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  This misunderstanding about love is perhaps THE MISUNDERSTANDING.  Agape is unconditional SELF-love.  To love without condition means to accept all facets of existence.  Every dark thought, angry outburst and violent emotion must be absorbed into the fabric of you and loved.  You can no longer afford to love half way or part way – the energetic push of creation in this moment now is asking of you – everything.
This shift you are participating in is not just something you are watching, it is what you are doing.  All of the wondrous changes you hear about in the next dimensions are possible when you leave the density of fear.  They cannot be instilled onto a fearful population to eliminate the fear – they are the by-products of a fearless and loving heart.
This is how it works.  There are many visions of earth in the next dimension, and they include prosperity, health, happiness and love on a continual basis.  These are visions of who you actually are – they are not new versions of you, but core expressions of your true nature.  Fear is gone from these versions of you. 
The fear that pre-dominates your life is a lie.  It is not true.  Truth is love and that is what you are.  You exist as a physical form expressing all possibility – a “thought form” as another teacher, (Eckhart Tolle), calls you.  What is there to fear in a thought form?  All thoughts can be changed.
Most of you currently hold thoughts about your life which include concepts of blame.  In order for those thoughts to hold any merit, (and so you do not consider yourself nuts), you must also think of someone, another person, to be at fault so that you can blame them.  It could be a lover, a parent or a wealthy banker.
You also hold thoughts of frustration and again, in order for you to NOT think of yourself as crazy, you must create someone or something to be frustrated about – a lover, another driver or a boss.
You may hold thoughts of imperfection and so you create illness, handicaps, and bodies that fall short somehow of your ideal image.
We are powerful creators.  We are divine pieces of the ONE, experiencing ourselves as young, old, rich, poor, happy, angry, violent, peaceful, etc...  We have created it all, as ONE, and right now we have chosen to change it up a bit.  WE have done it ourselves.
The changes we are seeing now have always been possible, only now more of us are seeing them.
They will become your life when you believe them to be reality, not fantasy.  The precise future can not be predicted because there is no future – linear time is a construct so that each idea can be fully experienced – aging, learning, growing, etc…
Life is occurring now as you are creating it now.  It evolves as your thoughts do.  Each moment, each thought, is creative.
So, what this means is that the shift in consciousness is happening and will happen as we all, as a collective, create it.  Your experience of it will be unlike any other you’ve had because you believe that to be true.
In order for this transformation to occur, we must do some internal transforming.  The thoughts we hold around love are filled with fear.  We have been taught these things and it is time now to trust what you know rather than what you think.
Love is something you know.  It is who you are and it resonates deeply.  It feels good.  It comforts.  It is familiar.  It knows you.  It sometimes evokes excitement.  It feels powerful.
These are words attempting to describe the indefinable and the sacred.  Love is the source.
Words such as right or wrong or good or bad do not belong here.  Love is.  It will not be denied.
We have been taught to fear it because it is the most powerful idea in creation and once realized and utilized we can no longer be controlled.
Fear is a tool that has been used to manipulate and it no longer serves your purpose to be manipulated.
We will have to accept all others as ok, and most importantly, love ourselves, for this transition to proceed seamlessly.  Realize who you are and then understand that how you see everyone in your life is a reflection of how you feel about you.
The world looks as it does because so many are fearful.  The more we love without condition, the more the world will change.  There is nothing else to do.  It starts with you.  It ends with you.  It is only you.
You are the spark of creation and the source of this shift.

You are the One we’ve been waiting for.

In Lak’ech,
~Sophia                        (reprinted from November 2011)

A Watershed Moment in Foreclosure Battle: Judge McConnell Hailed as Savior to Thousands of Downtrodden Homeowners

A Watershed Moment in Foreclosure Battle: Judge McConnell Hailed as Savior to Thousands of Downtrodden Homeowners

Written by Babcock News.
Federal Court Judge John J. McConnell issued a decision in the Cosajay v. MERS case this week. This case provides the plaintiffs with an opportunity to over-turn thousands of home foreclosure cases and will be viewed as a watershed moment in foreclosure law. Judge McConnell's decision in the case puts to bed once and for all the contention that homeowners have no right to challenge fraudulent assignments appearing in their chain of title.

In the 11 page decision, he wrote, in part:

      “The Court DENIES Defendants’ Motion to Dismiss (ECF No. 5) and finds that Ms. Cosajay has standing to bring this lawsuit against Defendants … the Court finds that Rhode Island law provides that same dual ideas basis for deviating from the general contract rule … Therefore, the Court finds that Rhode Island law provides that same protection to mortgagors in the same situations in which the first circuit found the Culhane and Woods plaintiffs under Massachusetts law.”

