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Estuaries of Pax are committed to engagement of all shadow paradigms

Estuaries of Pax are committed to engagement of all shadow paradigms
by √ČirePort

Estuaries of Pax are committed to engagement of all shadow paradigms, at this moment.

Fluttering anarchists separate from humanity and are transmuted to the soaring Eagle and Condor.

Specialties of Gaia Feminine come to fruition, as sputtering masculines lose their wind.

Prepare for this Magnificence... In this Moment... It is Now...

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The Bully

There is little need for a judge and jury in a place of equality and sovereignty.  In fact, these terms would be obsolete; reminders perhaps of such notions from a time long ago. 

The whole concept of one sovereign being standing in authority over another sovereign being is very much like the bully in the playground.  Cartoon depictions of this child show him to be typically male and larger than average with less intelligence.  This image defines the justice system as it currently stands.

For what is the definition of justice?  Fairness and tacit compliance with the law of the land.  And what is the law of the land?  Responsibility for self, love your neighbor and equality seem to have nothing to do with it.  The law currently followed assumes division, ownership and punishment as inherent components.  It calls up images of protection from harm, locks and keys, fear and potential damage.  Each of these applies when you are dealing with a playground bully and not another sovereign being.

It is true that there are disputes among equals that could and do benefit from expert arbitration, as such guided by someone not personally involved.  It is not true that a firm hand is necessary to settle situations.  What is required is time, patience and indifference.  The playground bully has a definite agenda, as does the justice system.

When judges are elected or appointed and paid, there is present a debt to those doing the electing or appointing.  This fact colors each “decision” made by the judge.  The fact that you would stand in a room and submit to such a system of judgment and then abide by any decisions that result indicates the level of fear that is present.

For it is fear that is running the show, the same gut level emotion utilized by the playground bully.  Make no mistake, if you are ever in a place that requires you to abide by its demands and obey its rules – you are being manipulated.  Manipulation is not the same as justice.

When harmful intent is assumed, a chain reaction of false ideas begins.  It is necessary to believe the “other” has an agenda that is potentially damaging.  For justice to be necessary, the playground bully must exist as a constant threat.  That bully is seen as potential in each situation.  Someone else is out there always, wanting to harm you or to take your stuff.

Ideas around the need to stop the bully are begun from thoughts of separation, “value” and “more”.  There is a pre-supposed condition present from the start.  That thought includes an idea that separates you from each other.  Words like more and less, good and bad, need and lack, strong and weak all stem from a system of slavery.

If instead of guilt, honor is assumed – the whole thing changes.  The view on an equal playing field is very much different than a hierarchal one.  A “justice system” was necessitated and begun by the thugs who initially decided they had something to protect that was more valuable than anything else – their power.

Misunderstanding of the source of that power begat fear and the playground bully.  The bully needs someone to steal from or control with force, or he considers himself weak and without power.  The same is true of today’s control/justice system.  The game ends when you stop playing.

A court room where authority dispenses justice is merely a dressed up playground.  It is only necessary when there is an agenda of “power over” rather than a mutual recognition of “power within”.  In fact, a courtroom only recognizes the power of one thing – “the law” and the person paid to dispense it, the judge/bully.  Any system of power that is dependent on another to thrive is weak.  The justice system currently in place serves the playground bully with subservience.  It does not serve justice.

The whole notion of good/bad, gain/loss has no place from a sovereign state.  Imagine a room of your peers and within it, a disagreement.  Harmony will ask each of you to participate in a solution.  The solution will serve the group, using discussion.  If there is a law guiding the discussion, it is “love one another as you do yourself.”  Guilt and innocence doesn’t enter the picture because they are recognized as subjective opinions rather than statements of fact.  For what is one guilty of other than life? 

Relationships demand discussion.  Guns and fear enter only when one party misunderstands the origin of power.  It is within.

We are the ones we are waiting for.

Other People's Nonsense

Whenever you feel you are being drawn into other people's nonsense,
repeat these words......

Not My Circus, Not my monkeys.  -Polish Proverb

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