Wednesday, December 26, 2012


AK NOTE: I received this today. I have HTML-ized the official PDF
 document for readability online.  More documents and email
background is  forthcoming. You can view the original
PDF document as it was written by clicking
 on the Scribd logo below:

UILO Doc. UCC No.'s

Caleb Paul Skinner
Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf
Hollis Randall Hillner

Guarding, preserving, protecting and implementing
the opportunity for Truth to BE by the knowledge from within

WITH DUE STANDING, AUTHORITY, and AUTHORIZATION, without prejudice, public policy, UCC 1-308, The Public Trust, through its duly bonded Trustees of record, UCC 1- 201(31) and (33), knowingly, willingly, and intentionally duly issues this OFFICIAL ANNOUNCEMENT of DISCLOSURE regarding “POINT ZERO” pursuant to mandate, this December 25th, in the year of our creator, Two Thousand and Twelve as the creator lives, the following is true and correct and we are competent to say so:

Yes. The Commercial Registry. The Uniform Commercial Code. Commerce. Whether “Domestic” and “International”...matters not. Over many moments of present, it was quietly and covertly made the supreme law of all lands on earth, the secretly prized pinnacle of human capital and natural wealth registration and management of what have been formerly referred to as the “powers that be.” With feverish focus and commitment, it has been made uniform right before your very eyes...albeit, “eyes wide shut” for the most part. What is not widely known, is that this “supreme law” has been duly REGISTERED in COMMERCE and duly gifted to the people equally and jointly as their full indefeasible title, ownership, and rights as SECURED PARTY, a matter of record, unrebuttable and unrebutted.

In line with the most skilled magicians known and unknown, the existence of another sort of “magician” began to emerge. A sort with the unrivaled charisma, acting skills, and “backing” of the most decorated talent. A sort with a fanatically deep-rooted and cultured focus and commitment that was perceived by them as “un-rootable”, “undiscoverable.” This sort, deceptively tantalized the people with the distraction of CONSTITUTION and DEMOCRACY created by the slight of knowingly arrogant hand on one side, while the other hand covertly REGISTERED the Truth in COMMERCE by the “slight of the pen” with the other.

Swearing absolute solidarity amongst their own kind, this sort agreed to secrecy...never to reveal the Truth, for fear and absolute knowing that this sort's world, nay their very existence, would end if the Truth were ever known to “their audience”, “their capital”, the people. At the very best, if the Truth be known, the people would no longer believe and pay tribute again, leaving this sort of magician to disintegrate in the sole vampiric company of their own kind. At the very worst....well, this sort never got this far. Their ego was so great they could not fathom someone outside of their inducted kind competent enough to discover the Truth, let alone someone being of capacity, willing and intent to effectively use and enforce it...

In order to insure this sort's Agenda, they routinely and tirelessly trained their apprentices to practice this sort's “magic”. At any and all costs, the Agenda was deviously preserved, protected, and, for the most part, quietly and covertly implemented by REGISTRATION in COMMERCE. When doubt crept in amongst their own kind, this sort would resort to the darkest methods imaginable and unimaginable to keep their kind “in line”, focused and “committed”. This sort did arm their unwitting and witting apprentices alike with the motto that “intelligence rules the world, and Ignorance bears the burden!”, and they reinforced the allusion of guaranty of the “truth” of this motto by using the same tricks of shock and awe, deception, fear, coercion and force that they used to keep the people “on the edge of their seats”, nevertheless, “in their seats” good “capital” should be. However, ego was to be this sort's fatal flaw...resulting in their lack of contingency plan for the scenario of their failure to succeed by REGISTRATION of Agenda.

Not only did those with a fierce competency emerge throughout the many, many, many moments of present, but they knowingly, willingly, and intentionally did and do use and enforce it without conflict and without prejudice in a ever quiet manner, with a superior focus and commitment to Truth, and the highest good of all people, that baffles and disorients this sort of “magician.” Every action made is duly bonded and REGISTRED in COMMERCE and NOTICED. This sort of “magician” desperately tried to adapt at each of these moments of present, ever fearful, causing this sort to make fatal mistakes of transparency, albeit not known by the people in full context...yet. In the end, this sort's overwhelming complacency, lack of competency, and lack of capacity by their own choice of action rendered this sort's unfathomable end duly REGISTERED as absolute unrebuttable and unrebutted Truth in COMMERCE.

