Monday, October 7, 2013

The ZAP Report 10-7-2013

Comments in red are mine solely, all the rest is Susan and Zap.  I know Zap and company are frustrated and we love them all. Something much better is coming guys! You did great! -Bill

Poof's say[s]" "....What is important to remember is that many people think that all of this is a scam and that we should shut up and should go away. told you before that story has been repeated a million times - and so it has – but, in case you have not noticed, I am still here and still saying the same thing. Why? Because I know the damned facts, it is real, and that it is happening; the timing won't be what we might want, but it will happen. My job has always been to keep the vigil, to keep the flame aloft, and to make sure you people do not forget that it is to help you and to help humanity. That aspect they have likely forgotten. It is all one human family on this globe, and we are to share plus recognize the more we keep our options open and are willing to share just what is practical, the better our options are. That is how it works. How it is meant to work. Never forget that someone thought enough of you to invite you to participate in this program; what if he had not? How would you feel these days? What if you were on the sidelines? Making it a point to - I say this again - do your homework. That Parable of the Talents y’all know comes to remind is you bury it and don't use it, or hoard it and it isn't growing. You plant it and it grows. You work with it, and you find ways to create win-win situations for others. The world should be ready to dissolve all this greed and competition. No you say? Not so. Well wait and see. It will happen. It is you who must put your thinking cap on and figure out what your role is in all of this. Your attitude will count for a lot more than you think; I know this first-hand. So, doubt it if you want, or choose to pay attention."

Greetings and Salutations,

The drama being played out in D.C, rest assured, has an already agreed upon conclusion which will continue to be played out until the 23rd hour. So, sit back and enjoy the Kabuki theatre. Disclaimer: For entertaining purposes only. Grab your jammie's, a drink, and don't forget your popcorn. Oh, can anyone say "Global Settlements"????

And here's Zap...

Hi All,

Many events this last week have given rise to the cabal’s negotiating for their survival, as intimated last week. The war and martial-law scenarios that were to be enacted have gone by the wayside as a result, and that leaves the stage open for events to unfold.

The current effort to reinstate the Glass-Steagall act, and the efforts of wall street, will be critical to the america’s future. If wall street manages to pressure Obama and Congress to let the bailout continue and perpetuate hyper-inflation in the USA, then it is likely we will see many more us citizens die as the sequestration we have seen due to the us shutdown continues, escalates, and drives the people and economy down and down and down. civil war is likely then, and the resultant martial-law scenario. Not a good thing. we will see how the politicians react to the cabal interests.

Interestingly, although everything is in place for things like the RV to be executed - and there is absolutely no good reason for such things not to be done - they have not happened as everybody thought. Or as I thought. [but exactly as we said would happen! ;) Not that we like gloating, people just don't listen...]

Many were, and are, scratching their heads wondering “what the…” as everything is indeed ready, and there is no excuse for it not to happen.  [there will be no "phoenix" of the slavery systems"]

I hope that answers the question (comment) below.

Q: I am very curious about your letter of last Sunday. First, once again you declared the RV a done thing for the 3rd or 4th time! Here we are on Saturday and no RV, what gives? It appears that Mt. Goat has the only valid intel on this matter!!

A: Absolutely. mountain goat is bang on the button. God bless her. I do not do the RV thing, as I said before, but I am privy to a few items of note here and there.

Q: The next subject concerns the treatment of the CABAL. Do you favor an amnesty for all of the members of the CABAL including letting them keep all of the money?

A: I favor forgiveness if forgiveness is asked for. Really asked for. Then, yes, forgive, but ensure that what is asked for is supported by contrite action; otherwise, blow them out. And keeping the money? No. Their money was already taken away, remember? They are trying desperately to get some money back. The jets need fuel to take them for breakfast on the other side of the globe.

Q: One thing is clear: Some of the CABAL members were either personally responsible or complicit in events which caused deaths of 3,000 and more!! And, if you look at other events over the past 50 years, it is even worse!!

A: Sure. Did you just glom on to that fact? They have been responsible for almost all of the wars, currency manipulations, economic disasters, plagues, viruses; you name it. All in the name of the almighty buck and decreasing the population.

Q: I, and many others, are convinced that before we can restore our Republic, we have to remove the entire list of CABAL members (plus their money) and all of the ABC organizations. Don't forget one of the first institutions is the Federal Reserve!!

A: They are removing themselves. The abc organizations and the military are absolutely critical to the installation of the new USA. Do not forget that there are many white hats there, and the military’s first job is the protection of the real constitution. If they were not involved, then the cabal would have free reign. Nazi USA anyone?

Q: So, I am asking: Don't we remove the "uber" criminals at first, including their money, and then go after the rest??

A: Yes. Being done.

Q: Greetings Susan, Zap, and Poofness family,

I have sent prior emails and not received any acknowledgment back from you, so do not have any idea if you are acting on offers of assistance from me or others. I have referred several others to you that have very specific projects, such as X, XX, XXX, AND XXXX etc…. My email was more generic in that I offered to provide expertise in the Rational Process and Systems Performance in evaluating projects and providing follow-up coaching, auditing, and project facilitation services.

A: Dear one – the rest of your email is salient and absolutely of critical import to the transformation of our planet through the reconstruction projects. What was to be a two-month lead time for funding to start has been extended, unfortunately.

