Saturday, September 29, 2012

Venus Over A Cathedral

Updated: 10/1/2012 A reader pointed out this cannot be Notre Dame in Paris as its in the middle of the city not next a mountain or hill.  Its probably Spain but I don't know where. -AK

Individual images taken of Venus in one year to create a full curve. The summer solstice being at the top, winter solstice at the bottom, and equinox where they lines cross. Infinity and beyond and Notre Dame.

Reach Out For Us And We Are There With You

Reach out for us and we are there with you.
As channeled by Ron Head
September 29, 2012 in Michael, Ron's Channeled Messages


Our discussion today will begin by our asking once again for you to notice the sharp upturn in energy this full moon is bringing.  You may feel distinct changes in your reactions to events around you.  When you are prompted to speak or act, please remember to combine your feelings of unconditional love with your desire for change.  The impulse to do something may be new to you personally and unfamiliar.  It is always best to begin from one’s heart center and proceed as you know your highest vision of yourself would act.  That way, when you pause to ask yourself, “Did I just say that?” it will be with a smile on your face.

As you may be able to tell from the previous paragraph, you are now going to begin manifesting in earnest the changes in self for which you have long prayed as well as some that you intended long before this lifetime.  The legion of true lightworkers and wayshowers is now about to reveal themselves and assume the responsibilities for which they came here.  Know that your Creator and ourselves have the utmost trust and confidence in you.  Give up your feelings of insignificance, of smallness.  You are a part of a very immense group that will not be denied.  Your word, your smile, your ability to cope, your inner strength will all count for far more than you can imagine.

Gaia Portal: Star Assignments are In Place…

Star Assignments are In Place…

September 29, 2012

Star assignments for next steps are in place. Tactical positions for Light Beings have been outlined and those receptive are in full alignment. Awaiting further instructions.

Star Code 48693

Note: Please don't ask me what this means. I have no idea!  -AK

SOLDIER HUGS: The Leo Wanta Story

I have read bits and pieces of this over the years on Internet blogs, and to be honest I don't know the whole story on all of this. Various blogs have said the George HW Bush Nazi-Odessa cabal stole this money intended by President Reagan and Ambassador Leo Wanta for the American public. The complete story is now available in serial form on -AK

Publication Decision Regarding: OFFICIAL LEO/LEE WANTA Biography 

FROM: Marilyn MacGruder Barnewall DATE: September 19, 2012

I am very excited about the prospect of publishing on your Web site my “in process” book about Leo/Lee Emil Wanta, America’s most successful intelligence operative who served as President Ronald Reagan’s personal Intelligence Coordinator.

As I have discussed with you on your radio broadcasts on numerous occasions, I believe we are on a short path to ruin as a nation. When Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke announced Quantitative Easing III, it became very apparent to me that one of two things will happen and happen fairly soon: 1) The funds he intends to invest in those worthless mortgage-backed derivatives created from 2005 until the present time – the ones that should have bankrupted the too big to jail banksters on Wall Street long ago – will further depreciate the dollar and we will soon have rampant inflation. Or, 2) The bottom will fall from under the markets as the world recognizes the worthless mortgage-backed derivatives for what they are and the economy will contract severely, causing prices to fall, banks to fail, etc. Neither is a good scenario.

Gaia Sings!

Interesting how similar this sounds to whale songs! -AK

Frequency Shift: ET Mummy Found In Egypt:
Photo Leaked By Cairo Museum Insider

ET Mummy Found In Egypt: Photo Leaked By Cairo Museum Insider
Posted on September 28, 2012
by Gillian

The rumors have been whispered for years that the mummy of an extraterrestrial had been found in Egypt, nestled in a burial chamber beside a great Pharoh. Now, more evidence of the mummy’s possible existence have been reported on Facebook, along with this compelling photo.

I have included the accompanying text exactly as it was translated from Egyptian. I have not edited the text, nor changed a word, as it has a ring of truth to it just “as is.” You be the judge. Is this an elaborate hoax? Or is it possible that there were visitors to Earth that could have shaped the Egyptian culture, even played a part in it? Did this race of ET visitors build the pyramids – a feat we cannot recreate to this day?

The description of the photo, leaked by an anonymous source at the Egyptian Anitiquities Department, reads:
“The body of a perfectly preserved, carefully mummified an alien was found buried in an ancient pyramid. A mysterious creature from between 150 and 160 centimeters was found by an archaeologist near Lahun when exploring a small pyramid near the Dynasty doceaba of Senusret II. However, this fact was not revealed immediately.

The mummy of what appears to be an alien, dates back more than 2,000 years and it seems it would be a humanoid” said a source at the Egyptian Antiquities Department, who provided details and photographs of the find but did so under condition anonymity. “
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