Those of competency regarding this sort's existence and “magic” knew that the most effective way to guard, preserve, and protect the people, all the people equally, was to ever quietly implement the opportunity for Truth to BE by the knowledge from within by action of REGISTRATION of “Zero Point” or “Prime” in COMMERCE, unrebuttable and unrebutted...knowing that the affects of the action taken to lawfully, legally and duly secure the people and their wealth domicil therein under perpetuity, the Truth, could be subsequently known in context from within the people. This Truth that this sort of “magician” knowingly, willingly, and intentionally attempted to “hide” from the people, “their audience”, “their capital”, by extreme deceptive acts, practices, systems and other heinous actions to keep the people “on the edge of their seats”, nevertheless, “in their seats”, like good “capital” should be. However, this sort's actions and systems, a matter of record, have become their shackles that no amount of “magic” will free them from.

This sort's actions and systems, whether under the deceptive guise of “government”, “office”, “treaty”, “act”, “constitution”, or “entity”, inclusive of the private systems formerly known as, “NATION”, “UNITED NATIONS”, and its special agencies of “IMF”, “THE HAGUE”, “WORLD BANK”, and “BANK FOR INTERNATIONAL SETTLEMENTS”....from each family of this sort of “magician”, from land to land, sea to sea to “The Holy Sea”, all have been lawfully, legally and duly verified as REGISTERED in COMMERCE as duly FORECLOSED...duly verified DEBTORS to the people, all the people equally on earth, on October 24, 2012, as a matter of law, matter of fact, and as a matter of public policy...unrebuttable and unrebutted. Over many moments of present, the lawful and legal standing, authority, value, rights, and principle of law aligned with common law of the people, all the people equally, have been lawfully, legally and duly REGISTERED in COMMERCE as it was created by Prime, by Zero Point, by creation, as a matter of record, unrebuttable and unrebutted.

This sort, DEBTORS, are duly verified and REGISTERED as bankrupt. The states of body of the people, all the people equally, and the wealth domicil therein, have been duly “unhidden” from where it has always resided...where this sort of magician has always focused and committed its attention...on management of the people.

The people, all people equally on earth, have an individual duly verified sum certain of FIVE BILLION (5,000,000,000.00) in lawful money of the united states of America, GOLD and SILVER... over THREE QUINTILLION, FIVE HUNDRED QUADRILLION (3,500,000,000,000,000,000.00) just in duly verified EQUITY DEBT against the DEBTORS. There is an additional duly verified sum certain of FIVE BILLION (5,000,000,000.00) in lawful money of the united states of America, GOLD and SILVER, for each of those people damaged by the actions and systems of the DEBTORS...over THREE QUINTILLION, FIVE HUNDRED QUADRILLION (3,500,000,000,000,000,000.00) lawful money of the united states of America, GOLD and SILVER, in duly verified DEBT OF DAMAGES against the DEBTORS. This DEBT does not include the repossession of tangibles unlawfully and illegally obtained by the DEBTORS over the many, many, many moments of present...those, too, shall be duly REGISTERED in COMMERCE as the lawful and legal full title, ownership, and rights of thepeople, equally, and placed in a digital exchange, that shall also be owned by the people equally, for lawful, legal and transparent commerce and trade of such tangibles. Any and all titles, ownership and rights to land and sea have been lawfully, legally and duly REGISTERED in COMMERCE as unlawful, illegal, null, void, or otherwise canceled for cause and are being lawfully and legally “reset” in accordance with Universal Law. Any and all currencies, privately owned and issued paper, also formerly known as “current funds”, have been lawfully, legally and duly REGISTERED in COMMERCE as unlawful, illegal, null, void, or otherwise canceled for cause. You, the people, each one individually, shall make a choice of how to invest your GOLD and SILVER, inclusive of any possible REPRESENTATIONS of that GOLD and shall make a choice on what final systems and governance, if any, you chose to implement for your benefit, absent abrogation, usurpation, subjugation, violation, usurpation, and invasion to any other....

While the veil of allusion is systematically and finally revealed and DISCLOSED by Truth, the whole Truth, and nothing but the Truth by various sources for you to consider and use to make informed choices, the people, the earth, and all value domicil therein, thereon, and therefrom shall continue to be guarded, preserved, and protected by the continued implementation of the opportunity for Truth to BE by the knowledge from within each of the people equally and duly REGISTERED in COMMERCE for all the universe and the people to rely upon. All underwriting duly REGISTERED and NOTICED, otherwise known as UCC's, are further posted at for equal and unfettered access by the people domicil on earth by creation, without prejudice and exception.

