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Hilarion - September 7, 2014

September 7-14, 2014

Beloved Ones,

You are now playing the waiting game, only you cannot discern the purpose of your waiting. It is time to step up to the next level of your journey. The thing you are waiting for is your own remembrance of the magnificence you are. This remembrance is coded within you and it is connected to an event in your life that will or has already taken place. How you will know that yours has been activated is by the feeling you experience that there is nothing of the old world that holds any interest for you any longer. You are more than ready to leave behind all the old programs and beliefs that were not really yours to begin with. This readiness can sometimes be experienced as depression, lethargy and apathy, the feeling that nothing will ever get better in your day to day life and that there is only chaos and dissolution that surrounds you. Know that when you are experiencing this, you will soon be moving into a higher octave and frequency.

What is called for now is to foster the feeling of gratitude and praise for every moment of your daily life. For every negating thought you have, find 10 things in your life to be grateful for and praise yourself for each one. Every time a self defeating thought surfaces from deep within, take the time to make a list of ten things that are good and are working in your life, even if it seems mundane to your perceptions. The point is to train your mind to think only empowering and nurturing thoughts so that you draw to yourself all that you desire to experience in your daily life. The work that must be done now is to love and nurture your self. Each of you is very good, even excellent, in giving to others what they need but it is now the time to daily do good to yourselves. This might seem like a chore at first and you will likely feel it is a silly waste of time but I assure you, Dear Ones, that it is crucial that you continue.

In order to live a magical life, you must BE the magic and you cannot BE the magic if you do not love and honor yourself first. A healthy love of self is required to create the life of your dreams. You must know and feel that you deserve the best life yet. You must also start on that path and get out of waiting mode, for it is yourselves that you have been waiting for, the divine within you is experiencing life as YOU! You have all the resources you need within you and this need to be tapped into. This will require daily periods of quiet stillness so that you can connect to your core essence. Even five minutes spent in stillness and meditation will reap many benefits for you and this practice will also raise your frequency level which needs to be maintained and sustained so that you can move to an even higher level.

There is always reward from the universe for sustained focus and commitment on a daily basis. As you flourish in every facet of your life, the gap between cause and effect diminishes and the flow of joyous events in your life become manifest through the magic that you embody. As you let your former limitations drop away you release yet another area that allows greater life force to fill you, nourish you and sustain you. In this ongoing releasing and cleansing process, you allow your Higher Self, your Soul, to become a more powerful influence within you and your daily life begins to radiate your true brilliance in all aspects of it. This turn of events brings more gratitude and praise, more heartfelt enthusiasm and passion to well up within you and soon you will find yourselves in a state of continual joy and bliss.

The high spirits you experience will encourage you to stay on this path and the thought of going back to lower density will be totally repugnant to you. It will also allow a powerful and joyful creative energy to fill you and work through you. The gifts you have carried within your DNA are activated and turned on and you begin to share your gifts with others around you. You gain a clarity of mind that is attuned to the promptings within your heart and you know always the right thing for you to do. These are some of the initial openings that are now occurring and they will lead to even greater abilities as they are processed. Expect the highest outcome in all that you do and most important of all, BELIEVE in yourselves.

Until next week…

I AM Hilarion

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NASA Worker Sees Men Walk Over To Viking Lander On Mars

Sorry folks, not an actual image, I just couldn't resist a little photoshop fun with this one... -AK :)

I love this kind of stuff... hahaha! Eternal Essence is causing everyone to disclose everything... -AK
NASA Worker Sees Men Walk Over To Viking Lander On Mars

September 1, 2014

A woman named Jackie called Coast To Coast AM from the north of Las Vegas, to ask guest John Lear’s help, in solving a 27 year old mystery.

Jackie stated that she used to work at NASA and handled the down-linked telemetry, back in 1979.

She states that one night, while watching the live feed coming from the Viking Rover on Mars, that she saw two men in suits, along with some of her colleagues, stroll in from the horizon, and then proceeded to walk over to the Viking Lander.

NASA then cut the feed to all monitors.

Is this story is true, then it confirms that either we are not on Mars and NASA are using a sound-stage, or that we have already established a base there via a secret space program.

Either way it proves that NASA is lying to the public, and has been for decades.

Mysterious Moving Object On Mars

Complete footage of The One Network Interview with Heather Tucci-Jarraf and Sacha Stone with PDF Transcript

Here's the complete edit of The One Network interview with Heather Tucci-Jarraf and Sacha Stone with all the camera footage.  A transcript PDF of the interview is below the video.

