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The End of the Dollar Era

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Global systemic crisis - The five devastating storms in summer 2012
at the heart of the World Geopolitical swing

- Public announcement GEAB No. 63 (March 15, 2012) -

In its January 2012 issue, LEAP/E2020 signalled the current year as that of the world geopolitical swing. The first quarter 2012 has, to a large extent, started to establish that an era was in fact coming to an end with, in particular, the Russian and Chinese decisions:
to block any Western attempt at interference in Syria1their stated desire, associated with India especially, to ignore or circumvent the oil embargo fixed by the United States and the EU against Iran2the increasing tensions in relations between the United States and Israel3the acceleration of the policy of diversification out of the US Dollar led by China4 and the BRICS (but also by Japan and Euroland5 the premise of change in Euroland’s political strategy at the time of the French electoral campaign6 and the intensification of actions and statements fueling the rising strength of trans-bloc commercial wars7 In March 2012, we are far from March 2011 and the “hustling” of the UN by the USA/UK/France trio to attack Libya. 

March 2011 was still the unipolar world of after 1989. March 2012 is already the post-crisis multipolar world hesitating between confrontations and partnerships.

Thus, as anticipated by LEAP/E2020, the handling of the “Greek crisis”9 has quickly caused the disappearance of the so-called “Euro crisis” from the media headlines and market participants’ concerns. The mass hysteria maintained by the Anglo-Saxon media and the Eurosceptics during the second half of 2011 on this subject hasn’t lasted long: Euroland is increasingly asserting itself as a sustainable structure;10 once again the Euro is in vogue in the markets and for emerging countries’ central banks,11 the Eurogroup/ECB functioned effectively and private investors will have to accept a haircut of up to 70% on their Greek assets, thus confirming LEAP/E2020’s 2010 anticipation which then spoke of a 50% haircut when almost no-one imagined such a possibility without a “catastrophe” signalling the end of the Euro12. Ultimately, markets always yield to the law of the strongest… and the fear of losing more, whatever the students of ultra-liberalism may say. It’s a lesson which political leaders will jealously guard because there are other haircuts to come, in the United States, in Japan and in Europe. We will come back to this in this GEAB issue.

Central bank held sovereign debt (as a % of GDP) (2002-2012) - United States (in violet), United Kingdom (in grey), Euroland (in violet dots), Japan (in grey dots) - Sources: Datastream / central banks / Natixis, 02/2012 


March 19th. 2012.
Galactic Federation of Light
As Channeled by Blossom Goodchild

Don’t you see? 
Do you NOW ‘GET IT’?

SaLuSa, March 19, 2012
As channeled by Mike Quinsey

It is clear now to many people that a big shake up is about to occur in the halls of power, and that will enable more far reaching changes to go ahead. It is important that those who block progress and vital changes necessary to free you from control, are totally removed. That process is well underway and those standing in our way are well aware that their time is up. There is no way out for them and their crimes are well documented, with absolute proof of their involvement. We are talking about a measure of weeks rather than months before our actions begin to bite. We are therefore hopeful of taking a great step forward very soon, and one that will be such that you will get to learn of it. We have some backing from the media, and believe it will not take much before reporting of what is happening will spread and be accurate. We are not out for sensationalism, but nevertheless the events will be quite extraordinary. We want it to be known that the old regime is no longer in charge, and that it will be replaced by one that truly represents the people. The Light is returning Dear Ones, and it will reach into everyone's lives for the better.

The Method to My Madness

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