Sunday, August 26, 2012

POOF: Dialing for Dollars

Subject: Dialing for Dollars
Date: Sun, 26 Aug 2012 16:18:01 -0400

Janis Joplin

"Mercedes Benz"

Oh Lord, won't you buy me a Mercedes Benz ? 
My friends all drive Porsches, I must make amends. 
Worked hard all my lifetime, no help from my friends, 
So Lord, won't you buy me a Mercedes Benz ?

Oh Lord, won't you buy me a color TV ? 
Dialing For Dollars is trying to find me. 
I wait for delivery each day until three, 
So oh Lord, won't you buy me a color TV ?

Oh Lord, won't you buy me a night on the town ? 
I'm counting on you, Lord, please don't let me down. 
Prove that you love me and buy the next round, 
Oh Lord, won't you buy me a night on the town ?

Oh Lord, won't you buy me a Mercedes Benz ? 
My friends all drive Porsches, I must make amends, 
Worked hard all my lifetime, no help from my friends, 
So oh Lord, won't you buy me a Mercedes Benz ?

That's it! 

Greetings and Salutations;

How many heard or saw the detonation? I know the folks that caught it were watching the money and business channels out here. The distractions in the media kept most from catching it. The whole system was technically, reset. Computers all around the world..banking computers. If you have a computer, you've most likely had to reboot..especially microsoft based. Curiously enough, all was finalized at that moment. International legalities handled. A big fire won't make This go away. Precisely where things are, I won't say, I want nothing disturbed. I need that warm sand and sea, Now. Time to flush this puppy and move on.

I suggest calm, the 'hair fire' messages, as people give voice to their own nightmares, aren't helping. Yes, everything is in serious flux...but, that's nature. Always making adjustments according to what's needed. Shades of the 60's...race riots, fire in the streets, war and wanting more war....martial law..water Ever stop and consider, 'somebody' is working ya? A concerted effort to keep you disturbed, edgy, nervy, the need for paxil...the time is here and the bad guys giving it their best to hang on. Tsunamis don't care who's in the way, and they've been in the way of progress for the planet as a whole for long enough, the alarm clock has gone off...if you haven't woke up...expect some cold water thrown on you. Your free will only governs how You deal with has no ability to stop anything or change it for the world. Kind of a lonely place to be. It's the kind of thing that's so personal, only you can figure out what works for you and yours'. Not about 'we'...the potential of the new is within this moment on planet earth. If you've treated others like you've wanted treated, you can grab your surf board and cruise this wave to the new shore.

I suppose, they'll be some sort of siren, at the last moment before arrival but you should've been paying attention to the rumbles of it's approach so, you wouldn't be surprised. No matter what the issue is out here, it can be deduced down to the level of money, more personal than some people's own hearts. Now here ya are, money will never be the object, what are you going to do? What new problem will you create for yourself, to feel alive? Exchanging...'I have to...' to 'I choose to'. Ridding your life of 'I can't' to, 'I will'. People like that too..Turn your back and walk away. I choose internal Peace!

Let us be done with celebrating our Labors..and celebrate our Joys, as some are doing at this very moment. Maybe cruising in the new Have fun!

Love and Kisses,


Hilarion - August 26, 2012


August 26 – September 1, 2012

Beloved Ones,

The energies of Love are all around you and those of you who have been preparing for these times are beginning to experience many moments of clarity and insight about your purpose for being on this Planet. These insights come to you as flashes that come and go, sometimes so quickly that you wonder if you were imagining them. Trust in the knowledge of your own destiny that is coming through for you and have faith that all is unfolding just as it should in perfect, divine timing. Many assistants both on Earth and in the higher dimensions are preparing you for the greatest experience of many lifetimes and many galactic cycles, the experience of Ascension.

Rapid Series of 5+ Southern California Earthquakes

We felt this one!  Its about 90 miles as the crow flies from where I am so it was much milder than in this video for us.

I am not too concerned at the moment, this seems to be a very controlled release of plate energies as they are staying below 5.5 magnitude.  There will probably be more of them in the next day or so.