This ruling will impact not only every foreclosure case filed in Rhode Island Supreme Court, but also every foreclosure case across the country. “By far, this is the biggest decision concerning home foreclosure by a judge in the country in recent years.” said Attorney Babcock. “Judge McConnell took one swoop of his pen and changed the outcome of thousands of home foreclosure cases”

Over the last five years the issue of whether or not a plaintiff (homeowner) can sue a defendant (a lender) has been challenged at every step of the ongoing home foreclosure battle. This ruling by McConnell will bring a new perspective to every home foreclosure case ruling thus far in the Rhode Island Courts, and reinvigorates homeowners resolve to continue fighting the bank and mortgage servicers.  “As a result of the visionary decision by Judge McConnell, today is a new day in home foreclosure law.”

Click HERE to read an outline of the details of the decision in Cosajay v. MERS USDCT Rhode Island written by Attorney John Ennis. 

Prelude harmonization in progress

Don't ask me, I haven't a clue what it means!  But it sounds important! ;) -Bill

Prelude harmonization in progress

November 21, 2013

Prelude harmonization in progress. Markup at 5.5. System setup at Omicron 9.2.

Bigger than Libor? Forex probe hangs over banks

A global investigation into forex trading abuses is the latest legal headache for the banking industry.

Bigger than Libor? Forex probe hangs over banks
By Virginia Harrison  @vharrisoncnn November 20, 2013: 8:30 AM ET

forex probe lawyers
A global investigation into forex trading abuses is the latest legal headache for the banking industry.

Yet another dark cloud is looming over global banks as officials examine their behavior in the massive foreign exchange market, threatening to deal a new blow to earnings and reputations.
Regulators in the U.S., Europe and Asia are in the early stages of investigating whether traders at the world's top banks manipulated foreign exchange benchmarks to profit at the expense of their clients.

Goldman Sachs (GS, Fortune 500), Citigroup , JP Morgan , Deutsche Bank , Barclays , Royal Bank of Scotland, UBS and HSBC are among the firms in their sights.

Financial lawyers say the probe could have steep and uncertain consequences as the impact of currency market abuse would reverberate far beyond Wall Street.

It's unwelcome timing for an industry already fighting a raft of legal battles over foreclosure abuses, misleading investors over mortgages and payment protection insurance. And then there's the Libor scandal.

A global investigation into the setting of the London interbank lending rate, and related global benchmarks, has so far yielded about $3.6 billion in fines. Penalties for some of the biggest players are still to come. Traders have also faced criminal charges.

As the extent of damage caused by Libor-rigging is revealed, lawyers say the probe into fixing currency rates could unfold in a similar way, and rival its impact.

London is the center of the loosely regulated foreign exchange market, the biggest in the world's financial system with average daily turnover of $5.3 trillion.

Proven abuse in this market would have a significant ripple effect, exposing offending firms to a host of legal action.

Civil action related to Libor tampering by big banks is already underway. One of those cases is being led by Kirby McInerney LLP partner David Kovel.

"The banks ultimate exposure to Libor is still highly uncertain. These are massive markets, both of them. The [forex and Libor] benchmarks have a knock-on effect to all of these other markets," Kovel said.

Assistant professor of law at Wake Forest University Andrew Verstein agrees. He said the global currency system is of "stupefying magnitude" and civil actions would follow any misconduct finding by regulators.

"Every big business in the world has a relationship with some bank that handles foreign exchange for them," Verstein said.

"If you're operating internationally -- either as a tourist or a company -- foreign exchange has to be a part of your life," he said.

So far, no institution has been accused of any wrongdoing in fixing currency benchmarks. Barclays refused to confirm reports that six of its traders were suspended earlier this month in connection with the investigation.

But the steady stream of legal action and investigations continues to undermine trust in the banking sector, more than five years since the financial crisis began.

New York AG holds JPM 'accountable'

Banks will do all they can to soften the blow of any penalties as litigation costs eat into profits and some are required to raise new funds to boost liquidity buffers.

They may be more willing to assist authorities with the foreign exchange probe to ease possible fines further down the track.

Verstein said the degree of co-operation was a factor in determining the size of the settlements agreed over Libor.

Barclays was the first bank to come clean on Libor, paying around $450 million. That was dwarfed by settlements with others such as UBS and Rabobank, which paid a fine of nearly $1 billion.
"It's hard to imagine that Rabobank was twice as culpable as Barclays," said Verstein.

First Published: November 20, 2013: 8:30 AM ET

Surges of Enlightenment Envelop Gaia Total

Surges of Enlightenment Envelop Gaia Total
by √ČirePort

Surges of Enlightenment envelop Gaia total.

Mastery of Higher D concepts becomes common for all Gaia inhabitants.

Frequencies of upgrades have increased during recent alignments and allows further opening and exploration of new Portals of Understanding for all.

Cosmic readiness of Gaia total has been achieved.

√ČirePort | November 21, 2013 at 17:06
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