Thursday, September 20, 2012

Stephen Colbert: Jesus Wife

Portal 2012: Fixing The World

Thursday, September 20, 2012
Fixing the World

A call has been issued by Hope Girl, the writter of this excellent blog:

The idea is for people to submit their ideas about solutions how we transition from the current financial system into the new era of abundance for everyone:

Deadline for submissions is September 24th: 

This is what she emailed me about this project:

"There is a tremendous amount of wealth that is about to be released to all of humanity. The equivalent would be as if everyone won the lottery at the same time. The problem is, everyone who knows about this money is just thinking about how to get it. No one (at least not publicly) is thinking about what we are going to do with it once we get it. This is part of the reason why the funds have not been released yet. We need a plan on how to release this money into our world without destroying society.  We are working now on creating this plan. I do realize that there are many plans in place that cover all different areas and many individuals and groups working toward the Golden Age of humanity.

 My part in this (which is of my own divine direction) is to give the rest of humanity a chance to have their say at what the solutions should be based on their own knowledge and understanding.  This as you can see, will also get people to start thinking about solutions, rather than negativity, which will help raise their consciousness in a tangible way that people can sink their teeth into to get them actively involved.

Transcript: Sheldan Nidle on the Light Agenda – Part1/2

Transcript: Sheldan Nidle on the Light Agenda – Part1/2
Posted by Stephen Cook

Stephen Cook
This is Part 1 of my interview with author and Galactic messenger Sheldan Nidle on The Light Agenda from August 9, 2012. Thanks to Ellen for the transcript.

Sheldan first went public with the messages he received from his Sirian star brothers and sisters in 1992. He has since written several books, including You Are Becoming A Galactic Human, and continues to share his messages with us every week and host monthly webinars. We talk about Sheldan’s childhood, family and what lies ahead with regards Ascension, Disclosure and December 21 – and more..

You can listen to the full The Light Agenda interview here:

Stephen Cook: My wonderful guest today knows a great deal about our star brothers and sisters. And yes, we, too, will be talking about Disclosure today.

Sheldon Nidle
Sheldan Nidle is one of the pioneers of galactic messages. He is a representative and lecturer for the Galactic Federation of Light, and he has now been bringing us direct communications from the Federation since 1992.

And in fact Sheldan has been meeting, conversing and sharing with the Federation and his own personal guide Washta and traveling back and forth between Federation ships for almost all his life.

He set up the Planetary Activation Organization in 1997, and he has written several books, including one of the first books I ever read, called You Are Becoming a Galactic Human. I can highly recommend this book to any one of you who would like to know the real history of our planet and our race’s origins.

Spare Yourself Being Distracted At This Point
By Any Playground Bullies

Spare yourself being distracted at this point by any playground bullies.
Michael channeled by Ron Head
September 20, 2012
in Michael, Ron's Channeled Messages

Today let us not forget to mention the impending equinox.  “Oh no!”, thinks our channel.  “We are going to get the light and energy stuff again.”  OK.  We will spare you that… after we point out that not only will you receive it stronger than ever, but there will be subtle changes as you move into this last quarter of your solar year and also into new abilities to sustain higher and higher volumes and frequencies.

We also need not point out that the crazies are seemingly becoming contagious all around you.  Many of you are wondering at yourselves for not becoming at least a little alarmed at what is happening and what is rumored to be about to happen.  Congratulations on your newfound ability to stay anchored in your centers and focused on your intended self-improvement.  Perhaps that is not the best thing to call it, but then, that is what you are doing.

There will be, and indeed are now attempts being made to throw the world into another full-blown war.  This does not surprise you, nor does it surprise us.  But there are just three months left in this momentous year, and a new world-wide war is not on the Divine Agenda.  A very great deal will happen in this three months, and much of it will be very disconcerting to many people, but you will emerge into your new year in better shape than you are now.  As we have said before, the world will not end and the sky is not falling.

What is happening is that you amazing creations of Mother/Father God, Creator of All That Is, are about the business of discovering and remembering who you are and what you are capable of.  For that eventuality, dear hearts, we suggest you hold onto your hats and fasten your seatbelts.  Even at this late date, there are relatively few of you who truly have any inkling of where you are heading.

