in penalties to resolve a Justice Department investigation of the disaster. Attorneys and a federal judge will meet in December to discuss a plea date.

'The wreckage of BP's recklessness is still sitting at the bottom of the ocean.'
 —Ed Markey, congressman for the 7th District of Massachusetts
"When someone recklessly crashes a car, their licence and keys are taken away," said Ed Markey, congressman for the 7th District of Massachusetts, the top Democrat on the House Natural Resources Committee and a frequent critic of BP.

Ehud Barak, Israel Defense Minister, Quits Politics

Ehud Barak, Israel Defense Minister, Quits Politics
By ARON HELLER 11/26/12 05:16 PM ET EST

JERUSALEM — Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak abruptly quit politics Monday, potentially robbing Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of a key ally who enabled his hard-line government to present a moderate face to the world.

Netanyahu's party picked a young, more hawkish list of candidates in its primary election on Monday.

Barring another comeback by the mercurial former general, Barak's departure marked an end to a distinguished and tumultuous career that spanned half a century. It began on a communal farm, led to military greatness and business success and a mixed record in politics that was highlighted by failed peacemaking efforts during a brief term as prime minister.

Despite polls showing his small centrist Independence Party gaining momentum following the eight-day Israeli offensive in Gaza that he steered, Barak said he would not run again for office in the Jan. 22 elections.

"I feel I have exhausted my political activity, which had never been a special object of desire for me," Barak, 70, said in a surprise announcement in Tel Aviv. "There are many ways for me to serve the country and society, not just through politics."

Barak will remain as defense minister until a new government is sworn in after the elections.

Sheldan Nidle - November 27, 2012

Sheldan Nidle - November 27, 2012

3 Cib, 4 Yaxk'in, 9 Eb 

Dratzo! We return! At present, we continue in blackout mode. We are busy establishing oversight committees to guide our Earth allies' organizations that are responsible for promulgating the new financial and monetary systems for your new realm. These committees will remain active only for the first six to nine months after the new systems come into force. The fiat financial systems still holding sway around your world are getting closer to collapse. The overwhelming debt accrued by your dark cabal is impinging more and more on the system's day-to-day operations. An enormous charade is being perpetrated for public consumption, by referencing only the amount of debt legally allowed to be carried on the books; in fact, this stated amount is about one quarter of the actual total debt. Your global economy is sliding quickly into the next series of crises that are to unravel it forever. Our earthly allies have wisely slid the new system into a position where it can take over when the 'death fall' happens. This death fall of your financial system will propel the cabal-controlled governments out of power. 

Our primary responsibility is to shepherd all of this toward disclosure and first contact. Our liaison personnel have formulated a complex set of agreements that fits into the basic tenets set up by the nations that signed the Monaco and Paris accords in the spring of 2011. These nations uphold the termination of the Dumbarton Oaks monetary and financial agreements as well as the subsequent pacts established at various conferences since the end of World War II. These latter documents have now been replaced by those drawn up in the last two years by our sacred societies and a number of nations of the world. Several court cases and the existence of gold, silver, and platinum depositories, sufficient to cover the move to a new global hard-currency system, further legitimize these agreements. The primary stumbling block continues to be the major cabal-backed governments. However, these governments are being de-legitimized by a number of international court rulings. 

As we mentioned before, your world's governmental system of nation states is in reality an illegal perpetuation of the illegal modus operandi of the Roman Empire. All the present governments of your world owe their original sovereignty to 'permission' granted by the Pope, acting as stand-in for the Emperor of Rome. This de facto form of Roman governance is now ready to accede to a more legitimate, common-law version, in which sovereignty is truly returned to the people (its citizens). This change is already being proclaimed by means of a series of agreements that were recently signed off on by a group consisting of the original chieftains and shamans of your world. These registered changes to your legal governance are now ready to shift the governance of your planet to a whole new level. Many newly appointed officials authorized by these ancestral groups are to take the helm in this new governance and ensure the instituting of the new financial system and the formal disclosure of our benevolent presence in your skies. 

Hang Tight Folks!

For those with ears that hear and eyes that see... big solar sun spot rolling around... Lunar eclipse on the 28th...

