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The Current "Quiet"......

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The manuscript of survival – part 181
by Aisha North on August 17, 2012.

Let us start off this missive by saying that although things may have felt more quiet than usual these last few days, they have been anything but, as there has been a massive preparation for things to come. In other words, do not be surprised if you all feel the gathering of another storm on the horizon. We know that this will not come as a surprise, as you are all well versed in the ebb and flow of this process by now, but still, there might be a few surprises this time around too.

Let us explain. So far, you have all been subject to individual doses of upgrading energies, and even if this will continue, you will also be witness to a massive injection of energy that will in some ways also touch those that up until now have been unaware that there is something afoot. In other words, not only those already awakened, but also those still slumbering happily away will now be subject to insertions of energy into their system. And this will show itself in many ways, as there are those out there already on the verge of waking up, but also those steadfastly refusing to do so. But now, all will be affected in some way by this, and even if the ”symptoms” to call them that will vary both in intensity and outcome, it will be manifesting in so many ways that it will not go unnoticed. Of course, much will look like the usual outbursts of human behaviour, whether it may be categorized as ”positive” or ”negative”, but after this next round, we think you will find that there will be an even wider gap between the two. In other words, you can expect to see things happening around you that will be magnified in so many ways, so acts of compassion and acts of hatred will be even more pronounced. It is literally like everyone will perceive things just that little bit stronger, so that these actions will be much more noticed than mayhaps before.

Do not expect the whole world to shake the sleep out of their eyes immediately, as this is of course a process that will not happen overnight. But do expect interesting things to happen around you, and also do expect interesting reactions to these happenings. You see, the time has come to shine that light just a little bit stronger, so your actions will also be more noticed, even by bystanders who have seemed to be almost blind and deaf to the world around them. But now, the wake up call will be heard by more ears than yours, so expect to be looked upon by new eyes as the days pass and the light starts to seep out from yours.

Programmed to Be Fat

Steven Colbert: 17th Amendment Under Attack

Hilarion: Weekly Message August 12, 2012

Hilarion: Weekly Message August 12, 2012
As channeled by Marlene Swetlishoff/Tsu-tana – August 12, 2012

Beloved Ones,

There have been and will continue to be many, many downloads of energy, information and activations as is resonant with each person’s ability to safely integrate. You will find that each day the changes within you are taking place in a rapid manner and will find yourselves feeling more vitality, clarity and empowerment as the weeks and months continue. Whatever is still left within you that must be released will come up for review, understanding and transmutation into Light.

All that was of lower density must be eliminated from every cell of your Being and there is no escape except through this purification process. Those who have been doing the work will find themselves feeling greater lightness and joy for greater periods of time. This is a sign that you have been on the right path and that all is well.

SaLuSa, August 17, 2012

Mike Quinsey - SaLuSa, August 17, 2012

SaLuSa, August 17, 2012

You will know that for a long time we have been working on various issues that have held up progress. Perhaps even we have underestimated how difficult some have been, but we now see that our allies are on the verge of making a sudden breakthrough. We will refrain from being too precise but this time events will be too big to hide away, and the media will be unable to continue ignoring them.

The developments in the financial sector will show that whatever they do now, they cannot return to the old ways and will have to accept vast changes. We are at a point when the only answers are for the big Banks to accept the new set up that is ready to be installed. There is nowhere to go that will allow them to resurrect the old system, and it will soon become defunct. That will effectively give our allies the green light to go ahead and introduce the new one.

There are other matters rapidly coming to a head and to enable governmental changes, we are pressing our allies for once and for all time to remove those who do not serve you. That is going forward at a faster pace, and you may get advance information from other sources than our own. However, no matter how it emerges it will be good news, that will show you that much has been happening of which you have been unaware. Our wish is to see all activity brought into public view, so that in future you know exactly where you stand.

Keep Surfing The Waves, But Get Your Dancing Shoes Out

Michael channeled by Ron Head
August 17, 2012 in Michael, Ron's Channeled Messages

We are gratified that so many are looking forward to and following our messages.  While you may feel that it is having a beneficial effect upon your own hearts and consciousness, I, Michael, assure you that it is reaching far wider than you suppose.  You are being prepared to be the calm and reassuring rock that others can depend upon and you are making wonderful progress.

Still less do you perceive, as yet, the energetic changes which are being made to your bodies and even your DNA itself.  Watch for beneficial changes for which you have long hoped.  Do not be reticent to allow your hope to become intention, as it will naturally do, when you understand the power your consciousness has on your physical beings.  As you begin to realize these things, revisit your dreams and instill them with your intention.  Become the creators you came here to be.  Begin to think of yourselves, and act like, the creators that you indeed are.

We tell you now, and not for the first time, that you are only remembering who you have always been.  There are some who would do anything to keep you from knowing this, but their time is over.  It is only necessary now for you to remain focused on your own upliftment a little longer.  It may not appear so when you look about, but hold to your centers and very quickly your world will change around you.

China in talks to buy 74% stake in African Barrick Gold
Shares in African miner leap on speculation of $2bn move amid concern over China's pursuit of resources across continent

Terry Macalister, Thursday 16 August 2012 12.30 EDT
Photograph: Anama Images/Corbis

China National Gold says it is in preliminary-stage talks with African Barrick Gold, a London-listed miner.

China is in talks to buy a 74% stake in the African arm of Barrick Gold, the world's largest gold miner, amid soaring demand for jewellery from an increasingly wealthy middle class. However, the $2bn (£1.3bn) move is likely to revive concerns about the country's expansionist role on the continent.

Shares in the London-listed African miner soared 13% after China National Gold said it was in a "preliminary stage of contact and discussion" with the company, which has mines concentrated in Tanzania.

Rapid industrialisation has led to an enormous demand for grain, oil and precious metals in China, triggering a surge in acquisitions throughout Africa, a continent rich in natural resources.

China is the world's largest producer of gold and is poised to replace India as the biggest buyer of the metal as it snaps up an expected 850 tonnes this year. The commodity is used mainly for adornment but is increasingly being held in bar form as an alternative to cash and other investments.

Barrick Gold, the Canadian company that owns African Barrick Gold, said discussions were at an early stage, adding "there can be no certainty that these discussions will result in the acquisition of all, or part of, Barrick's holding in African Barrick Gold".

Barrick Gold has recently seen its share price fall to its lowest level in three and a half years amid lower profits, rising costs and a succession of questionable acquisitions. It ousted its chief executive two months ago and the new boss, Jamie Sokalsky, has said he wants to streamline the business by disposing of non-core assets.

African Barrick Gold, whose share price before Thursday's surge, was a third lower than the price it was listed at on the London Stock Exchange in 2010, has also experienced difficulties including an attack on its North Mara mine by 200 villagers who caused $15m of damage.

On the basis of the current share price, a 74% holding in African Barrick would be worth $1.9bn. Analysts said there was only a small possibility that other miners such as Randgold would trigger a bidding war.
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