Light Worker Chatter From a Sedona Cafe

Sedona Arizona

I'm back from a short trip to Northern Arizona.  You probably noticed my postings were not as frequent although Sophia Love kept the blog alive during my absence with her blog posts on Love Quest.  We stayed in Sedona, the hotels in Flagstaff were simply full due to all the students returning to University for the fall semester.

When we left home Thursday I had the strangest thing happen to me.  I felt pretty good over all, but every sentence I spoke to my wife and daughter in the car it was as if I had come down with a slight case of that gibberish syndrome that struck those TV announcers over the past year.  I would say a well known word and I'd put an odd ending on it.  Other times it sounded like English was my second language and not my first.  I could think of the word but it was coming out of my mouth in odd and unusual ways. Sometimes dyslexic, other times like I didn't know English at all, and one time I sound like a hillbilly.  My daughter was in hysterics laughing at the things I was saying.  All I could do was smile and shrug.  I have no idea what was going on, I felt a little tired but other than that I was fine and I had no problem driving the car.  After about 4 hours into the trip the episode cleared completely and never returned.  If this is an ascension syndrome symptom, its a new one in my book.  Its not as annoying as the odd aches and pains since 2010, just a little frustrating while trying to express a coherent thought.  But at least my family found it amusing!

Coming into Flagstaff on I-40 I saw an unusual sight.  The San Francisco Peaks, had three layers of clouds. Right at the peaks was a cloud surrounding the very top of the peaks, the last 1000 feet of the mountain peeked through.  Above that was a huge lenticular cloud about 10 miles in diameter.  Some call lenticular clouds "cloaked UFO" or "cloud ships".  I am somewhat agnostic if lenticular clouds are cloud ships, and have been reticent to call them that. I am no expert on that.

Above the lenticular cloud I saw was another set of turbulent thunderhead clouds we often see in Arizona during the southwest's monsoon season of July and August.  Three layers of clouds in all.  Very unusual arrangement of clouds.  As I mentioned the cloud to my wife and daughter and told them about how some people believe they are cloaked mother ships,  we pulled around a hill on I-40 and the mountain was obscured for a couple of minutes.  When it was in view again, the lenticular cloud had vanished entirely, as if it was never there!  Now that got my attention!  Clouds do not evaporate that fast!  I did see dozens of other smaller lenticular clouds scattered throughout the area.

The weather was partly cloudy and we had some torrential rain showers which cleared as rapidly as they began.  Pretty much typical weather for this time of year in Northern Arizona.

Friday night my wife and I had a conversation about my blog and the things I have come to believe, she's very skeptical and believes nothing will every change on this planet.  She's a good woman and a wonderful mother, but she has a slight tendency to see the cloud in every silver lining.  She's not unusual, most of humanity has this view.  Most people just want to survive and get by and raise their children in peace. And the record of history in the last 6000 years gives them little encouragement anything will change.

I explained the best I could in the drive through the midnight fog of Oak Creek Canyon about the layers of dimensional density in the universe and how the human form is found in 3D, 4D and 5D levels.  How were were meant to be physical angels of physical creations, but that we had been entrapped on earth for eons in a cycle of reincarnation under the rule of some very dark and negative beings.  Beings which have been and are being removed by higher beings for our benefit.  I explained the galactic cycle of 50,000 plus years and how stars align  at certain moments, like a galactic tumbler lock, to pass huge amounts of energy to trigger new cycles of evolutionary growth.  During these periods mankind has the opportunity if they choose, to advance spiritually to new levels and higher existence.

Then she asked me the question, which I knew she'd ask, "HOW DO YOU KNOW?"  That's a tough one. You've likely faced it yourself.  Ultimately I can't answer that question with articles from David Wilcock, Steve Beckow, Blossom Goodchild or mysterious graphic, articles and tips I receive in email from sources known and unknown.  Those sources helped me immensely, but it was the divine that somehow awakened me, for only the divine knows where I came from, and what it takes for me to see.  I can only relate the journey I took and the things I learned along my way. I can only tell her my very human story of discovery (of which she's had a ringside seat), the thousand and one things that confronted me.  Information that always tied into what came before.  It seems telling the tale of my journey, she comes to understand the why of of what I believe, even if she doesn't yet accept it herself.  She can at least accept the reasons behind my convictions. She appreciates that I do not force my unusual views on our family, quite unlike what her and my father did while we grew up within the quirky religious teachings of Herbert W Armstrong.  I do not know what choices she will make.  That's very much beyond my control.  All I can do is be the very best person I can be with the knowledge I do have, and that will speak more than anything outside myself.   My light has to shine for any of it to have any true meaning.