You have heard us use many beautiful words and descriptions, but that is a far cry from the experience you are to begin very soon.  It is as if we had told you about chocolate ice cream for many years and now you are about to get your first real taste of it.  We have told you it is cold.  We have told you it is creamy, delicious, and wonderful.  But until you have actually tasted it, you have no idea the treat you are in for.  If I hold the ice cream cone out in front you, all you need to do is reach out and take it.  That, dear friends, is a very good metaphor for where you stand right now.  And the best part is that there is enough for you and all of your friends and all of their friends.  There is absolutely no lack of enough for everyone.

We will take care of distributing the ice cream cones.  You make sure that you are ready, polite, patient, and careful not to drop yours on the playground.  Well, actually, you couldn’t do that.  But spare yourself being distracted at this point by any playground bullies.

We once again applaud you all for your efforts and your success.  Stay this last short part of the course and we will continue to support you in all you do.  And if you are one of those who have said “Hi” to us when you noticed our presence or little nudges lately, we say “Hi” back to you.  We love you.  Good day, dear ones.

Copyright © Ronald Head. All Rights Reserved. You may copy and redistribute this material so long as you do not alter it in any way, the content remains complete, and you include this copyright notice link:

(Insert Your Name Here)

We are swimming in a sea of shoulds.  The list of what we must do in order to ascend is almost as long as our 3D list.  These 3D lists were created by those who would keep you so busy being you, that you’d lose the very essence of your being.  It would appear that we’ve traded one list for another.  While it is true that there are things that inhibit spiritual growth and others that propel it; none of them exist outside of you.

What this means is that any activity can become a sacred activity.  It is the state and intent of our heart that determines our experience.  In much the same way that you can manipulate the body to orgasm, you can orchestrate the body to spiritual heights utilizing certain practices.  There is a difference however in the depth of orgasm as well as the radiance of spiritual light that you reach.  That difference would be determined by the heart.  This is your most powerful organ.

In fact, the heart becomes critical not only to the fact of life (if it beats you have life and if it doesn’t, you don’t), but also to the quality of the very life that you have.  Where the heart is involved there is a deeper level of intensity, a richness of sensation and completeness.  Satisfaction and sustained effects are only possible in any lasting way, through the heart.

You have all you need for bliss.  Just love.  Once you find and accept the divinity that you are, your every waking moment will emulate Agape. 

To achieve bliss is not possible in isolation.  We are One.  The One that you are, is evidenced everywhere.  You cannot be alone.

There is no sea of shoulds, there are oceans of possibilities.  What you will never know is the path of another soul.  It is not possible to know the motivation of another; it is only possible to discern your own truth. For truth is something that you feel.  It has a frequency all its own.  You recognize its vibration.  It is felt deeply and resonates throughout your being.

Self love brings us to a point of knowing.  It becomes the salve to heal all wounds.  Once you understand that all pain is self-inflicted, you can heal.

We are here to transform a population.  My evolution is yours as well; we are One.  Our method is self-transformation.  We are on the path of Unity; the road of the pure of heart.  This is the place we each are headed.

What I call love and another terms divinity are in fact one and the same.  Both are the recognition of an inner God.  This is the ultimate destination no matter the course chosen.  It is the discovery that love, when felt for every nuance of you, is the truth dwelling in every flicker of light and life you encounter.  It begins and ends there, at your core, your heart, your divine self.

“You are no longer interested in being (INSERT YOUR NAME HERE); you are interested in being the physical expression of divinity.” *
This is the ultimate truth, your purpose; it is completely attainable – now.

You are the One you’ve been waiting for. 


GAIA PORTAL: Gaia Conduits Are Being Cleared And Clarified In Preparation For The Rapid Release Of 3D-4D Lower Aligned Energies

Gaia conduits are being cleared and clarified in preparation for the rapid release of 3D-4D lower aligned energies

September 20, 2012

Gaia has called. Hue-manity answers.

Release points designated for the 2012 period remaining have been identified and energetic healing teams contacted.

Messages were received by all Gaia Ground level operatives on these teams.

Gaia conduits are being cleared and clarified in preparation for the rapid release of 3D-4D lower aligned energies to occur after 9-22-12. Stargate Gaia transmits all such lower energies to Galactic Sol.

New Gaia energetic grids appear as connected golden pyramids that channel and intensify 5D-7D Cosmic Sol energies and reflect back only those to Gaia Inner. All lower energies are released via this grid, through Gaia Stargate, to Galactic Sol.

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