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Antares Stargate Crop Circle
and World Liberation Day

This is the subject I thought I'd ever be posting when I started this blog. I have a friend in Arizona who started channeling angels about a decade ago, which I thought then was pretty strange, but I've known both he and his wife for years, and both are exceptional human beings and beautiful people. They were even pillars in the fundamentalist religion I grew up in. He gave sermons! A gaggle of kids too.  My friends laughed at the change of direction they took into full blown woo-woo.  I knew GW had his encounters as well but that didn't bother me.  For some reason my friend did.

Its one thing when someone you don't know really well tells you something, but for some reason when someone you've grown up with tells you the same thing, its harder to accept.  It the expert from afar syndrome. Jesus ran into this when he preached in his home town, they said "isn't he the carpenter's son?"  Its why many of you have loved ones who find it hard to listen to what you believe.  After all what do you know?

We dis-empower each other every day like crabs in a barrel dragging those whoe crawl their way out of the matrix back down into the deep dark barrel. The Germans have a word for it, its called schadenfreude, we want people to suffer like us. We tend to take a freeze frame in time of those around us, and we tend to get uncomfortable when they grow beyond our little labeled and categorized boxes that we judged and described them into our life script that is in our minds. That was certainly true of me and my reactions.

Those who loosely refer to themselves as lightworkers are hearing this too, "How dare you say the future is bright! Can't you see the Illuminati want to kill us all?"  Yes, they indeed had dark plans for us and the galaxy, but the very fact that are able to use certain spiritual techniques to advance their evil, implies there is a structure and design to the universe that is very capably limiting the damage they can do (sometimes astonishingly so!). Forces so powerful they can make and unmake worlds as they choose,  but always acting with and through love because Love is all there is. The rest is illusion. Beings that can even erase the very souls of the darkened ones and send it back through for another cycle of evolution if it gets too far out of hand. In computer languages like Java there is a term for a process that recycles unused and wasted memory - garbage collection. The trash is being taken out. Darkness is an aberration - the willful denial and obstruction of love and light. Contrary to some dualistic beliefs, it is not necessary for darkness to define the light, the light is self-existent and not dependent up darkness for its existence.  However the resistance darkness causes, can greatly accelerate the evolution of souls.

I had by that point in my journey seen enough strange unsual things not to mock what he and his wife are doing. But it seemed unusual. He does a lot of those gatherings in Sedona, so some of you might know him, I won't mention his name here - but he's a good guy.

I'm going to do my best with this, this might not be the final version, if I get something wrong I'll update it. I am relating this as best I understand it, which is not very well.  I think I forgot to take ANGEL 101 in college.  So those of you who may understand more than I do in all this bear with me in my somewhat limited expertise in this field.  I do feel the information is significant enough to make sure its posted given today is World Liberation Day.

I met GW Hardin in 1994, through an accidental encounter on the USNET group ALT.DREAMS. USENET groups which were popular at that time on the Internet. They were the fore runnner of blogs and social media groups. I've kept in touch via email off and on over the years.  GW is really good at explaining how dreams work, so good I usually can interpret my own now.

GW gave me 3 set of images on April 28th.  One of which I posted to American Kabuki. I group-sourced  interpretations from the bright minds out there to get this solved as rapidly as possible.  All of us are smarter than one of us.  Nobody, not even GW,  was sure what this all meant at that time. GW did not know I ran the American Kabuki blog until last week.

How this all evolved is very strange.  GW has been working with dreams for years and in the mid 1990s started interacting with and writing about angels and the coming age of miracles to mankind. He has written several books and made the New York Times Bestseller author.  GW's protege had a red thumb drive locked in a vault.  It simply disappeared.  An exhaustive search could not locate the drive anywhere.  Then one day his air conditioner went out and lights blinked.  When he went outside to look at the airconditioner, sitting straight on the grass next to the air conditioner was the red thumb drive.  The drive had been teleported out and teleported back.  It contained 3 images, one of which I posted, the crop circle. I was asked to not post the rest until we had more information.  Below is the complete set of images that were on the thumb drive.

I really didn't want to post the last image, the other two posed no issue for me.  Its a well known freemason image, the Rebis.  I grew up in a very fundamentalist Christian setting so my exposure to esoteric symbols was pretty much limited to those I have seen on Tarot cards, and even those are frowned on by Christianity. That in itself didn't bother me, but lately so many people are misunderstanding ancient symbols, either labeling them Illuminati or worse, as in the case of the Star of David, Satanic. Its not! I am sure the Jews are not too thrilled about their gravestones being declared Satanic. Symbols are neutral, its only dark behavior that is evil. The cross is also an ancient symbol that predates Jesus, but I won't go into that now. Its a thin line you walk with this kind of blog, I don't desire to fuel the hatreds of Nazis or Zionists, yet we all know that both groups are controlled by same people - all the controllers really want is everyone hating each others, cause their illusion is fueled by dark emotions and they will use every means possible to perpetuate the power of their illusion.