Saturday morning we had breakfast at a Sedona restaurant.  The table to my left  had a very loud man who's voice reminded me of Richard Hoagland, but he didn't look like Richard.  There were four women with him, and they appeared to be fairly well off.  I was less impressive with my Nautica T-shirt and jogging sweats on.  They appeared to be the sort that enjoy the light worker seminar circuits, going from seminar to seminar around the more beautiful and energy active places on the planet.  They seemed to do this a lot.  They certainly had more money than I do for that sort of thing, but people like these also keep people like David Wilcock, David Icke and others in enough pocket change to provide the rest of us with great free information. So I don't begrudge them their wealth. I wish every one had that.  I am glad some people can choose to spend their wealth in seeking the light.  My path has been a bit more lean financially...but I have learned much from sharing the same circumstances as the average man.

They mentioned an unspecified conference in Hawaii where they frolicked with dolphins and some friend of theirs was "toned" by a dolphin.   Two of the woman started reciting some dire prediction about pole-shifts, and I knew which web site she was reading.  Part of me wanted to walk over and whisper to the woman, "everything is going to be okay!" But I restrained myself.  This seemed like a great light worker anthropology moment.  And I like people watching anyway.  The man quickly told the woman that  various channelings have indicated that dire things she feared where not going to happen during ascension, and that what was really required was to stay in a state of oneness and joy at this time.  I smiled at that.  Where else on earth could you walk into a restaurant full of strangers and overhear a conversation on Ascension?

There will come a time when Spiritual knowledge of the Creator of All, and the Spiritual creation will be known by all.  That time is not far off.  Eventually light workers will move on to other tasks, perhaps other worlds.  But right now we all have a lot of work ahead right here on planet Earth!
"....they will be my people. They will no longer go around setting up schools to teach each other about God. They'll know me firsthand, the dull and the bright, the smart and the slow." - Jeremiah 31:34 as translated in "The Message" bible.

We Are Not Somewhere Else, And We Are Not Too Busy.

We are not somewhere else, and we are not too busy.
Michael channeled by Ron Head
August 26, 2012 in Michael, Ron's Channeled Messages

Today let us congratulate you on your single-minded pursuit of your goal.  Much has been placed in your path in attempts to distract you.  While you have known the relative importance of knowing the current state of your world, you have not allowed your focus to weaken.

You have made every effort to utilize each tool which has been offered to you.  Allow us to point out that not all of these will be a perfect fit for you.  Try them on and keep those which seem to be the best for yourselves.  You will find that, at a later time, you may wish to go back and dust some of them off as they apply to your later states of consciousness and attention.  There will always be enough to keep you from lapsing into inattention.  This is something that your conscious minds have often to deal with.  As you notice more and more change happening within, your excitement will make all of that a non-issue.

Many are finding it difficult already to pull their attention back to their day-to-days.  In the world as it is for the moment, do your best to keep a balance.

You may be feeling a growing excitement and a compression of time.  You are correct in assuming that certain things are immanent.  Please understand that what is to occur and what the majority desire to occur consciously may not be exactly the same, and that Divine Timing is not necessarily on your “yesterday is not soon enough” schedule.  All will occur as best for the All.  There will be no mistakes made.  The most precious and most misunderstood gift of the Creator is free will.  It will not be over-ridden.  Only the loving return of the creation to Creator is of any import.

Those are a lot of promises, we know.  But every promise given to you will be kept.  Most of the things which amuse your minds in the daily chaos which you are passing through will not be of the slightest interest to you once you begin to see your new selves unfolding.  Perhaps it will be useful as history lessons.  (Chuckles here)

It is time now for all of this to begin in earnest, dear friends.  It may not all be entirely comfortable, but it will all be entirely worth it.  Look back on the first eight months of your year and realize that the last four will pass by even more quickly for you.  If your balance and focus begin to waver, call on your guides and angels for help.  We are not somewhere else, and we are not too busy.

