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Blossom Goodchild - 4 December, 2013

Blossom Goodchild - 4 December, 2013

Good morning to you. If it's ok let's get into it straight away, as there are a few things I'd like to clarify if I may? Yet first, let's not forget manners ... are you well?

We indeed FEEL of the finest energies throughout our existence. We are aware that one thing you would like to clarify is the 'buzzing within your head', this is correct is it not?

Indeed. It's like I've had five strong coffee's and yet I don't drink coffee. I try to meditate to calm it down yet that seems to almost exaggerate the FEELING

Do you find the FEELING unpleasant?

It is not painful ... yet difficult to settle down. Am I correct in thinking I am being downloaded BIG TIME.

It is a question of priorities as to which order we explain what is happening. You are correct in saying that you are being downloaded ... yet also there are actual changes taking place with inside your brain. There are parts of your brains that have long lain dormant, that are now being activated in order for new beginnings to take place. These changes are heightening your senses and although a little uncomfortable at the time of 'opening' ... they shall surely serve you well.

May I ask exactly what they will reveal?

They shall allow you to awaken more fully into yourself. They shall re-open powers that were once to a great advantage yet have been shut down over hundreds, indeed thousands of years. These activations are preparing you for THE NEW YOU. All the pieces shall fall into place once THE EVENT occurs and you shall nod in great understanding. For the energies that are to accompany this Event shall 'click' into place with the activations that are taking place with inside your brain. They will allow you to do a great deal of remembering. Rather like a chemical reaction ... when two chemicals blend into one ... it causes an onset of effervescing and a chain of events occurs. Again ... difficult to describe ... yet it is easiest to say that although you are experiencing these sort of symptoms ... the 'reality' of them shall not 'dawn' until the final ingredient is added to fully activate them into fullness.

It is difficult for you to comprehend all that is to take place within you in 'that instant' ... and indeed it is necessary for preparation of mind body and soul to have occurred beforehand.

Does this not give you a sense of 'ITS' closeness?

Amazon Testing Delivery by Drone Aircraft

Amazon Testing Delivery by Drone Aircraft

December 1st, 2013

Via: USA Today:
Amazon PrimeAir Octocopter
Amazon PrimeAir Octocopter is testing delivering packages using drones, CEO Jeff Bezos said on the CBS TV news show 60 Minutes Sunday.
The idea would be to deliver packages as quickly as possible using the small, unmanned aircraft, through a service the company is calling Prime Air, the CEO said.
Bezos played a demo video on 60 Minutes that showed how the aircraft, also known as octocopters, will pick up packages in small yellow buckets at Amazon’s fulfillment centers and fly through the air to deliver items to customers after they hit the buy button online at
The goal of the new delivery system is to get packages into customers’ hands in 30 minutes or less, the world’s largest Internet retailer said. Putting Prime Air into commercial use will take “some number of years” as Amazon develops the technology further and waits for the Federal Aviation Administration to come up with rules and regulations, the company added.
Bezos told 60 Minutes that the service could be up and running in as few as four years — although he noted that he is an optimist when it comes to such things.
“One day, Prime Air vehicles will be as normal as seeing mail trucks on the road today,” the company said.
However, the FAA currently limits the use of drones in the U.S. to public entities such as police forces and hobbyists, meaning the devices cannot be used in return for payment. The regulator said recently that it plans to have regulations governing commercial use in place by 2015.
“The FAA would not let Amazon do this now,” said Ryan Calo, an expert on robotics, privacy and the law at the University of Washington. “But this is precisely the type of application that Congress had in mind when it told the FAA in 2012 to come up with rules for commercial unmanned aircraft.”
If drone delivery takes off, it could be a threat to FedEx and UPS, which Amazon uses for a lot of its deliveries now. Indeed, FedEx founder Fred Smith told Wired magazine in 2009 that the company wanted to switch their fleet to drones as soon as possible but that it had to wait for the FAA to regulate such activity.
“We’ll be ready to enter commercial operations as soon as the necessary regulations are in place,” Amazon said Sunday. “Safety will be our top priority, and our vehicles will be built with multiple redundancies and designed to commercial aviation standards.”

Transparency: Bitcoin

Transparency: Bitcoin
Posted by D on December 4, 2013

I can't embed the video here but please go to the link below- starting at the 15 minute mark and paying special attention to  what is said from 21: till the end of that segment of the show!!

Thanks to my buddy who gave me the heads up on this!!

Just an addendum to your post on Bitcoin. Bitcoin developer Jeff Garzik explicit confirms on TV he is working with goverment and keeps updating the bitcoin protocol often to give control and power to US goverment.

Please watch the video starting at 15:30

AK NOTE: I posted the video below:

Posted by Breaking The Silence at 07:52


OPAL Tour Norway -- Absent Limits Conference

OPAL Tour Norway -- Absent Limits Conference
December 4, 2013

Those of you who have listened to the radio shows since our return from Norway, have heard how powerful of an experience that was for all involved. No words to explain the Love we expereinced there. So many open hearts and like minds makes for a wonderful symphony of synchronicity like any other I have yet to experience. I hope that the forthcoming videos capture some of the palpable energy created there. At the moment my computer is stuck in Oslo...that's what happens when you try to load a van at 3:30 in the morning and little black laptop bags somehow manage to sneak to  shadowy spots and hang back while the rest of us flew out to Amsterdam. We will be reunited again soon. In the meantime please enjoy the videos. The message of the day/week/month/year is Unity. It's time to Unite and build a new world under a common vision. Many developments to come illustrating our collective commitment to this effort. So much happening. First breathe then DO. Action is what will jump start this new paradigm into action. We are the Ones we've been waiting for...and we're Done waiting!

