Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Sheldan Nidle - October 2, 2012

Sheldan Nidle - October 2, 2012
October 2, 2012

12 Ahau, 8 Tzotz, 9 Eb

Dratzo! We come today, knowing that a great many things are approaching the point where they can begin to take shape before your eyes. Our Secret Sacred Societies aided by our Earth allies are working hard to complete a broad spectrum of activities which will create an astonishing new reality for you. We watch with much merriment as these many projects come to fruition, knowing that they are the start of what is to make disclosure possible! We intend to take this opportunity to make a series of announcements to inform you of the enormous scope of what has been undertaken to get Mother Earth and humanity to this point, and to detail the many changes that will be proclaimed by the leaders of the new caretaker governments. These formal statements will shape the framework for the introduction of new technologies, our first interaction with you, and a basic schedule of what is to take place just before and after our mass landings. We have adjusted the content of these broadcasts in light of what we have been told by the leaders of your new governance, and will therefore also modify aspects of the timeline that we are going to share with you.

It is important to us that our interactions from the very beginning be open and flexible enough to adapt to any judicious changes to our schedule that are deemed necessary. Our primary reason for coming here is to be your mentors and to use our abilities to make your transition to full consciousness as swift, smooth, and comprehensible for you as possible. Under this edict we have continually adapted our mission according to what was decreed to be divinely possible. Our liaison personnel constantly provide us with a flood of information regarding your different consciousness groups and their various, ever-changing programs. We then use this data to shape and reshape our mutual mission-goals. Our purpose is to move you toward full consciousness within the divine plan set up for your world by Lord Surea and the realm of AEION. This sacred realm is the reason behind what we do. The divine plan for this time specifies the termination of Mother Earth's and your internment by the dark, and your joint return to full consciousness.

China Just Killed All "China Bails Out Europe"
Rumors For Good

Tyler Durden's pictureChina Just Killed All "China Bails Out Europe" Rumors For Good


Just in case there are still any hopes that the FT, or any other credible media outlet, may come up with a story, like it used to do almost daily back in 2011 and early 2012, that China, whose stock market continues to plumb 3 year lows, has some capacity to inject cash (that it doesn't have) into a broke continent (which would never repay said cash even if it existed), here comes none other than China's Sovereign Wealth Fund to make sure there is never again a rumor that China will bail out Europe. From Reuters: "China would be interested in buying into a Eurobond backed by core euro zone countries and considers investment in bonds issued by heavily European countries unrealistic, a senior official with China's $480 billion sovereign wealth fund said.

Jin Liqun, chairman of the supervisory board of the China Investment Corporation (CIC), said until fundamental problems of fiscal, social and monetary policies in euro zone countries burdened by debt are solved, there could be no investment." 

They never will be so scratch that possibility out. Now we can limit the universe of idiotic Europe is saved (it isn't - it is only a matter of time now before the ship sinks) rumors to at least one less.

And some more:
"It's not realistic to expect any Chinese investor, CIC included, to buy the bonds, which are not safe," Jin, a former vice finance minister of China, told Reuters on the sidelines of VTB Capital investment conference in Moscow on Tuesday.

"If the euro zone would issue a Eurobond backed by all of the (core) countries - it is more attractive to international investors."

It is, however, realistic to expect entities which are also "unsafe" to dodecatuple down on said "unsafe" bond purchases. Such as all Italian and Spanish banks, as well as all central banks, which have now become toxic bondohazard repositories of only resort.

That said, thank you China for your honesty.

Australian Carbon Tax Cartoons

World Leaders Cancel Trips and Meetings

Next Steps Currently Enabled and Supported at 5-7D Levels


Next Steps Currently Enabled and Supported at 5-7D Levels

October 2, 2012

Multi-Directional couplings have completed. Star patterns aligned with Gaia energetics have enabled exchange of grids among Star Light Beings. Essential patterns for ascendancy are complete.

Next steps are currently enabled and supported at 5-7D levels.

GAIA PORTAL: Golden Attention Status Confirmed…


Golden Attention Status Confirmed…

October 2, 2012

Instructions for Ascendants: 

Attention status at Gold level. 
Awareness rating at 80%. 
Readiness at 95%.

Free Will

Free will is an interesting idea.  We can choose.  There is no cosmic decider making our decisions for our own good.  It comes always to us.

As a child when I heard about free will I thought “How free is it really? When, if you make the wrong choice, this thunderbolt God will strike you down.”  I was 8 years old; the beginnings of my questioning.

I am no longer a child, and today I question pretty much everything.  We’ve been lied to and it no longer matters if it was deliberate or not, not really.  What matters are the choices we make.  In this year of 2012 our eyes are being opened.  I must admit that mine are like a deer caught in headlights – they are wide open.

As each day and new revelation passes, our choices become informed choices.  We are no longer feeling around in the dark, hoping not to anger the lender or God or official we are dealing with.  With an idea of what’s really going on, we are claiming our place as sovereign beings of light, living in a reality that’s been controlled and manipulated by those who serve only themselves.  The choice to worship, fear, listen to or obey these beings is always ours; free will.

What will you choose?  The effects of your choice will play out in your every day.  Realize that this choice is not evidenced only with your actions.  It is demonstrated with your heart.  What we haven’t been told is the truth of our own power.  We’ve grown up in a manipulated world, trusting logic over intuition.  The wisdom you hold is found in your heart.  Its perceptual capabilities exceed those of your brain.  If you nourish those, and approach each decision from a heart space rather than a head space, your will is free. 

Those that have controlled us have done so with our head.  They fed us information to cause fear and obedience, worship and subservience.  With your heart engaged, those emotional reactions are negated.  There is no fear in love.

Oneness is already understood at a deep visceral level.  The ancients got it.  When you hear stories of the wisdom keepers and their traditions and methods, you doubt them.  That is your head, which has been fed untruths and limitations your entire life.

Listen with your heart.  If what you hear is truth, you’ll know what to do.  Lies feel heated and uncomfortable and can be frightening.  Trust.  The answers to all questions are within.  Your heart will lead you to information, places and people that stimulate your own knowing. 

“This above all: to thine own self be true,
And it must follow, as the night the day,
Thou canst not then be false to any man.”
from Hamlet, by Shakespeare

We are the One we’ve been waiting for.

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