"The Event will be a special kind of light from the Sun that permeates the earth and humanity, it will calm humanity in the light of love energy - its an energy not seen before on earth, the banking system will stop, accounts and currencies reset, and arrests will be made..." Cobra 11/26/2012

I've got approval to post my POOF Interview video in two days.

And now this...

Is this it? What does this mean for Keenan and Drake?  Were they weapons of mass distraction?

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Time To Shine Your Phlashlight

GAIA PORTAL: Elevated alignments of Light Filaments allow Coalescence into Gaia Beams of Light

Elevated alignments of Light Filaments allow Coalescence into Gaia Beams of Light
by ÉirePort

Elevated alignments of individual Higher D Light filaments have allowed coalescence of these filaments into Gaia Beams of Light throughout the planet. Connection with Essential Cosmic Entities finalizes.

Compression of Time-Illusion brings multiple energetic events into simultaneous manifestation.

Hue-manity awakens within all humanity.

Celebrations follow quickly.

ÉirePort | November 27, 2012 at 23:37 


Don't ask me to translate, I left my handheld universal galactic translator at home....but I like the celebration part!  -AK

Portal 2012: New Developments in Fixing the World Project

Saturday, November 24, 2012

New Developments in Fixing the World Project

There have been interesting new developments in Fixing the world project. You can read about it here:

And you can actively contribute here:

Let's do this! Victory of the Light!
Posted by Cobra at 7:31 AM

See the first trickles of wondrous change and know in your hearts the vast floods are following.

See the first trickles of wondrous change and know in your hearts the vast floods are following.

Michael as channeled by Ron Head

November 27, 2012 in Michael, Ron's Channeled Messages


We perceive at this time your beautiful anticipation and your efforts to ready yourselves for the twelve-twelve gateway.  Please do not allow yourselves to go into the energy of stress over this, dear ones.  Your course has been set by your desire and intentions.

We are working with you every moment, especially during your cycles of sleep.  You are in the flow so firmly now that you should be able to just allow yourselves to be carried along with the current.  We would ask you to use three images for the next few days.

 First, please be sure that, as often as you can think of it, you ground yourselves firmly into the energies of your dear mother earth.  Our channel uses the image of a vast system of roots, as those of a great tree.  This will work nicely indeed if you have not an image of your own.

Next, as you feel the wonderful flow of unconditional love surrounding you, please see yourselves sharing it with the entire network of lightworkers on and around the planet.

And finally, breathe into your heart, find your love and gratitude for all that is transpiring, and send that gratitude to the source of your life.  Be thankful for all that you are and all that you are becoming.  What you feel in those moments, allow yourselves to sit in, float in, absorb into every cell of your being.

Some of you, most of you, are getting momentary glimpses, hints, moments of insight, into what may be approaching for you.  These will expand, slowly for some, explosively for others.  Savor them, rejoice in them, but perhaps hold them for now quietly in your hearts.  Let their energies grow within you.  You will know when to share them.

Meantime, as the tsunami of internal change approaches, please await it with joy and love.  It is, after all, the answer to your collective prayers and the hopes of billions over vast stretches of your cycles of time.  See the first trickles of wondrous change and know in your hearts the vast floods are following.

Hold our hands tightly now and prepare to step into your future.  Hold us in your hearts as we hold you in ours.  Good day.

Copyright © Ronald Head. All Rights Reserved. You may copy and redistribute this material so long as you do not alter it in any way, the content remains complete, and you include this copyright notice link:

Update on the Cobra Interview

I completed the second part of the cobra interview last night.  I have a bit of editing to do, plus I need to modulate his voice as he desires to continue his anonymity for a few more months, which I will honor.  Lady Cobra was exhausted from the conference and schedule and was not able to be interviewed last night so we will do that at a later time when she is refreshed and energized, probably via Skype.  I do think very highly of Cobra and Lady Cobra. Cobra has an amazing amount of information.

