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“Survival Paradigm” Has Dissolved

“Survival Paradigm” Has Dissolved
by ÉirePort

The paradigm of "survival" has dissolved. Cosmic Light energies sufficiently permeating all levels of Gaia realms, including the 3D visible, have removed any remaining support structures for this paradigm.

3D human individual attempts to continue what was previously supported by "survival paradigm" will fall short.

Current Gaia Higher D grid structures support 5D "Thrive Paradigm" only.

ÉirePort | February 23, 2013 at 13:39

In The Money: OPPT Makes Plea To The Swedish Government


The Guardian Express
In The Money: OPPT Makes Plea To The Swedish Government
Open Letter to the Prime Minister and the Ministers of THE GOVERNMENT OF SWEDEN
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Part 1:

The members of a group calling themselves The One People’s Public Trust (OPPT) have been in the news lately, because of recent UCC filings, with regards to the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC).

The UCC is not a U.S. law, rather a uniform code of conduct for Intra-State and Global commerce, drafted and approved by private organizations, to be enacted by the individual U.S. States, and World Governments.

It has been approved by all 50 States in the U.S., Washington, D.C., The Commonwealth of Puerto Rico and The U.S. Virgin Islands, as well as all major World Governments.

What follows is a Press Release of a letter sent to the Prime Minister of Sweden, Fredrik Reinfeldt.

>>>Press Release – For Immediate Distribution<<<

Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt,
103 33 Stockholm

February 20, 2013

Open Letter to the Prime Minister and the Ministers of THE GOVERNMENT OF SWEDEN

Dear Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt,

I am writing this letter to you to inquire about a very pressing issue, an issue that touches every human being on this planet, at this very moment.

I stand in my honor before you. My request to you has no other motive but my human desire to uncover the truth, and bring remedy and hope to the rest of my broken hearted brothers and sisters.
It has recently come to my attention, that we, the people of this beautiful country, had a corporate government. This implies that we actually did not have a government serving the needs of its people but a corporation, acting as a government.

*SEC lists SWEDEN KINGDOM OF as a corporation.

The difference between the real, active and lawful government and the corporate government that was operating in its place is enormous. We the people, had, by an act of deception, become commercial commodities; our lives had a monetary value to the corporation and we were considered cargo or chattel. Our personal possessions could be seized from us, our children taken from us, our lives lost and our dreams stolen by it.

We belonged to the CORPORATION. We were its slaves.

This is very important information for all of us; information that we the people of this planet are waking up to.


On December 25th 2012 the world changed, but not the way we were told it would though. No cataclysmic destruction, no planetary upheaval, no “End of the World” prophecy came true. Still, the world has changed more than anyone could ever imagine, let alone dream of….

After long years of legal investigations, through a series of UCC filings, and an extensive list of legal notification processes, all the corporate entities around the world were foreclosed upon and duly notified on December 25th 2012 by the One Peoples Public Trust (OPPT).
As the only Law that governed our legal systems was Corporate Admiralty-Maritime Law (Law of Water or Law of Commerce) and not Common Law (Law of the land and the people) these corporate judiciary systems are now foreclosed upon as well.

Since late December 2012 millions of people around the world have been introduced to our new Trust. All of us, including you, are the beneficiaries of this Trust. The funds that were kept in “safekeeping” for the people of this planet by the corporate commercial entities are now being kept for us by the One People’s Public Trust (OPPT).

Every man, woman and child of this world can now step out of the old slavery system that kept us in lack, ignorance, fear and injustice, and finally walk into the new era of personal freedom, abundance, love and compassion.

I know of hardly anyone who enjoyed the old world of oppression, control, poverty and war; the world where the biggest danger to the well-being and the freedom of the people were often their own governments; the world where a self-selected few had the power to control by fear, intimidation, theft, murder and torture the people they were supposed to protect, serve and help.

That world is today in its last, dying days….and it is better this way……

We have reached the end of this mad, destructive and cruel parody. For the first time ever, we are legally free as the divine beings that we truly are, and not the commercial commodity that we had become by the force of deception by a few.

