Wednesday, October 3, 2012

FEDS Seize Gold Coins from US Citizen

JP Morgan "FORGIVES" Debt
the Bankruptcy Courts Already Discharged,
Defrauding US Gov't
and Putting Millions into an IRS Tax Liability

UFO In the Shape of the DNA Tesseract

Check out the UFO at 2:02 in the video...look familar? Its the same sort of shape as the DNA tesseract.
For information on the DNA tesseract see


I've started the  Obi Wan Kabuki blog as an expansion of American Kabuki.  I've come to realize that American Kabuki really has two audiences, a financial and government changes audience and a ascension and lightworker audience.  So please pay a visit to Obi Wan Kabuki!

Obi Wan Kabuki is for the Jedi among my audience.  Consciousness, earth changes, channelings, and similar messages will find their main home on this new blog.  The transition will occur slowly, the two blogs will be cross linked in the header links (hopefully we can get the AK ones working! Hint, hint, Google!) so that you can easily go from one to the other.  In Obi Wan Kabuki I'm linking in the header commonly visited blogs, those not listed are not inferior in anyway, there are just too many to list and these are my personal favorites. There's many good article on these sites, many that don't get published in my blog.  There simply isn't time enough for all of them.

American Kabuki will redouble its coverage of finance changs, banking resignations, and government and political changes.

I think perhaps in this way I can serve my audience better and their will be some who are interested in both blog sites and it will be easy to switch between the two.

Thank you for you readership! Its greatly appreciated!

UPRISER: The Evolution of Revolution

UPRISER // the evolution of revolution

“The reasonable person adapts themselves to the world; the upriser persists in trying to adapt the world to themself. Therefore, all progress depends on the upriser.” ~ adapted from George Bernard Shaw

What is UPRISER?

UPRISER is being designed as the ultimate platform for rapid grassroots organizing, seeding revolutionary ideas, innovation, launching startups, whistle-blowing, and starting and coordinating positive initiatives democratically.

The New Roundtable for Revolutionaries

From innovators to Anonymous hacktivists, whistleblowers and rabble rousers to social entrepreneurs, iconoclasts and change-agents to John F. Kennedy’s speech writer – all share a common bond – the insatiable desire to change the world for the better – and now we are coming together to collaborate through a new site designed to coordinate massive positive change:

UPRISER aims to unite the eclectic passions of rebels, visionaries, free-spirits and pioneers worldwide by offering them a platform to rapidly share, crowd-filter and amplify revolutionary ideas; giving the best ideas and most pertinent messages the support and attention they deserve. Top posts unlock tools pioneered by Anonymous to stage and coordinate massive distributed operations.

Viral amplification of ideas depends heavily on people’s vanity and willingness to be seen sharing something (often resulting in a glut of shallow memes that drown out more important ideas and messages). UPRISER, on the other hand, employs anonymous democratic voting and amplification so important ideas and messages get the attention they deserve. You don’t need to have a big following to be heard, you just need the right idea at the right time.

What happens when you bring millions of change-agents and disruptive innovators together? We’re about to find out.


Why do we need money? has the potential to be one of the most important online organizing tools for innovation because it helps rapidly select and coordinate positive action in a horizontal democratic way, while mainstreaming powerful team coordination tools pioneered and perfected by Anonymous.

But this is just the beginning...

The UPRISER community will collectively design direct improvements to the site going forward, but we need your financial support to sustain the costs of development and hosting of

By providing these funds, at this critical time, you are helping this revolutionary platform reach maturity quickly and serve the world in a powerful way.

Expenses include database development, app server development, Android development, Apple IOS development, information layout, graphic and web design, at least one full-time administrator, scalable clustered hosting on Amazon Web Services just to name the essentials.

I have already put well over 50,000 dollars (which is basically all of my money) into this project, footing the bill for developer costs, rent, server costs, and retaining in the face of a significant buyout offer. I am running out of cash, and I really need your help.

Don’t be fooled by the quality of the above video, I did it alone in my basement. I’m a fighter and a perfectionist, but I don’t have the kind of money that people often think I do. I just care deeply enough to figure out how to do things well. I also care a LOT more about doing what’s right for everybody than I do about making money, which is probably why I am in this situation where I have to humbly ask your for help.

We can do this -- IF YOU JUMP IN RIGHT NOW...

In order for us all to come together and for UPRISER to fulfill its potential, becoming a thriving incubator for positive action where anyone with an important message or initiative can get their voice heard quickly by hundreds of thousands of other activists and disruptive innovators WE NEED YOUR HELP. For UPRISER to become a place where great opportunities to positively shape our world get the immediate attention and support they deserve WE NEED YOUR HELP.

Our Funding Goals and what they mean...

Live to fight another day...

If we raise $30,000, we live to fight another day. UPRISER gets to launch.

Get into the ring...

If we raise $60,000, we’ll be able to get into the ring. We’ll have enough to make some important fixes and upgrades to the site and come out swinging.

Go the first round...

If we raise $120,000, we’ll have some staying power. We should be able to navigate all the unexpecteds of the first few months.

Be a contender...

If we can raise $250,000 or more, UPRISER will be a contender. We’ll be able to hire some much needed staff and get things done right the first time.

Go the distance...

If we can raise $500,000 or more UPRISER will have the staying power and the strength to go the distance. UPRISER will be able to move FULL SPEED AHEAD - without having to take it slow or pinch pennies - and will be able to deliver the BEST TOOLS & USER EXPERIENCES RIGHT AWAY.

