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The Failed Cabal Timeline

Posted by American Kabuki
March 11, 2013

This is the 2nd piece of the recording supplied to me by an anonymous contact in late 2012. The other portion of this video was about the mind controlled Montauk children was published shortly after the killings in Sandy Hill NJ.  I felt that information had to get out immediately.

This portion I delayed posting, mostly because there was so much hysteria around 12/21/2012, both from the negative disaster perspective (Hollywood did its best to magnify that possibility) and from others expecting a suddenly miraculous new world.  I had no desire to contribute to the negative side of things and decided to delay this until January.  At least that was my thinking, little did I know the OPPT would be giving me a ring, and change my life and blog forever.  So this is a bit delayed.

This footage outlines Al Bielek's accidental trip down the Nazi cabal time line.  Al was on the USS Eldridge during the Philadelphia experiment. He and another man named Duncan jumped over board when things got strange thinking they'd land in the water, instead they traveled through hyperspace into the future on another time line on earth.  This is the same timeline remote viewed by Bill Brockbader and mentioned in the Daniel papers on Time Travel. As far as I know this is unpublished information.

This timeline did not happen for us.  There were at least 3 timelines for 2012, perhaps more. They have all merged into our current timeline, quite peacefully so.  The timeline described in this video is the one the Nazi cabal and Illuminati had hoped to bring about.  They failed.  Creator Source had more positive plans for humanity.

The Naked Ones

Words like “should” and “owe” and “debt” and “obey” are uncomfortable.  They rest uneasy on my BEing.  Faced now with Freedom, where do they fit?

Guilt is a dress I have worn often, as has my mother and her mother before her.  It feels familiar yet it no longer fits.  It feels more like a strait jacket – meant to hold me in.  I’ve begun to take it off, noticing the awkward, sort of exposed feeling that results.  What to do with all these parts – loose and able to move?

As we look around, we notice others like ourselves.  Some of us are looking for other strait jackets; even trying them on.  Some of us are selling new models of the same dress our grandmothers wore.  Some of us are tentatively moving a few of our parts and giggling as the sensation of “free” runs through our bodies.  We are whispering to each other, frightened and thrilled all at once.  We are not sure how comfortable we are yet – but there is hope.

We can’t take our eyes off of those who’ve left their old dress crumpled in the corner.  They appear to be naked; without shame, regret, embarrassment or doubt.  They are fierce in their display; almost daring us to look away. We can’t.  We want to know what it is they have that looks so good.  It didn’t cost any money.  It is no different than anything I’ve got.  It’s easy to tell without the dress – everything is just out there, free to see and to BE.

All at once Freedom sounds wonderful and terrifying.  Life has been spent paying someone to take care of us – to finance things we couldn’t afford and decide for us what needed doing and correcting.  We’ve become lazy and comfortable in our mother’s dress.  Yet is has cost too much, much too much; not only monetarily – but emotionally, spiritually, mentally and physically with our labor, our signature and/or our pledge.

I’m done with that.  I’ve seen the naked ones and they just look so damn happy!   I don’t think we came here to be comfortable, wearing our mother’s dress or our father’s shoes.  I think we come here naked with good reason – so that the first thing we have to do is pick out our own clothes, or wear nothing at all.

We are here to push the limits that someone before us decided to stay within; to see just how far we can take this human suit.  We are born with everything we need.

We are the one’s we’ve been waiting for. 

The Next Great Event in The Awakening!

This is an interesting article.  I've been long expecting something like this to arrive, sort of a living version of what I experienced in my NDE. A global change in human perspective... -AK

March 2013 The Next Great Event in The Awakening!  

Mindy Mitchell

Hello Everyone!

I conducted a research project using QHH to obtain more clarity for humanity regarding The Shift and all it entails. My focus was what we would be experiencing and how to prepare ourselves mentally, physically and spiritually. The information brought forth was truly enlightening especially regarding what the electronic/wireless environments are doing to us!