Happy Holidays

DULY VERIFIED as ISSUED, with due standing, authority and authorization, December 25, 2012, knowingly, willingly and intentionally made, given, and noticed, with unlimited personal liability, sworn under the penalties of perjury in accordance with lawful Universal Contract, under governing law, International Law Ordinance UCC Doc No. 2012113593 and WA UCC Doc. No. 2012-296-1209-2, preserved and protected under perpetuity 2000043135, guaranteed, protected and secured, public policy, UCC 1-103, common law remedy thereunder guaranteed, public policy, UCC 1-305; Duly witnessed, secured, entered and noticed; Without prejudice as promised, preserved, and protected, public policy, UCC 1-308, NUNC PRO TUNC, PRAETEREA PRETEREA: /s/ Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf, as Trustee, , phone +12535094597, ; /s/ Caleb Paul Skinner, as Trustee, , phone +15037810925, ; /s/ Hollis Randall Hillner, as Trustee, , phone +18088211567, ; /s/ Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf, as bondservant; /s/ Caleb Paul Skinner, as bondservant; /s/ Hollis Randall Hillner, as bondservant; /s/ Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf, as state of body; /s/ Caleb Paul Skinner, as state of body; /s/ Hollis Randall Hillner, as state of body.


  1. It is DONE.

    1. so we are all going to get some funding?

    2. I read this thing and my reaction was the same as everyone else: "What does this mean?"! But it's not for the same reason. It's not "legalese" that is the problem here. It's meaningless gibberish. Three point five gazillion....WHAT?! It's not dollars. That would mean something. Forget the accounting accuracy. We don't even know what they're counting. Is it beans, or sand, or maybe blades of grass? I'm not sure i'm too interested until i know what i'm supposedly owed.

      Another thing. What exactly is "EQUITY DEBT"? I never heard or read such a thing before. Is that like "pretty ugly"? Does equity take on a different meaning when coupled with a word exactly its opposite?

      This looks exactly like something i read some time ago; but the earlier version had Charley Miller's name and signature on it. If anyone can decipher this nonsense please let me know. Charley, can you help us out here?

      I AM Steven Charles Hance:

    3. I filed my proper Secured Party paperworks back in 2009 and have uneffectively been able to enfore them. None of the DeFacto Courts or IRS Agents will acknowledge them. This included a First Secured Claim for my Home which was taken through a court proceeding, and which this week 1/2013 I recieved another notice for the Mortgage Company to disclose my information to their investors. I was even forced to file Chap. 13 bankruptcy because of IRS Frivilous Fileing Fees amounting in over $10,000. Enforcement of the UCC's seems to be a void remendy as long as the Court Administrators continue to ignore Common Law.

    4. Steven, I can appreciate your questions but the tone is accusatory. As an "accidental litigator" and 15 yr veteran real estate investor/ developer, and before that a deep sea diver working in the oilfield (with an MBA) out $3M (dollar) business was wiped out overnight when hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans. I started thinking I knew how the world worked and "woke up" and realized everything I thought I knew was wrong.

      The past 6yrs I've spent 7,000 hours "understanding" what is really going on, and the learning continues.

      Make google your friend (although we know it's controlled). The way I went from knowing nothing to where I am now (litigating all my own cases and working with homeowners in 16 states facing fraudclosure) is by looking up a term, word, concept or phrase I didn't understand. By disciplining myself to find the answer myself my education as to what is really going on increased exponentially.

      Start here when finding the meaning of "lawful money"

      No offense, but I used to think I was fairly sharp. It wasn't until I fired all the incompetent and/or crooked attorneys and litigating all my own cases that my mind became even more precise. I have to admit, I was "mentally lazy" as all of us are when it comes to thinking ourselves to solve our problems.

      I read the same post, and other People's Trust documents and because of my education over the last several years in commercial law, trust law, tax law, and accounting (as well as tangling with the corporate criminals on a daily basis) I comprehend about 95% of the same information you just read.

      What I don't comprehend, I open a tab in my browser and search for the meaning of the word, phrase, term, or concept I don't "understand".

      Hope that helps. I was once where you and many people are, my education continues every day. If I can learn this stuff so can you and everyone else.

      If you will commit to disciplining yourself to set aside 1 hr each day to read, comprehend, and research what you don't "understand" you will be amazed at where your knowledge has increased in just a few short months.

      Hope that helps.
      Todd Wetzelberger-

    5. Payments in Gold of 500 billion wow do you really think you are going to get even on flake of it??? Too many greedy people out there already scheming on how not to give it out here is why. If everyone was handed 500 billion in gold then food, gas and everything else will go up astronomically in price until the foolish had none once again and the cycle will begin again!!

      although this is the kind of stuff to wake people up to the fact that they are using the UCC as the instrument to have overwritten the common rights of human beings. The truth is any law that overrides the rights of a human being are null and void for any purpose. And that is what this paper is saying to all you dummies who do not know the basic fundamental right "If you have not done anything to anyone or there property then no one has a right to attack you under the man made laws"

      I wonder how many of you reading this have sat on a jury trial and found your fellow human being guilty not knowing he or she was being tried as a corporate entity (that is where their names on the court papers are all in capitol letters dummies)It is the only way they can railroad people into jail and pat themselves on the back as they rob your trust funds ( convince most everyone those innocent people were bad.

