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Aisha North: The manuscript of survival – part 430 - November 17, 2014

The manuscript of survival – part 430
November 17, 2014
by Aisha North

For now, what has been set into motion can no longer be negated, and as such, all of the consequent reactions will come about from a positive energetic charge, even if some of the outcome of it may be labelled as negative by those still set on maintaining status quo.

Let us elaborate. You see, this whole chain of events that is now in the middle of being activated is one that will have far reaching consequences, and as we have already informed you, the rippling effect from what is taking place on this little planet of yours is far greater than you at your current level perhaps can even begin to understand. And when we say current level, we simply refer to your ability to fully tap into your very own reservoir of inherent knowledge. In other words, we are not calling you incapable in any way, simply reminding you that things will become clearer to you at a pace that will make it possible for you to literally digest it. For when we refer to mankind’s choice to truly take the required quantum leap that is absolutely necessary for this whole operation to come about, it is also implied that this quantum leap will come about in such a way, it will serve its intended purpose, namely to shift the entire region into a frequency that will be beneficial to all that inhabits it. And so, everything needs to come about at the exact right time frame and in the stipulated sequence so that all the chips may fall in their designated directions.

Again, we speak in convoluted terms, but again, it is simply to allow you to better take in the underlying message in this message. For as we have already repeated repeatedly, what this contains is something that far surpasses the mere wording of it, and as such, we need at times to make these rather circuitous routes in order to better help you to get the gist of the message. And the gist of this message is simply this: you are no longer where you used to be, and neither is this planet that you live upon. And the same goes for your immediate surroundings. For you have already changed the very fabric of the Universe to such a degree, nothing can ever be the same again. And remember, these changes come about in a way that will be hard to define from a human’sstandpoint, but it will be very easily identified when you look upon it from our point of view. For we can see that the very basics that your world has been build upon has already been changed, and so, the algorithms are indeed brand new. On the outside, it may not look like much, merely a few scattered numerals that have shifted ever so slightly over a period of a few days, but what these slight changes will in effect do, is to set off a cascade of rippling effects that will tear away all of the old and restricting cocooning material that you have been swaddled in, almost like the ancient peoples used to do to safeguard their deceased.

GAIA PORTAL: Star systems align for reception of final Cosmic wave package…

Star systems align for reception of final Cosmic wave package…
by ÉirePort

Star systems align for reception of final Cosmic wave package prior to establishment of New Earth alignment protocols.

Pulses of New Energies continues in phases designed for hu-manity acceptance, and Hue-manity upliftment.

Star patterns change to align with individual Gaia BEing requirements.

In accordance with Unity Law, sacreds unveil as needed and requested.

Attunement to Higher Self and Higher Mind are requested at this moment.

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The Law of New Being

Another interesting blog post from the 1970s, this one, the others is like a time capsule for the future... for the time of the NEW HUE-MAN... -AK

The Law of New Being (PART 9)

The Law of New Being lessens polarities and reconciles oppositions. The Law of New Being reconciles the yes and no, right and wrong, good and evil, and brings the concepts of God and Satan together in harmonious resolution, integrated totally under the Law of One. The Law of New Being acknowledges the return of Lucifer to the Godhead or Source of All Being, and realizes there is no longer a force of evil in the world; that there is only the echo, the memory and the fear of evil remaining, and that these are also fading from consciousness.

Those who follow the Law of New Being are beings who may transcend matter, or any situation that appears to be matter, and may move into new states of being with greater freedom and energies to create a the New World of New Being: The United States of Awareness.

This Awareness indicates that in political levels (88-06-03), the entity Spirow Agnew warned entities not to sit on the fence but to choose sides, to become polarized, one way or the other. This Awareness has asked entities to reconcile the "yes" and "no". This reconciliation of yes" and "no" as that which refers to movement toward the center, whereby entities can look clearly with attention, without judgment, without condemnation, without prejudice for or against, but with extreme objectivity, as one who stands balanced between the two ends of the teeter-totter, between the two ends of polarity; for only in that delicate and absolute balance can entities see clearly, and absolute without prejudice.
This Awareness indicates that this Awareness does not judge entities. It does not resent or resist any action of any entities, but does desire to allow entities to understand that these roles (of polarity) no longer need to be played, for there is a New Being coming into existence at this time and the New Being is such that it needs not to be concerned with concepts of good and evil, with concepts of right or wrong, with concepts of superiority or inferiority, with concepts of divinity or non-divinity, with concepts of spiritual and material concerns. This New Being needs only to be concerned with actions of service, actions of attention, actions of sensitivity and actions that express love for on another.

This Awareness indicates this New Being has no concern and no need to sacrifice itself, has no needs to worship this Awareness or any other Deity; has no need to bow to any individual, no need to bow to any concept, but does need to give attention to service, to express freedom, to allow others to express freedom and to avoid any forms of violation.

This Awareness indicates that this New Being can only exist when all would be of a restrictive nature is given attention and is looked at clearly. Wherein all that which would manipulate and deceive consciousness is given that spotlight wherein consciousness looks at those who would manipulate; yet without condemning the manipulators, simply look at the sow and the trickery and say: "Enough! I care not to be entertained or confused by this trickery any longer! There are other actions and other experiences that we all may participate in and all co-create together!"

This Awareness indicates that it has been given that you walk the straight and narrow path. This Awareness indicates it has been given that you walk the razor's edge. This Awareness suggests that this does not mean that you walk the path of absolute righteousness as opposed to the path of absolute unrighteousness. This means that you walk the path of the medium, the middle way in all things, reconciling the "yes" and "no" in those areas which are polarized.

This Awareness indicates that there are instances wherein an entity may step off the path to communicate and assist another who is lost or needing communication. This Awareness indicates that in straying from the path, it is important that you know how to return to that middle way, the golden mean, the reconciliation between the "yes" and "no".
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