With joy in my heart, I notify you today, that the time of slavery and blind obedience to any and all “authority” and the use of force towards any and all peoples for the purpose of control, be it financial, spiritual, physical or any other, in order to obtain profit, power and dominance over our Divine and Universal rights, is now over.

We, the inhabitants of this planet, are now legally free, equal and abundant!

I urge you to read the attached material. You, along with the rest of us, stand to benefit immensely from this historic change…. in every way imaginable!

Part 2:

>>>For every man and woman alive, there comes a moment when the biggest choice in life has to be made, the choice that will forever change the stream of events to follow.

We all recognize when such a moment is upon us. We are defined by its presence and power. Sometimes our awareness of its might and its consequences isn’t immediate but the result of a rather slow process that ends with a complete transformation and the final awakening to our true essence.

This moment is here now… for all of us. We get to be the generation with enough courage, knowledge, compassion, love and understanding to make this historic leap from darkness into the light, from “reason” to “heart”, from service-to-self to service-to-others.

This letter is to let you know that this historic moment of choice has now arrived for you as well.

My humble request is that you read carefully the attached documents and become acquainted with their authenticity, the love for each of us conveyed in them and the poetry of the manner by which we have all been liberated from our collective imprisonment, be it physical, spiritual, intellectual, financial or moral.

I invite you to join the rest of humanity on this path to love, compassion, freedom, abundance and endless co-creation. Take a long, close look at all of us, including yourself, and your personal struggle towards the betterment of this fragile but beautiful world and see the future that now stands ahead for us all.

Isn’t it glorious!

Come and join us. The world is waking up to our true nature and unlimited potential. There is nobody else who can give value to us and our experience but us.
We now have a permanent legal standing which enables us to turn away from the slavery system and we humans, the incredible beings of unbelievable potential and grace, finally get to dream the dream and build the kind of world that we want to leave for future generations, with pride and a true sense of accomplishment.

The wave of freedom is now visible on the horizon. The veils of the sad, dark and cruel illusion that dominated us for thousands of years are lifting and the bright light of the dawn of the new era is shining upon us! For the first time in history we can dream the dream that our brothers and sisters of times long gone never dared.

The corporate system in which a divine human was a commercial commodity is no more.

The old corrupt entities are falling and their grotesque symbols are being swept away along with them.

History scholars will try to explain the insanity and cruelty that ruled by force throughout the long centuries of suffering and bloodshed. They will try to understand why humanity accepted such abuse of the weak by the force of the strong.

They will find no answers to our history of madness….
You will be making a choice now along with the rest of us. This choice stands to affect you and us equally.

I ask you to take time and to listen carefully to that silent voice inside your soul. Only the most attentive of us ever get to hear it. Only the best of us will heed it.

Ask yourself under what liability you will be acting from now on and in whose and what authority.

What “laws” do you intend to enforce from now on and in whose name?

What “authority” do you serve and who do you represent?

The end of this story is now becoming clear and known to more and more of us. Let us hope that the decisions taken from now on by you, and all of us, in light of this historic action taken by the One People’s Public Trust 1776 (OPPT), will be made in accordance with this legally and lawfully enforceable act.

From this moment onward, your actions, as well as the actions of every human being alive on this planet, now and in the future, will carry with them complete personal responsibility and liability as we begin to act in absolute truth, aware of who we really are: divine beings with equal rights and obligations towards one another in perpetual freedom to create.



I invite you to join the rest of us during these historic times. I extend to you my hand in invitation to become part of the solution and not part of the problem; part of the momentous act of the creation of the new world and not part that supports the old, sad, dark world that is no more….. It is no more.

With all my honor, respect and love, I stand in truth and I salute you,

With the utmost sincerity,

Oliver Troll

SEC (U.S. Sequrities and Exchange Commission) Corporate Registered Number
0000225913 SWEDEN KINGDOM OF SIC: 8888
Business Address: Box 16 306
Links to the original documents: <<<

This is an ongoing story, please check back daily for more Press Releases.