      How many times in this country where just one actual witness to the so called civil rights violation (usually a cop) not two as prescribed by law has been found guilty and sits behind bars or has done the time but is now branded as " a criminal" when they really are not.

      Is this court document not enough for all of you to see that lawyers, judges, politicians and bankers are the real criminals out there. When are you all going to do you true civic duty and arrest them and trial them for treason????

  2. Hey AK! Thank you for posting this. I just emailed the trustees, basically about what the next step is?

    Can you or anyone put the meaning of this paperwork into plain English? What does this mean for America/ the World? Did this have to do with Neil Keenan?

    What does all this mean? What can we do ?

    I feel like I have been waiting for so long, my life has been on hold since July.

    I'm ready to create , but not quite sure what that means. I'm sure I'm not th only one reading this who would also like a legalese translation. :0D ...

    Merry Christmas! And it's looking like it just may be a happy new year...

    1. At first glance this seems seems to be a notification process.In Law if you place a notification such as this in the public domain and it is not lawfully challenged then it becomes Law.I'm not a expert but this seems to be what it is .Any other ideas?

    2. Yes and without enforcement it means nothing. This cabal hasnt come this far to let a notice in public take what they have worked for. This is why all the wars on the people. The reality is your Cestui Que Vie trust is at stake. When one country owes another a debt and in this case the U.S. Corporation owes this Debt, not We The People, all these countries can get together and demand payment and if they cant get payment the Cestui Que Trust that is associated with your all caps name is now being chrged. This means that your roads get repossessed as ours belongs to Spain now, Your National Parks and reservations are now owned by Korea and once your infrastructure has been repoed for what its worth then the person who has been a stock in this U.S. Corporation is the surity for this debt and that is the situation on the ground. So they call a state of emergancy and claim that they have to institute continuity of government measures in the form of NDAA. Now your Cestui Que Vie trust is at stake and it is the way they do business it was enacted in 1666 and it declared you dead.But because you are considered a stock in this company when you actually physically die this corporation gets your benefits from this trust to pay their debt. They are your inheritors and that is the situation on the ground. Now comes depopulation because thats what every war and every soft kill method is all about. The Body count. Now this notice may be true in fact but it takes more than this to make it so on the ground. I dont care who tells you there are people working behind the seens it is your responsibility to handle your business. Since the Law of the Cestui Que Vie Act is still in force then you have to show proof of life in order to become the executor of the Cestui Que Vie Trust and then you as the creditor forgive the debt of the all caps name and then you may be able in law to gain your rights title and property back but thats still on paper and not the situation on the ground because no law enforcement will help you , you have to enforce your words.
      I am not trying to make anyone loose hope but we never get confirmation in the form of evidence that we can actually verify. Where are the papers we can go and look at at the U.N. that shows they are implimenting this finding or even acknowledge that they plan to come into compliance?

    3. Anonymous- I get the Cestui Que Vie Act and "enforcement" part since I'm an "accidental litigator" smack in the middle of fraudclosure (6 of my own cases) and work with others in 16 states.

      We run into the enforcement issues all the time, which is why I traveled to Panama last Dec to experiment with taking a court case there from the US to get a judgment, then bring back into U.S. (corp) for enforcement. I've experimented with a lot of things, and due to having understanding of commercial law, trust law, tax law and accounting, I think this can be enforced once you establish your "status" (estate) as a "people" not a "person".

      I comprehended about 95% of the doc and looked up what I didn't comprehend. I'm seeing how to "enforce" things (like a Motion for Clarification of Jurisdiction Asserted, and similar Notice to IRS) is they just ignore it and go away. I don't expect (at least not yet) any guys with guns/ handcuffs to "have my back" but watching the "powers that were" fade away after taking several hard runs at me and my family, that speaks volumes to me.

      Since I used to work in the oilfield as a deep sea diver, and having been almost killed at least a half dozen times, every day above ground is a good day and I don't scare easily. When they see that, it tends to make the criminals pick on some other "mark" they can coerce, threaten and intimidate.

      Keep the conversation going because the more people that collaborate on "enforcement" the faster the powers that were will fade. It took them a long time to get control and I agree they won't give it up willingly but I think these tools in the People's Trust are effective since they are based in the same commercial and trust law that the NWO use against us and to protect themselves.

