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Businesses and Public begin withdrawing their funds from Cyprus Banks to send abroad

Businesses and Public begin withdrawing their funds from Cyprus Banks to send abroad

The lines are getting longer to withdraw money from Cyprus banks.    

Depositors in Cyprus banks are threatening to withdraw their savings and other types of deposits from the island after the Eurogroup and government imposed a one-off bank tax of 9.9 percent on deposits over 100,000 euros - and 6.75 percent on deposits under 100,000 euros.

"From Tuesday I will be moving all my savings to another country to avoid a repeat of this criminal behaviour," said one depositor via Facebook.

What if it happens again, asks another saver - does this set a precedent?

The bank tax was announced over the long weekend and accounts have been frozen. Monday is a holiday, and the cash will be subtracted from all accounts as of Tuesday, March 19th. The money will be exchanged for Laiki bank shares.

On a larger scale, there are reports that companies with their bank accounts in Cyprus will leave the island or change their banking practices after the money is removed.

All the signs point to a massive loss of trust in the government and banking system, with many pointing the finger of blame at the Eurogroup.

The deposit grab has left the entire island stunned and confused as people worry about their savings. Even those who have received loan funds that have not been used yet will be taxed, leaving them short of money for whatever purpose the loan has been taken.

All deposits will be taxed, including those of foreigners, locals, companies with current accounts, and savings accounts.

The overwhelming feeling is that this is a huge injustice against individuals and companies who received no warning of the tax and have no choice but to pay it. Those with internet banking are receiving the message that the bank has temporary technical problems and 'sorry for the inconvenience'.

Other questions are being raised about the government's credibility, after it promised not to allow a tax on deposits, and then made a u-turn of epic proportions - followed with a conveniently lined-up system to freeze accounts over the weekend.

David Icke - We think we are Humans.

Thanks to Deva for pointing this video out...  -AK

Channel Light from your Heart
George Kavasillas… “The 21st December 2012 Deception and What We Can Do About It” (and, “Where was this Video when we all Needed It???”) (and, I say, “Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes!!!”) (and, “YOU Are Your OWN Guru”)

Posted on 2013/03/15 by kauilapele

First of all, this is the first thing I have ever posted from or about George Kavasillas (I believe). I was somehow led to this video by George tonight.

Second, in answer to the question above, in the title (“Where was this Video when we all Needed It???”), it was right on George’s YouTube page, as of December 15, 2012. Probably also at his website (

Third, the “and, I say, ‘Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes!!!’” part was what I was feeling and shouting from my Inner Self (also known, in the Higher Realms, as “Innards”) as I watched it. All right, here’s the video.

This “Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes!!!” I was getting, as I watched, was about my getting the same message prior to 12-21-12. And as you may know, I did nothing special on the 12-21-12 (try this one, as well).

This “Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes!!!” I was getting also applied to what George mentioned about the “New Age Guru Types” (my appellation, not George’s), who essentially replaced many of the the “Old Age Guru Types”. I have posted a few posts that mentioned things like that (“de-guruizing”; e.g., here’s one of those). And here is my own deal about that…

“De-Guru-ize Your Life… Just Remember… ‘Gee… U (You) R (Are) U (You)’… ‘YOU Are Your OWN Guru’”

Here’s the comment George attached with this video.

“george gives a passionate presentation about the deception of the false light programs and paradigms and how 21st December 2012 has been hijacked by the priestly cast and new age luminaries.

“He asks you to contemplate the consequences of injecting external false light energies into Mother Earth and humanity on 21st December, right at a time when she is about to birth anew.

“Instead be authentic.

“When you are doing your mediations [meditations] and contemplations on 21st December let go of all these false external programs, rituals, doctrines and practices and go into a place of just being to allow yourself to reconnect with you and bring out your organic light from your heart centre (not the fragmented heart charka [chakra])!”

And about chakras, and all that, not too long ago Mark H sent me this article, which you may wish to check out, The Secret Behind the Chakras. I add this quote from it.

“Our Core or Sun/Star is where our Higher Selves reside…and therefore the statement “God is inside of us, God is within” is literally true. Searching for a God outside of yourself will cause serious challenges. For instance; when you go to a new age meditation class, one of the first things they teach you is to “open your crown and bring the white or golden light down through your body, lighting up each chakra, and then ground into the earth.

This may feel good momentarily, but think about what it is that you just did.

your “God” is inside of you, and you bring an “outside energy source” into your body and bypass your own “God” and ignore what was there to begin with….. continue to ignore it and bring in outside energy sources to take its place, what is it going to do? Well, remember the old “use it or lose it” philosophy? Yes, the “Core or God Sun/Star” will start to go dormant and just sit there until you decide to take your will back and use it again. Which energy would you rather be operating from and have command of, your own personal custom designed Authentic Source …or bring in some nebulous energy that could be infiltrated and run that through your body?”

So, all of this process is bringing awareness, in my mind, at least, that our Source is WITHIN each one of us. This does not mean we do not have teachers, or those who en-lighten our minds, with new concepts, and ways of looking at our selves. I’ve had many of those. But I passed through any “guru stage” into an understanding that many of these people were simply trying to assist me to find the G-U-R-U within myself.
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