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GAIA PORTAL: Energetic “transitions of grace” are enabled from all levels of being

Energetic “transitions of grace” are enabled from all levels of being

by ÉirePort

Energetic "transitions of grace" are enabled from all levels of being.

Such transitions preclude what some would call "aggressive" aspects and encourage direct conclaves of Light bodies.

"self"-aggrandizings are re-directed to "Self"-awakenings.

Higher Light potentials, aligned with Higher Cosmics, are re-tapped to enable these transitions.

Formularies are re-written.

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Hilarion's Weekly Message - August 24, 2014

This is a very timely channeling for me.  The energies I am feeling are very very strong.  And I am finding I am speaking my truth in ways I have not done before with friends...and sometimes that comes off as angry, it even feels angry - so its confusing even to me - but I think Hiliarion is onto something as to why it feels that way. I am a finding a daily swim in the Med. Sea diffuses the agitating side of these new energies in few short minutes (thanks KP for suggesting that in your blog).   I think this "agitation" is temporary, as whatever needs to get cleaned out of me leaves.   

Today and yesterday my body was "hot" with these energies.  Yesterday a shelf mysteriously collapses in my closet when I reach in to grab socks.  I delivered a laptop to Brian today that I put a fresh copy of windows on (his got trashed by a virus), when I walked back home I took the tunnel that water drains under the main highway, rather than the usual cross walk... traffic has been very bad on the highway. I got halfway through the tunnel and I heard a "POP, BOOM!" I thought maybe a propane tank blew up, but when I made it through the other side of the rectangular cement drainage culvert,  there was a BMW SUV upside down, and people were pulling a man out of the window.  The man was okay but his car was trashed.  I don't think my energies caused the car to turn over, but it got me thinking about the power of these energies, coursing through me and many others right now.  It was odd though it flipped the moment the car came over me. Its rather freaky in fact.  Nick and his daughter had been in that spot on the road just 2 minutes prior, and I would have been there at that moment had I taken the usual route on the surface road... Fortunately all are safe.  

This is not the first single car accident with no apparent cause on this road, there was one about a month ago that Dani and Heather heard crash while I was in Casa Blanca with Caleb.  Heather and Dani ran to go see what happened, and it may have been a staged accident, as there was already a ambulance waiting before it occurred, and they didn't seem to want to help the poor man with a head injury until Heather motivated them into action in French in front of the local villagers.  Dani, a former Canadian Army medic spotted his very serious head injury. The driver disappeared and left a pile of clothes in a nearby lot.  The passenger was on the wrong side of the car when it fell into a concrete drainage ditch.  -AK

August 24-31, 2014

Beloved Ones,

Time as you know it is in a state of flux and many times each of you feel that time itself has stood still which then quickly changes to the acceleration of it. You are arriving at a place where your body processes are being more intensely re-calibrated so that your physical bodies can more comfortably transmute, renew and regenerate in alignment with higher dimensional energies in order to further your ascension process. This will help you to absorb more light into your etheric energy field and ultimately this will affect every cell to regenerate your entire human operating system. It is helpful to feel and state your intention at the start of each day to attune yourself to the essence of wholeness and youthful perfection while feeling and surrounding yourself with the violet flame. Spend as much time as you are able visualizing and surrounding your entire auric field with the violet flame. When you can see this in your mind’s eye, hold this focus for as long as you are able. This will help tremendously with the clearing process if you daily practice. Take a moment to also visualize the Earth surrounded by the beautiful violet ray before completing this exercise.

Kundalini energy
In all things, speak your truth. The time is now past for shrinking your light in order to please others. Yes, speaking your truth may offend some who are used to pleasing others in order to meet with their approval, but it is important now to maintain your own integrity by being totally honest within yourself. When you are totally honest within yourself, there is no room for confusion or illusion and you avoid the pitfalls of being sidetracked from your path of service to the light. To thy own self be true! One does not have to be rude in this discipline - your words can be spoken with love and compassion for the other. Sometimes, the truth will come out with an angry burst of energy and it is important to realize that the one speaking is under the influence of the transforming energy of kundalini rising from their root chakra and this energy is very powerful indeed. This is why we advise that each of you ground yourselves into the Earth each day, as it will help to keep you balanced and in equilibrium. If there is excess energy that makes you feel tense and irritable, being out of doors enjoying nature whilst walking or hiking will help to calm and balance the auric field.

Kauilapele & Steve Beckow: "Maximum Danger; Minimum Risk”

 “Maximum Danger; Minimum Risk”
Posted on 2014/08/23 by kauilapele

This post by Steve really hit on a few items that have been in my recent awareness, particularly the points below. I’d have to agree that we are definitely in some type of “Perfect Storm”… namely, a storm that is “perfect” for enabling each one of us, and the planet, to release the old, and move forward and upward.

“…Archangel Michael on Friday… said we’d emerge from the Tsunami of Love “addicted to love.” The next wave is being called “the perfect storm.”

“But a lot of what’ll come up for some people during some of that process – me included – are their core issues, major vasanas, etc…

“Good listening is invisible. The number of people who said I was a brilliant conversationalist was legion, when all I did was listen. What conversation? Listening is not a conversation. It’s the other person speaking.

“The secret, if there is one, was to have a light touch, be non-threatening, be Maximum Danger: Minimum Risk. I am the listener. I think of this as “having a light touch” or “being light.” That is my mission. To be Light.“


Maximum Danger; Minimum Risk

Steve Beckow, GAoG 8-23-14…

I had a reading with Archangel Michael on Friday and he said we’d emerge from the Tsunami of Love “addicted to love.” The next wave is being called “the perfect storm.”

But a lot of what’ll come up for some people during some of that process – me included – are their core issues, major vasanas, etc. I actually phoned my therapist brother in Victoria, B.C. and warned him to expect an increase in clients – some leaving marriages, some feeling life is not worth it, etc.

The most important skill at this time that I can think of to assist anyone who’s hurting is listening. And there’s more to listening than meets the ear. I’d like to discuss some aspects of it, in this and perhaps future articles.

Listening has the power to turn the puzzle into a picture and cause a realization … and more. It has the power to set the speaker free from the unwanted condition.

When I was studying listening back in the 1980s, I used to say that what we aimed for was allowing the speaker to present their most basic upsets, conundrums, etc. (maximum danger) in a manner that posed the least possible risk (minimum risk). Maximum Danger: Minimum Risk. MXD:MNR

What does it mean to listen in a manner that poses minimum risk? It means to serve as a Second Self, a “sacred partner” we’d say these days. It would double, or quadruple, the person’s ability to see into themselves by seeing along with them, feeling along with them. and realizing along with them. It means to listen closely but with a light touch.

UFO over Canada

Published on Aug 21, 2014

Huge meteor spotted across southern B.C.

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