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Do Not Engage With The Moods, The Emotions, The Anxieties

Do not engage with the moods, the emotions, the anxieties
07/18/2012 by John Smallman

As the most definitive moment in human history approaches, many of you are experiencing tiredness, irritability, mood swings, health issues, relationship issues, etc., so be aware that everything you need to address before you awaken is being brought to your awareness, and it can be rather uncomfortable for you. Stick with them – the moods, the emotions, the anxieties – but do not engage. No reasoning: “Why this?” “What does it mean?” “What I said/did/thought was right/wrong.”  Just observe . . . feel . . . allow . . . and release. No judgment, no blame, because it truly is all illusory and therefore there is no need to become unduly upset.  Yes, it can be difficult for you, but remember you have boundless assistance from those in the spiritual realms who long to help you in any way that they can – just ask!

Forgiveness is the key.  So often you blame yourselves for all manner of things, because your various cultures have taught you that you are not good enough, when mostly what you are blaming yourselves for are just moments in time when events have happened – “If I had or had not . . . such and such would/would not have happened.”  Second guessing and blaming yourselves or others is a pointless and pain-inducing exercise that solves nothing and reverses nothing.  After all, nothing really happened.  It may seem very real, but part of the awakening process is to come to a fuller awareness of the illusoriness of the illusion.

As you release all this stuff that seems to be pouring into your emotional minds, you will find your stress levels reducing and moments of peace will ensue.  You do need to spend time quietly, alone, processing all this stuff by just watching it pass.  But there is absolutely no need to justify anything.  It has all passed.  It is over.  By trying to use your reasoning powers to sort things of this nature into meaningful events and occurrences in your lives you are merely focusing on them, holding on to them, and continuing to anchor yourselves in the illusory dream of which they are inconsequential aspects.

Sacred Economics

Interesting perspective. I differ on some points but agree with most of it. I hate calling it "Sacred Economics" as the implications that brings religiously, "Love Based Economics" might be a better term. So many things in religion are justified as being sacred when they truly are not. But then, I am a recovering Bible thumper.


Artificial Stock Price Support in Action

An analyst at CNBC pointed out this strange stock price pattern today in three blue chip stocks, IBM, Coca Cola and McDonalds.

Normally stocks follow a Fibonacci wave form (also called Elliot waves).  Elliot waves have a pattern of 5 upward waves and 3 down waves, and have a fractal quality to them over various time spans. The patterns below are sawtooth wave forms in the markets indicating machine trading on the hour and every hour.  Sawtooth wave forms are found in digial electronics, and its weird to see them mirrored in the stock market.  Some single individual or group is doing this strange buying behavior.  This is not normal crowd dynamics at work.

Michelle Houchens Interviews Gary Hardin


On Duke Energy - John Mullin III: "In my opinion this is the most blatant example of corporate deceit that I have witnessed....

Colin sent me this article. I lived in North Carolina for a year and Duke Energy really has its tentacles wrapped tight around the Carolinas.  This is a very big deal for North and South Carolina.

You might want check out Colin's blog at: 

Questions, outrage after Duke Energy's CEO exits
By John Murawski and David Ranii
July 7, 2012

Pressure is building on Duke Energy explain the abrupt departure of Bill Johnson as chief executive this week, as former Progress Energy board members break their silence and express outrage at what they term a calculated deception.

At the same time, the North Carolina Utilities Commission, which last week approved the merger between Charlotte, N.C.-based Duke and Raleigh, N.C., Progress with the understanding that Johnson would be Duke's CEO, is deliberating whether to investigate Duke officials over possible false statements about their intentions.

For less than a day's work, Johnson is entitled to a hefty exit package that could amount to about $44 million, according to a securities filing.

Meanwhile, a leading Wall Street credit rating firm put Duke on a watch list for a potential credit downgrade in the wake of Johnson's exit. Johnson's abrupt resignation, announced Tuesday, raises questions about Duke's internal stability, planning and management, Standard & Poor's Financial Services said. Scores of former Progress executives were recruited by Johnson, with many moving to Charlotte this week for their new jobs.
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