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So you want to act American?

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The disappeared: Chicago police detain Americans at abuse-laden 'black site'

Holman Square: Chicago's "black site" off record interrogation center

The disappeared: Chicago police detain Americans at abuse-laden 'black site'
  • Exclusive: Secret interrogation facility reveals aspects of war on terror in US 
  • ‘They disappeared us’: protester details 17-hour shackling without basic rights 
  • Accounts describe police brutality, missing 15-year-old and one man’s death 

While US military and intelligence interrogation impacted people overseas, Homan Square – said to house military-style vehicles and even a cage – focuses on American citizens, most often poor, black and brown. ‘When you go in,’ Brian Jacob Church told the Guardian, ‘nobody knows what happened to you.’ Video: Phil Batta for the Guardian; editing: Mae Ryan

Spencer Ackerman in Chicago


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The Chicago police department operates an off-the-books interrogation compound, rendering Americans unable to be found by family or attorneys while locked inside what lawyers say is the domestic equivalent of a CIA black site.

Chicago 'black site': former US justice officials call for Homan Square inquiry 

The facility, a nondescript warehouse on Chicago’s west side known as Homan Square, has long been the scene of secretive work by special police units. Interviews with local attorneys and one protester who spent the better part of a day shackled in Homan Square describe operations that deny access to basic constitutional rights.

Alleged police practices at Homan Square, according to those familiar with the facility who spoke out to the Guardian after its investigation into Chicago police abuse, include:

  • Keeping arrestees out of official booking databases.
  • Beating by police, resulting in head wounds.
  • Shackling for prolonged periods.
  • Denying attorneys access to the “secure” facility.
  • Holding people without legal counsel for between 12 and 24 hours, including people as young as 15.
  • At least one man was found unresponsive in a Homan Square “interview room” and later pronounced dead.

GAIA PORTAL: Arcs of Connection are finished

Arcs of Connection are finished
by √ČirePort

Long-term constabularies have taken form in Gaia Energetic grid.

"Force" fields of Peace are strengthening concomitantly.

Fendings of Higher Aligned Spirit workers is ended.

Placements of planetary flight paths nears completion.

Arcs of Connection are finished.

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