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The Pleiadian High Council via Wes Annac:
The Gifting of Technology and Revelations

Cave Painting in France dated to 15,000-17,000 BCE

Posted on August 1, 2012 by Wes Annac

-Channeled through Wes Annac-

Our consciousness and the consciousness of the craft in which many of us take home, are quite linked. We have built our craft in our Divine image and imparted upon it the consciousness that sees it able to perform many duties without our Guidance. We have not programmed our ships to do the jobs which are needed throughout our endeavors in helping the Earth, rather we work with our technology to produce the results that we desire.

Upon entering and getting used to flying our craft, you all will become much better able to understand the effect that each and every thought and impression will have upon the direction and intention of the craft and where the craft will be headed.

A very key part of our initial landings and giving of technology will be letting you dear souls try out flying around in our craft. This will be coordinated in a safe manner as it is understood [by us] that you will be familiarizing yourselves with such craft, and this will be done in a way that will ensure no crashes or destruction as you familiarize yourselves with our craft and the general way that they operate, as well as the fact that they are genuine consciousness which will respond to your thoughts and impressions.

Kauilapele: Galactic Soap Operas…
I Am Not Taking Part in Them…

This is pretty good, its much the way I feel.  I have had this certain detachment from drama since my NDE in 2009, I just find it hard to get into any dualistic human drama most of the time.  US against THEM flew out the window in 2009 when I found out (the hard way) we are all ONE!  

People often wish I'd weigh in more on somethings I post, but in many cause I don't know how this all comes together - I just know it will for the benefit of the planet.   I do speak against outrages against humanity as I understand them and encounter them.  I also try to balance that with positive news of changes in the world.

After you get over the idea that you can know it all, or even try to explain it all, you learn to get comfortable with AWE and MYSTERY in your journey through life.  We will never know it all when it comes to how the Creator Source works. How that intelligence can use both willing and unwilling actors to accomplish its will all the while preserving individual free will is an act of intelligence far beyond our understanding.  We are in the hands of a master potter, an artist of souls working with flaws and gifts to create a unique work of art in us all.   It always makes perfect sense in hindsight, for most events we encounter could never be any other way for our growth.  We learn from our successes and failures, its all in how we live during them.   -AK
Galactic Soap Operas… I Am Not Taking Part in Them…
Posted by Kauilapele

Posted on 2012/08/01
Part of the recent events around the globe have included a number of reports about Galactics appearing here, there, going to land here, there, on this date, that date.

“Well, they said August 4.” “Yes, but somebody said that those who said that were wrong.” “Who should we listen to?” “The Andromedans, or the Pleiadians, or the Arcturians, or the Agarthans, or the funny little green ones with big eyes, and no noses? Or maybe only the ones over 15 feet high?”

“Tell me. Tell me. Tell me. Tell me. Tell me. Tell me.

“Who’s right? Who’s wrong? Who’s right? Who’s wrong? Who’s right? Who’s wrong?”

“Should I listen to Sierra? Or Steve? Or Tolec? Or Little Grandmother? SaLuSa? Galactic Federation? Or the Galactic Federation of Light? But somebody said the latter was kind of messed up.

“Tell me. Who’s right? Who’s wrong? Tell me. Who’s right? Who’s wrong? Tell me. Who’s right? Who’s wrong? Tell me!!!!!!”

Sorry, folks, that’s not my game. Don’t expect any answers from me about those things.

Bottom line… We are here to learn to follow our OWN Guidance. Not the “intellectual” kind (which is really no guidance at all). The Guidance that you “GET” within. Instantly. You KNOW what “Rings the Bell”. And when the Bell is rung, that’s the Guidance.

What I do for my own Self, is to let go of having to know anything, and especially, having to figure everything out. And just go out and BE the Essence, the Energy, of who I am.

That Energy, that Vibration, that Frequency, will immediately draw me to whatever is mine to do (or not), or to participate in (or not), to go on an Energetic mission (or not). It is a full body Massage Message Energy of such High Vibration and Joy that there’s nothing that can keep it away. Nothing.

And it is Full on, Forward moving, Upward moving, definitive Guidance, one micro-moment at a time.

No thought, no questioning, no “intellectualizing”, no fear… AT ALL.

So when I go on a mission, or any of those things, and I am in that “full body Massage Message Energy of such High Vibration and Joy that there’s nothing that can keep it away”, do I really NEED to know who is calling, or what? NO.

Sometimes I DO get who it is, the Pleiadeans, the Andromedans, the Hawaiians, the Lemurians, Pele, or other Spirit Guides. BUT I DO NOT EVER HAVE TO KNOW, OR TRY TO FIGURE IT OUT, for a mission to be completed. NEVER.

So this Galactic Soap Opera of, “Who’s Right? Who’s wrong?” That is not my opera. Do you think it’s theirs (the Galactics, that is)? These kinds of soap operas are just not part of my mind these days. (And I never have liked the taste of soap).

My question to anyone reading this message would be, “Do you know what your mission is?” If you have “got” what it is, then perhaps it’s time to follow that. If not, perhaps it’s time to ask the Universe, “Well, what is it? I want to know.” Maybe you’re already “doing” it, or “being” in it, and just haven’t recognized it yet. In any event…

You will get your answer. As I have got mine… one momentito, one micro-moment at a time.

Never Before Have So Many Of You
Had Such An Opportunity

Never before have so many of you had such an opportunity.
Michael channeled by Ron Head
July 31, 2012 in Ron's Channeled Messages 

Good morning on this marvelous day.  You are feeling a new energy in your solar chakra and are wondering why it has just hit you.  You are correct that it is connected to this message, but not that it is due to the content.  We have always attached our energies to these messages, but now we are stepping up the volume and also attaching new frequencies and information.  You will find and enjoy the results when it is the best time for you.  This is true for yourself and all who read this.

