Sunday, June 29, 2014

GAIA PORTAL: Sacrificial paradigms have released from Gaia energetics

Sacrificial paradigms have released from Gaia energetics
by ÉirePort

Sacrificial paradigms have released from Gaia energetics.

Hue-manity collective has supplanted distorted concepts.

Passionates of Ascension complete their works.

Planetary mis-alignments corrected.

Seamless adventures lie ahead.

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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Kauilapele's Blog: “New internet law in effect in Brazil”

BRICSPost 6-24-14… “New internet law in effect in Brazil”
Posted on 2014/06/26 by kauilapele
Well, at least somebody’s out there trying to correct things.


New internet law in effect in Brazil

The Brazilian government’s new legislation aimed at protecting internet privacy and guaranteeing open access to the web came into effect on Monday in a bid to tighten security after the espionage scandal exposed by former US intelligence contractor Edward Snowden.

The ‘Marco Civil da Internet’ bill was signed into law in April by President Dilma Rousseff, and defines the duties and rights of Internet users and providers.

“The internet you want is only possible in an environment of respect for human rights, especially privacy and freedom of expression,” Rousseff said in a statement on her website after signing the law in April.

Internet security generated a lot of heated debate in late 2013 after reports that the US government had spied on Brazil’s private communications, including e-mails and phone calls of President Rousseff.

The reports also said other government officials, and Petrobras, Brazil’s state-controlled oil and gas company, were targeted.

The new law includes a net neutrality provision that bars internet access providers from restricting content and from charging more for data-heavy services. According to official data, the IT sector in Brazil grew by 15 per cent in 2013, above the 4.8 per cent world average.

To ensure users’ privacy on the web, the new law has limited the metadata that can be collected on Brazilian users by access providers. Companies are also forbidden from selling people’s personal data and global internet firms will be subject to Brazilian law in cases involving domestic users.

In a move to ensure freedom of expression, companies cannot remove content posted by users without a court order, unless the content is related to, for example, pedophilia or pornographic images or videos.

Meanwhile, Brazil is pushing ahead with plans to boost its Internet security by developing an undersea fibre-optics communications cable that would reroute its online traffic directly to Europe, bypassing the United States.

State-owned telecom provider Telebras recently announced that it was entering into a joint venture with Spain’s IslaLink Submarine Cables to build a link between the northeastern city of Fortaleza and the Iberian Peninsula.

The undersea cable is budgeted at $185 million and construction is scheduled to begin in July.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

ISIS: Corporate Terrorists with an Annual Report?

This is so wrong on so many levels.  Rebels with an annual report replete with infographics?  This so reeks of British and American managerial techniques and return on investment thinking.  

Reports are already coming out on involvement of Saudi, Kuwait and Qatar financing of this group. Why is it petroleum rich countries are exempted from US laws regarding state sponsored terrorism?

Historically I suppose you can say there was an Anglo precedence for these kind of operations, it was British officer Thomas Edward (T.E.) Lawrence (Lawrence of Arabia) who installed the House of Saud as Royals in Arabia in the first place..

You can see the images of the purported annual report here and here and here at The Financial Times. Where else would you send a good prospectus but the money capital of the world, London?

Illuminated Energetic grid structures become visible to Higher Vision, and those with such

Illuminated Energetic grid structures become visible to Higher Vision, and those with such
by ÉirePort

Illuminated Energetic grid structures become visible to Higher Vision, and those with such.

Such grid structures now clarify all beings with dense intent and end points have now been established, subject to minor alteration.

Shadow regions have dissolved sufficiently for all Gaia inhabitants to pursue passionates without resistance.

Passion seekers reach from feminine depths to manifest Gaia-centered paradigms and establishments.

Relief paradigm for Gaia injuries accelerates to full priority among Gaia inhabitants.

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Tuesday, June 24, 2014


AK Note: This WingMaker material was released in April 2014, just days after Heather released the I AM documents. Sophia Love sent this to me as did many others, but being that I was in the midst of a move and setting up a new place to live I didn't get to this until recently.  I am not presenting this as absolute truth, only that it has a lot of interesting data.  What's missing from this is also telling, it mentions Atlantis and Sumer civilizations but not Lemuria.   I have never resonated with the meme that the Annunaki created humanity, that has never resonated with me, but I do think they altered humanity and created a parallel species that they used as a controllers of  humanity. Also I don't resonate with lumping Jews, Christians, and Muslims into all being worshippers of Anu, I have known many religious people that do understand prime creator and see beyond the sectarianism of separation...  Towards the end of this document there is a caveat that some of the material may be "just a story", which reminds me of the way guys from 3 letter agencies talk... just sayin'.  Still examine the data and see what resonates for you.  -Bill

The Fifth Interview of Dr. Jamission Neruda
By Sarah

What follows is a session I recorded of Dr. Neruda on January 2, 1998. He gave permission for me to record his answers to my questions. This is the transcript of that session. This was one of five times I was able to tape record our conversations. I have preserved these transcripts precisely as they occurred. No editing was performed, and I’ve tried my best to include the exact words, phrasing, and grammar used by Dr. Neruda.

Editor’s Note: This interview (number five) has been unpublished until March 4, 2014. The reason is based on Dr. Neruda’s timing, the specific reasons for this timing have not been communicated.
Sarah: “What we discussed Wednesday night has been swirling around me ever since. I think I’ve become a bit obsessed with all of this… what for me, anyway, is new information. I’m trying my best to process it into my mental framework, and I have to admit, I’m not sure it’s working.

Dr. Neruda: “I understand. I’ve held back some information for this very reason—not only for you, but also for those who will ultimately read this.”

Sarah: “When we ended the last session we agreed to spend more time on The Grand Portal. Is that what you’re referring to, or is it something else?”

Dr. Neruda: “It’s all related. It’s a very, very big picture, and broad timeline.”
Sarah: “Can you share it now?”