I got a few more details, well a lot actually, which you will hear in the interview.  I won't further you tease you anymore than I already have.  The views in the upcoming interview are his, not necessarily mine, in many cases I do not have enough knowledge to know whether they are true or not.  I have always liked Art Bell's style of interviewing, to let the speaker tell his story without judgement from the interviewer and let the listener make up their own mind without interjecting my own bias. I think that exercises the listener's mind in discernment. We in America have become so used to consuming predigested and spin doctored information that many have lost their ability to discern on their own. That needs to change.  My interviews and Brian's will not be ABC Nightly News, nor will we be Kerry Cassidy (who btw does a fine job in vetting cabal information).   

Most of what Cobra said rings true to me, but like me, he is human and subject to opinions, influences, and error.  You should use higher discernment with all sources including me.  Unlike some blogs I do not think it serves anyone that I presume to know things that I do not know,  just to look authoritative. There is no dishonor in saying "I do not know". I know I am loved by God so I don't need to get my ego stroked from others by pretending that I do have every answer, when in fact I don't. It is impossible to know all answers, but it is noble and a high human calling to search for answers.  

I do enjoy searching and solving the hard puzzles of life on this planet and why things are the way they are.  I think all answers are out there in the holograph of humanity, but to find them we must work with each other and learn from each other to come to complete knowledge.  I think the Creator Source desires this to be true so that we come to know who we are completely through this search and interactions with other loving human beings.

I apologize in advance for my amateur interviewing skills, this is something I am still learning how to do.  I am a computer Geek learning how to be a reporter. If any of you know of good books on interviewing, please let me know.  

I do have a new colleague named Brian who will be doing a number of interesting interviews for the American Kabuki blog, he's already done one with POOF but we don't have POOF's permission to release it yet due to the sensitivity of the change in the monetary system.  Most of the interviews in the future will be through Brian. Brian will have a upcoming interview with an expert on the founding documents of the United States. Brian has a degree in communications and is really a good interviewer.  I am sure you will enjoy his upcoming interviews.  I will also be looking into adding an Interent radio or Podcast program soon too.    

I am making all kinds of new connections with people and my life is continuing to unfold in new and unexpected ways.  I met some interesting people last night after the interview.  It always makes me laugh when people realize I am American Kabuki.  "I thought you were Japanese!", is a common exclamation. 

I had to laugh when I got into my car after I left Cobra's last night. I looked at my iPhone and it was 11:11pm.  As drove south on Pacific Coast Highway there was another UFO like the one I saw previously!  That was a nice touch! Thanks guys! :)  I wasn't able to get it on the iPhone as my battery was depleted.  When I got home I did some more work on the computer last night and when I looked at the clock again it was 1:11am. That kind of number synchronicity is happening constantly lately so I feel in the midst of the flow right now.  Living in the NOW is an interesting experience, its not something you force, more something you relax into.  

That's it for now!

American Kabuki

Monday, November 26, 2012

Blossom Goodchild - November 26, 2012

Blossom Goodchild
November 26, 2012

So … another week has whizzed by … ever closer to the end of the year … and My! How this year has flown by. I’m just leaving it up to you … You know best I FEEL …

The warmest of greetings to each one. You speak of time flying by and we agree that this is the case for you. Yet in the New time it shall seem to be even quicker ... Much more as if there is NO time. For time is of the old paradigm and will become of less and less importance as ‘time' moves on. The coming weeks shall be as if a day is a minute.

There already is so much Love streaming through … unnoticed by some ... yet gaining in momentum by many. Let it be Dearest Ones … that your hearts be welcoming and open to the influx of energy that showers into your planet.

Remind yourself constantly that YOU ARE LOVE and that the time is now upon you to FULFILL the self with itself.

You may FEEL a little confusion as to what this actually means and we are aware we have spoken of this many times before … yet we just continue to remind. For when the penny drops the lottery shall be won!

From each souls perspective … depending on where that perspective lies … there shall be a wave of exhaustion prior to The Event … we simply state this as to recognise. This has a secondary outcome as it is preparing the self for the Higher energy that is to come . 

GAIA PORTAL: Strengthening and stabilization of Gaia Ascension Grids is Occurring…

Strengthening and stabilization of Gaia Ascension Grids is Occurring…

by ÉirePort

Strengthening and stabilization of Gaia ascension grids is occurring at this time, concurrent with unveiling and release of tenuous and outmoded structures.

