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OPPT Live WebTV Interview on

Hugh Reilly,


Desmond Grundy
Tuesday March 5, 2013 on or around 1pm EST

Desmond Grundy will be interviewed live by Hugh Reilly about the One People's Public Trust

The YouTube archive will be made available for viewing shortly thereafter

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International Public Notice - March 4, 2013 - GUILTY

International Public Notice - March 4, 2013 - GUILTY

See the evidence of Genocide in Canada and other crimes against the innocent at and at the website of The International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State at .

Messages for Kevin Annett can be left at 250-591-4573 (Canada).

Watch Kevin's award-winning documentary film UNREPENTANT on his website .

A people can value nothing greater than their own freedom and dignity, and must defend these with their last drop of blood. There is no duty as sacred and no higher law. The pernicious belief that one can secure these without conflict and by avoiding danger is both false and poisonous. Danger can only be met with virile courage joined with a calm and firm resolve and a clear conscience. These virtues alone form the true leaders of a people and bring into being the martial forces that can win the deepest and cherished dreams of humanity.
- Karl von Clausewitz, 1831

"The great only appear great because we are on our knees. Let us rise!"
- Camille DesMoulins, French revolutionary, 1790

"I gave Kevin Annett his Indian name, Eagle Strong Voice, in 2004 when I adopted him into our Anishinabe Nation. He carries that name proudly because he is doing the job he was sent to do, to tell his people of their wrongs. He speaks strongly and with truth. He speaks for our stolen and murdered children. I ask everyone to listen to him and welcome him."
Chief Louis Daniels - Whispers Wind
Elder, Crane Clan, Anishinabe Nation, Winnipeg, Manitoba
The Voice of Redemption calling to all of us today:
To all those out there wondering about enforcement -- not to worry a FULL energetic accounting of all activities is being done NOW. Pay close  attention as this Truth becomes visible :)
~ Brian

Book Review: ‘Buddha’,
A History of the Life and Teaching
of Siddhattha Gotama

Mar 2, 2013 2:31 PM
Book Review: Karen Armstrong on Buddha [not yet online at his site -AK]
By Wendell Krossa

I’ve been reading/meditating my way through Karen Armstrong’s ‘Buddha’, a history of the life and teaching of Gotama. At 29 years of age he left his young wife and newborn son (whom he called “burden”) to wander in the forest with other monks, begging from hardworking people. My initial reaction to that was- this guy is a deadbeat dad, a jerk, abandoning his young family. And an escapist nut who cannot handle the daily mundane that most people cannot escape from. But I read on.

Armstrong is a masterful story teller and brings out some very fascinating information about the man and his insights. Not the 8 steps, 4 ways, 3 this and so many that. I always shut down at all that “follow these 29 steps to quick victory” and so on. Give us a break.

But Armstrong brings out what [Joseph] Campbell calls the human story - that we go out into life, face monsters/problems, struggle and conquer, and learn things, and then return with insights to help others. And the story of the Buddha has all that. This is not to affirm all he did or said, but he did make some great insights to benefit all humanity.

His struggle was essentially about conquering selfishness in order to live and express compassion. And in doing this, to become truly human.

Its such a simple truth. Compassion. This, as Armstrong suggests, is being truly human and fulfilling one’s potential. However it is expressed in life in all the varied things that humans do. It gets us to the real meaning of life and the cosmos. The purpose of it all. The Buddha got this.

Let me give some quotes from her book: “He has utterly transcended the selfishness that most of us regard as inseparable from our condition. The Buddha was trying to find a new  way of being human... all the great world traditions urge us to transcend our selfishness... the ‘Axial Age’ (800-200 BCE) proved pivotal for humanity... it is only by reaching beyond their limits that human beings become most fully themselves...each person must find the truth within his own being... (the Buddha was very much involved in the Hindu tradition and its development)... Hinduism (believed in) Brahman, the impersonal essence of the universe and source of everything that exists...It was also the immanent presence which pervaded everything... the Brahman was present in the core of his own being... the absolute, eternal reality... was identical to one’s own deepest Self (Atman)... this was a startling act of faith in the sacred potential of humanity... if the Absolute was in everything, including oneself, there was no need for a priestly elite. People could find the ultimate for themselves... without cruel, pointless sacrifices, within their own being”.

