“Everything that you thought you knew and understood about human sexuality is radically transforming…” Sound of Gold Files – Audio File Below.

I’m inspired to share this –  as a result of the recent Supreme Court decision to legalize same-sex marriage in America. It’s a wonderful thing when our outer world matches or validates what we (individually) have already claimed within… a statement that the collective is beginning to mirror this movement of compassion and welcoming for all human choice in the areas of being IN and sharing LOVE, and it has everything to do with our own self-valuing.

A decade ago I was informed by this Field of Consciousness that “in the 20-teens” (2013-2019) our identities (including sexual) are all up for major review (among many other things). The strong advice was to KNOW as clearly as possible, who you are and what you want, and you will move more effortlessly through these times that are guaranteed to challenge your egoic-based identities and world views. And naturally, as a result our relationships are challenged as well.

Our true currency and value has been hijacked and our sexual currency has been diminished into something that has little to no recognizable markers from the Universal or Source view. In fact, this unique conditioning with sex and money – or rather, the extreme re-direct or projection of our own natural experience of Prime Source currency into outside symbols – is a rather genius way to keep humanity in the dark, the pain, the confusion, and the angst as we grapple with these unnatural states that ultimately boils up into a delicious food for the hijackers and their allies in human form on Earth.

F*ck that. Again, as I have stated before, I really don’t care about who and what happened before.

I’m only interested in the Power of RIGHT NOW.

If each and every one of us had a gazillion dollars, or on the flip side, if we stopped using money (or symbols) of your Prime Source Current-cy, how would this change how and who you have sex with? …or if you’ll even engage in human sex as you had previously accepted and defined it? In other words, if you fully owned and embodied your unlimited universal currency, how does this change relationships? Families? Communities? Etc.?

I share this audio file on the topic. This transmission rather surprised me at the end of last year so I simply filed it away. Now that I’m seeing more honest writing, speaking and sharing on the topic, I feel that I can share how I was informed on these topics from this familiar Field of Presence. I hope you find it helpful, healing, and relevant.  ~ EM