Monday, October 1, 2012

If You Really Want Change, You Must Be Willing To Experience New Things

If you really want change, you must be willing to experience new things. 
Channeled by Ron Head
October 1, 2012
Ron's Channeled Messages


Good morning, dear friends.  We trust you enjoyed the full moon and all the energies it has brought you.  We know that many of you are now seeing the manifestation into your lives of the things we have promised you.  Some awoke today to find that things have truly begun to take off for them.

Let go of your comfortable lives and be willing to “go with the flow”, as you say, if you truly wish to have the lives you dream of.  If you really want change, you must be willing to experience new things.  Just remember to remain in your heart space and you will be guided to the best for you, as we have promised, but you cannot hold fast to the safety of the known and still reach the unknown.

Again today you are seeing reports that are meant to alarm you in all kinds of ways.  We are very glad to see that most of you are seeing past the intended alarm to the promise of change that they truly portend.  And, once again, we tell you to enjoy the brief respite and the still incoming flow as things get ready for your next great wave, the ten-ten portal opening which approaches.

United States of America Corporation Looting Individual Bank Accounts to Postpone Bankruptcy

United States of America Corporation looting individual bank accounts to postpone bankruptcy

Posted by Benjamin Fulford
October 1, 2012

The United States of America Corporation, a subsidiary of the bloodline family-owned Federal Reserve Board, has resorted to stealing private funds, and blaming it on “Iranian cyber-attacks,” in order to stave off bankruptcy, according to CIA and other sources. This desperate stalling maneuver comes as the members of the old pentagram of power, David Rockefeller, George Bush Senior, Queen Elizabeth, Evelyn de Rothschild and the Pope all argue amongst each other over what to do next.

The overall picture is that the Queen and the Pope are funneling money to Obama and pushing for his re-election, while the Rockefellers and Bushes are looking towards Asia, according to both CIA and Vatican sources. This leaves the Rothschild’s out on a limb and isolated. Their plan to start war and mayhem in the Middle-East, prior to doubling oil prices, is now starting to look like a really bad, if not fatal, chess move.

Word has also now come back from the Vatican archives about the fate of the Menorahs taken from the Temple of Solomon by troops of the Roman Emperor Titus. According to a senior Vatican archivist, the original Menorahs from the temple were melted down and turned into small statues that were distributed amongst various Romans and thus cannot be returned to the temple. However, the Vatican also has several solid gold Menorah’s dating back to the time of Jesus that they say they would be willing to hand over to an honorable group of Torah Jews. The Talmudic Jews, whose belief system is Babylonian and Sumerian but not Jewish, would not be considered qualified to receive the Menorahs, the Vatican sources say. Nonetheless, the willingness of the Vatican to make such a gesture would be very helpful to help start a not-so secret operation, code named OSC, that is being proposed by the White Dragon Society. We will talk more about this at the end of the news-letter but for now let us return to the geopolitical situation.

SaLuSa, October 1, 2012

SaLuSa, October 1, 2012

You enter another month, and look back and see how time has passed so quickly. During that period you have as Lightworkers done so much to lift the levels of consciousness, and a grand awakening is taking place. It is a great achievement against the background of the efforts of the Illuminati to distract you and create fear. You have not seen extensive arrests take place as expected, but nevertheless all the changes previously spoken about are proceeding. The delays have shown how much you have learnt, by keeping your focus upon the more important matters concerning your own evolution. It is not selfish to think about self, as no one else can prepare you for Ascension, although you can find plenty of advice.

The outer happenings are not essential to your progress, but present to you an opportunity to understand what the future holds for you. It is your entitlement that you have earnt by raising your vibrations, and reflects your greater upliftment into the Light. You cannot just decide you would like to ascend and be successful without first putting in the needed effort. It is unnecessary to absorb reams of information, although there is much available that will help your understanding. What is important is how you are inside and whether you have been able to look outwards and accept that you are All One. That will go a long way forward to helping you create a higher consciousness level.

Make Your Stand

Love is a force.  Your heart is the most powerful organ in your body.  If you weren’t sure about what resource you’d use to get you through any difficult times, doubt no more.  With the power of your very essence you’ll emerge on the other end of whatever it is you are facing right now – and shine.

Just love.  It is the one thing no one can take from you.  It is always available and can be pulled out and used at any moment.  Above the din of alarm and worry and fear and despair, there is a place of peace.  It is from there you will make your clearest decisions and your most definitive choices.

We are looking at polarity amplified.  Shouts of war and loss, right and wrong, good and evil shout at us from every place.  Understand what is really happening here, and with a calm you didn’t know you had, see the truth.  These “weapons of mass destruction” have no effect on you – you come from your core.  These are but the cries of an angry child, let them dissipate and love anyway.  It is love that will be here when these other tactics fail.  If you have or care for children, you know this game.  Patience and calm succeed every time.  Fear, regardless of its volume, is no match for love.

If you were waiting for the right time to stick your stick in the sand and make your stand, wait no longer.  Today is the day.  Do not allow anything to cross that line that even hints at fear.  You are a being of absolute power, sourced from Agape.  Do you know what that means?  It means that nothing in either physical or non-physical form is more powerful than you.  Love trumps everything.

It’s like having a secret weapon in your back pocket.  Today, when dealing with any challenge before you, use it.  Love is not meant to be saved for later or for only a few lucky recipients. 

Love is needed desperately, right now.  The whole world could use what you are carrying – share it.  Love your elected officials, bankers, relatives, friends and those who need it the most – your enemies.  Love without pause or hesitation.  Your efforts will have more of an effect right now than perhaps ever before.

The world is polarizing, pulling and stretching and choosing sides.  Fear does not know yet that it is out of its league.  A persistent and consistent flow of “No, your efforts have no effect here” will demonstrate the truth.  Others will see what you are and they will join you.  The ripple effect is real, that’s why the fear shouters are so loud; they are trying to drown you out.

Once you declare who you are, the rest falls into place.  One day we may not need to make a stand, as the world will operate as One.  That day is not today.  Today there are some who still believe there are winners and losers and if you don’t join the right team or take the best route, you could lose.

Love never loses.  You hold the most powerful force in creation.  Be it.  Use it.  Feel it.  Embody it.  In every moment, regardless of what you see before you, know that you are love, here to alter our entire world.

We are the One we’ve been waiting for.

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