      Hope that made sense.

    4. Thank You for your insite. It has helped me to comprehend that it is a powerful tool for us to use.

  3. AK, what does this mean exactly? it is a bit bewildering. i am not sure what to take from this.

    thanks for your time.

    robert in louisiana

  4. Please tell us what this all means? I interpreted it as all of the "magicians" who were running the planet now have been bankrupted and all the money, gold & silver shall be returned to all the people of the planet. Is that correct??? Thank you.

  5. 3500,000,000,000,000,000 divided by 7 billion (all the people on earth) is 500 million not 5 billion so it isn't. What's up with that? They might need to get a new accountant over there at The One People's Public Trust

  6. What exactly is does this mean?

  7. So when is all this suppose to take place? 2015? You know, when the great speghetti monster returns to bring in the awakening of humanity with free speghetti.

  8. So what's this mean

  9. That was an interesting read. I'm curious as to what body this was registered with. I know just enough about commerce law to be dangerous to myself. I noticed in the PDF version that several entities are not capitalized. For example, "united states of America". Does this mean that there is a common-law-of-the-land entity known as the united states of America that is being held to a higher natural law for the actions of the COMMERCE entity known as THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA?

    It's a bit confusing because it references a UCC statute, but who's jurisdiction "Oath Spoken" is this declaration/Declaration/DECLARATION made to?

    Also, I'd appreciate being directed to any background sites I can learn more. I found this odd tidbit mentioning "His Imperial Majesty Haile Selassie I The First" which is something I've also never encountered before. Thanks for the post!

    1. This site should be helpful:

  10. I do like the wording though. I've read it a few times now - maybe this is what poofness was getting at. What makes you of this yourself Obi Wan? Interesting. Peace.

  11. AK, it's hard to take this group seriously when they can't do basic math! Their numbers are incorrect: As someone pointed out on another blog, 3500,000,000,000,000,000 Divided by 7 billion people is 500 million not 5 billion.

  12. Based on the sums above, according to WolframAlpha: 3,500,000,000,000,000,000.00 / world population = 515 million per capita

  13. Hi,

    Is this what I think it is. Everyone in the world is going to be given at least $5 Billion, US in gold and silver.

    Now that's a Merry Christmas. :)


  14. What is the real meaning of this OFFICIAL ANNOUNCEMENT?

  15. Who is this people?

  16. Peopleare waking up, great post and information.

  17. Could moderator please explain this in language which is plain and understandable for all. Thanks.

  18. My husband told me about this movie trailer after I showed him this article... interesting correlation with the magician/ magic reference and the return of wealth to the people.

    Thanks for all you do AK!!

    1. How much you want to bet that all of this '$' comes with 'the chip' and 'the earth' is being publicly notified???

  19. Im Rich!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. right. So I can expect my 5billion any day now? What is all the stuff at the end about? Ordinance and policy numbers that MEAN NOTHING. Come on guys. Really. If I am wrong then I will, upon receiving my Billions, and adjusting to my new rent of 1 million per month (LOL), be the first to apologize. I doubt I will be making any apology. It seems more to me that people are allowing their Financial Needs to dictate their discernment and out-of-this-world offers that put us right back into commerce, won't do for me anymore! What plans do you have for a "commerce-Free world? Why can your so-called brilliance not move past the need of commerce? Why do you still imagine that we CANNOT survive without bits of gold or silver? Limited thinking does not lead to unlimited living. That is the ONLY kind of plan I am interested in investigating. Keep your bits of worthless paper.

    1. "Money, money, money, somethin' funny - in a rich man's world"

      As a wise man once said ..........."fugheddaboudit"


  21. Wow! That's GOOD NEWS!

    We, the people, should do a worldwide meditation on this with every megazap of our collective consciousness with intent to bring in the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

    Can anyone write one?

    Thank you for the information. You've made my millenium!

    Helen Carr
    Perth Western Australia

  22. If Everyone got 5 billion or 500 million, what would be the point of that? Then what would it take to be rich? we'd all still be in the same boat.