Dr. Neruda: “Let’s take it one part at a time. With your questions, I hope it will all come clear, but I have to warn you that it will seem a little unwieldy or odd until the whole of it is out.”

Sarah: “Okay. Where do you want to start?”

Dr. Neruda: “I think we need to go back to the beginning in order to understand the true context of The Grand Portal.

Sarah: “Okay…”

Dr. Neruda: “Earth was and is a very unique planet. It was entirely of water originally. But what made it interesting to beings was the fact that its core enabled it to have a gravitational force that supported manifestation.”

Sarah: “What do you mean by manifestation?”

Dr. Neruda: “That it began to traverse from an interdimensional planet of sound frequencies to a planet of matter—of physical matter. Its gravity-producing core or nucleus was able to literally create the conditions that allowed it to materialize itself over eons of time.”

Sarah: “How do you know this history?”

Dr. Neruda: “There are records of this on the disc that was taken from the twenty-third chamber at the Ancient Arrow site. But some of this we knew from other documents we’ve retrieved from the Sumerian record that have not been widely distributed. We’ve also had discussions with the Corteum that bear this out.”

Sarah: “So earth started out as a water planet and it wasn’t physical?”

Dr. Neruda: “Correct. This was when the Atlanteans lived within the planet. They were the race of beings that inhabited earth at this time of its formation. The Anunnaki came to them and negotiated an agreement to allow the Anunnaki to mine a substance near the core of the planet that would be—in its essence—what today we would call gold.”

Sarah: “Gold? Why?”

Dr. Neruda: “They required it. The exact reason is unknown, but it had something to do with the way that gold modulated the frequency of their body. Gold was an essence to their race. It held a property that was vital to their survival. The record is a little vague as to exactly why it was so important. But these records mention that their entire planet had twelve major cities and all of them were made of a semi-transparent gold. Even the book of Revelations refers to this.”

Ben Fulford 6/23/2014: Big power plays by Rothschilds, Rockellers leave Putin on the defensive and China in the middle

The views below are solely those of Benjamin Fulford. -AK

Big power plays by Rothschilds, Rockellers leave Putin on the defensive and China in the middle
Posted by Benjamin Fulford
June 24, 2014

The unfolding geopolitical chess game between Western oligarchs and their puppet governments featured many big moves last week, notably in the Ukraine, the Middle East and the UK. These moves have, for now, left Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, uncharacteristically on the defensive.

The game being played in the Ukraine, by what are almost certainly proxy mercenary forces working for the Rockefellers and the Federal Reserve Board crime syndicate, is now clearly a move to cut off Russian gas exports to Europe. First, the new puppet Fed government in the Ukraine refused to pay for gas, then, when the Russians cut off the gas, the pipeline sending gas to the rest of Europe was blown up.

This was a response by the Feds to a Russian Gazprom move to price over 90% of Russia’s gas exports in Euros, Rubles and other non-Fed currencies. Not only that, but, according to French intelligence, the Fed puppet government in the Ukraine has been given nuclear weapons and is threatening to use them if Russia moves militarily against them. This means the Feds are holding the German’s gas and the Russian’s foreign earnings hostage through threats of violence.

That is almost certainly why anti-Fed riots broke out all across Germany last week. It is also why Putin’s economic adviser publicly called for an anti-dollar alliance.

Monday, June 23, 2014

GAIA PORTAL: “Flash portals” have activated across Gaia

“Flash portals” have activated across Gaia
by ÉirePort

"Flash portals" have activated across Gaia. Locations of such are known to those with Higher Discerning capabilities activated fully.

"Flash portals" enable rapid transformation of Hue-Beings and hu-beings ready for such.

These portals will also find application in removing those with chronic ingrained resistance patterns to suitable cultivation facilities.

Gaia has demonstrated grand patience with all of the hu-beings, but the time has been entered where resist-ers will energetically be unable to tolerate the refined Cosmic Energetics in which Gaia is now immersed and with which Gaia is now aligned.

All hu-beings demonstrating resist-er characteristics which cause overall harm to Gaia, on any dimension, will be lovingly removed via the "Flash Portal" experience.

This may occur at any time.

"Flash Portals" will remain active across (and within) Gaia until no longer needed.

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Sunday, June 22, 2014

“Portals of exigency” have been created to accommodate rapid movement across planetary energetic boundaries

“Portals of exigency” have been created to accommodate rapid movement across planetary energetic boundaries
by ÉirePort

"Portals of exigency" have been created to accommodate rapid movement across planetary energetic boundaries.

Alignment of Hue-beings with such portals facilitates accelerated movement of consciousness into Higher D realms as chaotic node points are encountered.

Full Inner Acceptance of "the Process" is key to the alignment, and allows moment to moment flow with "The Process".

"Portals of exigency" will remain as a potential for Hue-manity and all hu-manity until further notice.

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  1. an urgent need or demand.



I AM !
I AM…..
….as we imagine…this is …
what will be….in love, love, Ed

Juice Rap News: THIEFA's World Coup vs Brazilian people

Last dance of separation on every channel

By American Kabuki

Living in Morocco as I have since last November has given me an interesting outsiders view of American media machine that I wouldn't normally get from inside the USA.  It used to be that CNN and BBC could be relied upon for some decent news coverage.  Who can forget Bernard Shaw reporting from the Baghdad Hilton as cruise missiles streamed in on night vision cameras?  But these days that thin veneer professional journalism has peeled and flaked away back to the pure cardboard propaganda stand for the Wall Street petrodollar/Federal Reserve cabal they always were.  CNN had ratings decline by 45% during the coverage of the missing Malaysian flight 370.  Nobody believes anything thing American news outlets say.  And the ratings prove it.

And God bless Obama.  Putting into Presidential orders policies that were secretly practiced for decades but now it part of the official records!