Other Ways You Can Help

Please help us spread the word. Believe me when I say that I truly understand if you have the desire to help but are unable to contribute money. If you really want to help, here are several other ways you can:

Share on Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Blogs, and wherever you can!

Share this campaign on Facebook, Twitter or whichever sites you frequent.

You can also use the "share" feature right at the bottom of this page.

Join the "Improve UPRISER" Design & Development Effort!

Help UPRISER be developed "for the people by the people." Join our development effort and help design the next generation of To volunteer for this effort, send an email to with the subject "UPRISER developer"

Who's behind this?

UPRISER was started with the help of Internet activist Gregg Housh and advisor Richard Goodwin, (former speechwriter for John F. Kennedy and whistleblower champion whom the movie "Quiz Show" was based on). Also helping is Dev/Ops white wizard Mike Santo, and Webby Award winning activist Pete Dutro. John LoPorto, 12 year old son of the founder, produced the iPhone & iPad app with the help of Jason Morrissey, developer of Alien Blue. And finally myself, Garret John LoPorto - professional troublemaker.

Special thank you to Bonnie, Dorris, Ishita, Mussie, John, Buzz, Rick, Nat, Nadeem, Alex, Jason, Heather, Jamee, Nancy, Jake, Johanna and Rich.


Everybody's Right

I am filled with hope, love and excitement for what is to come.  Something has changed recently and although I cannot show you a picture of what it was, I can tell you what I see.  I see all of us right.

There are so many versions of truth.  What if they were all correct?  We stand today a divided planet.  There are nations and within them states and within them counties and towns.  Within the towns there are men, women and children; from every nation, following every religion, team, political party, interest and sexual preference.  Within each of these you will find a belief so strong that it seems unchangeable.

Here is a version of life I am coming to resonate with, for it allows for every difference.  We are all right.  The Cabal has infiltrated the speaking of the “Channels”, while there are some authentic “Channels” as well.  There are man made ships as well as off world ships.  There is both divine and human intervention.  There is a dark force looking for domination and destruction while there are very human men and women who have followed the “service to self” route all on their own.  There are “Archons” wreaking havoc and there are Alphabet agencies of human beings carrying out criminal agenda’s.  All stories contain truth.

Everyone is right.  Everyone is love.  You chose to be part of a grand plan – to lift the Earth out of the darkness she has been in; to ascend.  The stories are all true.  You are here to participate, not because you are better than anyone else, but because it is time now to restore balance to the Earth.  The depths of the darkness demanded a great deal of light.  You are that light.

There are forces for balance and forces for destruction and forces for peace.  The sacred texts speak truth, although the literal interpretations have led to division and speculation and misunderstanding.  Many of them were taken out of context, which does not negate their value, or make them irrelevant. 

The force that yields the greatest power is the force for One. You are that force. The One has asked for a great influx of light to the earth right now because there is an imbalance; the dark/destruction has seized and held this planet for long enough.  Our work is not complete.  The balance must be maintained once it is achieved. 

We have free will.  Man chose this path.  We have been (unknown to our conscious selves) collectively in service to a destructive force.  This force has one goal and it is absolute – it creates and then destroys as a show of power – absolute power.  That is its only purpose.  War, ownership and corruption are its methods. When it realizes there are no longer possibilities for domination it moves on – it has.

Its minions, the Archons/Illuminati, do not realize yet that the game is over.  They will continue.  Like chickens without heads, they are unaware and still running around, doing whatever chickens do.  This is where the free will of man comes into play. 
Man must now continue to make a stand against destruction by resisting those efforts.  He will be helped by off world sources if he chooses to be helped.  We have to ask for help, not ask to be “saved”.  We do not need a savior; we are here to save ourselves.  We are the One.  We have come here ourselves, to save ourselves, in service to humanity; the One.

It would appear that we have asked.  Although our history is filled with darkness, the overall picture of things is not.  We must get past the horror and disbelief of our past and move on to action in our present.  It is time to do what we feel called to do. 

There are many possibilities.  We’ve learned that there is corruption in our banks, corporations, religions and governments – we can start just about anywhere.  Think of things to do that will no longer support a self-destructive system.  Self reliance and collaboration is key. 

It’s not necessary that we all get on the same train, yet it is time to start moving.  We are here with purpose.  We are here to love absolutely.  This may not always be easy, but it is necessary and will alter our world. 

Balance means that both sides always exist.  This is the lesson of every spiritual teacher we’ve encountered. The earth is a template for growth and evolution.  The challenges propel us; we are here for the stimulus they offer.  We have come to learn. We are Master creators.  We know what to do.  We all planned this party, ages ago. 

We are the One we’ve been waiting for.

Blogger Page Link Errors

There is a problem with Google's Blogspot/Blogger page link which are at the top of the page.  Curiously they worked last night, and they work on the sister blog to this site, but not on American Kabuki today. I found this comment on the Google Blogspot blog which indicates the problem has been going on since mid September, and it is not yet fixed:

Wednesday, September 19, 2012 Pages linked to an external web address are not currently working. We'll update this post when we have more information.  Google blogspot Pages external link error, javascript error, missing URL
This means the links to David Wilcock's Financial Tyranny article is gone, as is the link to the sister blog to Obi Wan Kabuki.

Here's the hard links here:

Today's Dilbert Cartoon

A reader pointed out that this is today's Dilbert desk tear off calendar.  The man in gray hair is Warren Buffet.  This was originally published October 3, 2009.

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