Our love to you this day.  We will speak again.

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Ascension Platform Established…

26 August 2012

Three platforms have been connected and reconfigured to enable the complete Ascension Platform for Gaia. These platforms are 1) Inner Earth awakening, 2) sufficiently stable 3D-4D Earth platform, 3) Higher Consciousness Awakened Humanity.

Although some question the necessity of 1), this awakening to their Higher Call was essential to the finalization of the Ascension Platform for Gaia.

Stable 3D-4D platform, namely, planet 3D structure, undermined for millennia, has been sufficiently stabilized for the next steps to the final Ascension Platform.

Higher Consciousness Awakened Humanity is now complete. Sufficient individual awakened beings now present upon Gaia 3D surface to proceed with final steps.

These steps are to be unveiled in precise order, in precise timing with each of the Light Working Community which has been called to participate. They know who they are.

They will succeed. As Gaia has decreed.


This is a different sort of Quest.  You are not heading out into unknown territory.  You know exactly where this love is located.  It was there when you started and it’s still there right now.  You are searching for that which you are.  You are love.

How can it be that you’ve forgotten?  How is it that we’ve lost the map?  What has happened to our GPS (Global Positioning System)?

It’s been tampered with, we’ve been distracted, and as a result most of us today distrust the internal sense we arrived with.

I drive a 6 year old car, equipped with a Navigational System.  At first, I didn’t use it much.  The “Make a U turn, if possible” bossy voice sort of annoyed me.  I used it only for long trips.  Slowly but surely I got used to “Annie” (for “any-where”) and began to rely on her more and more.  As I did, I stopped using my own memory of towns and roads so much – I just let her show me the way with this sort of blind faith.

We were born fully cognizant of our wisdom.  We understood the light that we were and knew where the switch was located.  Our hearts held the key.  No one had to tell us we were wonderful and yet they did, often.

The life of an infant in cradled in love.  That infant makes no effort to find or get that love and yet, there it is.  An infant, most recently from Source, knows absolutely nothing of society.  It is cared for and loved without condition every day.  It is held, fed and showered with all good things – giving nothing in return.

“Ahhhh”, you say, “but babies are irresistible, they are beautiful, precious miracles – What’s not to love?” 
“Indeed”, would be my reply, “as are you.”

A baby is an agape machine.  It sleeps when it is tired, eats when it is fed and loves without holding back.  It is born brilliant.  Have you ever been present at the birth of a child?  There is a light, a force that is emitted from both child and mother.  It is magic.

Babies emanate love until we adults teach them not to, and they stop using their own memory. They are born loving their fingers and their toes and their torso and their voice and their thoughts and their sexual organs.  There is nothing they dislike about themselves.  Their self love sort of leaks out of them and we see it, falling in love with them again and again every day.

We call them angels and precious and miracles and beautiful.  They do not protest; they are in full agreement!  This is my deepest wish for all of us.  That we find ourselves, all grown up now, in full agreement with these words:
You are a miracle.  Source had a unique and brilliant idea and here you are.  You began with one precious thought – absolute unconditional love.  You beamed gloriously forth to join us here; to illuminate us with the love of our creator.

You volunteered to lose your way; only as a method of education and advancement.  The brilliance that you are can best be seen in contrast, and so there has been darkness.

It is time to turn on your vibrant light, to remember where the switch is located.  I don’t have it.  It is not in your wallet.  It is not in your closet.  It is not in the words or actions of anyone else.  It is in your very soul.

You need nothing to complete this journey.  Who you are – is right here, whispering, waiting and oh so ready to be found.

Remember.  A baby just lies there, loving itself and the whole world follows suit. It is time for you to do the same.  You are a piece of perfection; there is nothing else you need.  You are a brilliant being, a vibrant light.  There is no way for you to be lost any longer. We’ve found you.

We are coming to the end of this journey and we can see your light, guiding each of us home.