Big thanks for VJ our volunteer cameraman who came out not knowing anything of who we were and videotaped the entire conference for free. When it was all this man, who was already awakened in his own way, cracked wide open and showed such a level of excitement all over his face by what we are doing and what is it to come, I'm honored to have been present to witness such an amazing transition within this beautiful Soul. There was such an impact, he's already working on a Peace & Unity concert in Norway at some point in the near future. It's incredible how much can be accomplished through the simple act of connecting with each other. Let us not forget the value of human connections. Most of what has been created in our world has been a result of our relationships.

This is it …….!

NOW is the time for YOU to take back the lead role in your own life ! It is time for you to realize that you are ABSENT LIMITS! It is time for you to see the world as a wonderful and fruitful place with ENDLESS possibilities.

Tech giants are fighting back

Tech giants are fighting back
By Jon Swartz, @jswartz, USA TODAYPosted 1d 20h ago

SAN FRANCISCO — Google, Facebook, Microsoft and Twitter are engaged in a costly tech arms race, with their businesses and cultures at stake. Not against one another, mind you, but a common foe: the National Security Agency.

The tech juggernauts are investing in security technology, lobbying efforts and good old-fashioned PR to thwart U.S. government snooping of their data systems, often without their cooperation or knowledge.

For months, the narrative has focused on data breaches and spying as tech's biggest players quietly stewed over a sense of government betrayal, while assessing threats to their brands because of consumer outrage over invasion of their privacy. The breaches, and their threat to company reputations, are collateral damage of the government's war on terrorism.

"This may be the first time a computer-security problem has had such sustained interest on a national level," says Stephen Cobb, senior security researcher at cyber-security firm ESET North America.

Google, Facebook and others are pouring money into security, mirroring an industrywide trend. Cyber IT budgets are expected to soar from $65 billion this year to $93 billion in 2017, says tech market researcher Gartner. Last week, Microsoft confirmed that it plans to step up its cyber-defenses to thwart the NSA.

The NSA's staggering ability to access rich troves of data at the largest companies strikes at the core of consumers' and businesses' confidence in computer security and privacy. Encryption, the holy grail of security for the largest tech firms -- in which digital messages are scrambled and unscrambled so third parties cannot read them -- was easily cracked by the NSA through court orders, supercomputers and technical wizardry.

Deeply shaken tech executives, who are increasingly dependent on customer data in their pursuit of advertising revenue and fear a backlash from spooked consumers, have been loath to speak publicly about their efforts to counter government snooping.

France mulls new internet spying powers

France mulls new internet spying powers
Published time: December 03, 2013 14:13
Edited time: December 04, 2013 08:19 Get short URL
RIA Novosti/Vadim ZhernovRIA Novosti/Vadim Zhernov

The French National Assembly has adopted a bill allowing the authorities to access and gather internet user data without judicial approval. The bill has been slammed by activists as going “against the principles of democracy.”

The legislation is part of the 2014-2019 Defense Appropriation Legislatures. Article 13 of the bill expands French powers to monitor and collect internet user data in real time without judicial oversight. It requires internet services providers (ISPs) and content hosting companies such as Dailymotion and YouTube to feed lawmakers with details of user activities.

French socialist parties and the radical left voted for the proposed legislature. The environmentalist groups and the Left Front voted against the proposal. Tuesday’s draft, presented by Jean-Yves Le Drian, the Minister of Defense, is an extension of the White Paper on French Defense and National Security that the country’s Senate passed on 21 October.

The Senate could consider the second reading of the bill in mid-December, while the Assembly have its second reading in January.

Currently in France, authorities are required to apply for a warrant to access this information – a process that usually takes several months.

Under the new legislation, access to data would be approved by an appointee of the prime minister for periods of up to 30 days, and would be renewable.

The legislation has attracted the ire of civil rights groups, who have slammed it as an affront to civil liberties. French think tank Renaissance Numerique condemned Article 13 of the bill in a statement on its website.

“Relaxing the conditions of access to personal user data on the internet goes against individual freedoms,” Etienne Drouard, a lawyer specializing in communications law, told Renaissance Numerique.

As well as being a victim of the NSA’s spying programs, the French government also collaborated with the American spy agency, handing over data gathered abroad.  Whistleblower Edward Snowden’s leaks revealed that the NSA had gathered unprecedented amounted of metadata in France, recording around 70 million phone calls between December 2012 and January 2013.

President of Renaissance Numerique Guillaume Buffet issued a statement saying that in light of Snowden’s massive spy revelations measures must be taken to safeguard privacy on the net.

“A number of actors are attempting to turn the internet into something it is not – a tool to violate personal liberties,” Buffet said. “The internet is an extraordinary social, political and economic accelerator, in spite of what some may try and make us believe.” 
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