Sam Davis

Please send any OPPT related articles or Press Releases to



It is our third day and we are in it now.  As we navigate the journey we notice obstacles.  There are many ways to get there, all leading home.  How will we know when we arrive?  I once heard Barry Neil Kaufman (The Option Institute, author of “Son Rise”) describe what it was like to be in a love relationship that was both intimate and equal.  He said (and I paraphrase) “Being with Samahria is like being alone.  I never worry about what I am saying or not saying, doing or not doing.  I just Am.”

I’ve thought about that ever since, it seemed such an odd response.  He didn’t say “She completes me” or “She’s the best thing that ever happened to me”.  He didn’t put her in any place above or below himself.  In fact, he seemed to be saying it didn’t matter if she was in the room or not. Yet if you saw them together, you would recognize a deep and mutual love.

This is absolute freedom.  All have equal value here.  This place has no owners.  There are collaborators here.  Partners.  Co-creators.  Teams of equals.  Humans BEing.  There are no Humans Owning.  There are no Humans Owing.  Debt is non-existent.  In relationship to each other, we negotiate and agree or not; all the while respecting the worth of each other.  We do not withhold for personal gain, to hold the advantage, the upper hand, or more.  More of WHAT?  All are ONE.

Wrap your head around ONE.  What are you holding on to that separates?  What false notions of slavery and ownership are you stuck on?  What is blocking your personal path?  What boulder are you looking at?  Consider them now; we are on a Quest for Agape.  Absolute Freedom.  Unconditional Love.

We all arrive unencumbered.  To Love unconditionally is to simply BE.  Wherever you are.  The burden of ownership is invented.  It has inhibited, contained and controlled you.  It implies the false notion that you control the life force of another.  This is never true.  All are One.  The force of Life that runs through everything springs from One Source.

This Force courses through all that you see.  People, animals, plants, earth, water, minerals, sky – are alive and intelligent and absolute.  We may play together, sharing time, space and responsibilities.  Yet at no time in our game do we stop being free.  Even the best actors at some point take off their costuming, let down their hair and relax.

Deep in our Quest now, we see ownership for what it really is; a burden.  Ownership promises control and safety and power.  Ownership is a lie.  You can use each other, play with each other and always, always love each other.  What you will never do is own each other.  If someone believes they are indebted to another person/corporation or owned by another person/corporation, they are enslaved by their own belief - they are not enslaved by the “other”.  There is no “other”.  There is only One. 

You are not powerful because of what or who you “have”.  You are powerful.  You are not worth more or less because of a bank account or a marriage license or a title.  You are worthy.  Let go of illusory things that seem to be holding you together.  Know that you are enough.

You stand without requirement.  So does everyone and everything else.

You are perfect.  Period.  End of story.  Breathe.  Feel the fullness of your BEing.  Love without explanation or the burden of control.  Love with wild abandon.  Love all of the players in this game.  It is a grand, surprising and enthralling party.  Let go and love every BEing in attendance.  We are all here on purpose – as One.  We are the One we’ve been waiting for.

See you tomorrow.

This powerful video speaks of the importance of loving yourself AS IS.



By Brian Kelly

Last week I posted this article as a Call-to-Action pledge to vie for OPPT supporters to contact their local media with the objective of pushing this story out into the mainstream.

In an attempt to cut down on folks needing to find the media contacts on their own, I've decided to fuel the fire and increase participation, by removing the need to research from the equation.

If you're inspired to take action and ready to play a role in the free'ing of Humanity, the official Press Release that went out on Feb 4th, can be downloaded from Scrib'd at the link to last week's post above. Once downloaded it can be saved as an attachment to an email. In the body of the email, copy and paste the below draft, ending with "Contact Brian Kelly for questions or to schedule an interview."

At the bottom of this post, thanks to Rumor Mill News, we now have access  thousands of emails to the Press and Government bodies, representing many countries all around the world....are YOU ready to have some serious FUN? Copy and paste whichever emails that resonate with you from the bottom of this post. Let's get this out in everyway imaginable. Let us collective SCREAM as ONE with LOVE, so that it permeates through the ethers of Creation's Universe...

