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Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation - May 22, 2012

1 Pax, 10 Lamat, 8 Manik

Selamat Balik! We return! Much is happening on your world. A great confrontation between the dark and the Light is coming to a head. This struggle has thoroughly exhausted the governments of the West. These cabal-controlled regimes are at their wit's end as an immense financial crisis continues to deepen. The multiple threats to their stability have increased as the rigors of keeping to a debt-oriented economy are compounded daily by the on-going rebellion of nations like Greece, Iceland, and Ireland, and this rattles them to the core. The arrogance of the large multinational banks is throwing further monkey wrenches into this tottering global predicament. Meanwhile, these same banks are suffering from their own meltdown as the number of liens placed on them accrues. The whole sorry mess teeters on the verge of collapse! As this house of cards wobbles, those nations focused on bringing down the current dollar fiat system are silently enjoying what they have already accomplished. The Light supports their efforts in this, as do those who have worked to create the new and fairer economic system.

Our task in these proceedings is one of support, advice, and a helping hand that can be used to promote the proposals made by these thoroughly alarmed nations. In the past, the non-aligned nations were considered by the West to be mere 'afterthoughts.' This marginalizing is now changing as the West's once-mighty economies stare over the edge of a seemingly bottomless sinkhole. This present array of potential calamities was deliberately engineered by the dark cabal during the last two decades as part of their arrogant bid for world domination. Now, Heavenly circumstances beyond their control have thrown this goal off course, placing the cabal at the mercy of their own diabolical trickery. Meanwhile, the Ascended Masters' plans to manifest the new monetary system will tie in nicely with the objectives drawn up by the secret sacred societies of those nations that have broken away from the cabal. The die is cast, and your world is living out the final days of a reality that has endured for millennia.

Wonderful Things Are Happening Now

Michael channeled by Ron Head
May 22, 2012 in Ron's Channeled Messages

Our discussion for today concerns truth.  Many have an idea of truth as an unchangeable against which they may gauge any concept.  We wish to discuss truth as a measure of what actually is.

We must understand that ‘what actually is’, is at all times in a state of change.  One cannot find anywhere in the multiverses a single instance of a static thing.  Every single minute particle is in constant movement.  All is energy, frequency, light, life.  All is in utter and complete change at any instant.  Therefore, the truth which we are discussing is always in flux.

There are, however, in each universe, immutable ways in which things may change.  You call these laws.  It is nice to have something to rely on, is it not?  You are discovering now the consequences of attempting to ignore these laws.  For most of you, these would seem to be obvious.  But for some, it has seemed for a very long time that they could proceed in directions contrary to many of these laws with total impunity.  This has brought mankind on earth, and Earth herself, to a very dangerous point.

Those who have succeeded for many centuries in assuming near total control of the planet are not unaware of the powers of the universe.  They have simply chosen the wrong power.  They have bet on the wrong horse.  The Creator has begun to bring illusion back into its true state.

Need Input from American Kabuki Readers

I'm getting a lot of requests for meditation instructions.  Unfortunately I am somewhat of a newbie at this my myself!  I've had my own ways of coming to be centered, but I certainly have as much to learn as many of you do.  I have no doubt many of my readers are better at it than I am.

If you know of any good web sites (preferably FREE ONES) that have good instruction in basic meditation techniques  with as little culture specific baggage as possible.  I want to compile a web page of resources that people can utilize to help them with learning to meditate.  

I would also like the sites to be as religion and dogma neutral as possible.  I know each spiritual discipline has its own techniques and that's something people can explore within their own cultural context. I am seeking sites that newly awakening people, many with no prior spiritual training, will find accessible to their existing frame of reference.

If you can help please add your thoughts in the comment section and I will use those in create web page about meditation.

Greece Prepares to Leave Euro Zone

Former Greek Prime Minister Lucas Papademos told Dow Jones Newswires that preparations for an exit of Greece from the euro zone are being considered, and said the scope to renegotiate the loan program would be "very limited."


