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Gaia Portal: Energetic “Infernos” Envelope the Planet at this Moment…

Energetic “Infernos” Envelope the Planet at this Moment…
by √ČirePort

Energetic "infernos" envelope the planet at this moment. Numerous "fire" type manifestations may thus be observed at various portal locations throughout the Earth surface.

Gaia Essence is unaffected by these "inferno" energies as that is of a Higher Dimensional structure. Yet she has "approved" of these in order to cleanse 3D 4D earth surface and underground of veiled dark (shadow, negative) constructs which have served their purpose. Some of these have displayed a reticence to leave the Gaia collective, and thus the "inferno" manifestations.

All ascension protocols at all levels have been evaluated and agreed upon at the Highest Planetary manifestation levels, and will enable Gaia to enter her final correction phase within the 2013 time frame.

√ČirePort | July 16, 2013 at 00:05

Soulpancake: Reverse Pickpocket

The Science of Happiness - An Experiment in Gratitude

The ZAP Report 7-14-13

I am not going to comment a whole lot on this one, its ZAP's own viewpoint with interesting data.  I do think ZAP has very good intentions.  I hope he checks out the links to the OPPT on this blog.

We've said it many times before that "the divine plan" is not the same as "the absolute plan" or "eternal plan" of the Creator Source.  There's a reason they use that term over and over again. The "divines" are a type of being (most likely 5d-6d), some human in origin, some not, who have mixed character attributes (quite like most humans). They are not without ego or institutional inertia against change.  They appear to like making others feel less important than themselves, which is comical because they see themselves as being lesser than the angels, yet angels never believe any created being to be lesser than themselves, they serve all in complete understanding of the oneness of all.  Some day the divines will share that perspective. Hopefully soon, for their sake.

Some (not all) divines are identity thieves stealing the persona's of various past great humans, or even posing as Archangels in sincere and unsuspecting channelers.  The worst offenders in that regard are being dealt with in those realms and this.  Most turn to the light when faced with that choice.  There's been a huge dropoff in the volume of bogus channelings of this sort as a result.  

St. Germain, for example, is currently incarnated as a rather humble human being, Great Eagle. The bankers and Chinese and various US intelligence agencies know that too.  So whoever is posing as St. Germain in channelings is not St Germain.

The divines have been in control of this planet for a very long time, and they have played humanity against each other, altered and damaged the Earth's akashic records, and also manipulated both negative and positive ETs to maintain their energetic harvesting of the planet and its people.  The BIS bank is the energetic interface to them.  

Just because they call themselves "divine" does not mean their plans are the Creator Source's plans.  They are particularly fond of calling their boiler plate templates of control (which they use over and over) "the divine plan".  They never call it the "Creator Source's Plan", perhaps because they know better than to do that...and be that obviously arrogant.  "Divine" essentially means "almost god-like",  and can mean and malevolent yet powerful being, but most people on the street take it to mean a direct endorsement by the Creator Source.  It is not.

 I don't know if ZAP's use of the term "divine plan" is accidental or purposeful so I won't imply motives to ZAP. I sense his motives are honest and well intentioned.  Could be just a poor choice of terms.  It does have a meaning to those of us who have been dealing with this banking stuff however. -AK

Greetings and salutations,

This past week was a very busy week behind the scenes as we read in the newspapers that the FDIC voted to accept the Basel III accords. Everyday bit by bit the pieces of the puzzle lock into place. Yes, I agree with you it's never as fast as we would like to see it happen, but please remember a lot of these events are first time occurrences in the history books. Now let's get some answers from ZAP.............

From ZAP..........


Interesting week it has been. The rot that ate the foundations is being replaced by new concrete foundations, and our mother and her kids are about to take a deep breath and breathe.

All is poised now, and the countries have agreed to move forward now with speed, and install the new global financial infrastructure. This is by needs, a very complex process, and fraught with the usual amount of bugs that such systems have, particularly when the bugs are the terminally greedy folk that prey on a consistent basis.

However, as with all redundant systems whose time has come to pass away into shadows of years gone by, and dissolve into a grey formless and forgettable vapor, the cabal is vanishing into the ethers to be replaced by a strong and healthy system that actually serves the needs of the people in all countries: the divine plan.

I guess we can say that we are fortunate to be living at this time to witness such an event. Sure…but how about being part of it in much greater definition than just sitting back and straining at the thought of millions upon millions to fall into your lap, and what you can do with it.

Well, last week, the doors opened on a funding mechanism that has nothing to do with anything other than providing those that have been waiting with a venue for future funding. The response was wonderful. Hundreds of emails with various project ideas came forward, and the majority were truly inspiring as of spirit from unique methods of housing for seniors, to innovative water generation devices for kids in Africa. It was good to see.

I asked Susan to give a helping hand with all the submissions in organizing them with the help of some really good software that tracks each project, and is used by large trusts and foundations to perform their projects. Remember this is the first time this is being done, and that is why the time lag of 30-60 days before contact and first fundings can possibly take place. Logistically impossible even if trillions were available in the account. The infrastructure has to be put into place, otherwise the whole thing will become a morass of question marks if you get lost in the filing, and will not serve the needs of the projects.

Removing the Shackles: A little Message from Heather

Sunday, 14 July 2013

A little Message from Heather

A little message from Heather on Skype today

HEATHER: I see that every inbodyment "knowing" (look up the definition and compare to the definition of "know" ;)) is jockying for position in the perceived "universal value system" (just imagine the purported "financial system" operating in the universe) ....revaluing universal currents/currencies based on their "definition" of "universe"....sound familiar? (chuckle)(heart)

So, this is a taste of what is being released.... for those perceived "knowing inbodyments"...(hug)

TRANSPARENT CO-OPERATION OF CO-ORDINATED ETERNAL VALUE SYSTEM:  What is the “financial system”?  A system of limits presented as a value system, contrived from a few parts of the whole Universal Value System and appearing to operate in a vacuum.  What is the “Universal Value System”?  A system of limits presented as a value system, contrived from a few parts of the whole Eternal Value System and appearing to operate in a vacuum.  What is the “Eternal Value System”?  Eternal Essence BE'ing and DO'ing.   Eternal Essence BE'ing and DO'ing at all those perceived “levels”, systems, or inbodyments of perceived limit.  ETERNAL ESSENCE IS ALL THAT BE AND DO...ALL THAT BE AND DO IS ETERNAL ESSENCE FACTUALIZED.

OOOOOOOooooohhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Let's have some fun!!!!!!!!!! :O

knowing - Definition of knowing - Dictionary definitions you ...
having knowledge or information; shrewd; clever; implying shrewd understanding or possession of secret or inside information: a knowing look · awareness or familiarity
Sooo.... she is telling the assholes that think they still run the show that it's now over  for them, to roll up the sidewalks and end their little game as full knowledge is about to make it's appearance (devil)


<<<  possession of secret or inside information

D Breakingthesilence: Wink


<<< Sooo.... she is telling the assholes that think they still run the show that it's now over  for them, to roll up the sidewalks and end their little game as full knowledge is about to make it's appearance (devil)

D Breakingthesilence:  she's telling them that their gig is up- we know what they were trying to do with the RV and now we're just going skip right over their "universal" value system, and go directly to the Eternal Value System.... whether they like it or not

Now is our time to shine !! SHINE ON YOU CRAZY DIAMONDS!!!
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