PDF Transcript Below:

Benjamin Fulford - September 8, 2014 w/comments from David Wilcock

The views below are those of Ben Fulford and not necessarily of this blog.  Consider it data which needs to be sifted through.  Ben has been wrong a number of times in his predictions of future events, while his leads on past events are many times correct.  Ben often speaks as mouth piece for the dragons, and sometimes what he says is meant as coded messages for various parties in the on going drama on this planet.  -AK

Monday, September 8, 2014

Benjamin Fulford - September 8, 2014: anniversary of 911 comes with no arrests but some untimely deaths

This week marks the 13th anniversary of the September 11, 2001 Nazionist terror attack and subsequent fascist coup d’etat in the United States. US “acting president” Barack Obama shows his true colors by the fact he repeats thoroughly discredited Nazionist lies, including those about that mass murder event.

Obama himself admitted last week that he was an actor. In an interview with NBC, when asked about why he went directly to the golf course immediately after making a statement about the supposed death of American journalist James Foley, said “Part of this job is also the theater of it…a part of it is, you know, how are you … not something that— that always comes naturally to me.”

Heavenletter #5036 - It Is Natural for You to Be a Seeker

MC Escher tribute art

Heavenletter #5036 - It Is Natural for You to Be a Seeker
September 8, 2014

God said:

What is meaningful to you? This is what you follow. This is what it means to follow your heart. You want to follow your deepest heart. Surface desires are one thing. Deep desires are another. And, then, you have to know, there are desires you follow that you are not yet conscious of. You have dreams that you don’t even know you have. Deep dreams as well as surface ones.

You may not have known you wanted Me, were seeking Me, and, suddenly, here I am, and you know instantly. You don’t understand how you didn’t know. Now you are astounded.

By whatever name I may go by in your town, you have been seeking Me which is the same as to say that you have been seeking yourself. You have wanted to become acquainted with yourself all this time, all the time you floundered. All the time you thought you were seeking something else, you were seeking Me. You have always been a seeker. You may have been a vague seeker, yet a seeker just the same.

Creating a Positive Future: Time Science Shows Our Earth is on a Positive Timeline in our Time Space Hologram

Creating a Positive Future: Time Science Shows Our Earth is on a Positive Timeline in our Time Space Hologram



By Alfred Lambremont Webre*

“It’s time science, not rocket science that Earth is on a positive timeline.”

Positive Future = Positive Timeline + Unity Consciousness


Positive Future = Positive Timeline + Unity Consciousness

A key discovery promulgated in this paper is that (1) a critical mass of humanity is (2) co-creating a positive future, through conscious acknowledgement that (3) we are synergistically traveling along a positive timeline (4) in Unity consciousness.

The Positive Future equation has supplanted and overcome an outdated Matrix Elite formula that is no longer effective:

Problem + Reaction = Solution

Positive Future equation

The Positive Future equation is:

Positive Future = Positive Timeline + Unity Consciousness

The Positive Future equation suggests that in the synergy between the Positive Timeline and Unity consciousness, a critical mass of humanity is collectively and individually activated for some or more of these suggested actions and policies for a positive future, and synchronistically resources and actors are brought together in multi-dimensional universe processes to manifest a desirable result.

Who owns the Federal Reserve Bank? A phone conversation about the unseen operations of the Federal Reserve System

image courtesy

Who owns the Federal Reserve Bank? A phone conversation about the unseen operations of the Federal Reserve System

The following is a conversation with Mr. Ron Supinski of the Public Information Department of the San Francisco Federal Reserve Bank. This is an account of that conversation.

CALLER – Mr. Supinski, does my country own the Federal Reserve System?

MR. SUPINSKI – We are an agency of the government.

CALLER – That’s not my question. Is it owned by my country?

MR. SUPINSKI – It is an agency of the government created by congress.

CALLER – Is the Federal Reserve a Corporation?


CALLER – Does my government own any of the stock in the Federal Reserve?

MR. SUPINSKI – No, it is owned by the member banks.

CALLER – Are the member banks private corporations?


CALLER – Are Federal Reserve Notes backed by anything?

MR. SUPINSKI-Yes, by the assets of the Federal Reserve but, primarily by the power of congress to lay tax on the people.

