Thursday, December 6, 2012

Updated 12/7/12: Pillars of Light Over Finland

Forwarded to me by GW Hardin and Michael Sharpe from a Finnish web site.

BTW: I've been told that Blossom Goodchild's contacts in the Galactic Federation say these are not the pillars of light they told her about. These are a natural occurrence in Scandinavia.  

I still think they are beautiful phenomena.

Spectacular phenomenon in the Finnish night: The sky was filled with a light pillars! - see pictures!

Erno Tammelin
Published on: 12.05.2012 13:37

Readers were immortalized stunning lighting effect in different parts of Finland.

Within a few days in different parts of Finnland have observed the reflected sky column of Light. 

The phenomenon caused by airborne, small ice crystals, of which the light is reflected and possibly also folds, says the Finnish Meteorological Institute researcher Tiera Laitinen. Laitinen said, "Pillars which form the ice crystals are generally in a plane. They hover in the horizontal plane, in which case with artificial lighting creates a column in the shape of a pillar of light. Phenomenon is reminiscent of many of the more familiar halo effect, which manifests itself in the sky visible in various circles, arcs and brighter and brighter. 

Halo occurs when the sun or moon light is refracted or reflected off of tiny airborne ice crystals. - It's really just the same phenomenon. This time, the light of the city illuminates the ice crystals." Laitinen says.

PORTAL 2012: The Omega Grid

Thursday, December 6, 2012
The Omega Grid

Tactical readiness of the Light forces on the surface of our planet to trigger the Event was reached on November 22nd at the opening of the eleventh gate of the 11:11.

The first crucial factor to achieve this was a general decision of the critical mass of key people within positive surface groups that they will cooperate with Resistance surface operatives when the Event will be triggered. Therefore we now have enough consensus within top echelons of positive groups on the planet. Disharmony between lower echelons of positive groups can no longer delay the Event. 

Continous testing of the software installed by the Resistance operatives into the Rothschild operated computer banking system has proven that we can crash the current banking system and create the Reset at the push of a button. In extensive Resistance operation in the beginning of this year, vast majority of physical gold, including Yamashita and Nazi gold,  gold from Philippines undergroud bunkers, gold from below Kloten airport, most gold from central banks and gold hidden below Rothschild villas, has been removed from the hands of the Cabal and is now waiting in the Resistance underground bases to be returned to humanity after the Event when it will form the backbone of the new financial system.

Without physical gold in hand, the Cabal was forced to manufacture gold-plated tungsten bars to ship them to central banks to maintain the impression that they still have control in their hands. Their banking system is now just a thoughtform that is maintained by the belief and trust of general population in the central bank operated slave working system. 

The only factor now preventing the Event is the Omega Grid.

The Omega Grid is a small group of physical Archons within the black nobility families in Italy that have access to biochemical weapons through Jesuits controllers (which include Hans Peter Kolvenbach) that handle people within negative military worldwide that have access to biochemical weapons, of which chemical weapons are the most dangerous:

They now hinder the progress of the Light forces by threatening to release chemical weapons in Syria. Chemical weapons in northern Syria add up to hundreds of tonnes, enough to kill hundreds of millions of people. Even with the direct intervention of the Galactic Confederation, casualities would be many. Northern Syria is the area of a very important energy vortex which triggered the rise of the Goddess conscious Halafian neolithic culture:

The Cabal is controllng this vortex for the last 5500 years and not willing to let go, since it is one of the most important Goddess vortexes on the planet.

The other vortex that the Cabal is controlling tightly is the Israel vortex, which holds the light key codes for Atlantis. This area was the first to be re-colonized after the fall of Atlantis and was the home of Natufian culture:

GAIA PORTAL: Winding Energetic Roads” Being Made Straight

Winding Energetic Roads” Being Made Straight
by √ČirePort

What we would call "Winding Energetic Roads" are being made straight. Energy pathways of complex configuration are being straightened in preparation of the 12-12-12 gateway. each Hue-man will be able to comprehend and feel this "straightening".