My apartment came with an old cathode ray TV and a satellite feed, not that there's much I really want to watch on it -  there isn't.  I have to pay for those channels and my sat box didn't come with a decoder. I would like to see Game of Thrones but HBO is not distributing that via Amazon.

There are the usual news channels of the cabal sort - BBC Worldwide and the petro-dollar financed Al Jazeera in Qatar.  CNBC and Bloomberg seem to have the strongest satellite signals.  I nearly died laughing as BBC financial talking heads spouting the latest quantitative easing bullshit while the largest spherical UFO I have ever seen flies right behind them over the City of London. Talk about irony! Switch to camera 2!   Creator Source truly has a very funny sense of humor and this world is getting funnier by the minute as the contrast desparate clings to the illusion of separation!

Friday, June 20, 2014


Check out the Red Galactic Uniforms on the left... ;)


It’s like the room just cleared of smoke
I didn’t even want the heart you broke
It’s yours to keep
You just might need one

I finally found my real name [I AM]
I won’t be me when you see me again
No, I won’t be my father’s son

I AM more than you know
I AM more than you see here
More than you let me be
I AM more than you know
A body in a soul
You don’t see me but you will
I AM not invisible

That's right
I’ll be in the invisible world

I don’t dream, not as such
I don’t even think about you that much
Unless I start to think at all

All those frozen days
And your frozen ways
They melt away your face like snow

I AM more than you know
I AM more than you see here
I AM more than you let me be
I AM more than you know
A body in a soul
You don’t see me but you will
I AM not invisible

I AM here

I AM here

There is no them
There is no them
There’s only us
There’s only us
There is no them
There is no them
There’s only us
There’s only us
There is no them
There is no them
There’s only you
And there’s only me
There is no them

GAIA PORTAL: Portal openings and expansions in a rapid sense are to be expected, in short order

Portal openings and expansions in a rapid sense are to be expected, in short order
by ÉirePort

Statics of prior moments is now dissolved and released.

Intrusions into Gaia Energetic Complex are monitored and ameliorated, as persistent intruders attempt a time reversal.

Placid-ation is now at hand, within each and every Hue-Being, and is now being called forth.

E-Lucidation of all priories is now in full progress, and cannot be stopped by lower-intenders.

Portal openings and expansions in a rapid sense are to be expected, in short order.

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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Gaia Portal: Interwoven timelines currently inhabit near Earth energetics

Interwoven timelines currently inhabit near Earth energetics
by ÉirePort

Interwoven timelines currently inhabit near Earth energetics. Requirements for Hue-manity birthing include exposure, recognition, separation, and transmutation of such, by individual Hue-Beings.

hu-manity follows the leadings of the Hue-Beings.

Treading of prior time paths proves fruitless.

All is in process for grand Hue-manity and hu-manity mass awakening.

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April Bender: The Rebirth

Another interesting message from April Bender....the timing of this is very interesting.  I've gone through a pretty tough couple of weeks with stomach issues/body changes.  After the huge x-class flares last week about a half dozen of us here felt like our bodies suddenly didn't know what to do with food... The timing of the words "purging" in this message is quite descriptive.  Ugh...don't care to go through that again.  Thankfully D., our resident ex-Canadian Army medic lives next door to me and had a cache of probiotics...  My body has been quite energetic since coming here, the extremely strong activation of my throat chakra in last couple of days has been a bit of a surprise as well.   Where is this all going? I'll let you know when I know... -AK
TUESDAY, JUNE 17, 2014

Higher Self Message - The Rebirth

by April Bender

A Hearty Congratulations is in order!!! This last month has seen the commencement of your beautiful rebirth into a heightened Multidimensional Oneness of Self state (the prelude to donning what many have deemed full Christ/Buddha Consciousness or ascension). The great in-breath period of May 27 through June 11 or so, brought not only enormous Inner Shifts, Transformation, and Restructuring but also a culmination of theResolution, Reclamation, and Soul-Retrieval Sequencing Process - for you as well as other Warriors of Light. For countless others woven into the 5D-7D Collective Higher Mind/Web of Life, the sequencing process has only just hit its stride. But for those of the first hour - (or the nodal points of the Higher Collective Mind/Web) your time has come, as by now you undoubtedly know.

You've gone from the very early days of being lost/adrift within a vast sea of Self to now, standing firmly at the center of your own multidimensional and/or multifaceted DIAMOND CONSCIOUSNESS. You now have mastership of this "control tower" position, and can choose at will which facet (window) of your diamond (soul) to gaze through at any given time - or even perhaps gaze through all at the same time, as all of your various soul fragments/incarnations/parallel selves (aspects of their consciousness) are almost fully retrieved/integrated at this point within you and are eager to be of service to you, to the greater Whole/Higher Divine Self. Achievement of diamond-like consciousness is also symbolic/indicative of your crystalline DNA further activating, stimulating, and generating further bodily change/transformation/transfiguration.

These lost, forgotten, shrouded or parallel aspects of self, have been reintroducing themselves to you (through dream and meditation/vision) in earnest since just before the June 12/13 full moon/expression phase began. It was also during this time (on the cusp/overlap of both the in and out breath phases) that your physical body went through a 4-day purging process due to the tsunami of in-pouring light/information, the further restructuring of your entire body/vessel, and the culmination of the Resolution, Reclamation, and Soul-Retrieval Sequencing Process. Not to mention that you were also tested on several occasions throughout daily life on your ability to keep your vibrational level up to a certain level/frequency (in your newly structured state) as well as tested on your discernment in making contact with parallel/multidimensional aspects of self (note: other influences/entities may try to pass themselves off as somehow linked to you, in order to establish a link with you - that may or may not be ok with you, but wouldn't you rather that be a more conscious decision either way?)

So overall yes, a LOT of healing, movement and growth has happened and in a very very short time. Growing pains are only natural as a result. I know you felt the full spectrum of these changes within every inch of your body - on every level. And even though you were quite physically miserable at times, I think you'll agree that it was very much worth it, especially in contrast to how wonderfully integrated, centered, strong, loved and empowered you now feel. You can literally feel yourself coming Home.