We are the One we’ve been waiting for.

Thank you!  I love you.

Until tomorrow,

To Change The Nightmare Into A Pleasant And Harmonious Dream

To change the nightmare into a pleasant and harmonious dream
August 26, 2012 by John Smallman

When you awaken, as you inevitably will, all that has ever puzzled you will be revealed — not who committed crimes, cheated on others, betrayed others, or what will replace oil or money, because when you awaken those sorts of puzzlements will no longer hold any interest for you: they will be irrelevant.  And you will recognize once again your true nature as beings of immense beauty, power, and love — in need of nothing.

Your true nature has never changed, has never been in doubt.  You have just been so distracted by the glamor of the illusion that you have forgotten who you are.  In that forgetfulness you sank into fear — like the little child that wakes from a nightmare, convinced there are monsters under his bed waiting to tear him limb from limb – and as a consequence you conducted your life as though fear were real, attempting continuously to protect yourself from all the ills and catastrophes you believe could and might befall you at any moment.

Closure Is Imminent — As Is Disclosure!

Closure is imminent — as is disclosure!
08/26/2012 by John Smallman

All of God’s children are being nudged towards awakening, and they are for the most part responding very positively.  The times of darkness, chaos, confusion, and suffering are drawing to a close as divinely intended; in fact, closure is imminent — as is disclosure!  The truth that humanity on Planet Earth is not alone in the vast universe surrounding and enveloping you can no longer be kept secret. So very many know this, have personal experience of it, and have shared that knowing with others, that the attempts to keep this truth secret are no longer feasible — they are in fact insane.

As Jesus told you, “In my Father’s house there are many mansions.”  “His house” is all of creation and the mansions are not billions of dead, sterile planets, but glorious, fruitful, and plentiful environments lovingly tended by His beloved children, living in gracious creative harmony and abundance.  These children are your brothers and sisters, and when you come together again and renew with them your familial rapport, your joy will be boundless.

Time Has Already Started To Manifest In Different Ways Than Before

The manuscript of survival – part 185

Todays missive will mayhaps be a bit confusing, as we would like to delve further into the topic of time. We have touched upon this subject many times before, as this is mayhaps the most important issue we would like to share with you at the moment. For many of you, the concept of time has already started to manifest in different ways than before, as you have already entered the twilight zone to call it that, where things start to warp and shift in so many ways. This can be disconcerting, as time has been the one constant you have been able to literally trust, but now, it all seems to blend and merge and shift in so many ways, and it will inevitably lead to confusion and mayhaps more than that.

Let us explain. As we have told you earlier, you have been straddling the divide between the third density and the fifth, and as such, you have literally one foot in the old and cemented ways of conceiving time, and one foot on ”our” side, where time is a malleable force, which can be utilized in so many interesting ways. The chasm between these two different worlds is a wide one indeed, and it is not easy trying to manage them both at the same – yes – time. But on the other hand, shifting abruptly from the static form you have been used to and over to this more shape-shifting one would have been too much for you all. Hence this period of trial and error to call it that. In other words, you have  been exposed to this new concept of time in small increments, lest you should lose your footing altogether. But now, these increments, or trial runs if you will, will become even more pronounced, and you will all have the sense of how time starts to behave in many, for you, odd ways. As we said, this may lead to confusion, as things will seem to happen out of context, and you will have a hard time trying to keep track of it all.

For many, this is not a new concept, as you have already been through phases where time seems to stand still, and where the sequencing of events seems to be very confusing indeed. Things seems to be lost in a long fog of passed time, when you realize that they actually happened only a short while ago, and vice versa. Indeed, time has a way of jumping back and forth, slowing down and speeding up when you least expect it, and as such, all events linked to a specific time frame will become less distinct. In oher words, the old way of counting time by measuring what happened at a certain point will be difficult to hold on to, as from now on, much will seem to be happening simultaneously.