  23. Hello, I would really like to know who these have been filed with and how we can get proof that they have been filed. Also, where did all this money come from and who has it now? I would really like to believe this is true and filed with the proper authorities and I would like to believe that the right military personal will be watching our backs should we need assistance. How can I know that? What I don't want to see is another go around of tomorrows..... that goes on forever.... We the people deserve better then this. We deserve the truth. If there is nothing to hide then some one needs to come out and give us the truth. Spell it out like I'm a kindergartener, please. Enough with I can't tell you yet, it will put someone's life in danger etc. The truth will set us all free. So spill it!

    thank you very much for your time Yvonne Phillips

  24. I don't think every person will get 500 the very least, 10 million coupled with revaluation of all goods to their true values will jack up that 10 million at least 100 million and I'm most probably exaggerating the numbers.....the point here is, after the release of the money, Disclosure will come immediately after with the ensuing release of suppressed technologies plus our Galactic Kin's technologies........we will be moving away from the money paradigm so there's really no need for such a huge amount of money which many people will not know what to do with anyway......contrary to popular pinion, most people will still want to be working after the initial "honeymoon" with all that money which will become so ordinary in a short time compared to the mind-boggling technologies we will receive......but that's just dreamer me.....LOL!!

    1. 5billion equals five-thousand-million - not five-hundred ...just FYI (1,ooo x 1,ooo,ooo = 1,ooo,ooo,ooo = 1bn)

  25. if such wealth is distributed to the people...prices will simply go up accordingly and we will be no better off. And how do you distibute such wealth to everyone? Its an impossible logistical operation. People die and are born each day...they move address, job etc. To some tribes/people, money is of no importance. There can be no fair financial, political, social etc change without a complete change in human consciousness...otherwise greed, corruption etc will continue. I thought 21st December was the energy to bring such a change but alas it did not.

  26. If I was to recieve this amount of gold and silver, I would donate most of it to try to clean up this planet by finding a clean energy source and the people knowledgeable enough to come up with the solutions to our current pollution problem. I would also choose to be there helping where I was needed. So When can we get started? Been waiting for a long time knowing this was why I choose to incarnate here on earth. I can't do my part until you've all done yours. Lets GET R DONE!!!!

  27. This is great ! so when do we see this on CNN ? Along with the mass arrests ? The latter of the two will have to come first or it just isn't worth doing, the PTB or were, will just steal it as they don't know how to exist otherwise. 10,000 of them & 7 billion of us, whats up Doc ! why are we still allowing them. ???

  28. I seen the same story changed 3 times. Wasn't this called Saint Germaine fund before that was in the IMF

  29. It sounds all good. Hopefully it is true. prephaps you could put it in laysmans term to understand it better.
    If the countrys did recieve the money. will the powers to be ,keep it or will they pay off the debts? Time will tell. I know we will not hear about this on the news.
    Thank you for posting.

  30. If it seems to good to be true, it more than likely is. Hey I need currency as much as the next guy, but this article really seems fishy to me. The U.S. is in the midst of a financial crisis. There's alot of talk of all this bad stuff ready to go down there, at least according to Drake and company. I will believe it when I see it. On one hand it's supposed to be a "Merry Christmas" accordimg to "the intel", but all you get is more beating around the bush. All I'm saying is be careful what you beleive. You may just be greatly disappointed. And no I'm not Cabal. I'm just a concerned Canadian son whose mother is hanging off of every word Drake and company have to say that include ascention and topics like NESARA. I do my reading and listening with scepticism. Show me disclosure, show me E.T., show me peace, show me "real" freedom from financial tyranny, SHOW ME THE MONEY!

  31. In 2009, Zimbabwe introduced a $100 trillion bill; at the time, a loaf of bread cost $300 billion.
    ( ).

    One can now purchase those $100 trillion notes on Amazon for 69¢ US each.

    Would anyone care to guess how much a loaf of bread would cost if everyone on the planet suddenly had $5 billion at their disposal?

    Don't believe there would be any super hyperinflation? OK then, care to guess how long before all 400+ nuclear power plants would melt down because almost all their operators are out purchasing yachts instead of going to work? Or....

    1. I can answer that, its basic macro economics. The size of the money pool isn't changing. Just who owns it!

      Inflation is caused by fiat currency (printing money with out any assets behind it). Zimbabwe printed tons of money, but then Zimbabwe Central bank is also Rothschild owned!

      One might expect some initial competition for goods as people who were impoverished now have the ability to get what they need. But we also have the added situation that we have technologies being introduced that radically affect the cost of energy and the coast manufacturing. The ETs will be gifting replicator technology to humanity so we have a huge deflationary effect also happening related to the cost of making what is needed. Both these things hit at the same time.