The ZAP Report - August 7, 2014

I haven't posted one of these in a while but I thought this one had some interesting data.  Zap distances himself from the Dinar people and their expectations for huge payouts... (did anyone really think such greed resulting from an illegal war, would really fly in the new energetics on this planet?). ZAP also refers to "The Old Man" as "Grandfather" which is how the Native American's refer to him... not how the Chinese refer to him.  Sounds like he's been talking to "Great Eagle"...  These views below are of course ZAP's/Susan and company and not mine.  Below is undedited except for parargraph formating to fit the format of this blog. -AK

Sun, 7 Sep 2014

Playing For Change - "War/ No More Trouble" Lyrics

Until the philosophy which holds one race 
Superior and another inferior 
Is finally and permanently discredited and abandoned 
Oh, everywhere is war, say war
is war 

Until there are no longer first class 
Second class citizens of any nation 
Until the colour of man's skin 
Is of no more significance than the colour of his eyes 
Everywhere is war, war 
Everywhere is war

Killing the brother, war 
Destroying the country, war 
For nothing, war 
For nothing, war 
They going to take care of another brother 
We don't need no more war

Blossom Goodchild - September 6, 2014 - THE WILL OF THE SOUL IS TO BE ONLY LOVE

Blossom Goodchild - September 6, 2014

Good morning to you. So, many enjoyed your last channelling. They found it very helpful in ways of doing something practical. Thank you for that.

Warmest greetings of Love to each and every one. It is our full intention to surprize the soul which in turn allows for the sun to shine through it at all times.
We FEEL it necessary to explore circumstances that diminish the soul’s Light and to then in turn … encourage ways for one to emerge from that ‘gloom’ … and bring the soul into alignment with its TRUTH.

So, continuing on from last week … how else? Is there anything else … that enables us to do this? I think most people find that they are able to hold the Highest Vibration possible of themselves, when they can, yet, then may find themselves plummeting from time to time, back into the lower one, the one from which we are trying to move on from!

Artificial Human Farms Could Wipe Out Animal Testing in Three Years - Scientists Claim

Human farms could be the sign of the future
This is one of those creepy "cure being worse than the disease" kind of pieces of news.  It is a bit of genius selling this to the animal rights people as good news, because many drawn to the more radical aspects of that movement don't like people all that much, and therefore don't care what happens to humans, their body parts, or their DNA.  

And all this for the cosmetic industry?  Something tells me there's a bigger agenda than that afoot - like the human organ transplant market...  

I wonder what they use as feed stocks for the cloning of human organs? Or do they even bother to clone the organs? What medium are they grown in?  Where are these organs coming from?  Executed prisoners from Chinese prisons or American corporate private prison industry? Did anyone give consent to their organs being used?  Did they or their grieving relatives ever receive compensation for having their family DNA used this way? Do they even know? -AK


Artificial Human Farms Could Wipe Out Animal Testing in Three Years - Scientists Claim
IB Times
By Samantha Payne | IB Times – Sun, Aug 31, 2014

Artificial humans are set to replace the controversial technique of animal testing, scientists have claimed.

The micro-chipped human machines [notice the use of term "machine" to imply human organs are merely devices? -AK]  due to be available in three years time will remove the need for experiments that claim the lives of up to 90 million animals each year, according to the Sunday Times.

Artificial organs such as lungs, liver, and kidneys are already being used to test cosmetics, chemicals and drugs.

"If our system is approved by the regulators, then it will close down most of the animal-testing laboratories worldwide," said Uwe Markx – a tissue engineer from Technische Universitat Berlin and founder of TissUse, a firm behind the technology.

Marx anticipated human farms could be made up of hundreds of machines.

Factory-made body parts

Scientists from Harvard University are already developing a five-organ version to test conditions such as asthma.

"We are replacing animal testing right now," said Geraldine Hamilton, senior staff scientist at the university's Wyss Institute.

"These systems allow a much greater understanding of the mechanisms of the human body and give us insights that are not possible with animal studies."

The 'organ farms' will replace routine animal tests as well as complex diabetes experiments on monkeys, but 20% of animal testing will continue on conditions such as Alzheimer's disease and hip-replacement therapy.

More than 4 million animals were used in laboratory testing in Britain last year and 115 million animals worldwide.

The development of human-testing machines with cosmetic companies has been prompted since animal testing was banned on cosmetics in Europe and north America.
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