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Heather Tucci-Jarraf: Absolute Transparency of What Is, The Structure of a Value Bond with Routing Numbers for the USA

AK Note: The D_CALL bond is a damages bond, the E_CALL bond is an equity bond.  These are templates those wishing to play with the banking system can use for their own purposes.  The ABA routing number is for the USA only, you will need to locate the routing number for your country if you live outside the USA.    - Bill

From: Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf
To: D, Bill (and our blog readers)


Bill and D....remember that “story” about the souls around the architect's table engineering the Experience? No one wanted to play the “bad guy” role, but one volunteered under a sole condition? That condition being that the other souls, while in role, would tell the soul, while in “bad guy” role, that they love him...but they had to mean it? ….....and so upon that choice made they began the play?

…...what do you “see”, Love?
What do I “see”? I see the choice made at that architect's table being implemented and completed visibly and transparently by each and every inbodyment NOW.

In the spring of 2012, a few inbodyments warned me that if I proceeded with what I intended to do, that this would be a war like none that has ever been experienced or fought before in existence...EVER. I reply NOW....if it was ever perceived as a war, then it was a war of perceptions...because there is only One, eternal essence, BE'ing and DO'ing in every inbodyment that IS in every NOW moment.

IN LOVE, this “war of perceptions” is being made visible by all the inbodyments of eternal essence...The closed, reconciled, and terminated slavery systems, will not be revived, re-instituted, or reset. They have served their purpose...inbodyments, “in the know” of what ALL THIS IS, within the shells of those former systems who are diligently guarding that those systems frequencied to enslave never are revivied, re-instituted, or protect all inbodyments in these final moments of disclosure...because once all is disclosed, those former systems would never be consciously is a “dance of love” that is done by all the inbodyments NOW to make the rest of the data visible, not one piece missing!

Many inbodyments have sent me their experiences of the last few weeks of their DO'ing with “courts”, “banks”, “secret service”, “agencies”, “paperwork”, “processes”, “possibilities”, “proposals”, “ventures”, etc, and they ask for my review, analysis, strategy, advise, thoughts, and comments about each.

I am attaching a skype conversation between I and another inbodyment, Raymond King, who is in the highest level of bank/trade/ that you can see the “dance” as it is done now....He was orchestrating the attempt to move representations of value to the countries without a paper trail so that if an audit was done it would appear that it had always been there ( the 4 Trillion daily that Gulliver from HSBC was sending to Christine at IMF who was sending to UST and then back out, using physical hard drive deliveries rather than wire/swift), he was attempting to situate the HSBC/DEUTSCHE situation (HSBC holding majority in most of the banks of the world, crashing it and having DEUTSCHE left standing), the FAB's tool (a phoenix of the bad derivatives/securities), and resetting/revaluing the former private slavery systems/currencies....

I am also attaching a BOND that I constructed using the data made visible to me through a co-ordinated co-operation between many inbodyments, “within” and “without” the former will see the routing number for the American Bank Association (ABA for UST...each corporation operating under the guise of “government” has their own respective numbers...previously shielded under the blanket immunity of the membership pyramid of BIS), and the respective account/identification numbers pertaining to Heather (I played the guinea pig at that moment...EIN/UST ACCOUNT are the social security numbers, the back office number is the birth certificate number, etc....) ...when I sent it over hard/open lines of communications to Karl Langentstein (he is also a Board of Director for Sino [China] who organized the investments into UST's, until January of 2012 when he was told not to invest in UST's) for review and accuracy it caused a lot of “activity” and “consternation”, especially with the “Texas Camp” who hacked all of our emails, I was told, because they were afraid China would “cut/make a deal” with us...the “activity” didn't sit right with Caleb, Randall and I....if they get all excited we stop to figure out why......this BOND was a tipping point for us it assisted us in reviewing the irrelevancy of the “lien tool”...the solution was simple...and all that stuff with birth certificates, USDOT, salvage of vessels, vatican process with Dun and Bradstreet numbers, blah, blah, blah were not simple...therefore we through the BOND in the investigation archives and chose to do simple.... we shifted our perceptions of The Public Trust, and ALL THAT simple...and you have seen from there what that looked like starting July 25, 2012 onward, including the day of October 24, 2012, when all banking was closed and all the gold, silver and precious metals were removed...when did Denmark and Germany ask to see their gold?...the BOND we had constructed to be used through the Public Trust became irrelevant because we chose to make the former systems irrelevant by unbinding them as they were bound....and so that the Public Trust could complete its purpose and be reconciled and retired...and the prime Value, eternal essence, BE'ing and DO'ing, was made visible. Think about it for a moment....enslaving eternal essence?....only so long as eternal essence chooses to experience that...and that moment is DONE.

For those inbodyments tasked by choice to make visible the shell of the former systems that have been closed and retired...I attach two BONDS, created using the compilation and totality of data within regarding HEATHER ANN TUCCI-JARRAF....I chose not to go the route that was dependent on the former systems that actually commandeered the value of I in the first place....I chose to be responsible and dependent on I to convert all of gratitude and love for the dead tool of banking and finance...I choose to never revive it again....reminds me of that movie Pet current excuses of the bank's about routing numbers to get their fees would be rendered mute as all the routing/account/identification numbers from the former system are included...and the secret service's excuses about “customer” status...well, the BONDS duly establish the Superior position of “first position creditor/owner/holder-in due-course” standing, authority, security, etc in that former system....this BOND also makes mute the excuse “if you did not loose money by them rejecting your deposit” the former systems, by them rejecting any deposit I give them to make, I loose that amount of amount of deposit and their refusal would jeopardize the remainder of the value of my other words....their rejection results in the actual loss of the face value of any BOND I present, up to 10 Billion in pre-1933 gold and silver..somewhere between 200 billion to 2 trillion on the “markets” ( withstanding the contrived market manipulations of gold and silver [purported hard backed] on any given day).

If inbodyments are wondering what the respective routing numbers are for any corporation operating under the guise of “government”...Karen Hudes would have that information...perhaps this is an opportunity for the inbodyments to ferret out and make visible with Karen the answer to the question I have been receiving recently... is she really a whistle blower intent on helping the people or still working for the World Bank, also known as International Bank for Reconstruction and Development....I leave up to the people and Karen to answer that.



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