However, rest assured that first fundings are already on their way with funds having been released to the primary paymasters for further dissemination to the project groups that will take the process forward. Not long now.

In fact, next week will see first paperwork from the platform lawyers in respect of such fundings as we get underway. If all goes as is now scheduled, we will see first funds within the next two weeks to begin the efforts. hang loose and be a bit more patient. All is well.

Q: Now that I have identified the highlights of what needs to be turned around, I would like to be part of the team involved in accomplishing that turn-around. I know that it will involve a massive re-education program for those that didn't even recognize the problem to begin with. It will involve finding and utilizing the best technology currently available (much of it, no doubt, buried deep inside the secret government) and, in some cases, even R & D for better technology than we presently have to resolve or prevent existing problems from worsening.

A: You are most welcome to join in, and we would be honored to have you and your team join in the fun. Separate email.

Q: I know that there are much better agricultural practices, such as biodynamic and "Beyond Organic" farming methods, which can restore our soils and put the proper nutrients back into our food relatively quickly if these methods are adopted. These changes in direction are systemic. They benefit young and old alike and are essential to the continuity of a healthy civilization on this planet.

A: Yes, very much so, and this is what we are about. This is the sole reason why we speak here. I say “we” right now, not the singular “I”, as this particular effort is the multiplicity of us, and I am not speaking for myself here.

In other news, the redemptions of the historic assets (bonds) continue, and is taking form and substance. The free-trade agreement has been ratified by the Swiss government with China, and that part is in place for the chinese to begin the official redemptions. Finally. That signals a great deal for humanity, and is the trigger for everything that is about to occur.

The PPP and F&P are not far behind, and the purple pigs will start taking off. Not far now. It could be weeks or a month or three, but not months and months or years now. There are specific deadlines now, and amelioration points that have to be observed.

While much can be said for this event, more can be said for the efforts of the white hats and knights that battle on to make this so. The greatest single thing that you can do to help with the changes is to write to your diplomat in your part of town and tell him what you want him to do. He/she does work for you, yes? Use them. Don’t be shy. It is your life here that is on the line. Make legal noises.

Q: Meanwhile, I still see chemtrails in the sky, which tells me that the war has not yet been won.

A: Yes, r[epea]t, they are still spraying. Reminds me of a foul cat doing his neighborhood over and over. That ##### has to stop, too, and it will soon enough. Who wants to get his/her immune system down to the point where a new strain of the flu will kill them? Again it is your life.

This chemtrail ##### is global and in almost every single country. Wake up everybody! The Swedish government has acknowledged this, and has taken steps to get rid of it. Why not here? Search google on chemtrails and find out.

In wrap, the RV is imminent, and there is no good reason for it not to happen. [☺]The progression of events on the redemptions of the historic assets is in full swing, the cabal members are on the run and negotiating survival, Wall Street is their face for that survival (amongst others not so visible), and Obama needs support to make him strong enough to resist the pressures of the cabal. How? No clear idea as I am not an American [Canadian??? Zap certainly writes like an 'merican], and cannot dabble in politics; just general observation. thoughts anybody?

One thing is clear: go do something that makes sense and accomplishes this end. Legally. [Its been done since last December!]

The global reset is almost here, and it sure would be nice to see foundations laid in everywhere when that occurs.

In love and light in our service

“God is; I am; We are”
“Be good, Be legal, Tell truth”

Love and Kisses, 
Susan & Staff 
From the "Office of Poofness" 


  1. 100% Turkey Dung Bill:)

    they NEVER Learn. Closed means CLOSED


  2. To Support and To Create More Strength : Send you Heart Love ~ May Harmony, Peace, Joy, Laughter, and Love be with you Always !

  3. :)
    As I'm seating and drinking and having my pop-corn (non GMO, USDA) I read those words about grabbing the pop-corn.
    That is just funny :) :) :)
    For entertaimant reasons only :) :) :)
    This is just too funy :)

  4. To My Brothers and Sisters:
    please remember that frustration is a negative energy and a means for giving up your power to others (including situation, which, by the way, always involve others). There are a number (thousands) of actions being coordinated simultaneously, and a single misstep could be disastrous, so you must learn to have patience. every living person on this planet today has lived under the current situation (Cabal, banking, Slavery, etc,), so giving both our on planet and off planet team time to accomplish this correctly is essential to success. Always remember that we are "free will" spirits, and as such, the powers of Light, cannot make decisions for us, we must collectively transmit our desires to the Light. Source has granted some of our allies the right to act in our best interest, but those instances are few and far between. If Source and the Light forces were to start taking action on our behalf, it would be no different that what the Cabal/Illuminati have been doing to humanity for eons. You say that any actions taken by the Light would be beneficial, but what you are missing is that we must be the only ones determining our "Free Will" outcomes. No one can do this for us. That is how we got into the fix we're in right now, allowing others to make decisions for us and our well being. I'm getting off what this comment is about. It's about replacing your Frustrations with Patience. Dates are not relevant in the 5th dimension where Gaia is firmly anchored, so quit putting so much energy into something that doesn't exist in the Now of Gaia. This is a collective endeavor, so join in and be the change you want to see.

    NAMASTE, Bill



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