Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Sheldan Nidle - September 25, 2012

Sheldan Nidle - September 25, 2012

September 25, 2012

5 Ben, 1 Tzotz, 9 Eb
Dratzo! We return with more to discuss with you. At present, your ongoing body ascension programs are being temporarily suspended by divine decree, while a series of time collapse points goes into effect in the run-up to the end of your Gregorian year. These time-collapse points represent the juncture at which alternative timelines are integrated into your present ascending reality, because this is the sole reality which is to go forward into 2013. This collapse process can cause fluctuations in the Earth field, causing imbalances to your physical bodies. Furthermore, this process reduces the alternative scenarios that the dark cabal has available to it to try to circumvent the divine plan. These collapses are being implemented by the galactic Time Lords in order to prepare your realm to gracefully enter this single new reality. These collapses can create various physical side effects in many of you, which will include headaches, pains in your neck and spine, and assorted aches in the muscles of your legs and arms. These discomforts are only temporary, but Heaven wishes us to slow down our work on your bodies to compensate for the extra physical stress upon you during this time-collapse period.

Event Calls For Cultural Shift In News Media

The Good News for the Media panel (L-R): Martyn Lewis, Seán
Dagan Wood, Jeremy Wickremer and Jodie Jackson 

Event calls for cultural shift in news media

Journalists and members of the public came together in London on Wednesday to debate the need for more good news in the media. Kathleen Cassidy reviews the event

A landmark meeting of citizens, journalists and advocates of positive news took place at the British Museum on Wednesday, reflecting an increasing demand for a more realistic balance of good and bad news.

The Good News for the Media event, on 19 September 2012, drew more than 100 guests and included a panel of speakers featuring former BBC news presenter Martyn Lewis, Positive News editor Seán Dagan Wood, and founder of the Transformational Media Summit, Jeremy Wickremer.

GAIA PORTAL: Stargate Gaia has become “Star Gaia”

Stargate Gaia has become “Star Gaia”

September 25, 2012

We are Seeing Beings of Great Stature… Tall, standing in strength, hands together, on a Grand Sphere of Light.

We have not seen this until this moment. We are seeing it now.

The Sphere is Gaia. The Beings of Great Stature are Awakened Hue-manity.

Illuminescence of Gaia has tripled since the 9-9 Portal. We speak of the Inner Illuminescence, which many may also have awareness of in the so-called outer.

“Gaia” became “Stargate Gaia” as of the 9-9. As of this moment, “Stargate Gaia” has become “Star Gaia”.

Fullness of Illuminescence will be attained within a short period, dependent upon the rate of Higher Consciouness development of the humanity collective.

Fullness of Illuminescence is assured at this time in Gaia’s Ascension process.

You Are Much More Integrated With Your Wholeness

You are much more integrated with your wholeness.
channeled by Ron Head
September 24, 2012


The progression continues.  The equinox has passed, and still you feel no let-up in the downloads and changes to your energy fields.  There will be almost no respite for you now other than brief troughs between the waves.  The ‘surf’ will continue to build.  There will be several more very large ‘big ones’ for you to catch between now and the end of the year.

The incoming energy/information has now reached truly what could be called flood stage.  Yet you really, if you honestly think about it, do not feel overwhelmed at all.  It feels to be just as it was six months ago.  This is a measure of your progress, my friends.  Your capacities have increased tremendously.


Today we are on the second half of our Quest for Agape.  As we proceed, we’ll encounter lots of “Stitch’s”.  In the movie, “Lilo and Stitch”, Lilo was consistent about one thing – love.  The object of her affection was a destructive, mono-syllabic weird looking alien.  There was nothing warm and fuzzy about this pet.  Lilo decides he’s family and will not leave him behind; an extreme example of unconditional love.

Lilo could not know the motivation of Stitch, yet she identified with him as another lost soul, lashing out at a world he didn’t understand and that couldn’t understand him.

We are all Stitch to some degree.  There are no exceptions.  We are here for reasons we don’t fully recall, trying to fit in, do the right thing, find some love and happiness.

We came to this life because we have an incredible opportunity.  We are going to experience in one lifetime both extremes – polarity and unity.  We will advance while physical, and the intensity of that experience is what we came for.  Comparatively few beings signed on for this – being human is hard.  Yet you did, confident you could pull it off.   A shift of such magnitude that it’s been heralded “The Shift of the Ages” is what you agreed to conduct.  You are not watching this happen, you are making it happen.

In the home stretch now, you are looking around wondering how you’ll ever cross the finish line.  You may also be contemplating what the prize is.

First – the how – without judgment.  Every circumstance, each mistake, every outburst or criticism or atrocity witnessed you’ll view without blame, accusation or fault finding.  There is a difference between seeing clearly the person responsible for an action and hating him or her for it.

The first demands clarity of vision while the second incorporates duality.  Agape does not mean that suddenly all behavior is allowed to go on and that it is okay with you.  In a world such as ours, which has been deeply enslaved in density and polarity, the complete change to “service to others” will take awhile.  Many here will remain in the “service to self” modality for a bit.  Our challenge is what to do when they impact our life.

First, love.  All are equal here.  We are One.  Hatred and punishment is not necessary, while removal and re-education most definitely applies.

In our personal relationships, the option for re-education may not be there, yet we can always step away.  “Service to Others” does not mean NOT service to you, it includes you.  You are all others, they are mere reflections of the One that you are.

This is where our Quest began and where it must go.  Love that man or woman in the mirror.  All actions, thoughts, and words support her; everything he does begins with acceptance.  You are okay.  You are more than okay, you are a champion. 

 The prize is bliss.  Absolute joy ensues when you see only love.  Regardless of what your focus is, you are witnessing the workings of God.  This is possible with agape.  Loving the One that we are yields astonishing happiness.  No longer are you wasting your moments in judgment or pain.  You will stand in the truth of your divinity and establish a firm ground of love.  All who enter will be encased in the radiance of Agape.  No mistakes.  No exceptions.  This is where we are headed.  It is what we came for.  This prize cannot be measured in terms of earthly wealth, it is priceless.

We are the One we are waiting for.

Thank you.  I love you so very much and this Quest is a gift.

See you tomorrow,

United States of America Corporation
fiscal year ends this week;
time to end the horror

United States of America Corporation fiscal year ends this week; time to end the horror
Posted by Benjamin Fulford
September 24, 2012

The United States of America Corporation (as opposed to the Republic of the United States), based in the Vatican-like independent city state of Washington D.C., has its fiscal year end on September 30th. This criminal corporation has been constantly at war over the past 60 years if not the past several hundred years. It needs to be bankrupted once and for all and many of us are trying to do just this. The 13 inbred families that own this corporation have been trying desperately to avoid bankruptcy by starting World War 3.

However, even though they retain a rump of brain-washed slaves in Europe and North America, they have lost their ability to fool the world’s governments, militaries and intelligence agencies. Soon even the brain-dead TV slaves will awaken.

The recent troubles between China and Japan have provided us with a unique peek at how world elite power-games work at the highest level. China’s new leader, Xi Xinping, vanished from public view for a couple of weeks after making a speech at a top communist party academy. During that speech Xi denounced his predecessor, Hu Jintao, as being too soft on the Japanese because he had a Japanese mother, according to high level Chinese sources. He cited as his example Hu’s stance towards the disputed tiny Islands known as the Senkaku or Daiyu Islands. After the speech, angry Hu loyalists kidnapped Xi and beat him up, warning him not to mess up what was supposed to be a peaceful transfer of power.

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