This act is my own little way of showing that we no longer have ANYTHING to fear...if we did I would never agree to putting my name out there in this type of fashion.

Here's the message -- THE JIG IS UP. NO MORE GAMES!

The time is NOW for EVERYONE to KNOW this TRUTH once and for ALL.

I part ways for now with one simple question....Are YOU Ready??


OPPT Frees Humanity from Debt Slavery System

To disperse this wealth, OPPT formed 194 Creator’s Value Asset Centers that supplant corporate governments.

CVACs are a powerful system using mechanisms already put in place, paid for, and built by the people.

Soaring OPPT Movement
Lends Ear to Record Live Listenership

The One People’s Public Trust followers flock to hear founders and faces of the organization on the radio. The movement is growing by leaps and bounds.

  • OPPT had a record one million + live listeners worldwide on The Morning Brew Show Feb 13th. Here is the link to the show:
  • OPPT broke a second record with 190,000 live listeners on Freedom Reigns week of Feb 11th, up from 145,000 live listeners the previous week.
  • A google search for "One People's Public Trust" currently produces 33M results in .28 sec

Radio Credits:
Morning Brew, with
Brian Kelly of as recurring guest
Wednesdays starting Feb 13, 2013 at 12 pm Eastern Standard Time. Host Gwyn Caldwell invited OPPT back as special guests every Wednesday until this story becomes mainstream, achieving transparency and disclosure!

Tuesday Evenings in the US, Wednesday Mornings in Australia
Lisa Harrison, Chris Hales, Bob Wright, Santos Bonacci, D, Brian Kelly, and OPPT roundtable.

Freedom Reigns on BlogTalkradio
Monday Evenings in the US, Tuesday Mornings in Australia
Lisa Harrison, Chris Hales, Bob Wright, D, Brian, AK, Lois Tucci, and Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf.

Surviving the Matrix on
Host Max Igan OPPT podcast:

A detailed unfolding of this event can be found here on

Please contact Brian Kelly with any questions, or to schedule an interview at

Note: (Each section below is partitioned after each group of emails, before the next section begins. Copy and pasting directly from the Rumor Mill News link above may be more efficient, than copy from the below list).


This page of email addresses is NOT designed to be used to send individual emails. It is designed so you can copy and paste them into your emails! This could be compared to sending a bulk mailing via the post office! THE PREFERRED WAY There is NO preferred way to use this list. Some people send emails to their Congressional Representatives and CC (copy) all the media email addresses. Other people prefer to BCC (Blind copy) the email addresses. The reason for this is because they want whoever is reading the email to actually READ what they have to say! With thousands of email addresses appearing BEFORE the actual message, it is less likely the Congressional staffer will ever read the email, therefore your email may NEVER be counted! If you want to let your Congressional Representatives know that you have also emailed the media, you can now include the link to this page and write a p.s. at the bottom of your email telling them you have BCC'd the email to thousands of media people!
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PRC), (British Consolate General for Bahrain), (British Consolate General for Amman), (British Consolate General for Greece), (British Consolate General for Greece), (British Consolate General for Dusseldorf), (British Consolate General for Dusseldorf), (British Consolate General for Dusseldorf), (British Consolate General for Venezuala), (British Consolate General for Denmark), (British Embassy Vietnam), (British Consolate General for Vietnam), (British Consolate General for Finland), (British Consolate General for Ecuador), (German Embassy in Ecuador) EUROPEAN COMMISSION OFFICES: (Delegation of the European Commission to India - Nepal - Bhutan), (European Commission in Hong Kong), (European Commission to New Zealand), (EC to Australia), (EC to Chile), (EC to China), (EC to Ecuador), (EC to Cyprus), (EC to Georgia), (EC to Malta), (EC to Maroc), (EC to Mexico), (EC to Norway), (GILBERT Barbara)

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