Tuesday, March 20, 2012

UPDATED! 7.6 and 7.9 Earthquakes near Acapulco Mexico

Dutchsince found a flyer advertising a
 "simulated earthquake" on the same day as the quake!

Chicago TV Station Reports GOP Primary Results 24 hours Before the Vote!

Chicago ABC affiliate WLS-TV posts GOP primary results before the vote takes place!


Paul Hellyer: UFO Disclosure For Clean Energy


The Best of Times

It must have been exciting - that creation time!
The Source of all, playing wildly with ideas
on what to make first and how far to go
with developing each existence,
or turning it loose to grow and change.

And then the thought that crowned it all:
A human pair to fill with
and love for each other –
Much like Love Itself!

Accepting each other as one and the same,
only different in form,
and always looking for ways
to make things better
for themselves and others to come.

Besides life itself,
the greatest gift to humans
was their freedom to choose
the ways that made them happy.

All these characteristics
made them very much like their Creator,
who placed a consciousness
of such a gift within them.

It was a consciousness that encouraged them
to use these characteristics
on each other
and on those that followed after them.

Another word to describe such Love
is unconditional –
because there were absolutely no conditions placed
on living a loving life with each other
or with children and others, family all.

It was the Source’s greatest characteristic,
and that made it theirs as well.
Such is the risk that Love takes.

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