Individual and collective emotional and mental bindings releases accompany this process. Strong at times these are, yet necessary for Hue-manity unfoldment.

Grounding with Gaia and conscious alignment with the strengthening and stabilizing Gaia Ascension grids allows smoother release process on all levels.

Attune to Higher Self Discernment is recommended.


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The purge of the Nazis has begun on three continents

Posted byBenjamin Fulford
November 27, 2012

There are signs everywhere now that a political logjam has been broken now that the new Chinese government has been installed and that swift changes will unfolding worldwide in the coming weeks. The signs include a massive purge of the Nazi (Sabbatean) faction in the US, Europe and, coming soon, Japan. In addition, US troops have been placed in Egypt, on Israel’s border, in order to force the Zionist terrorist regime to stop its superstitious, apocalyptic attempts to start WW3. We also have the pope announcing publicly that Jesus was not born on December 25, and that Christmas was based on a pagan solar festival.

In Europe six members of the P2 Freemason lodge were arrested by Berlusconi allies in what is expected to be a futile attempt by Berlusconi to place himself back into power, Vatican sources say. In Russia, meanwhile, a purge has begun, starting with a top general, after a recent attempt to assassinate President Putin with Polonium, according to European intelligence sources.

The efforts to kick-start the new financial system have also moved into high gear.

The moves to start the new financial system are taking place on several fronts. In Indonesia, Neil Keenan continues to try to finalize his attempt to get approval to mobilize the assets behind the global collateral accounts but seems to be running into interference from a rival faction. In Japan, Shinzo Abe, the man expected to be Prime Minister after December 16th, has talked about changing the Bank of Japan law to access funds. This could mean releasing to the world the 7000 trillion yen in funds sitting in the BOJ’s books. In other parts of Asia, arrangements are being made to use giant imperial gold caches to finance mega-projects. We have detailed, concrete knowledge of these plans but, in order to avoid sabotage, cannot report them at this point.

The new Chinese government, for its part, is pushing ahead with its plans to replace the dollar with a new gold- and asset-backed international trading currency.

In addition to that, a major move is being made by the North American oligarchs to try to get Asian countries to switch from using Middle-Eastern oil to North American oil. This would help reduce the overall North American trade deficit with the region and provide hard cash to continue funding US government international operations. It would also help remove cash flow to the war-mongering factions.

The purge of the war-mongering faction in the US has started with the firing of 24 generals, but that is just a beginning, say officials affiliated with the FBI. The following directive from Obama marked the beginning of a systematic purge of Sabbatean fifth columnists from US government institutions:

Why the West lost to China and what it can do to recover

This is a week late, my apologies for computer issues I was facing which are now resolved. -AK

Why the West lost to China and what it can do to recover

Posted by Benjamin Fulford
November 20, 2012

A few years ago the conventional wisdom in the West was that maybe China might surpass the United States (a sub-section of the West) in 50 years. Now, any serious thinker understands that China is top dog and the West is in deep crisis. The Western nations have lost their moral, financial and political leadership of the world.
This week we will look at why the leaders of the Western world nearly destroyed their own civilization. Then we will then try to figure out what to do to restore Western vitality.

The causes for the Western decline were years in the making. The results manifested themselves over a very short period. Our ancestors would have recognized the situation had its ultimate origins in moral failure on the part of our leaders. Here are the seven deadly sins of the West:

The pride that kills

Westerners as a whole are perceived by other peoples as arrogant, and rightly so. My own initial reaction to living in Japan was typical. Anything that Japan did that was different from how it was done in the West was wrong. I was constantly preaching to my Japanese friends (many soon to be ex-friends) and telling them what to do until it slowly dawned on me that I had more to learn than I had to teach.

The Western (especially US) leadership has been doing the same: telling and forcing countries to adopt two-party Democracy and the “Washington (read Wall St.) consensus” on economic management. What they failed to realize is that ever since military defeat in colonial times other countries and cultures have been diligently studying the West and drawing their own conclusions.