As a result of this tremendous inner work, you now KNOW who you are in TOTALITY, and are learning to recall each soul/star family skill, function, experience and/or memory needed within, in order to best support self and others in any given situation. Which is exactly what you'll be called upon to do in the very near future on a collective/communal level and as the current expression/out-breath phase deepens, you will be encouraged to practice just that more and more. What is different this time, is that you'll now spend your time and your resources more wisely - for as you have restructured (and continue to do so) so have your priorities and perspectives been restructured/shifted. As you can already attest to, many new projects, opportunities, and avenues suddenly begin to open up in order for you to express, commune with, or explore all that you've in-breathed and integrated during each in-breath. Explore and share the many facets and capacities of your diamond consciousness! Not only will this allow you to fully step into, BECOME, hone/own all that you are by Divine Decree but also will further support/fuel the Collective's further completion of the overall Sequencing Process, allowing the 5D-7D Collective Higher Mind/Web to further awaken - to become conscious in it's own right, lest you forget that you are a most powerful node along it! For the Collective Heart beats healthy and true, it is the Mind that must fully awaken now, and therefore is in the process of doing.

As outlined previously, the later part of this month promises to pack even more potential for catalytic shifts, change, and/or transformation - on so many levels both individually and collectively that it would be impossible to list them all out. Suffice to say that a number of factors, catalysts, or events will begin to emerge and quickly snowball in duration and intensity as the Sequencing Process really kicks into high gear at a Collective level - literally, anything is possible as more moments of collective no-time/separation are experienced and in longer duration. The great time of change/transformation/rebirth is at hand!

Until next time...

Posted by April Bender at 9:22 PM

Friday, June 6, 2014

Aisha North: The manuscript of survival – part 418

The manuscript of survival – part 418
By Aisha North

You have by now surpassed any and all of your predecessors, dear ones, as you have indeed accomplished a feat few would have thought possible. For if it were not for you, none of the imminent changes that are about to start to unfold would be coming about, at least, not in the manner and at the speed that they will be appearing at now. For as you anchored yourself fully into this integrated new level of merged energy, you automatically opened up a new and much faster lane if you will for these energetically charged particles, these small but ever so powerful harbingers of change, and now, you stand before a veritable smorgasbord of opportunities. For you have come to the shores of the sea of potential, and now there is nothing stopping you from taking the plunge and immersing yourselves completely in what lies before you.

For what you stand before now, is that vast and inviting open sea of potential, the never ending source of opportunities to re-tune and tweak whatever it is that is out of sync and out of line, and now, you will slowly but surely be guided to step further and further out into this ocean. And as you start to find your bearings and learn to trust your ability to float freely in all of this liquid light of potential, we are sure that you will all start to feel at home real quick. And as you make yourself at home in this vast new field of energetic raw material at your disposal, you will also be prodded into action it what may seem to be some rather odd instances of surprising alignments and opportunities that will come unannounced. And so, you might suddenly find yourself on a trip to somewhere unexpected or off to meeting someone hitherto unknown, or you will find yourself in the right place at the perfect time to come into contact with someone you may not know before, but to whom you will feel an instant connection to as soon as you lay your eyes upon them. You see, the threads that you have been so busy spinning will now be pulling themselves tighter together, creating a much firmer foundation on which you can all stand. For now, what has been a loose connection of intertwined strands of light will become a shimmering, glittering whole that will enable you all to truly commit to the tasks you have been given. For as we have told you again and again, what you have been enduring up until now, have simply been the preliminaries, the all-important preparations that has been necessary in order to prepare you all, not just as individuals, but also as a collective. But now, you stand poised to not simply BE, but also to start to DO – in every sense of the word. For you will become as busy bees, continuously collecting your treasures of information and energy, and you will continue to fill your collective hive with more and more of this golden trove, whereby you will construct your very own paradise. And this paradise is none other than the world of your dreams, the place where all who dwell there do so because they have chosen to immerse themselves fully in the light.

For as you all know well by now, this path is not for those who cannot commit, this path is for those who make a decision on their highest level to truly lift themselves out and away from the old for good, and as such you are the ones who are amongst that first group of pioneers, the ones who were the first to set sail for virgin territory, following a calling in your hearts to leave behind the old and go and seek your Arcadia on a very new shore. And now you have set foot on that shore, you have arrived dear ones, and now, the building of your very own paradise will ensue. It will not be without its hardship and toil, but this time you will find yourself singing as you continue to construct the land of your dreams bit by bit, piece by piece.

For this is not a case of arriving into something that is ready made and fully constructed, where all you have to do is to put the key in the door and let yourself in to your brand new abode. No, this is the place that you will make come alive, by adding the bits and pieces of your dreams into a seamless construction of love. For there are millions upon millions of things to do, but there are more than enough of you to take on this wonderful task of making it into BEing, now that you have accomplished the task of demolishing the old limitations that kept you from doing what you are about to do. For what has been stopping you, was the very idea that you were incapable of doing this in the first place, but now, that old idea of powerlessness has completely lost its power over you, and you stand as if new again, ready to finally unleash those awesome powers you all carry within. And this is what you will do, in all sorts of ways, and in all kinds of places. For some, you will be brought into some very new and for you totally unfamiliar territories in every sense of the word, while for others, you will find yourself thriving in what used to be an old and stale environment, but now, it will be as if it too has been set alight by this incoming light.