Complexity is simplified.

Discontinuity is rectified.

Discord is harmonized.

Uncertainty is clarified.

Energetic patterns to be "solidified" via the 12-12-12 permit direct pathways to Higher Self Awareness and understanding.

Grids of Iridescent Blue bring in the new.

√ČirePort | December 6, 2012 at 19:35 

Notes From The Cobra Conference - Laguna Beach, CA

I have taken Alexandra's notes and added my comments where I had questions or was able to clarify points with what I know.  These are Alexandra's interpretation of what Cobra said and not his exact words. 

I witnessed "Lady Cobra" open the Laguna Vortex with dance and it was a beautiful thing to watch. I could feel the vortex energy swirl, which delighted her. Not everyone can feel that energy.  My comments are in read, if those of you at the conference know the answers to my questions please add the in the comments section. -AK


November 23rd-25th 2012

The four core goals for the up and coming New Age are:
  1. A fair, balanced, and transparent monetary system
  2. The release of new technologies, especially free energy
  3. The release of suppressed information regarding the true history of our planet and evidence of ET’s
  4. The release of spiritual growth and healing for every human being on the planet
When it takes place, will determine how long we have before The Event, but it will be a gradual process, although rapid as well.

We need to ask ourselves “what can I do to liberate the planet?”  Each of us will discover our own answers.  If we ask, we will receive an answer.  We also need to balance ourselves in the 5 areas of the 5 pointed stars, spiritually, mentally, socially, work-wise & financially.
Cobra will be releasing new information between 12.5 and 12.8.2012 about the quantum leap.

There will be a convergence of all timelines on 12.21.12.

Cobra himself is healing all negative timelines.  He has spent a great deal of time doing this.  All negative timelines will be gone by 12.21.12.

DNA change is a reflection of spiritual growth ( this was stated in response to a question about scientific/nutritional/healing modalities advances in effecting DNA change ) In other words…it’s an inner thing…not an outer thing.

Commander Thor  is from Venus

There is an EVENT that will happen – it could happen tomorrow, a month from now, or conceivably longer ( although this not so likely).  There is no real requirement for this Event to happen before 12/21/2012 but it very likely could.  “The Event” will include contact with the Pleiadians first.  This will be considered the official first contact.  Mass landings will follow and then ascended masters will appear.

Go to (Robert Potter’s close friend’s web site) for interviews with Cobra and Rob.

All galaxies will be liberated. We are living in one of the most special and unique times in history.

Earth is the last planet under the occupation of the Dark Forces.  We are the last planet to be liberated.  We are the most skilled.  We are working for the Victory of the Light.  This is the most complex liberation ever, here on planet Earth.

Negative timelines have been created by certain events.  Theses time waves have influenced humanity’s thinking and humanity’s processes.

We have been taught 1) polarity, and 2) duality but they are no longer needed.  The key is balance.  Through happiness and true light, the Light doesn’t need anything to define Itself.  We will have health without illness.  We will have eternal happiness in paradise when the veil is lifted.  This is our natural right in the universe.  We have almost forgotten this.

Yoda was quoted as saying, “you must unlearn what you have learned.”  A comparison was made between Yoda and Cobra.  A vast majority of the information we have received is not true.  We need to clear our minds and re-boot our systems.  We need to open our minds because truth will always remain.  We need to release the old, the belief systems we have.  We are now going beyond our old programming.  This is NOT about another mind program.  Check with your own Higher Self to see what truths work for you.

When the event happens, there will be no outside sources.  You will need to rely on your own inner senses.  You will have to know what to do and rely on yourself.  People will react with fear and confusion.  Therefore, you will be  pillar of strength for these people.  Rely on your discernment, which will be needed in this time of change.  We can go into nature to free us of electromagnetic matrix.

If you let go of everything you know, the truth will remain.

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