The Saga Continues -- Patrick Cody Morgan -- Stories of Corruption

Patrick Cody Morgan
The Saga Continues -- Patrick Cody Morgan -- Stories of Corruption
(Currently in Prison for Crimes He Did NOT Commit)

The rest of the story can be found here:

Good evening all OPPT Members,

I trust everyone is doing well and pushing the OPPT Agenda to as many outlets as possible across the world.  Today is Sunday and the weather has been Heavenly here in Houston.  Though I am unable to go outside, the sun is able to come through an open area above the recreation yard, so I was able to stand with my face in the sun.  Wow!  Some of the things we take for granted when we are free to go outside on our own, but I am blessed that I can now do that at least a little.  In the 23 hour lockdown I was in previously THAT was, definitely something to look forward to.  Also, the food was ATROCIOUS!  Better here for sure.

There are a few things on my mind that I wanted get across to anyone who believes in the OPPT Agenda and the importance of individual sovereignty.  Since my incarceration, I have been able to document countless Human Rights, Bill of Rights and Due Process violations that are being perpetrated by the Federal System.  Having fought the system from the outside for so long, I had no idea what it would entail fighting the system from the inside.  Things I took for granted such as Microsoft Word, Email and Internet Access are not readily available in the system.  Without these simple items, the ability to defend one's self against the government is nearly impossible.  But thanks to friends and family, I was able to file documents that hindered the government and established facts in the case that as of today, are still unrefuted.

The hopelessness in this place does not stem so much from the facility itself, but from the cutoff of the most basic legal resources that any individual wanting to help in his own defense would need to make a dent against a behemoth like the United States government.  To be totally dependent on an Attorney is one thing, but to know that same Attorney is working for the government is devastating.  I spent several hours today helping an inmate prepare a Motion for Ineffective Counsel on a electronic typewriter that was sitting next to a Dell computer with no Microsoft Office or Word Processing capabilities.  What normally would take me about 15 mins, took more than 2 hours to prepare.  Of course this is done intentionally so inmates will not circumvent the Public Defender or attempt to represent themselves.  The inmate went on to explain how his Attorney wouldn't even take the time to go by a Pawn Shop and pick up a Federal Application for the Purchase of a Firearm to ascertain whether the document contained language that could exonerate this inmate.  Keep in mind, these Public Defenders get paid good money, upwards of $10,000 per case, but do little or nothing except plead Defendants out to the charges.  In several cases I helped detainees with, I saw first hand how Attorney's were working with the government to keep detainees from bonding out of jail.  In probably more than 200 inmates I have spoken with about their case, I can only remember 2 that actually got bond.  And in every case the government classified the detainee as a flight risk.  I met one Chinese American Citizen who had more than a million dollars in commercial real estate, a wife, 2 daughters and was facing less than 18 months, and he was classified as a flight risk.  Give me a break!  The Judges, Prosecutors and Attorneys are working together to keep detainees incarcerated while awaiting trial, and cutting off all access to legal resources.  It's down right despicable!

I am writing a book called "Shooting Fish in a Barrell" (How the United States declared war on it's Citizens).  I plan on exposing the systematic violations of basic Due Process rights.  In my case, I entered facts in evidence proving Title 18 was never passed by Congress.  For God's sake, it's part of the Congressional Record!  They never responded to one of my points at law.  This proves they are no longer operating under the Constitution, and as such, Americans can be declared enemy combatants or domestic terrorists and rounded up with no Due Process Rights including the right to Habeas Corpus.  God willing it never happens, but what could stop them?  I have learned first hand that it's impossible to have a Federal Judge removed from the bench.  The Judge in my case, Lynn Nettleton Hughes is an admitted racist and bigot (made front page of Houston Chronicle and evening news), but unless Congress passes a law to impeach Federal Judges, there is nothing the American people can do.  One inmate confided in me that Hughes told him and his co-defendants, "Now the Prosecution is going to parade young white women in front of the jury, you black defendants have no chance, so you better go ahead a plead out". 

Of the whole ten months I was incarcerated at Joe Corley detention center, the worst case I witnessed was an immigrant from Cuba that spoke no English.  He was charged with conspiracy to commit robbery.  I worked on this case.  The man was asked to meet some people at a location to do a job.  He drove there and told them he did not want to participate and left.  One of the people at the scene was an undercover agent.  They later arrested him on conspiracy.  He told me the jury in his case came back with a not guilty, but the Judge over ruled them because he said the prosecution had proven their case.  He got 16 years!  No robbery was ever committed, it was a staged robbery!  
The system has become an abomination.  It is ruining people's lives and families.  Don't get me wrong, there are criminals in prison.  But there are thousands of people who should not be here.  I hope OPPT can really make a difference.  Something needs to change before more innocent Americans are incarcerated. 