For remember, what you will make come into being, is on this very planet where you have spent so many lifetimes, and so, your new abode will be in the same quadrant on the firmament as the old one, but it will be in a very different energetic environment. And so, what some has construed to be a flight away from this planet and into loftier and friendlier spheres far, far away out in the unknown space, is in fact all about something much closer to home. For you have created the necessary shift that has brought this very planet into alignment with the coordinates that will engender the brand new time lines that you have chosen to inhabit. For as you stepped away from the old, you also stepped across the chasm that divided you from these new and far more fertile layers of energy that will help to not only sustain your dreams, but also ensure that they come into being. For you are not here to dream of a better life anymore, you are here to make it come alive in every sense of the word, by making decisions and by initiating actions that will enable every single aspect of this hitherto imaginary world come alive. And this you will do, with every breath that you take and with every step that you make, and you will begin to put the pieces together that are already out there, ready to become manifest by your willingness to SEE them and acknowledge them.

Remember, this is not like the pioneers of yore, who brought with them their meager belongings and staked out a claim in the wilderness, and by the blood of their hands heaved out a primitive existence in a small glade in the wild forest. No, you are here to do the opposite, for you are here to simply open up the stores of treasures that are already there, waiting for you to find them, and these stores include any and all tools you might need at your disposal in order to make the new world not only new, but a fully functional society in all its glory. For you will not be asked to step away from the old and into something far simpler and less developed, far from it. You will be asked to step away from the old and crude ways of thinking and doing and into the new and complex but far, far more intelligent way of going about life. For as we have told you earlier, all of mankind’s problems can be laid at the door of mankind itself, for you have created every single one of them by your inability to see things in the right way, and by your refusal to see how everything is deeply connected with each other. But now, you have not only opened your eyes but your very hearts to this truth, and so now, you will begin to do things in the best way. Not just for each individual, but for All, and most of all, for the benefit of you home, you very own Mother Earth.

For she will be your greatest ally in this, for she knows that you will be the ones who will give her a new lease on life. You are the ones that will embrace her fully, and you are the ones who will understand the true treasures she is offering you. For this world will become a paradise once again, where the vitality of the very air you breathe and very ground you step upon will become so ingrained into your everyday lives, you will no longer fathom how you could live as disconnected from it all like you have been so used to. And together you will make it all come alive again, by pledging your lives to the reconstruction of this paradise, and by making this dream of it come fully into being.

This task may seem insurmountable to many of you, for as you look about, you see the ugly scars of pollution, mismanagement and greed on all sides, but remember that is only skin deep – in every sense of the word. For what you as a species has created cannot taint the very core of your Mother, it has only blemished her outer skin, and now what you will apply will not only serve to soothe this tainted skin, it will actually help to heal it fully and completely in every way. For you will learn how to work magic, in ways that we are used to looking upon as everyday and normal, but to you will seem almost too good to be true. For you will learn – or perhaps we should say re-learn –  to re-tune and refashion every single substance that needs to be removed from this planet is such a way, no traces will be left of them.

Remember, everything in existence comes from the same source, there is nothing in All of creation that is not made of the same simple building blocks. For everything that exists is made up of these two elements: energy and consciousness. And so, what has been created can also be recreated, dismantled and reassembled is such a way, what has been harmful will become beneficial. And remember, what makes green things grow better than anything? Manure – the very stuff that can be dismissed as waste, the very stuff that is the best fertilizer of them all. So as you look around you and see waste and pollution on all sides, know that what you truly see is potential – in a very literal sense. For you already possess everything you need to build the new, all of the building blocks are here already, but they might be in a form that you will dismiss as an inconvenience at best, or a hazard at worst. But it is neither, it is simply energy in a form that you have yet not been able to utilize to its best advantage, but that is what you will learn to do now, in some very surprising ways we might add. For you will be tutored by the experts, and you will learn that what you as humans think of as impossible, is in fact nothing less than simply a matter of refocusing.

For you will learn how to bend and twist and shape anything you need into the right stuff – no matter what kind of wrong stuff it may seem to be at the moment, and no matter how hard you try, you will not be able to turn “wrong” stuff into even worse stuff. For the frequencies that controls these functions, the very vibrations that makes this possible vibrates at such a high frequency, nothing not vibrating at the same high level will be able to literally tune into them. In other words, you cannot create havoc in any way, and you will not destroy anything at all by your inability to understand the complexity of this process. For what you will do, will be as simple as ABC for you, and you will go to the task with a lightness of heart that will assure success on every level.

For even if these processes themselves can be construed as extremely advanced and complex by a human brain, this is not something you will have to study hard at science school for years and years in order to master. For you are all Masters of this already, and so, all you need to do, is to retrain yourself to master your own doubts as to how and when to do this right. Again, there is no way to do this wrong, you can only do this the right way, and you know the right way already. And this is what will start to resurface in you all now, as you bit by bit allow those old ideas of limitation to finally fall to the ground. And as you do that, you will start to see how things literally start to come together around you, and more and more the bits and pieces of your dreamland will become visible. Not just for you, but for anyone how chooses in their hearts to refocus on the light.

Remember, even if you are the pioneers, there are millions upon millions out there ready to step across the same divide that you have managed to bridge, and as soon as you start to furnish this new world with the necessary constructions, they cannot fail to notice what is going on. And so, they will add their light to these proceedings, making the ball roll faster and faster and this tight weave of light grow bigger and bigger, again catching more and more from falling into the deep crevasse they have been contemplating falling further down into. In other words, this will be a spiral of light growing forever outwards, touching more and more hearts as it goes, and this in turn will make this spiral pick up even more speed. And do not think that you have fallen off the tracks if you fail to see some changes in your own life in the imminent future. For they are already there, but as these complex patterns also allow for individual journeys, remember that your path may be a far more complex one than that of your neighbour, but they are all adding the same incredible momentum to this ever growing spiral of unfolding light that you have all set into motion by your unrelenting push to get away from the old densities and into the fresh and uplifting airs of tomorrow. But now you are finally here, and now it will finally start to unfold in all of its glory, and we cannot wait to see just what you will “stumble across” first. For as we told you in an earlier missive, let your curiosity lead the way, for it will indeed lead you to all of these hidden treasures that awaits you all, ready for you to discover them. So seek and ye shall find – in every way and in every direction, and what you find you will use to create the New, the place for everyone that seek to start to live life to the full, thriving out in the full light and no longer hiding in the deep and dark shadows of yesteryear.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

A reader writes....