    2. Sound all good, I like the idea, except that if one receives that kind money who in sane mind would go back to work? perhaps 10% go back to work for the love of what they do? Then, it appears that the planners to avoid shortages in foods, goods and services, the wealth re-distribution has to be timed such that "ET devices" for everything will be in action, not before... Just my 2 cents

    3. HUHH!!!!!!!............WWHHAAAATTTT!!!!!!!

  32. The most difficult issue with all of this will be to remove the long-standing psychological slavery from humanity's mind once their financial shackles are removed! Moving the center of communication from gut-head (annunaki mode) to heart-self (hu-man mode) will be quite a delightful challenge to partake in. "inflation" as it exists in the present debt-slavery model has no relevance to the type of economic system that is pointed to in these two documents, and thus NO example from present or past commerce has any relevance whatsoever. The corporations who provide the "goods and services" of the present slave system are integral to the present system - and just as illegal. This type of sea change, to me, represents an opportunity to introduce humanity to a new way of life that most have never had any experience of, even in imagination: a life of freedom. There is an emormous amount of education that will need to be dispersed, and the enslaved portion of the human mind may fight ferociously against it at first. That is what comes to "mind" for me in reading these documents. I don't have any difficulty understanding them, perhaps cos as a result of my long-standing dispute with the banksters over my domocile, I have become fluent in legalese. Namaste!

    1. Dear M.H.

      I couldn't have put my thoughts to words more apropo … You have an awesome perception, understanding of what 'was' & what 'is' !

      The dumbing down, abuse, programming & all the horrible things that’ve been forced upon us for eons, in their preparing for take-over, has FAILED. The Cabal is contained ( sources say ) & when the time is at hand, complete removal shall come to pass. With The Cabal no longer having a foot hold ...
      Our Galactic Family's assistance during this transition, they shall & will insure all goes according to plan.
      Their continued efforts in preserving our World, in helping Humankind
      ( & everything in between ) leading up to this place in 'our’ time, full disclosure shall be the best gift of all.

      The time is at hand, We ALL MUST ALSO DO OUR PART within our enlightened journey,
      We must continue to focus on the: Teaching of others, transference of knowledge to all who will listen
      ( And for those who won’t, plant seeds ) ...
      The more positive thought & Love light-energy we impart, the more power we have as a whole ...
      over all that is dark … we shall overcome ...
      In doing so, the exponential affect will quicken the process.

      We do possess the power to transform, not only us, but within the realms of our planet, our New Earth …
      We must recall & remember, harness & nurture this incredible gift of being … for ...
      “We Are One with Source & Shall Prevail” …
      More than a mere “Thank You" to “ Our Galactic Family ” ...
      For our Awakening … For The Knowledge & Wisdom of our very being ...
      To reunite with our love-light energies …
      Empowering “Us” … yet, once again …

      If maybe this comment is perceived as off subject … I am sorry,
      however all the while, this whole thing has been a message within a message …
      Living in complete Peace, Harmony & Love will be the best & most desired gift of all !!

      So … When monies are shared & dispersed …
      Twill only be ‘Icing, On the Cake of Continuum’ …
      Love To All … All Is Love …
      Live in the Moment … To your Fullest Excitement !
      ~ Namaste ~

    2. Our collective well-being is improved if we live in a peaceful and supportive society, so promoting well-being should be a public as well as a personal task. Well-being is more than just happiness. It is about having meaning in our lives, developing as a person and feeling that our lives are fulfilling and worthwhile. Well-being comes from having relationships. Family and friends all can increase our well-being. Our relationships also provide for our most basic human needs. Relationships help individuals to have a fulfilling life, they also help us to live our lives to the fullest potential. Through our relationships, we are sustained in our personal growth and development.

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  33. To Anonymous - December 29, 2012 12:24 AM

    Drake is not very happy to find his name published in here...
    Don't make any amalgam. If you are not following the purpose in details buy your own, better is to avoid to comment :-)

    Best regards

  34. It is $500,000,000 per person only if you believe thee are 7 Billion people currently inhabiting Earth. But Chris Thomas says there are only 3.8 Billion people living, which he garnered from Akashic records.

    He says the population peaked in the late 1990s at 7 Billion and since then more are dying than being born mostly I think he means through exponentially accelerating suicides which Lisa M. Harrison says her informants have told her have been ordered covered up.

    In other words the police are ordered to not divulge the number of suicides and it is in a countries' own interest to report new births but to not report deaths in their statistics, because apparently a country is advanced world credit in the millions of dollars for every birth registered but it is taken away for every death reported.

    I know it bends our ingrained thinking which makes us somehow believe world statistics when everything else has been lied to us about and it does beggar belief but that's what is being said. And it may well be true. After all it is in their interests to have us believe the world is over-populated.

    Anyway I don't believe anyone will ever see this fabled money. Having buried gold behind the printed currency makes economic sense but I'd much rather see the gold in the hands of artisans for all the world to look at as art and freeing energy to the heart of humanity. That alone is a freeing thought.