Cartwheel Galaxy

Wikipedia Image

From Wikipedia: This false-color composite image shows the Cartwheel galaxy as seen by the Galaxy Evolution Explorer's Far Ultraviolet detector (blue); the Hubble Space Telescope's Wide Field and Planetary Camera-2 in B-band visible light (green); the Spitzer Space Telescope's Infrared Array Camera (IRAC) at 8 microns (red); and the Chandra X-ray Observatory's Advanced CCD Imaging Spectrometer-S array instrument (purple).

Approximately 100 million years ago, a smaller galaxy plunged through the heart of Cartwheel galaxy, creating ripples of brief star formation. In this image, the first ripple appears as an ultraviolet-bright blue outer ring. The blue outer ring is so powerful in the GALEX observations that it indicates the Cartwheel is one of the most powerful UV-emitting galaxies in the nearby universe. The blue color reveals to astronomers that associations of stars 5 to 20 times as massive as our sun are forming in this region. The clumps of pink along the outer blue ring are regions where both X-rays and UV radiation are superimposed in the image. These X-ray point sources are very likely collections of binary star systems containing a blackhole (called Massive X-ray Binary Systems). The X-ray sources seem to cluster around optical/UV bright supermassive star clusters.

The yellow-orange inner ring and nucleus at the center of the galaxy result from the combination of visible and infrared light, which is stronger towards the center. This region of the galaxy represents the second ripple, or ring wave, created in the collision, but has much less star for mation activity than the first (outer) ring wave. The wisps of red spread throughout the interior of the galaxy are organic molecules that have been illuminated by nearby low-level star formation. Meanwhile, the tints of green are less massive, older visible light stars.

Although astronomers have not identified exactly which galaxy collided with the Cartwheel, two of three candidate galaxies can be seen in this image to the bottom left of the ring, one as a neon blob and the other as a green spiral.

Previously, scientists believed the ring marked the outermost edge of the galaxy, but the latest GALEX observations detect a faint disk, not visible in this image, that extends to twice the diameter of the ring.

Banking Cabal Pumps and Dumps Facebook IPO

I have to laugh at this Facebook IPO.

Its a company that is in part funded by a CIA venture capital firm Its notorious for selling its users private information to anyone who pays. Its iPhone app sucks in private telephone numbers and adds it to its databases. It censors postings and images of its customers as they relate to politics and other controversial issues.  Its joking referred to as spyware with a login.

Google's motto is "Don't be evil", Facebook seems to be saying "We are evil!".  And now the law of attraction seems to be active in how its bankers behave towards Facebook.  What a perfect storm of duality this circus is!

But even funnier is the blatant way the Banking Cabal is exploiting this 100 billion IPO.  Banking Cabal controlled media did the biggest media hype of the Facebook IPO the world has ever seen.  At the same time  GM pulled its advertising right before Facebook went public.  Investment banks put huge buy orders in to keep the price from collapsing Friday.  Venture Capitalists cashed out of the company.  Asians avoided the IPO like the plague.  Its price is now around $31.75.  The banksters pumped this IPO up, and are now dumping it like there's no tomorrow.

The same financial media that was trashing Apple last week and praising Facebook as the best thing thing since the electric light bulb are now calling for CEO Zuckerman's head and admitting Apple has true intrinsic value!

Zuckerman is a smart guy, but didn't he know enough about the stock market to not go IPO on the eve of an eclipse?  Especially an eclipse as unusual as this one? Stock gurus know eclipses severely affect the stock market.  There's a long documented history of that.  Who was the genius that timed this IPO?

Here's a glimpse of this fiasco:
San Francisco Chronicle

EXCLUSIVE Q&A: Hedge Funder Who Bet $100 Million On The Facebook IPO Just Called And Boy Was He Furious (FB, NASD)
Nicholas Carlson, provided by
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The Sandie Sedgebeer Show
Interviews GW Hardin
Thursday May 24th 1PM MDT

The show is here:

SPOOF: Angela D. Merkel

For those of you needing a bit of humor relief from the Euro crisis, Angel D Merkel (not the real one) is on twitter and also at http://angeladmerkel.blogspot.com/.

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