The book is called Quantum Odyssey by Mindy Mitchell and is available as an ebook  at and at The following is an excerpt from my book regarding the next possible upcoming event of The Awakening.

I wanted to be sure and share this information with everyone as this stated event is to occur this March 2013!  I look forward to sharing our collective experience of this event as it unfolds over the next few months and how it unfolds for each and everyone of us.

As I tell all of my QHH clients, there is no wrong way to have an experience. Each of us are here on our own journey and as such will have a variety of experiences and responses to our lives on Earth. Not all will be aware to the same thing at the same time. Some will recognize change immediately, others slowly but surely, some not at all.

Below is a segment from an actual Quantum Healing Hypnosis session (QHH) where I explored using QHH as a research tool to go forward into time and ask many of the hot topics that are circulating regarding the new millennium we are moving into and the New Earth..The Ascension...The Shift...The Awakening.

I don't believe that there is any one truth or reality out there as I believe that the truth and reality exists as a multi-faceted gem. Each facet of the gem provides a different perspective, different from all the other facets. None being more real or greater than the other. We each will experience our reality and truths through different facets of perception.

The more we open ourselves to experiencing a different reality than we have been conditioned to, the more likely we are to evolve and awaken to a New Earth!

The world was absolutely flat for centuries. Until it wasn't......

Remember...keep all THREE eyes open!

M represents me Mindy and E is Ellen the subject.

E: I see a like a moment in time. The only thing I can describe it like…it is like when you flip the switch and the lights go on. There is this incredible blue light! So soft… I see color of blue light and when this light switch goes on the light expands... It is so beautiful! Throughout the whole universe and it’s the coming together of one mind! It so unbelievable!

M: Is this a happening at this time or a future event?

E: It is a future event...and it’s going to happen. The only thing I can think of is a scripture that says "…in the twinkling of an eye" and it’s so amazing!!!! (Spoken with absolute wonder and awe)

M: Is there an earth time when this event will be taking place?

E: It is’s feels now. It’s melting... it doesn’t feel far away.

M: Is this "The Shift" "The Awakening" that’s coming?

E: Yes! It’s all minds coming to together in a split second! It’s so bizarre!

Brian Kelly to be Interviewed on ET First Contact Radio -- Monday, March 11th (Update: Show Starts at 12pm pacific time)

Brian Kelly to be Interviewed on ET First Contact Radio -- Monday, March 11th

This is the second part of a 2 (possibly more) part series. The first recording was last Thursday, which will be posted to the blog later this afternoon. If you listened to last week's installment, then you KNOW this is a show you do not want to miss ;)

~ Brian

Maarten: Tune in on Monday March 11th for ET-First Contact Radio at 11 AM PST / 2 PM EST / 7 PM GMT / 20:00 CET for a fantastic show with Brian Kelly from OPPT.

Listen via: and click on the alien play button at top left.

For the 1st time in modern history, the entire world will have the opportunity to live in abundance and prosperity through the One People's Public Trust (OPPT) movement. The One Peoples Public Trust has freed humanity from the debt slave system. The banks and government profited from a casino economy that enslaved the world.

A former international banking lawyer saw fraud everywhere. She followed the yellow/gold brick road back to the wizards, corrupt government corporations in bed with banks and the world’s powerful financial elite.

In response, Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf, the former lawyer and fellow trustees, Caleb Paul Skinner, and Hollis Randall Hillner created The One People’s Public Trust.

One Peoples Public Trust (OPPT) foreclosed on all governments and banks, removed the financial elite’s power, returning all wealth and gold back to its rightful owners, the people.

To disperse this wealth, OPPT formed 194 Creator’s Value Asset Centers that supplant corporate governments.