So hold on to your hats dear ones, and be prepared to be confused and maybe a bit dizzy as the edges start to blur even more between your world and ours. Time is speeding up, and so much along with it, so do not be surprised if you find yourselves scratching your heads a lot in this upcoming period. Just know that this confusion is not a bad sign, far from it, as it will only signify that your brain is actually starting to take in just what is going on around it in a way it has not been able to do before. So take it for what it really is, a taste of a very different and very exhilarating tomorrow, and have fun playing around with all of this confusion too. It will help you overcome any fear that may come sneaking up on you, as you have been primed to think that order must prevail, otherwise everything will become complete chaos. Well, chaos it what you may expect on so many fronts, but that is only a phase you all have to pass through in order to literally make it to the other side. So stay focused, even if everything around you becomes ever so much more out of focus, and know that you will easily find your way through this seeming maze of unchartered territory very soon.

Welcome The True Selves Which Are Emerging. Breathe

Welcome the true selves which are emerging. Breathe.
Michael channeled by Ron Head
August 23, 2012 in Michael, Ron's Channeled Messages

Our message today is one of cautious optimism.  You are currently within the most powerful energies you have yet experienced and it is not going to abate for several more days.  Most of you reading this have not had any negative reactions.  However, please be aware of the possibility of those around you becoming disturbed.

A great deal of agitation could be the result of not having cleared enough one’s past issues.  We ask you to withhold judgment of these souls and maintain your calm and loving centers throughout.

You will also have noticed another sharp increase in the exposure of hidden truths and agendas.  This we also have spoken of before.  The camel’s back will not, we think, hold a great many more straws.  It will reach a point soon when it will appear as if there is no possible solution, that all is lost.  We tell you, as we have before, that the time this point is reached will be the time of the new beginning.

Your task, until that time, and truthfully beyond it as well, is to concentrate on releasing everything that you do not wish to carry with you into your future lives.  It is surfacing in your life now just for that purpose.  Give it only the attention necessary to recognize it and allow it to pass from your life for the last time.  Thank it for the lessons it taught you and let it go.

Feel the newfound freedom and purpose that is becoming yours as you assimilate the unconditional love which surrounds you now.  Welcome the true selves which are emerging.  Breathe.

That is our short message for today.  Accept what is gifted to you at this time with gratitude and continue to hold your vision of your new world in your heart.  Carry our love with you until we speak again.  Good day.

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There Is No Separation From The One Source.

There is no separation from the One Source.
Michael channeled by Ron Head
August 24, 2012 in Michael

In accordance with your desire to receive new and pertinent information for those following these messages, we would like to offer the following.  Within a week it will be possible for all with sincere daily practices of meditation or contemplation to contact their higher selves and receive unmistakable confirmation of connection with their own energy bodies.  Directing thought to their Source, whatever they might name it, will likewise result in unmistakable connection.

Your energetic upgrades have now reached that level.  Please make no mistake.  This has been done with the help of Source and ourselves, but it has been done in response to your own efforts and intentions.  You must learn to give yourselves credit when it is due.

Some have found, through our urging, that placing their attention upon the area of the spine between the base of the skull and behind their hearts while breathing in Creator’s light results in just such a feeling of connection and bliss.  You may wish to try that now.  There is major work being done for and with you in that part of your energetic make-up.

Some others are beginning to feel and realize a much larger self than what can possibly be contained in your tiny physical bodies, and there are still other sensations, learnings, which are being discovered.

Whatever it is for you at this moment, play with it, explore it, and be ready to move on to other new things, as well.  There is a lot of ground to cover in a short time and all must begin where they stand.

It is not necessary to understand with your intellect what is changing in and for you.  Just tell that part of yourselves to relax and enjoy it.  Give your heart’s mind the job of understanding that your intellect has tried to take over for so long.  Soon enough you will move from understanding to knowing.

These words carry with them the energy of Creator’s unconditional love, which is made available to anyone who reads or hears them at any time should they choose to accept it.  All that is needed from you is your intent to feel it.  This feeling is the energy ‘signature’ which accompanies message and is given freely to all.  Perhaps, once you feel it, you will wish to seek it on your own during your daily practices.  Accept the promise that it will always be forthcoming.  There is no separation from the One Source.  Now is the time for you to discover this once again.  May you abide in love and peace until we next speak.  Good day.

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