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December 24th, 2014

The Opponent

The True Opponent
By American Kabuki

There is an opponent to every human on the planet. Its been externalized by gnostics as Archons and the Demiurge, by Christians, Muslims, Zarathustrism as a devil, demons and jinns.

In families, tribes, sports and nations its been externalized as simply "the other". Hurray for our team and "lets get out there and kill!".   Seemed logical, if you are not for us you are against us, and since we serve God/King/Money/Power and you don't believe what we do, off with your head.  

Over time the weapons got bigger and nastier. The Chinese boiled urine to create saltpeter (salt from the peter), phosphorus came from the same source. Incendiary bombs are ancient technology.  The Chinese mixed saltpeter with the volcanic deposited sulfur they mined  and mixed it with charcoal from burnt wood. Fireworks, rockets and guns soon followed.  Next cannons on ships at sea and artillery on the field of war.

Mankind grew more technological but not more spiritual.  We excelled in the left brain, but ignored the right brain and heart.  Those were the domain of women, who were kept oppressed for eons.

Alfred Nobel created dynamite long before he created a Peace Prize,  Julius Wilbrand invented TNT and military industrialists created bombs which blew up Europe in WWI and much of the world in WWII to simply grab the gold and consolidate banking for a group of greedy power hungry men who considered their genetics superior to the rest of mankind.  Oppenheimer created the A-Bomb and then quoted a passage from another time of Nuclear warfare in India and said of himself "I have become death".   

Suddenly the spiritual could no longer be denied for if not recognized there would be no more physical with the pace of weapon development and its gotten far worse since with particle weapons, biological and nanotech.  

We need a new Bushido where honor is shown by how we live rather than how we die, by what we create rather than what we destroy.

Below is a video I think is important.  I won't editorialize it too much, but I will express a few caveats, the movie describes the shifting as taking a lifetime, but I think people are shifting in days and weeks now because of the energy changes since 2012.   The video implies this has been implanted in us without our knowledge, but from what I have observed in banking in government everything is by contract and consent,  and that would seem to imply to me at some level, somewhere in the past we chose this experience until such a time that we decided we no longer wanted to do it anymore.

Early in the video (and its long at 3hrs - perhaps I will create a 15 minute summary of the concepts some day) there are some pink squares, that is not a corrupted video file, its a metaphor, so bear with it and will explain itself.  I think you'l come away with a much better understanding why there's so much emphasis on terrorism, fear, and the drama of life in the media, its how they manipulate you and keep you from your Creator given powers.  It also explains why religion externalized this darkness so we would not recognize it within ourselves and disable the means of control on ourselves by those who would herd us like cattle...while we remain in the ape mind that is part of our earth genetics.  Its time to become TRULY HUMAN, the UNIVERSAL HUMAN.

PS: The video is also available for download at:

Beyond space-time: Welcome to phase space

Beyond space-time: Welcome to phase space
08 August 2011 by Amanda Gefter
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A theory of reality beyond Einstein's universe is taking shape – and a mysterious cosmic signal could soon fill in the blanks

IT WASN'T so long ago we thought space and time were the absolute and unchanging scaffolding of the universe. Then along came Albert Einstein, who showed that different observers can disagree about the length of objects and the timing of events. His theory of relativity unified space and time into a single entity - space-time. It meant the way we thought about the fabric of reality would never be the same again. "Henceforth space by itself, and time by itself, are doomed to fade into mere shadows," declared mathematician Hermann Minkowski. "Only a kind of union of the two will preserve an independent reality."

But did Einstein's revolution go far enough? Physicist Lee Smolin at the Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada, doesn't think so. He and a trio of colleagues are aiming to take relativity to a whole new level, and they have space-time in their sights. They say we need to forget about the home Einstein invented for us: we live instead in a place called phase space.

If this radical claim is true, it could solve a troubling paradox about black holes that has stumped physicists for decades. What's more, it could set them on the path towards their heart's desire: a "theory of everything" that will finally unite general relativity and quantum mechanics.

So what is phase space? It is a curious eight-dimensional world that merges our familiar four dimensions of space and time and a four-dimensional world called momentum space.

Momentum space isn't as alien as it first sounds. When you look at the world around you, says Smolin, you don't ever observe space or time - instead you see energy and momentum. When you look at your watch, for example, photons bounce off a surface and land on your retina. By detecting the energy and momentum of the photons, your brain reconstructs events in space and time.

The same is true of physics experiments. Inside particle smashers, physicists measure the energy and momentum of particles as they speed toward one another and collide, and the energy and momentum of the debris that comes flying out. Likewise, telescopes measure the energy and momentum of photons streaming in from the far reaches of the universe. "If you go by what we observe, we don't live in space-time," Smolin says. "We live in momentum space."

And just as space-time can be pictured as a coordinate system with time on one axis and space - its three dimensions condensed to one - on the other axis, the same is true of momentum space. In this case energy is on one axis and momentum - which, like space, has three components - is on the other(see diagram).

Simple mathematical transformations exist to translate measurements in this momentum space into measurements in space-time, and the common wisdom is that momentum space is a mere mathematical tool. After all, Einstein showed that space-time is reality's true arena, in which the dramas of the cosmos are played out.

Smolin and his colleagues aren't the first to wonder whether that is the full story. As far back as 1938, the German physicist Max Born noticed that several pivotal equations in quantum mechanics remain the same whether expressed in space-time coordinates or in momentum space coordinates. He wondered whether it might be possible to use this connection to unite the seemingly incompatible theories of general relativity, which deals with space-time, and quantum mechanics, whose particles have momentum and energy. Maybe it could provide the key to the long-sought theory of quantum gravity.

Born's idea that space-time and momentum space should be interchangeable - a theory now known as "Born reciprocity" - had a remarkable consequence: if space-time can be curved by the masses of stars and galaxies, as Einstein's theory showed, then it should be possible to curve momentum space too.

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