Open Letter to The Galactics

2009 Image of Moon Sized Galactic Biosphere Near Sun
Open Letter to The Galactics

Dear Galactics,

We know you are there and have been there for many years.  We know you got a Star Trek "Prime Directive" non-interference thing unless you get a request from this planet.  We get that. And we thank you for your courtesy and consideration.  Its a good deal more polite than the buggers that were here for the last 6000 years who have been running the show much to our detriment.

However, our governments have had 60 years to get the people up to speed on you guys and they have utterly failed and sand bag even now to give the people the straight scoop.  See they lied for 60 years, and they don't know how to admit they lied.  So that's a bit of a Catch 22 you and us have to work around.

80% of Americans believe UFOs are a reality.  Sure our corporate owned TV news people still ridicule such things, but since the Iraq war, none of us believe TV news anymore anyway. They blew their credibility long ago. We thank them for showing us very clearly who they really work for, the contrast is complete and utterly clear, its bankers, defense companies and pharmaceutical companies.  None of which really have our health and well being upper most in mind.

I propose that you can do something for us, to help us do our thing, The One People, and it will speed things along.

One of the issues we face is constant meddling with our emails, delaying them for hours sometimes, intercepting and jamming our chat, voice and video conferencing, especially internationally. This costs us countless hours of delay and frustration.  Those who claim to rule to preserve freedom are actively trying to stop freedom.

The Czechoslovakian peaceful "Velvet Revolution" overthrow of communism led by Václav Havel was quite a remarkable event in 1989, and might be a model of how we can proceed. Initially a low tech affair, copies of playwright Václav Havel writings on freedom and human rights were photocopied and mimeographed covertly and passed person to person and was quite effective in organizing a ground base of popular support for what need to be done to free the country from communist tyranny.  Yet, it was a slow process and involved much manual labor.

The Internet as we have it now was not in place 1989, hard to imagine I know, but being an older computer user, that's the way it was back then. Sheesh... I am really dating myself as an old fart now aren't I? 

I remember reading in one of the computer trade magazines of that time that some mysterious gentlemen from Japan showed up in Prague with suitcases of computer modems which they distributed freely.  It was a simple move, and not that expensive really, and they plugged into already existing computers.  Ad-hoc networks were quickly established using computer bulletin board systems over existing telephone lines and that greatly sped up the pace of change during the Velvet Revolution.  It was one of the most peaceful changes in government the world has ever seen.

Our task is similar, but its not so much governments that we have a beef with, its private corporations operating under the guise of the people's governments. And they are as corrupt as the communists were.

Here's what we need, and we know you have the technical expertise, I've already received Galactic emails and I know you interface to our Internet.  You can reply through our GFL liaison person who you already put in contact with us.  We know who they are.

Our Internet is just a bastardization of what exists in the Galaxy, just not as fancy.  But still pretty useful.    Here's a few items that I think you could provide that would help in the interim:

1)  WIFI adapters that interface through your etheric networks to your high speed backbone connections into our Internet (yes I know our RF based WIFI stuff is not all that healthy, but for now its  a temporary solution until we have better alternatives built into our computers, smart phones and tablet devices.  These adapters should use class B, C, N and AC wireless ethernet protocols, universally accepted by this planet's computing devices.  We'd like to bypass some Rothschild owned middle men.

2) Point to Point Personal communication devices that bypass terrestrial phone systems.  Surely you must have some sort of quantum phone thingy right?  The capability to act as terrestial WIFI hot spot would be useful, so perhaps item 1) above can be folded into Item 2).  HBO is optional.  :)

3) Reliable video conferencing and voice chat capability, hosted on your servers and secured by you, connected to our Internet and accessible from our Internet.  Un-hackable and uncrackable. Face it, Facebook sucks.  And they censor.

4) Short notice point to point earth transportation.  Just let us know what protocol to use with you.

Now if this violates any Galactic non-interference thing, we can have Heather write up a little UCC waiver for all applicable dimensions that free you from any liability and karmic consequences of this request.  We promise we won't sue in Galactic court.  

Your friendly Galactic little brothers and sisters on earth.

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