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POOF: The Drama of It All

Lyrics to " Life " by Sly And The Family Stone 

Clouds and clowns 
You don't have to come down

Tell it like it is 
You don't have to die before you live

You might get angry sometimes 
But don't let it turn you around 
All you gotta do 
Is get your livin' now

Clouds and clowns 
You don't have to come down

Tell it like it is 
You don't have to die before you live

You might be scared of somethin' - look at mr stewart 
He's the only person he has to fear 
He'd only let himself get near 
He don't trust nobody 
If he stopped bein' so shady 
He could have a nice young lady

Clouds and clowns 
You don't have to come down

Tell it like it is 
You don't have to die before you live

You're gonna be sad sometimes 
You might wake up to find your pet is gone 
But maybe 
He's tired of bein' alone 
Dog gets hip, it has to go 
And if you're lovin' you can't be sad no more

Clouds and clowns 
You don't have to come down

Tell it like it is 
You don't have to die before you live 

Greetings and Salutations;

We've hit the end of the wait so, of course we had bankers throwing themselves on their swords from Switzerland, to Austria, even Denver Fed boys. Arrested and locked up. One of the problems these clowns have is, they just can't grasp the technology of the matrix. It's as alien as any ET stuff, comparable to 'sentient' computers. Watch the movie again if you don't get it. It's more real than you imagine, that's why these guys get busted so quick. The bad guys have also enlisted more sci fi stuff to try and get control of the white house...H.A.A.R.P. and that's what's charging up the east coast right now.

These are desperate times for the bad guys so, they are subject to try anything, like a bunch of cornered rats. Now, what would you do if the sewer rats where trying to take over your house? In this case, they've been running it so, extermination is afoot. D-con works or like my dad used to use, phosphorous spread on a piece of bread...keep some water close, it sucks the water right out of their body. And it leaves no stink of decaying flesh. They become 'frisbees', furry one's. That's why you don't let children chew on match tops. In the art of war, you use all measures to win the war and preserve as much life as you can.

I'm sure you seen the blurbs out here about Wall Street bankers finally being taken down. Took a while but, the time has come and diarrhea is everywhere. Malox and pepto bismol is selling off the shelves. What's with the boys jumping off of high places in london? Can't handle not running stuff anymore. Can't defeat. What happened to the 'stiff upper lip'? Reminds me of Shaka Zulu, the movie. Get a little pride about yourselves. All is in order and there's no reason for panic, just a changing of the guard. It's Life and life is not a static state. That's one thing you can bet on, no matter who's in charge. That's why all the freaking is going on, people losing their ever lovin' minds, change is afoot and they are losing their sense of control, thus the abdominal issues.

Be prepared to be surprised and well off, steady as she goes. If you're reading the Internet to get a sense of things, I'll just say a lot of smoke and mirrors are being fed to the talkers and 'magic card tricks' to keep folks off balance. Even Trump is about to have his sense of who he thinks he is, is about to be challenged in the money dept. I bet he doesn't even see it coming, his ego is too big...goes along with his comb over hair. Freedom is coming shortly, now, be patient (as if you haven't already) but, they've hit a deep drive center field. It's a confirmed homerun for all of humanity across the planet.

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H.A.A.R.P Map of  The USA 10/28/2012October 28, 2012 - 7:15p EDT 

Readings continue in the Northeast with a start longwave time on October 19th, peaking a few days ago. The white shade has not been seen before in this project and we suspect it is a reading that is over 10. Unknown at the time.

Western USA signals are sustained at around a 5.6 and have been for a couple days now, after having grown from a 3.0 yesterday morning.
Cause: Unknown

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What Do You Mean WE Kemosabe?

By American Kabuki

There's an old joke about the Lone Ranger.

The Lone Ranger and Tonto find themselves after a long exhausting horse ride staring up at canyon walls filled with hostile Apache warriors.  The Lone Ranger sensing the impending doom, turns to Tonto, his faithful Indian scout, and says "What do WE do now Tonto?"  Tonto slowly turns towards to the Lone Ranger, thinks of his Indian brothers and says "What do you mean WEkemosabe?"

The joke is funny, because it speaks to us of the shifting nature of allegiances in the game of duality.  Who's on first as Abbott and Costello posed the question... It can get quite confusing trying to keep track of it all. And nobody trusts anyone. And it gets worse the more money and power is involved.