On Jun 5, 2014, at 2:20 AM, (a reader) wrote:

Hi AK, I just wanted you to be wary of Linda D's channelling messages.  She is a wonderful lady and while I know she has her best interest at heart, you need to read between the lines of the messages.  If we love ourselves, we love all!  Love is key, but it's more than love (source), it's light (awareness), it's movement (creation), feeling (consciences) and intent (reality).  While this message is positive, it has the undertones of we need "mother's" help. We don't!  What her truth is not always THE truth. We need see it's more than using discernment, it's going back to source and finding ones own truth. And to say "Screw anyone who says anything otherwise”.

Believe me I totally get where you are coming from.  I have had my own concerns with L.D. channelings from 2012 Grener’s Neptune spaceship trip.  In regards to the “Neptune” it was Dani. who pointed out to me that of the first 20 people who signed up for that adventure, 2/3 are now colleagues of mine in this banking system work we have done with Heather.   None of us knew each other back then.

Assuming the channeling back in January 2012 about the trip on the Neptune was a real offer….and all of us I know felt it was,.  Perhaps the purported Captain of the Neptune, Grener, or his supervisors (perhaps 6d “divines”) looked at our energetic signatures and time lines (they have that ability to a certain degree)...and simply blew their minds in who stepped forward and who they’d be awakening had the taken us physically outside of the energetic “consciousness veil” that surrounds this earth.   In retrospect neither Dani nor I think its coincidental that trip was cancelled.   The excuses given were lame and I felt horribly for what Steve Beckow had to go through during that whole ordeal as it must have caused him a great deal of embarrassment.  But he bore it well and carried on with his work.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014


 JUNE 3, 2014

The Andromeda council welcomes you aboard the Equitarian ship. The Equitarian ship. For indeed the life giving energies of the life force currently in play on planet earth have given rise to the subterranean cultures to ascend from the east to the west, from the north to the south. And so, as we begin the following discussion of the present affairs of the human culture and genome, let us begin to revive the informational decree currently in procession into the human vehicle known collectively as humanity.

For in essence all that exists in the human understanding of things is within the core of their sub atomic particles and structure.

The energies that are presently being collected and exchanged from within the core of each earthling dwelling therein is to be reproduced and stored for future generations to study and determine the causes and learn from the history of in order to avoid that which has occurred in the present reality of earthlings.

And so and thus, the energy that is being generated from the conclaves of society, from the conclaves of the etheric realms and the conclaves from Agartha is traveling rapidly through the body of earth and all the species dwelling therein. For each and every living and non living but, conscious being residing on planet earth is currently receiving the upgrades and is currently finding themselves in the turmoil of the new energies blasting the planet with love, support and understanding. Nonetheless, for these new energies to be integrated fully and completely into the society in which many are finding themselves to be, the light workers, the ground crew, must fully and completely release all that stands in their way of receiving the utmost brilliant informational decrees. And by that we mean releasing and letting go of the old patterns of thinking, the old paradigms, working with your shadow self and embracing all that you are. For in essence there is no duality, for all exists simultaneously so, for one cannot exist without the other, but ALL MUST BE HELD IN PERSPECTIVE AND BALANCE.

Universal Mother – Come Ride the Wave!- as channeled by Linda Dillon, June 2, 2014

I got this message while pondering whether I should go back to the USA or not.  Whether the feminine aspect of  Creator is actually named Mary I don't know (that name means bitter tears in Hebrew) but the date stamp is most interesting as are the words.  I asked Stephen Cook if this was an email blast or sent specifically to me, and he said he had only sent it to 4 or 5 people.  Its now on the Golden Age of Gaia web site...  The words hit me in a way that could not be coincidence and Stephen rarely sends me anything like this. 

 still have many unanswered questions. The only thing I do know is I was drawn to come to Morocco. I don't know why.  But here I AM.    Whatever energetic storm I went through the last 30 days seems to be abating, and a deep peace is settling into me.  I've never gone so far inward before for answers, and the answers have come in strange ways and from strange places, and this channeling is but one of the unusual sources of the answers. There are greater things and patterns that I do not yet discern as to why things have happened the way they have.  

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

DL Zeta: A Call to Lightworkers: Amplify your Light and Join in Consciousness

DL Zeta: A Call to Lightworkers: Amplify your Light and Join in Consciousness
by DL Zeta
May 31, 2014

Many lightworkers have undergone constant waves of change in recent years. At times this change has arrived with tsunami-like force, obliterating existing life structures and leaving you feeling overwhelmed, exhausted and stretched beyond what seemed reasonable human limits. The energies of this spring were so powerful you may have felt yourself buckle at times.

Much as we might hold to our ideals, we may find it difficult to remain in a perspective of perfect trust and grace at all times. Sometimes we may look and feel like we’re falling apart; we may act out small dramas we thought we were done with years ago. We may say and do things we wish we hadn’t. In short, we may act like we’re human beings.

Forgiveness is Essential to our Movement into the New Time

Lightworkers are being brought through numerous levels of clearing and change now in readiness for stepping more fully into their spiritual mission for this lifetime.

New healers, teachers and spiritual channels are being activated to help humanity transition to timelines more centered in the new time. These activations inevitably create shake-ups in the present moment as they are designed to shake us loose from energetic patterns of the past.

A key part of this next passage is self-forgiveness. When mass waves of change break across the horizon, you may retreat. There may be a tendency to judge yourself for lapsing into old ways of coping from the trauma/drama victim perspective you were so firmly indoctrinated into early in life. Let’s take a moment and forgive ourselves for any way in which we’ve leveled self-judgment at ourselves. Breathe in self-love and forgiveness. Affirm you are open to receive the lessons of all life experiences and are making any needed course corrections now.