  35. The problem with all this fringe stuff is that none of it ever comes to pass!

    AS a few replies above point out, simple everyday math and common economic logic make posting something like this nothing more than someones delusional wish for power........ and money.

  36. as a pensioner my husband and i live on £850 a month and £600 goes on our mortgage, as I didnt expect to retire from teaching for some years. Right now a few hundred thousand would seem like a miracle to me, but there are many on earth who would feel rich to recieve a loaf of bread or some such thing. It would be just wonderful to hear the starving and homeless were recieving their needs, and as long as the elite are removed from control, I for one will rejoice. The sooner we can all forget about money the richer we will all be. I just wish there were something I could do to help this all along.
    Much love and gratitude to those who are so committed to bringing the worlds freedom.

  37. We have seen 2012 come and gone and we the People need to see an inkling of action via the media the truth of our history, the truth of the lesser than human leaders, who have lied to, betrayed, and continue to steal the hard money of the people. The out of control military who blatantly kill in our name! We need a game change, and yes, it is up to us, but we are weary, and wonder when the next hammer will fall. A good, real life action would stir into action those who continue to ride the fence line. Liken to removing a log, allowing the water to flow in its downhill flow to the Sea of Freedom.
    I am grateful for the People's Trust Declaration and those who took the time, the energy, the forethought to formulate on paper, what we the people, as sovereign humans care to live and be treated on this most amazing planet. So now what, I ask, what can I do? We must all be committed to bringing the worlds freedom, in one way or another, as we are all part of the whole. And again, we need action, something we can see and rejoice to move us forward as one people toward the light, what is good for All.
    Yes, today I am feeling a bit impatient but hey, I've been waiting and working for this time for 35 years! I ask, each day that each one of us Do something to move this bus into the light!

  38. As a some one of limited knowledge of legalize I have had to read this about 10 times but I think I have put my finger on it.So GOLD and SILVER is not actually the phisical gold and silver but has been placed onto a card for each of the people on earth.If I am wrong please inform me.If I have that right then I understand the rest of it

  39. Wow too many responses with the same questions. Why don't you chill and let someone that knows the answer respond? It means you are very wealth, your shadow government has been busted, and now the question is "Now that the slaves are free what will they create with their freedom?" If they can ever believe they are free. How will they unity and manage their own business, having become so acustom to a master? Most were so completely in the dark they never even know they were slaves. It's OK someone will take care of you until you fully understand. Welcome to the true reality. Welcome home. You will be OK now.

  40. So this is for everyone, we are free from slavery, that is the meaning of this, we the people we get the gold and silver that it was stolen from us. Fiat money will vanish soon, and soon we will be in higher dimention within 12 months, this is wonderful, I can't wait, thank you happy near year!

  41. It would be great to receive $500,000,000 but at this point I would be happy with an extra $500 a week in my paycheck. Even if I did receive that large amount of funds I would still work, just to keep my mind and body clear. I would love to take on the project of helping clean up our environment. Oh, It would also be great to finally be able to take a vacation. It gets old just walking down to the beach to watch the sunset or get sunburnt. God Bless you all

  42. what if money is absolete? no worry, we will take care of ourselves and another.. brothers and sisters.. starchildren it is progress


  44. I would just like to thank wholeheartedly everyone who has worked on this behind the scenes. These people put their lives in jeopardy in doing this for EVERYBODY. My focus will continue to be in gratitude and love for this to reach everyone so that this planet and all who dwell here will be free.

  45. I agree no enforcement!! They can't even get NESARA off the ground, hidden and covered up in law..

  46. It is simple. ALL countries could have done this already a long time ago. When all at the same time do this, it will make all the millions and billions in the banks, stolen from the global communities, become almost worthless.

    At the same time, all people would become debt free if they chose as such. We could all continue with what we're doing, without the negative pressure, but with respect for each other, out of respect for each other.

    Let it be so!


  47. Well Obama has been sworn in today and there is no John Boehner as president and no inauguration. This was like all the other pie in the sky crap we have been handed to keep us calm. The Cabal won so we need to decide how to proceed...Its sad. Law on paper isnt law on the ground.

    1. Boehner was the cabal choice. Drake is the one who said he was the Interim President. Drake continues to hold the contrast in a way only he can. We love Drake for BE-ing.

      The OPPT never said Boehner was interim President. The position is unfilled (except for the placeholder name of the trustee required to form the USA CVAC).

      Boehner and Pelosi are connected to Jesuits and a certain messy banana company initiated marshall law land grab in Panama and Gulf Oil spill debacle. You really want that guy as President?

      Obama has also made his choice it seems to preserve the status quo. Now the story gets even more interesting...


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