With love and light,

My Response:


I love you brother. Keep holding that light and love of who you Be. It is my personal belief that all those in prison who are in for victimless crimes will be released in the not so far off future. Fact is, the systems that put you there are crumbling down as I write this message, it is just not yet visible to the naked day soon the whole house of cards will come tumbling down. Until then, stay strong, stay connected, help those inside who need it most and hold the space that your time in there will be short lived.
Love & Light,

NESARA News Comes Around: Confirmed Validity of OPPT

NESARA News Comes Around: Confirmed Validity of OPPT:
Here is the link:
 this is long, but there is much to say so please bear with me

One person asked me why I was sending out information about OPPT and said that it was a fairytale...Well, I feel I have a responsibility to share with others what I believe God has brought to my attention. I was still in the process of reading and listening for more information regarding OPPT's validity when I had a conversation with a woman who is on my e-mail list who was very excited to share with me..
She sent a letter referencing the OPPT UCC filings to her credit card co. stating basically that she had no debt and that they were foreclosed upon.  They discharged her debt and closed the account--$28,000 worth.  and the 3rd party company she was paying to pay the credit card in payments (whom she had sent a copy also) sent her a letter stating they would refund her last payment.

  Not only that , the credit card co. called her, SPECIFYING that they were not calling to collect any money, they just wanted to know if the account was opened fraudulently by someone else or if it was opened by her because she had mentioned fraud.   She said no, the fraud was on their side....They also warned her that her credit would be bad for 7 years.   but so what?-who wants to pay $28,000 for "good credit" when the people themselves provide the credit with their own signature!     $28,000 debt discharged.... end of story.

 You tell me one process out there that has had this result by one single letter---NONE.

What the Trustees did was a valid process on behalf of all the people. SEE BELOW.
I am not saying that some corporations won't try to avoid, deflect or put up a fight but that is HUGE. SHE DIDN'T EVEN SEND A COURTESY NOTICE.

   Some of the responses that are coming out about this makes me think about the 1933 Bankruptcy that the "government" perpetrated.  The "government"-corporation took our money--our gold and silver.  They did not come out and disclose the remedy to the American people  that all their debt would now be discharged because of no money..all they had to DO was give their signatures which would be monetized and that is how banks/businesses were to make their money--the people would pay by credit-their signature. There is much info on these things I am mentioning in brief if you do some searching.

  Remember the PAYMENT COUPONS?  WHAT IS A COUPON?  IT IS REDEEMABLE. They did NOT disclose this to us ever, in fact, they have changed them to Payment Remittance...where YOU pay what was supposed to be discharged cause there was no money-just FRN's which is fiat currency, IOU's, worth nothing. And by the way, THAT is why we have trillions in debt--because of the use of IOU's instead of real money, but the debt is the "Federal Reserve's system, not ours.

 The point is...
 Some people back then may have figured out the truth about the Bankruptcy and tried to educate the people (the movie The Wizard of OZ is an example) but I can imagine that many people were afraid to NOT continue doing what they had always done--NOT KNOWING ANY BETTER AND BEING FEARFUL THAT THE NEW PROCESS WAS ONLY A SCAM OR RUMOR TO BE IGNORED. So they kept paying with checks (you notice they do not want you to send FRNS-then they can't monetize and make money off of your check x 10 or more, with mortgage x30 ) and the corporations got paid twice, basically.  A great deal for them, not for us!!

Let us not do to ourselves and our children what our parents in ignorance or unknowingly did to us.
..continue in the bondage WILLINGLY ...out of fear and not stand up for what God has provided through the work of the trustees filings...FREEDOM FROM THE SLAVERY SYSTEM..It is already done.
Let us remember even further back in time, God designated Moses to go deliver the Israelites from slavery to Egypt's Pharaoh
I can imagine their disbelief at the thought because they had been enslaved for 400 years and their life was engrained with a slave mindset.  Then when Moses put more pressure on Pharaoh through more miracles by God, it looked worse before it got better because God hardened Pharaoh's heart--(He really wanted them to know that they were delivered by God-not chance) for the Israelite's punishment they had to make even more bricks but were no longer given straw, they had to gather it themselves ....THEY WERE FURIOUS AT MOSES, THEIR "DELIVERER", SCARED AND IN TOTAL DOUBT OF ANY IMPENDING DELIVERANCE...all they cared about was the CONSEQUENCES of Moses's interactions with Pharaoh...they had no faith and were in unbelief.They would rather be content with the status quo of slavery the way it was..not wanting it temporarily worse, and couldn't see beyond that into freedom.
but God showed Himself strong and delivered the Israelites out of Egypt and they left with all the wealth of Egypt. Read it for yourself beginning in Exodus 4.