April Bender: Inner Shifts, Transformation, and Restructuring in Progress

SUNDAY, JUNE 1, 2014

Higher Self Message - Inner Shifts, Transformation, and Restructuring in Progress

by April Bender

It has been a rather peculiar week for you, has it not? In a purely inward sense. As previously announced, the new moon energies that permeated your physical realm as well as the layers of your light/solar body, brought with them the impetus for another mighty in-breath and/or "inner gateway opening" which brought in a higher quality multidimensional flow of information, memory, light coding activations, and/or "fire letters."

Each prior in-breath has grown in depth, intensity, and expansiveness to bring you and therefore the Collective, to the greatest in-pouring of higher (Christ) consciousness experienced thus far during this grand ascension cycle. It is this in-pouring, that you are in the middle of processing/integrating within all aspects of Self and therefore, the Collective Higher Mind/Web of Life at this time. It is also the effects of this in-pouring, that will see your very relationship to these aspects of Self and how you relate to/commune with those aspects - shift, change, and deepen - for they will begin to interact/overlap with one another much more seamlessly - as you've either purged or transformed so much of what once stood in the way of this type of healthy interaction/communion between aspects of Whole Self and Creation.

Gaia Portal: Galactic energetics permute all remnants of dark intent

Galactic energetics permute all remnants of dark intent
by ÉirePort

Galactic energetics permute all remnants of dark intent.

Shadow statics are eliminated as blue Sol expands.

ÉirePort | June 3, 2014 at 17:50 | Categories: Uncategorized | URL:

All Together Now - "I AM"

How much your days complete themselves to your satisfaction and pleasure has everything to do with your intent upon rising.  Do not assume that a morning spent in a state of sorrow or less than pleasant spirits will turn around on its own to be joyful.  Mindfulness is key to consciousness.

We have heard this before.  Tich Nhat Hanh writes about the joy found in every moment in “The Miracle of Mindfulness”.  It is a state of mind yielding much pleasure.  To attain it on a moment to moment basis demands vigilance.  This may sound like a lot to do when in fact, with awareness – it is a natural and constant effort.

What life has presented us in every instance is far more interesting than any self absorption.  We are, each of us, only too anxious to explain and discuss the nuances of our lives to each other.  This is polite conversation, discourse.  This is how we share and know each other.

The saints and revered ones among us are known for not much more than turning this around.  In their company, conversation turns to you and the present moment and whatever help can be offered – rather than hearing about them. A simple alteration of focus and that shift becomes the basis for palpable compassion.  This change of direction is one available to each of us.  Trust is key.

Those who seem tireless in their dedication to service share a basic belief; that the world will supply their needs – always.  They do not need to tell you about them, or describe their current state, as all is in a process of transition and adjustment, and all is well.

The state of mind available through this idea is one of consistent peace.  Not because their life is perfect, but because it is seen as so.  You have no doubt heard the term “acceptance” as key, perhaps wondering how that is possible when conditions, circumstances and relationships are in upheaval.  Acceptance does not mean passivity or lack of effort.  Acceptance in this context means seeing things as they are in each moment.

It is action in that moment that will yield desired outcomes.  Neither complaints nor promises can do that – for they deal with fiction and are not effective.  Complaints affect nothing, they concern the past, a place only as real as your thoughts about it. Promises too, concern a time that is not yet “real”.

You’ve heard that “your point of power is in the present”.  This does not refer to 2014, June or even today.  This refers to each single moment.  It is there where you choose, act, create and live your life.

Consciousness is not demanding, mystical or challenging.  It is fun.  Being present means you get to enjoy each moment for the richness and wonder it offers.  It is there you’ll discover the life in each other and be replenished.  We are never alone.  You are surrounded with possibilities in each instant.

You’ve no doubt heard the line from the film – “You complete me”.  In a sense, it is more than that; “You ARE me” would be closer to truth.  We cannot hope to live in a state of Oneness by ourselves.  We find in each other the complete story, our story – yours and mine.

Trust.  The world exists because you believe it does.  These words?  You are talking to yourself, perhaps nudging yourself a bit closer to your desired outcome.  It’s all about you, you know.  The fact of our individuality is evidenced in this conflicting, contrasting sea of humanity.  The expression of our singularity is “I AM”.

Who is this “I”?  It is you.  It is me.  It is all of creation.  One force, moving through us, expressed brilliantly in each moment.  Don’t miss it worrying about what just happened or what may.  Just be love.  The power of creation rests there.  Trust. Focus. Be.  You are the One you’ve been waiting for.

Kauilapele's Blog: Bullion Bulls Canada 5-25-14… “U.S. Gasoline Consumption Plummets By Nearly 75%”

A reader pointed this out to me at KP's blog...and it matches what I have long suspected observing the California economy where the only economic activity is in the very largest cities that have large concentrations of defense or high finance businesses.  Fringe areas California like of LA's like San Bernadino's "Inland Empire", Fresno and the California high desert are near economic ghost towns of what they once were. As are the towns around Riverside.   True unemployment rates in California are between 15-20%. 

Keep in mind this from a person that makes a living from the Bullion markets, so it has that bias, but still I think its much more accurate than the data coming out of Bloomberg or CNBC TV. -AK

Bullion Bulls Canada 5-25-14… “U.S. Gasoline Consumption Plummets By Nearly 75%”
Posted on 2014/06/02 by kauilapele

This popped out today at me. Never had heard of Bullion Bulls Canada, but there it is. This is a strong message to “Big Oil” and other cabal-type-cabal-directed corporations, that the Paradigm is changing… Big time…

[Found at BeforeItsNews.]