Is the person who gives me a great scoop working in my interest, or giving me a short rope of disinformation to hang myself?  If you dwell on such ideas for long that's the sure road to paranoia.

Why does one blogger insist I must be the enemy of another if I am to be their friend?  One accused me a belonging to the cabal simply because I choose not judge another's motives. And the same people they wanted me to judge, judge another yet another blogger who's given me some of the most accurate information yet.  Why does everyone want me to put conditions on who I love?  Love doesn't require that someone else qualify for it.  Love poses no preconditions.

GAIA PORTAL: Relaxation Period Follows Energetic Upgrades

Relaxation Period Follows Energetic Upgrades
by ÉirePort

Relaxation period follows energetic upgrades. Temporary stillness on all levels allows alignment of upgrade energetics with current Gaia timeline.

Resting of external Gaia mantle is needed at this time. Gaia outer and inner adjustments continue in short order.

Peak will occur as ground is cleared of unnecessary debris. We refer to energetics here, although some reflects in the 3D.

Alignment with the Higher Light intentions is requested at this time. Understanding of the Higher Light intentions is not required at this time.

ÉirePort | October 28, 2012 at 19:13

7.7 Earthquake North of Vancouver BC

M7.7 - 139km S of Masset, Canada
2012-10-28 03:04:10 UTC

52.769°N, 131.927°W
Depth: 17.5km (10.9mi)
Event Time

2012-10-28 03:04:10 UTC
2012-10-27 20:04:10 UTC-07:00 at epicenter
2012-10-27 20:04:10 UTC-07:00 system time

52.769°N 131.927°W depth=17.5km (10.9mi)

Nearby Cities

139km (86mi) S of Masset, Canada
202km (126mi) SSW of Prince Rupert, Canada
293km (182mi) SW of Terrace, Canada
556km (345mi) NW of Campbell River, Canada
635km (395mi) SSE of Juneau, Alaska
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Tectonic Summary

The October 28th, 2012 (October 27 at the location of the epicenter) M 7.7 earthquake south of Masset, Canada, occurred as a result of oblique-thrust faulting near the plate boundary between the Pacific and North America plates. At the location of this event, the Pacific plate moves approximately north-northwest with respect to the North America plate at a rate of approximately 50 mm/yr.

This earthquake is likely associated with relative motion across the Queen Charlotte fault system offshore of British Columbia, Canada. Studies of tectonics in this region suggest plate motions are taken up by strike slip faulting parallel to the plate boundary, accompanied by lesser amounts of thrust motion to accommodate the oblique nature of the plate motion vector between the two plates with respect to the orientation of the main plate boundary fault structure. This oblique component of plate motion may involve either underthrusting of the western edge of the Pacific Plate beneath North America, or be taken up on crustal faults within the North America plate. The October 28th earthquake is consistent with either scenario.

This region of the Pacific:North America plate boundary has hosted 7 earthquakes of magnitude 6 or greater over the past 40 years – the largest of which was a M 6.6 earthquake in 2009, 80 km to the south east of the 2012 earthquake. In 1949, a M 8.1 earthquake occurred closer to the Pacific:North America plate boundary, likely as a result of strike-slip faulting, approximately 100 km northwest of the October 28th earthquake, near the northern extent of Haida Gwaii region (formerly Queen Charlotte Islands).

Message hawaii.TSUHWX.2012.10.28.0514

Tsunami InformationEarthquake Information
Message Time:27 Oct 2012 07:14 pm HST
Message Num:3
Message Text:click to read
Message Type:Tsunami Warning
ETAs / Obs:measurements
Preliminary (PTWC)Official (USGS)
Origin Time:27 Oct 2012 5:04 pm HST27 Oct 2012 5:04 pm HST
Magnitude:7.7 Mwp
(reviewed by PTWC)
Latitude:52.8° N52.8° N
Longitude:131.8° W131.9° W
Depth:17.5 km (10.9 mi)
Location:Queen Charlotte Islands Region
More Info.:updated earthquake information from the USGS NEIC
hawaii.TSUHWX.2012.10.28.0514 map

NOTE: PTWC earthquake parameters are only preliminary.
The USGS National Earthquake Information Center (NEIC) is the official source for earthquake information.USGS
Did you feel it? Report a felt earthquake.

More Information
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