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What Our World Needs....

The Misunderstanding

(Re-post from November 16, 2011)
This misunderstanding about love is perhaps THE MISUNDERSTANDING.  Agape is unconditional SELF-love.  To love without condition means to accept all facets of existence.  Every dark thought, angry outburst and violent emotion must be absorbed into the fabric of you and loved.  You can no longer afford to love half way or part way – the energetic push of creation in this moment now is asking of you – everything.

This shift you are participating in is not just something you are watching, it is what you are doing.  All of the wondrous changes you hear about in the next dimensions are possible when you leave the density of fear.  They cannot be instilled onto a fearful population to eliminate the fear – they are the by-products of a fearless and loving heart.

This is how it works.  There are many visions of earth in the next dimension, and they include prosperity, health, happiness and love on a continual basis.  These are visions of who you actually are – they are not new versions of you, but core expressions of your true nature.  Fear is gone from these versions of you.

The fear that pre-dominates your life is a lie.  It is not true.  Truth is love and that is what you are.  You exist as a physical form expressing all possibility – a “thought form” as another teacher, (Eckhart Tolle), calls you.  What is there to fear in a thought form?  All thoughts can be changed.

Most of you currently hold thoughts about your life which include concepts of blame.  In order for those thoughts to hold any merit, (and so you do not consider yourself nuts), you must also think of someone, another person, to be at fault so that you can blame them.  It could be a lover, a parent or a wealthy banker.

You also hold thoughts of frustration and again, in order for you to NOT think of yourself as crazy, you must create someone or something to be frustrated about – a lover, another driver or a boss.

You may hold thoughts of imperfection and so you create illness, handicaps, and bodies that fall short somehow of your ideal image.

We are powerful creators.  We are divine pieces of the ONE, experiencing ourselves as young, old, rich, poor, happy, angry, violent, peaceful, etc...  We have created it all, as ONE, and right now we have chosen to change it up a bit.  WE have done it ourselves.

The changes we are seeing now have always been possible, only now more of us are seeing them.

They will become your life when you believe them to be reality, not fantasy.  The precise future can not be predicted because there is no future – linear time is a construct so that each idea can be fully experienced – aging, learning, growing, etc…

Life is occurring now as you are creating it now.  It evolves as your thoughts do.  Each moment, each thought, is creative.

So, what this means is that the shift in consciousness is happening and will happen as we all, as a collective, create it.  Your experience of it will be unlike any other you’ve had because you believe that to be true.

In order for this transformation to occur, we must do some internal transforming.  The thoughts we hold around love are filled with fear.  We have been taught these things and it is time now to trust what you know rather than what you think.

Love is something you know.  It is who you are and it resonates deeply.  It feels good.  It comforts.  It is familiar.  It knows you.  It sometimes evokes excitement.  It feels powerful.

These are words attempting to describe the indefinable and the sacred.  Love is the source.

Words such as right or wrong or good or bad do not belong here.  Love is.  It will not be denied.

We have been taught to fear it because it is the most powerful idea in creation and once realized and utilized we can no longer be controlled.

Fear is a tool that has been used to manipulate and it no longer serves your purpose to be manipulated. 

We will have to accept all others as ok, and most importantly, love ourselves, for this transition to proceed seamlessly.  Realize who you are and then understand that how you see everyone in your life is a reflection of how you feel about you

The world looks as it does because so many are fearful.  The more we love without condition, the more the world will change.  There is nothing else to do.  It starts with you.  It ends with you.  It is only you.

You are the One we’ve been waiting for.


Japanese UFO Game Show!

The Japanese have made UFOs fun with this new Japanese Game Show on UFOs. Click the photo below to watch the video (YouTube embedding on blogs was disabled).

MATT TAIBBI: SEC Rocked By Lurid
Sex-and-Corruption Lawsuit

Move over, adulterous generals. It might be time to make way for a new sexual rats'nest – at America's top financial police agency, the SEC.

In a salacious 77-page complaint that reads like Penthouse Forum meets The Insider meets the Keystone Kops, one David Weber, the former chief investigator for the SEC Inspector General's office, accuses the SEC of retaliating against Weber for coming forward as a whistleblower. According to this lawsuit, Weber was made a target of intramural intrigues at the agency (which has a history of such retaliation) after he came forward with concerns that his bosses may have been spending more time copulating than they were investigating the SEC.

Weber vs. the SEC: The Full Complaint

Weber claims that in recent years, while the SEC Inspector General's office has been attempting to investigate the agency's seemingly-negligent responses in such matters as the Bernie Madoff case and the less-well-known (but nearly as disturbing) Stanford Financial Ponzi scandal, two of the IG office's senior officials – former Inspector General David Kotz and his successor, Noelle Maloney – were sleeping together.

Weber also claims that Kotz was also having an affair with a lawyer representing a key group of Stanford victims, a Dr. Gaytri Kachroo. Where the story gets really strange is where Weber claims that Maloney last year refused to meet with Kachroo as part of the Stanford investigation. By then, Kotz had stepped down as SEC IG and Maloney had replaced him as Acting IG. The complaint describes Weber confronting Maloney over the issue, asking why she wouldn't meet with the lawyer representing a key group of Stanford victims.

Maloney asked Weber to close the door to her office. Maloney told Weber that she would deny the following conversation if Weber were to repeat it.

Maloney then said that, "David [Kotz] was f...ing that lady . . ." Maloney stated that Kachroo had received special treatment. Maloney even questioned whether the OIG would have ever opened an investigation into the SEC's oversight over the Court-Appointed Receivership in SEC v. Stanford.

The Weber lawsuit is the latest chapter in an ongoing drama that began when Kotz stepped down last January amid not-world-shaking ethics questions (including, of all things, receiving Philadelphia Eagles tickets from a financial adviser). Subsequently, however, an investigation by the U.S. Postal Service Inspector General David Williams concluded more seriously that Kotz violated rules by overseeing investigations involving people with whom he had "personal relationships."

Read more: http://www.rollingstone.com/politics/blogs/taibblog/sec-rocked-by-lurid-sex-and-corruption-lawsuit-20121119#ixzz2CkEmebGi 

1843 Political History Book Found
with Original 13th Amendment



Some interesting reading for Americans and Canadians
Happy Monday Everyone!

Later today Aaron from Soldier Hugs and I will be releasing the third "Daniel" paper- on ETs/EDs. I'm still in the process of reading it for the second time- the first couple of pages are brain sprainers, be forewarned, lol.
[Removingtheshackles.blogspot.ca is another site carrying the Daniel papers found at soldierhugs.com and here at American Kabuki -AK]

While you are waiting for the release of the Daniel article, I have some more reading for you to do.

First off, for the Americans, this is a copy of a political history book written in 1843 that outlines the Constitution AND includes the 13th amendment.  I haven't read the entire book (I will get to it later on when I have more time), but starting on about page 170 I think you'll find the discussion on the Constitution very interesting.  

You can read the book HERE

For my Canadian friends:  Online, in sites like RTS, we read about the American Constitution and how it has been stomped on by the PTB in the last century and a half.  What many Canadians do not realize is that many of the same things that Patriots and Constitutionalists in the US are fighting against are also happening in Canada and also against the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.  This booklet outlines some interesting information on this topic- you can read the booklet HERE  This site also has some interesting information on this topic HERE, and information on Canadian Banks HERE

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