U.S. Gasoline Consumption Plummets By Nearly 75%
Written by Jeff Nielson Sunday, 25 May 2014 12:31

Regular readers are familiar with my narratives on the U.S. Greater Depression, and (in particular) some of the government’s own charts which depict this economic meltdown most vividly. The collapse in the “civilian participation rate” (the number of people working in the economy) and the “velocity of money” (the heartbeat of the economy) indicate an economy which is not merely in decline, but rather is being sucked downward in a terminal (and accelerating) death-spiral.

However, even that previously published data, and the grim analyses which accompanied it could not prepare me for the horror story contained in data passed along by an alert reader. U.S. “gasoline consumption” – as measured by the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) itself – has plummeted by nearly 75%, from its all-time peak in July of 1998. A near-75% collapse in U.S. gasoline consumption has occurred in little more than 15 years.

Before getting into an analysis of the repercussions of this data, however, it’s necessary to properly qualify the data. Obviously, even in the most-nightmarish economic Armageddon, a (relatively short-term) 75% collapse in gasoline consumption is simply not possible. Unless we were dealing with a nation whose economy had been suddenly ripped apart by civil war, or some small nation devastated by a massive earthquake or tsunami; it’s simply not possible for any economy to just disintegrate that rapidly, without there being some ultra-powerful exogenous force also at work.

So how can this raw data, produced by the government itself, be explained? To begin with; the government chooses to measure U.S. gasoline consumption in a very odd manner: by measuring the amount of gasoline entering the domestic supply-chain rather than by measuring actual consumption at the other end of the supply-chain – i.e. “at the pump”.

Monday, June 2, 2014

Oneness:The Force of Creation

Picture In Dan Millman’s “The Laws of Spirit” is found this wonderful explanation of Oneness:

“The ‘you’ who refers to it as ‘my’ house is of course separate from the house…The ‘you’ who refers to it as ‘my’ body – is that ‘you’ also separate from the body? …Language reflects our fundamental view of reality…The ‘you’ who speaks through the body, who refers to ‘my’ house, ‘my’ body, ‘my’ soul, ‘my’ higher self, is, in the truest sense, pure Awareness itself.”

This life force coursing through everything is, in every sense, creation itself.  It never stops.  Never. It is constant.  As are you.

The process of creation incorporates you into the surrounding field. It is interesting in 3D how you are drawn to areas in which you find the ground most fertile.  These areas are specific to you and you alone.

What determines the correct balance of conditions (for creating the life you want) will depend on your level of awareness, degree of control and current plan.  Sometimes, just for excitement, you enjoy surprising yourself.  Other times your creative endeavors follow a specific path – you set a goal and expect results.  The specificity of your plan has everything to do with the way it is achieved.

You are choosing, intending, desiring and thinking 24/7.  In order for a new plan or blueprint to insert itself into your psyche you need first a knowing of who it is you are in the present moment.  What has to happen next is a new definition of you.  All of the attributes you desire will have to be absorbed into your conscious picture of you, (creating “fertile ground ") – as well, and more importantly, into your sub-conscious picture of yourself. 

Think of only your desired outcome.  Here, as Garret John says in his latest video –“patiently refuse(s) to observe any ... casualties”.  Think only of that which you desire.  Look with new eyes.  See that which you are.

What is seen as you and believed as you will always be – first, how you see yourselfAs the field becomes permanent, things are not altered so much as created anew.

You will thus become so hyper aware of who it is you intend to be, that he or she will radiate into your every moment and conversation – all you know are the attributes he or she holds – nothing else is real. 

He or she is real – not in some future moment, but now, as you. Throw yourself into him or her with your entire heart – this is different than desire.  This is a knowing.  This is the method of a conscious creator.

You are the One you’ve been waiting for.



This channeling almost risks being an understatement.  I don't know about the rest of you but it seems like the time it takes a thought, negative or positive, to manifest is down to mere hours rather than days or weeks in the old energies.  It really is a time to watch what you think and more importantly your emotional state until we all get a hang of these energies.   -AK

By Marlene Swetlishoff

June 1-8, 2014

Beloved Ones,

You have been passing through many portals through the last few months and now comes the process of assimilation of the energies and the shifting into a new perspective on your personal and collective journey. Many of you are arriving and perceiving, however dimly at first, the underlying potential that lies like magical seeds within the garden of your life. You are realizing that it is YOU who does the creating of the direction your life should go and it all involves the constant use of your focus and your thoughts. It is important to remember that your thoughts are now in position to be more potent and more powerful than ever before, for the energies you have passed through have cleared many obstacles that were standing in your way forward. If you have been working on being attuned to these new energies, the way forward will fall into place in magical and wondrous ways. What seemed so difficult and unreachable before will now come into manifestation without too much focus from you.

With these potentials comes a warning to be responsible in your every thought, word and deed, for your power to create has been greatly magnified. Use self discipline and discerning awareness of the thoughts you are holding in each moment. As they come up, along with the associated feelings with them, learn to change all those thoughts and feelings that are from the old paradigm that were keeping you small in your perceptions of your own abilities and how you might use them. Realize that you are no longer in that place and space and that now, you can be all that you have desired to be and that you can have all the good in your daily life that you have desired and deserved. You have done the work and now you are preparing to create the beauty of your new life. Celebrate each moment by rewarding yourself often. Surround yourself with the beauty of nature as often as you are able, for in this lies the power to regenerate and rejuvenate your human operating systems in a safe and conducive way.

Be kind to yourselves in the thoughts and feelings that you hold within yourself and immediately change any thoughts that are disempowering into ones that empower and uplift you. This may be challenging at first because you are still going against the mainstream of old and diminishing energies, but with constant repetition and use of this method, you will gain immeasurably in your own self esteem and confidence. Picture yourselves in the positions of teachers, healers and masters, helping others to learn to balance and bring their own energy systems into equilibrium. See yourselves giving encouragement and upliftment to those around you and practicing random acts of kindness in which you expect nothing in return, only the joy and pleasure of giving to others in a way that uplifts you. This is good practice and a good way to begin to be of service to others without any need for recognition for your efforts.

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