Saturday, February 16, 2013

Silence is not Golden, Silence is Consent to a Crime

Qui tacet consentire videtur, ubi loqui debuit ac potuit 
(Thus, silence gives consent; he ought to have spoken when he was able to)
—Latin proverb

A number of bloggers are getting emails something along these lines...

"Just had a phone call asking me to not post any information about the programs because the cabal is monitoring the internet for information. I was asked to pass the same on to everyone else I know. Bringing on the funding and especially the announcements which are critical to my survival is perimount. Therefore i am asking that all of you do the same if you want things to finally happen as you know things are ready to go.

As much as I will miss all of you but for the greater good, I am going dark and shutting down my Facebook  account starting immediately. I will not even stay around to see your comments to this posting. I am leaving on a high note. All people are being contacted. They contacted john machaffie, and he has scrubbed his web site of any funding postings.

Stay on line if you wish, but please do not post any more info about funding or rv. If it continues, so will the delay. Goodbye family as I wish all of you a bright and happy and prosperous future."

We will not remain silent.  Things are not as they say they are! The delay is not because of transparency, the delay is because they do not align their actions with the will of Prime Source.



  2. I wish that I was noteworthy enough to get such an email. I would rest better at night knowing that I am causing concern among the powers that used to be.

  3. Its great to have you back AK! I hope you feel a bit rested. I just wanted to thank you again for ALL that you are doing and being!
    Please do not stay silent, we need all the doing and being we can get right now :-))


  4. Bingo! Totally Agree! Much feels VERY OFF...Out of Alinement.

  5. Wow!! Somebody out there really doesnt know when theyr're being manipulated. If anybody calls me they'll be sorry they ever did. Like it or not were coming through.


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