Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Sheldan Nidle - August 21, 2012

Sheldan Nidle - August 21, 2012

August 21, 2012

9 Etznab, 6 Uo, 9 Eb
Dratzo! We come to give you another report on what is transpiring around your world. In Asia and Europe a general rebellion continues against the dollar and its debt-based fiat system. In fact, the new gold-backed currencies are beginning to show their hand. Further, the pressing need for debt forgiveness is demonstrated by what is going on in Iceland, where the peoples' revolution is illustrating just how easy it is to counteract the chaos that is the dark's agenda. The gigantic global debt and its resultant social problems need to be resolved quickly; indeed, the mess now spreading in Greece and most of southern Europe exemplifies this core issue. It is for this reason that the new system is predicated on two central factors: universal debt forgiveness and the return to a precious-metals-backed monetary system. Preventing its swift introduction is the waning, albeit still powerful, presence of dark control. To avert a global economic meltdown, Earth's sacred secret societies are preparing a way to sequester the last dark cabal. We form part of this complex operation and intend to use our technology to assist in its removal.

This process of change is tied to the ongoing shift in consciousness. As you know, our mission is an integral part of a divine pledge to return you to full consciousness, and hence the dark's agenda can no longer hold. We are waiting for the final agreements which permit us to legally terminate the dark's power complex. One aspect of this complex, which is key to breaking its hold over, you is a pattern of cultural and social beliefs which they inculcated into you and which bind you unquestioningly to them. These mental 'prison bars' will be shown up for what they are by our next series of actions. It is disconcerting to us that so many have bought into this very ill woven tapestry of lies! You are sacred souls who have been reduced to a degree of mindlessness that can accept some truly unworthy notions of Heaven and your origins on this world. These falsities are compounded and daily reinforced by a power structure that was manned by individuals who were carefully chosen by your former masters, the Anunnaki. This group of off-worlders set up the system that still gives their chosen Earth minions control over every aspect of your lives. This system is now to be totally dismantled by us.

UFO Over Sedona

Posted by Stephen Cooke

UFO Over Sedona, ‘The City of Light’, Arizona, USA – August 11, 2012
Thanks to Christopher.

I think we all better book ourselves a flight to Sedona!
This footage was taken on Saturday August 11 over Village of Oak Creek, one of Sedona’s ‘bedroom’ communities. As you will see, the colours of this ship are just phenomenally, brilliantly, luminously amazing!

As Christopher writes: ” I was at the friend’s house last night and he was telling us about the UFO that many of his party guests were talking about seeing on their drive home.”

“As we all sat talking, a link to his friend’s video came over his phone. So, a friend of a friend filmed this after leaving my friends’ birthday party on Saturday night the 11th Near Sedona, AZ.It was seen by multiple people; all sharing the same account of what they saw.”

What is this Quest for Love?

Today begins our Love Quest.  For the next 7 days we will explore agape and this blog will essentially move there – to a face book event.  You can join via this link and receive each daily note to your inbox:

Here is our first day’s note, just to get the idea…

Hello!  Welcome to our Quest for Agape.  I am so grateful to be here again.

This time we will explore deeply the truth of our connection – oneness.  For as One, we are beginning to appreciate just what that actually means.  Agape takes on a whole other “dimension” when you understand that the One you unconditionally love – is us. 

I was recently asked, “What is a Love Quest?”  Those of us who have been here since they began (a year and a half ago) will remember that we started by loving ourselves in our bathroom mirrors.  These Quests are the ultimate journey to truth, the path to Ascension.  Ascension is a rising up to a faster vibration.  The hallmark of this place we are moving to is love. We are not truly going anywhere.  We are becoming that which we are.  We are love.

When you understand deeply this truth, you find something that may surprise you.  It is okay to love yourself.  In fact, it is necessary.  For what is held in your head about this being that is you, will radiate out to become your entire world. This life that is yours is a projection of whatever it is you believe.  What you believe, you perceive.

Believe in yourself.  You chose and were chosen to be here today.  You are the Master, it is not necessary to seek truth in another, you only need remember.  You are love.  A God particle shot from Source, here to love in the darkest place in the universe.  Earth has been your home not as punishment or because we are lesser beings, but because we are brilliant lights. 

Only one such as you could handle this dimension.  Only light such as yours is brilliant enough to sustain itself while immersed in ideologies of war, greed, subservience, slavery, illness and pain.  Not only have you maintained – you have become a beacon of light and altered the course of humanity.

Our favorite movies are those in which the odds are clearly stacked against the lead character and he or she triumphs anyway.  This is because we’ve been watching our future, writing our own story, and remembering why we are here.  Every thought, word, and deed, whether self or other directed is a line in the script.  We know this truth today.  It is time to write each line with one focus – love.  This is why you are here.  Intend only love.

Your power is unmatched.  We are surrounded with off world beings not to help us so much as to watch us!  We are transforming ourselves and the planet on which our feet are parked, with not more than our faith to go on.  Our inner promptings have led us here, to a place of choice.

In the sharp contrasts we encounter each day, we see clearly the options; to see ourselves as separate and judge or to see ourselves as One and love.  What you do, think, and feel in each moment becomes your life.

Love yourself.  Give yourself a gift today.  Begin this Quest with immersion in adoration.  Take a walk, a few extra moments and honor the One that is you.  He is beautiful beyond description.  She is powerful beyond measure.  You are the Master of the Universe.  Uni-Verse.  One Verse.  One Song. Us.

There is no other here to sing this song.  It is you. 

You are the one you’ve been waiting for.

See you tomorrow,

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