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PROJECT CAMELOT: Shadow Operations: The Mars Project Part 1-5

Thanks to GW Hardin for letting me know this was already online!

The Missing Dead

My wife has a client that is a property management company.  Last week the property management company had a tenant call in from Oceanside California saying a blonde man dumped a dead Mexican man into their dumpster!

The police were called, the witnesses questioned by police.  Yet nothing was said on the evening news! Nothing in the newspaper and nothing on Google!

This really has me wondering how many people are killed in this country and nobody ever knows about it.  How can something like this be suppressed?

DANIEL: Q & A After Release of Geoengineering Paper

Questions and comments are in black font and Daniel’s responses are in blue (Daniel is color-blind to red). If you have additional comments add them to either this posting or the Geoengineering paper, or the Time Lines papers by Daniel.   -AK

Aaron of comment: Daniel can only outline whats happening in the form of explaining the Science that THEY KNOW. But he certainly cannot be the "savior" of mankind; for that is UP TO  MANKIND.

The bad guys are probably going to be more interested in my research than the good guys! As I 
mentioned, they listen to the "experts", which have things backwards and all sorts of bizarre 
explanations to account for it. They DON'T KNOW... and the fun part is that the bigshots are 
probably going to get pissed at their experts for getting it wrong!

Patricia: If/when the sun does go dark [temporarily], I will be enormously grateful for the understanding of what is really happening. Thank you, Daniel. Also, it is already obvious to the naked eye that the sun is significantly more white than yellow, and larger.

That is obvious to me, too, when I look in the sky at the sun. But then, most people miss the obvious! I used to watch sunspots through my welding glasses--a very dark red--but now, using the same lens, can't even look at the sun. Just too bright.

Patricia: Question: Daniel, you discounted the photon belt theory outright, which makes me wonder. Is there no truth to the IBEX "ribbon" data at all?

DANIEL: Re: photon belt... in order to have a "belt," for example the asteroid belt, there needs to be some cohesion between the constituent parts. Photons do not gravitate--there is nothing to keep photons together, in a belt or otherwise. If there is a belt, it may emit photons but cannot be made of them. If anything, my experience has taught me to keep an open mind, so I don't discount it as much as I am not able to find any evidence that it exists.

Another false assumption that arises from the conventional perspective of looking at the universe backwards, is that we believe stars and solar systems just float around in this void of emptiness, containing all sorts of other things floating around like belts, ribbons, stars and rogue planets. The actual situation, which is now being reported by the extra-solar satellites, is that almost everything is in a kind of gravitational lock down. Consider the sun and stars to be in the center of bubbles. That bubble isn't floating around the room--it's part of a dense foam of bubbles, a "galactic neighborhood," so the walls of each bubble is pushed up against the other and can hardly move at all. There is no real "void" between stars for things to roam about in. For a galaxy, think of the whirlpool of your dishwater foam going down the drain--moves in clumps, not individual bubbles. (Since galactic evolution is based on stellar evolution, and stellar evolution is backwards... galactic evolution is also backwards.) We're in the middle of a big clump called the Sagittarius Dwarf.

Re: IBEX, I looked at that when the data first came out, only to find there was very little actual data and a ton of speculation. I just looked again, and doesn't seem to be any different. To me it looks very much like a "lens flare," not a real object... a distortion created by the electromagnetic bubbles bumping into each other in the foam, basically the same thing NASA is saying now about it.


David Wilcock Update – November 7th, 2012


Written by David Wilcock Wednesday, 07 November 2012 22:22

A groundbreaking two-year-old Project Camelot TV pilot, featuring Wilcock and others, finally airs TONIGHT — just days after our classic black-ops insider “Daniel” has suddenly come forward for the first time, releasing fascinating new information!


The momentum for Disclosure has been building with incredible speed — even in the mainstream media. One of my in-progress articles is a huge collection of Disclosure-related news stories — appearing in just the last 6 months or so.

And now, the morning after what may have been the most bitterly contentious election in American history — where neither choice seemed very appealing — I am happy to announce a handful of significant events that will help make Disclosure a reality.

Project Camelot will make its official debut on international cable television tonight, November 7, 2012 — at 11PM PDT/EDT, on the TruTV network, directly after Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura.

The name of the program is Shadow Operations: The Mars Project.  It is important that we watch this show and let them know we want more!

We will discuss this groundbreaking event a bit later.


Additionally, I am proud to announce the sudden, unexpected public debut of an insider I first met in December 2004 — who gave me highly controversial and fascinating information that shaped the entire future of my work from then on.

Much of the second half of The Source Field Investigations, dealing with the science of three-dimensional time, “portals” and stargates, was inspired by the data I originally receieved from this man.

“Daniel” didn’t just give us a casual heads-up to finally let us know he is a “real person.” He’s ON FIRE — writing pages and pages of information that I think you will soon find to be extremely interesting.

If you can’t wait, the master link to all the papers, and the websites discussing them, is currently on the main page of [and its here on American Kabuki too!]

The last two years have been a disappointment for Disclosure in certain ways, as hardly any new insiders have come forward. That makes Daniel’s sudden breakthrough all the more timely — and rewarding.

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