Below is the conversation (edited somewhat for privacy) I had with GW about these images and my reservations about posting the Rebis image on my blog. I've decided to post it all and let the chips fall where they do.  I died in 2009, so getting criticized or ridiculed is not such a big deal to me anymore after that.  I stopped giving a crap about my ego in 2009, it just got in the way, got me into trouble, and made less capable of loving other human beings.

I encountered the divine during my near death experience.  My great fear of death went away - I knew beyond the doubt that we continue on after the body dies. The fear of death is really the fear the ego has of being discovered its not the true human but just the shell we show people.

Antares Star Gate Crop Circle Meaning 

Received from GW Hardin May 3, 2012

Three of the six Seen-Children of the Avatar-Child have shown up.One of them is boy of about ten years of age, named Micah. He gave more information about the three files I sent you of the Antares cluster (M44), the crop circle, and the Masonic symbol of the Ribes or the Divine Child.

He said through my protege that we are correct about the Antares M44 stargate being a key factor with date of the May 20 eclipse. However, he said there are three critical dates associated with the three symbols: May 5, May 16-18, and May 20-22.

He said the May 5 date (Antares Stargate activation) will align with the global meditation that will occur, in which humanity will manifest through intent and consciousness the return of human power and dignity with the elimination of the consciousness that we have allowed to enslave us.

The May 16-18 date will connect with the Orion Stargate (near Alnilam) that has a wormhole from there to near our solar system.

The Antares Stargate connecting with Orion Stargate will be the second dynamic of a triad that will cause human destiny to be altered forever toward Divine Consciousness and the ending of human slavery by others.

From the day of the eclipse on May 20 to May 22, the third stargate over the Indian Ocean will connect with the other two.

From the Project Looking Glass whistleblowers, we know that there are twelve natural Earth stargates. One of those is over the Indian Ocean.

When these three stargates (symbolized in the crop circle), complete their connection, the intent of the May 5 global event will manifest and anchor into the Earth herself on May 22. From that point on, nothing will be able to stop humanity's Ascension Consciousness.

Micah (a Seen-Child of the Avatar-Child) made a particular point to me personally to get the word out to our world that even though the ET/EDs are significantly assisting humanity, we MUST not see them as the cavalry coming to the rescue. Nothing is further from the truth. And to dwell in such mythology will only slow down our Ascension Journey.

Humanity must understand that we must empower ourselves, see ourselves as the Divine Children we are that the Avatar-Child has chosen to manifest through. The ET/EDs need the miracle of being human to come forth as much as we need this for ourselves. Thus the May 5 global intent is key in our taking ownership of our own rise from the ashes.

You are free to use as much or as little of this email as you wish. You also now have permission to show the other two symbols given by Ancient Elohim as symbolic indicators of what is about to unfold for humanity by humanity. from my heart to yours,
GW Hardin

AK: This has been revised, and may yet be revised again:

AK: The outside of the crop circle contains 9 points, 9 is associated with Divine Completion, for example in the BahaĆ­ Faith the number 9 is revered as being the number of God, their symbol is a nine side star. This is also shared in other belief systems. I believe the outer image is the starting point of the portal message.

The outer ring is Galactic Central Sun which the ETs say The Creator Source power comes into this galaxy, its pointed in the same way human children draw our local Sun with points.  I am assuming for now the circles are in sequence and represent major stars with the one farthest away at the outside edge. 

GW: There is more than one central sun. Our solar system orbits around the Pleides. We are the Seventh Sister of the Peides. The central sun of the Pleiades is Halcyon or Alcyon, and thus our Sun of our sun. Some say our Sol orbits Sirius. But I can find no ETs who corroborate this. The black hole at the center of the Milky Way is not a sun, it's a massive black hole.

AK: Some ET channelings have said each Galaxy center has a star pair of white Sun and black hole.  I believe that is most often stated in the Sirian channelings. Perhaps also in The Law of One Series.

GW: Now that you mention it, Haramein does mention that the black hole has connected to it a "white-whole" which are the creative forces, or suns.

AK: The 2nd ring is the Antares Stargate.

GW: Please look at the diagram I gave you. Antares, Alnilam, and the Earth Stargate are a triad of stargates. The cirlces are holographic representations of the critical date for CHOOSING our path to Ascension Consciousness as well as date determinants.

AK: The 3rd ring is the Alnilam Stargate in the Orion Constellation.  The crop circle has 3 triangles in on the third ring from the outside, this implies there are three wormholes/portals (paths) in the image. Each wormhole requires two star gate connections. 

AK: The center image is a composite, it pictures:
1.) Full Moon of May 5th. Also known as a "Planting Moon"

2.) The solar annular eclipse where the moon passes in front of the sun on May 20. 
GW: The Moon will be a New Moon on May 20... which the angels consider sacred

AK 3.) It also has smaller circle passes the sun which is the Venus transits the Sun on June 6th. June 5th is a Full Moon.  Also known as a "Honey Moon".

4.) I think the pointed circle is Our Sun, also a star gate.

5.) The inner images are best represented by the graph below:. 

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