Tuesday, February 3, 2015

FREEDOM - A Short Story by Sharon Teresa

A reader writes:

Hi Bill…

     A story for you. Post it or not – but being that you once lived in the Phoenix Metro area (where I’ve lived most of my life) I thought you might enjoy the Understanding I watched unfold these days before that “game”. Hope all is well with you.


A Short Story by Sharon Teresa

     This last Friday, Angels of this Universe were given freewill by Prime Creator. They’ve never quite had freewill, you know, and the moment they were gifted this wondrous thing, they rushed to Gaia by the many, many thousands…maybe even millions. They stood ready to serve – as they always have – but this time was so special (because it was what they wanted to do), that their power multiplied exponentially, and with that knowledge pure joy was born into them! And the Angels of this Universe will never be the same.

     Well, powerful Beings of Light, who’ve never incarnated into physicality, watched with wonder, and said, “Hey! You know all this crap of non-interference? To heck with it!” And Prime Creator said, “Go for it!” So they, too, arrived on Earth, to place their steady Light where it felt right. And when asked how it was that they could be here, in this density, because it was our understanding that it was too uncomfortable for them, they said, “Bullshit! We’ve always been able to go where we wanted…except we were told to not interfere! But considering who it was that told us that, and what’s been going on, well…. Never mind. We’re here now!” And they beamed their Light with all their Might, and all was Right.

     And Angels the size of the Empire State Building came in and stood guard. (Did you know there are Angels so huge? LOL!) When they showed up they were asked, by the dark ones, who are you?! Their answer is, with a smile, “Your greatest nightmare.”

     And the Gatekeeper, who sits at the hand of Prime Creator, came to guard our lovely planet, setting our brothers and sisters in their ships free to fly on down, and walk among us with their technologies, ready to engage if necessary.

     And all the Love in this Universe chatted, smiled, and came together to help our little realm. And they will continue to do so. Best of friends with All who are here.

     And All is well…and will never be the same.

     We’ve done our service, magnificent dear Ones. By our Loving example of freewill…we’ve set this Universe free.

It ain't necessarily so....

Here's an obvious media lie in the USA. Washington Post and other news outlets ran stories saying Morocco had banned the movie Exodus from Cinemas in Morocco.   Yet its I see the posters of it outside the theater here!  Its playing at the local Tetouan Morocco cinema in 3D!

The levels of pure BS in the western news media now has risen to levels beyond the days of Pravda in the former USSR.

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