The trustees have the monies from OUR Egypt in trust..Heather is setting up some of the first CVAC's now in order to begin distribution of the wealth that the people created but the corporations help people.
This is just one part of the wealth transfer that has been prophesied in the Bible to come from the wicked and given to the righteous.

I am not trying to convince anyone....but don't sit back and say it must be a fairytale or that OPPT is not valid just because you are scared to move out of your comfort zone of being a slave to the system. There is a price for freedom..You have to stand up and act on it.  Whether you accept it or NOT it has been done on your behalf.
If no one stands up and acts on it, the fraud will continue and the slavery system of debt and greed will continue. The more people that stand up and act, the faster will they realize that they have been undone because the people know and have responded.They are COUNTING ON THE SLAVE MENTALITY TO KEEP THE PEOPLE AS SHEEPLE in their slave system.
As Christians, yes, we are free spiritually in Christ, but we have been slaves to the system.  God has provided a way and we are now free of the system "the beast" as some have called it. It is up to each person to seek the truth and act on it. 
Article below


02/25/2013    Santos deals with the subject of Reclaiming Dominion. Breaking the fictions of Law, Religion and Science. This weeks special guests were Rena Iliades and Ann Bressington.
- Victorian Melton Council Corruption
- OPPT Discussion
Ann Bressington (Australian politician) says she has put the OPPT stuff past a retired corporate lawyer in Australia and he confirms the OPPT UCC FILINGS have legs, the question is whether the people will enforce it! (Courtesy Notices and invoices people! NOW).
 Also she says in the courts there are two sets of rules going on: the judicial run on UCC and lawyers run on statutes – hence why the people do not find remedy.

Click on the link below to listen to the archived show:
The link again to save you finding the YouTube in the posts!
Ann Bressington exposes ageda 21

Hilarion March 3, 2013

March 3-10, 2013

Beloved Ones,

You are experiencing another energetic download and are being upgraded yet again. As you know, this process will continue until all is cleansed and purified in your four body system. It is a time to spend going within as much as is possible for you and for allowing your heart chakra to open more fully so that any areas that still need purging can be worked on. If this process feels very intense for you, go out into nature and simply connect. This will ground you and remind you that you are a part of All That Is and that these feelings too, shall pass.

Each layer that is cleared connects you more deeply with your authentic self that lies at the core of your being and this is important in order for you to move forward and the fastest and most accelerated way to accomplish this is to practice looking at each situation in your life and forgiving everyone and everything throughout this lifetime and most especially, yourself. Your human operating system has absorbed many false messages and signals throughout your journey in the physical and these each need to be recognized as such and released. It is important to discern between what is actually your energy and that of the collective consciousness. Sometimes, this can be a difficult process and many of you spend needless hours getting caught up in the dramas that are being enacted all over the Earth.

My Awakening & How to Get Yours

This isn't just hype, I've received the Oneness Blessing in conjunction with the Wholeness Blessing and its quite remarkable.  I had it done in person, however unlike the Wholeness Blessing for healing, the Oneness Blessing can be done online - its all about energy.   -AK

My Awakening & How to Get Yours
Peter DeBenedittis, Ph.D.
Santa Fe, New Mexico

I’ve recently received the gift of Awakening. Awakening is a neuro-biological shift that declutches your consciousness from your mind. The result is a permanent state of consciousness that totally eliminates inner conflicts, makes the mind more quiet and efficient, and ultimately leaves one in on-going state of joy.  This article will 1) give a report of the shifts I’ve noticed in myself since I’ve become Awakened, 2) describe the phenomenon of Oneness that is causing mass Awakening on the planet, and 3) give instructions on how everyone can become Awakened in a relatively short period of time for no cost.

1) The changes I’ve undergone since Awakening

Though words can’t completely describe the wondrous nature of my new state of being, I’ll do my best to report what I’ve noticed about myself  since I’ve been given the gift of Awakening:

¨    My mind is becoming more and more quiet. There's space between thoughts. I rarely get stuck in frantic cycles of the same thought filling my head to the bursting point anymore. What a relief this is!

¨    I can't hold onto past hurts. I remember the incidents and people I used to be upset by, but the actual feelings of upset fade within a few moments. Previously I would often spend days or even weeks recycling the same incident over and over in my head, thinking how so and so hurt me and was such a terrible person. Now I’m literally not capable of doing this. I’ve been liberated from my past.

¨    I don't feel any guilt or shame no matter what I do or say—which is a huge release of stress in my life. Instead, I'm experiencing instant karma. If I'm being intentionally mean, I immediately feel the hurt I’m causing the other person. And whenever I judge something another person is doing, within an hour or two I find myself automatically doing the same thing I judged that person for.

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