As of this time, we, and I include all who are involved in aiding you in this endeavor called ascension, are pulling out all the stops.  It is time to do this and you have been well prepared if you have given permission for it to be so.  If you are just reading this now and are surprised by such a statement, do not think you have missed the boat, as you say.  Your permission will have been given long before this date.  Many of you are well aware of the change which has been going on internally for some time now, some more aware than others.  If you are among these fortunate ones, prepare yourselves now for exponentially greater and more rapid change from this day forward.

Something Of Enormous Significance
Is Shortly To Come Into View

Something of enormous significance is shortly to come into view
August 1, 2012 by John Smallman

Excitement mounts as the most pivotal moment in all of human history draws ever closer.  Examples of previous pivotal moments in your more recent history have been: the telephone; the establishment of an electricity grid; the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria leading to the first world war; radio broadcasting; the nuclear bomb; worldwide travel for all; computers; the Internet. And all of these are as nothing compared to what is about to occur.

Many of you are spending a lot of time attempting to imagine what will happen to humanity and the planet as you all awaken from the illusion.  If it excites and encourages your optimism about your future, then that is very appropriate because optimism is an essential frame of mind with which to embrace and move forwards towards awakening.  Your most creative imaginings of what is about to come into being are but the palest shadows of what is actually to occur.

Optimism is a very powerful energy that includes enthusiasm, cooperation, and harmony, and which brings with it happiness as an added benefit.  You all have every reason to be extremely optimistic as the changes and developments leading to awakening unfold all across the planet.  Make a point of focusing on the marvelous events that are bringing people together in friendship and love on a scale never before been seen on Earth.  It is most definitely going to be a defining moment in humanity’s ongoing evolution as you awaken into the boundless Reality that is your eternal Home.

As you get ever closer to this exhilarating event, your momentum is increasing. No longer is there the least chance of you arresting your progress, let alone of turning back.  Your arrival is inevitable, as divinely promised ever since the separation from God apparently occurred.  Your intent to awaken continues to intensify as more and more of the human inhabitants of Planet Earth start getting intuitive feelings, telling them that something of enormous importance and significance is shortly to come into view, beyond the horizon that presently encloses the world that you see and in which all your activities currently take place.

Your Awakening Will Allow You
To Interact Fully With All Of Creation

Your awakening will allow you to interact fully with all of creation
08/01/2012 by John Smallman

We are all one – there is no separation.  Your human perception of individuality is caused by the severely limited state of consciousness that you experience, and this makes it extremely difficult for you to perceive very much at all.  As individuals, you engage in apparently separate disciplines, areas of interest, of study, of entertainment, of activity, etc. which further emphasize your sense of separation and hide from you the all-encompassing oneness that is your original and eternal state of existence.  Your awakening will remove those severe limitations, allowing you to interact fully with all of creation and to offer all your diverse skills and talents to enhance God’s ongoing creative enterprise, in which all participate gloriously and harmoniously.

Because of your presently limited state of consciousness, you have only a very slight awareness of your skills and talents as you use them to earn your living or to entertain yourselves, but you are all extremely talented and creative beings, and this will become apparent and will delight you when the illusion dissolves and you are once more able to access the infinite knowledge of the divine realms.  To fully partner with God in your creative endeavors is, and always has been, your destiny, and you are shortly to engage with it.

Your destiny is your natural state, the state in which God created you as eternal beings always at one with Him.  You have never left it; it just seems that you have, and your present ongoing life experience is a distraction – an extremely powerful and enticing one – with which you engage continuously through your bodies and all their senses.  Yes, your bodies are powerful, distracting attention-grabbers, and that includes your thought processes and emotions; and it is very difficult for you to withdraw your focus from them for very long because they always seem to have needs requiring your attention – food, drink, exercise, sleep, entertainment, worry, competing, winning, etc.

SaLuSa, August 1, 2012

SaLuSa, August 1, 2012
Channeled by Mike Quinsey

Your response to the recent positive messages about the Olympics has been wonderful. A wave of great expectation has swept around the Earth, and lifted people up. Such energies carry such power that they empower the object of your vision to bring about its manifestation. This is how by focusing on the same outcome you can influence what takes place. Naturally some form of Disclosure must come about very soon, so as to allow us to do our work openly and in partnership with you. Of course we could carry on as before and carry out our mission quietly and behind the scenes, but our physical presence is needed to assure people of our true intentions.

We also need the opportunity to address you directly and with the approval of your Leaders. Rest assured that they are well aware of our existence, and that we have been in contact with them for many years. The time for rejecting the peace that we bring to you is over, and they must set aside any prejudice or political ambitions. They must also step outside of the constraints placed upon them by the Illuminati, and open the doors to real freedom for the people. Leaders are supposed to lead and carry out the wishes of the people, but few if any do what they were elected for. We issue an edict that they must change or be changed, and we have suitable replacements lined up.

Our actions are not in anyway interference with your elected officials and would not even need to be considered, if they had correctly carried out their duties and responsibilities to you. Greed for wealth and the desire to wield power has long motivated the people in high positions. It has corrupted so many people around them, so much so that they have become afraid to stand up for the truth. Events such as 9/11 could never have been perpetrated and got away with if not for great collusion. We know that following your conscience and the promptings of your Higher Self, can bring the weight of the dark Ones upon you. They use blackmail and direct threats to keep you in your place, and it indeed takes a brave person to confront them.
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