The West, meanwhile, never thought that perhaps they should be studying other civilizations for clues on how to improve their own. The result is that other countries, especially in Asia, have combined the best of the Western with the best of their traditional culture to create a vital new hybrid, leaving the West to catch up.

POOF: Thrill Seekers of Negativity

Thrill Seekers of Negativity
Date: Sun, 25 Nov 2012 16:20:41 -0500

Greetings and Salutations;

Listen very carefully to the words of this song, if you can get pass needing to hear a banjo or 'spoons' in everything.

Folks are out plowing thru everything said by somebody in the web. Conspiracy stories are everywhere...mass confusion. There is no need for it, just because you can't decipher the players, be cool. All is in order. Time was always on our side. 

The losers can always be spotted by their bad behavior. As long as the old folks stuck to the plan,they'd take a shot of oxygen and do their jobs. Who knew, it would take so many D9's to keep the runway clear? Many folks lost their power and freedom in the last few weeks, you just didn't hear about it. 

There are many ways to skin this cat, with out making a public spectacle of it. No need for the chaos of getting the masses all tripping when it's all being handled. Below are some links to show you where the world is going, no longer happening behind the curtains. Change is upon us, now they 'fund' it. 

That makes you and I, mules, to spread the load out across the planet recreating the world we live in. I recommend staying close for a spell, now. Might find a surprise at your door. Everything ends and begins in this world. See ya 'out there'.

Consultations until the door bell rings.

Love and Kisses;

Poofness -

SOLDIERHUGS.COM: SIGN Re-Declaration of Independence 2012!

SIGN Re-Declaration of Independence 2012!



When in the Course of Human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another, and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation.

Those are the words of Thomas Jefferson in the Declaration of Independence 1776 and are as true today as they were 236 years ago, and perhaps far more vital to the survival of this great nation and her people today. There is no doubt or argument that America is in the most dire and urgent of situations she has ever seen. The only thing that stands between America and total collapse and invasion by foreign intervention is her people.

In a nation divided by social issues, race, faith, political ideologies and gender, by careful manipulation and design of those in power it is difficult to imagine a people united to one cause. There is however one cause, one great and irrefutable fact which binds us one to the other in America and around the globe; Freedom and Liberty. All men and women are indeed created equal; all are born with unalienable rights endowed by their creator; Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. All creatures great and small possess the same right to Freedom and Liberty; to be free of Tyranny and Despotism.

There is a great enthusiasm for the idea of secession from the out of control and unlawful federal government we find ourselves at the mercy of today and there are petitions to that end on the site but is it really about secession? No, none truly believe the overgrown and bloated federal government will dissolve the shackles of slavery so carefully placed on us. It’s not an issue of secession it is an issue of Re-possession; Re-possession of that which has been stolen from us, our Freedom and Liberty. It is not separation we must declare but our RIGHT TO EXIST AS FREE MEN AND WOMEN! THE RIGHT TO LIVE AS FREE AND SECURE IN OUR LIBERTIES AS OUR FOUNDERS INTENDED.




Sign the actual document here…

(You will receive a confirmation email that you must click the confirmation link to add your signature)

Re-Declaration of Independence 2012! OFFICIAL SIGNATURE FORM

We are collecting signatures for a new formal and public Re-Declaration of Independence that declares our Independence from the illegal US Government CORPORATION, thereby RESTORING our organic and lawful united States Government, which puts the illegal US Government CORPORATION and all its illegal BAR association members throughout ALL three branches of government on notice, and establishes a mandate by the Power and Authority of "We the People" for their immediate removal from office as mandated by the authority of the original 13th Amendment.
1,251 signatures

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Do NOT FEAR SIGNING… With the establishment of the Homeland Security Fusion Centers they already have more information about you than even you do. Show them they have no right to it, show them who you are, SHOW THEM NOBODY OWNS YOU AND YOU ARE NOT A HUMAN RESOURCE! 

We The People Now Re-Declare….
The Declaration of Independence 2012

(click the image below to download the Re-Declaration of Independence)

FULL audio of Re-Declaration of Independence 2012

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