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Kryon on What is Love

Kryon on What is Love
By annamerkaba on April 21, 2013

This is an excerpt from my channeling of Kryon on What Love Is…

Here is what he had so say:

”Love. Is an all encompassing energetic vibration of such magnitude and proportions that it can move mountains, change worlds, create, transmute, transform, and break through blockages. The power of love is such that it transcends time, transcends dimensions, dissolving anything and everything that stands in its way to create that which is desired for the good of all involved. 
Many of you misunderstand what love truly is, expressing love in one word… is impossible.. for it carries within it so many intricacies, so much meaning and so many facets that to understand what love is you simply need to open your heart and allow this immense universal vibrational frequency to embrace you in a state of pure bliss, in a state of pure balance, in the state of complete understanding and being. 
LOVE dear children of light, allow your hearts to open up and explode from this all encompassing feeling, allow your hearts to melt away all the fears worries and concerns you may feel.. it is okay for you to feel this, for when you are not afraid to open up to this power, when you are not afraid to be opened to the universal energies, when you are not afraid to open up your hearts to the universe and to EACH OTHER.. it is then.. that the power of love, the magnificent power of love takes place and creates that which you are.. that which you see.. that which you perceive. 
I Kryon am waiting with open arms and open heart to welcome you to the feeling of love. I love you. I am with you. Goodbye for now.


Live Kryon Channelling
Atlanta, Georgia
FEBRUARY 14, 2015

As channelled by Lee Carroll for Kryon

The information below is free and available for you to print out, copy and distribute as you wish. The Copyright, however, prohibits sale in any form except by the publisher

To help the reader, this channelling has been revisited [by Lee and Kryon] to provide even clearer understanding. Sometime information is even added. Often what happens live has implied energy within it, which carries a kind of communication that the printed page does not. So enjoy this enhanced message given in Atlanta Georgia, February 14, 2015.

Greetings, dear ones, I am Kryon of Magnetic Service. Twenty-five years ago, I discussed with you what is happening now. Back then, it was only a potential, but now it's your reality. This was not prophecy when I told you back then that there would be no Armageddon or World War Three. It was not prophecy, but a powerful potential. The entire reason for my being and the awakening of my partner was because of what you did. The victory it contains falls in the lap of the old soul, who has controlled the consciousness of the timing of it all.

Everything that has transpired during these years has been realized potential. That is to say that we see the potentials of what you might do, and report on that and only that. Much of what we see now is realized quickly. When we told you in 2012 there would be a new pope, 13 months later it happened. This was not prophecy, but rather a potential. We saw it coming because we have the overview and we knew of the anxiety of the existing pope, the health of the man, and we also knew of the potentials of a South American pope to come forward. All of these things should be a "connect the dots" for you. I come yet again, not with prophecy, but with information given with a congratulatory attitude of potential.

A real "new energy" is here.

Twenty-five years ago, I would have loved to have given you this channel, but you weren't ready. Now you sit in the energy we had predicted back then and are wise to what has happened. Right now, if you could superimpose Human emotion upon the creative source, it would be the attributes of delight and adulation - perhaps even the word proud. Dear Human Being, this is not your father's new age. We celebrate you for coming to this place in time!

This is critical information we give now, because in an assemblage like this, the ones who are listening and reading are warriors of light and old souls. These terms describe a Human Being who has been through history and has embraced esoteric belief for dozens of lifetimes. Many of you have awakened in this life to innate wisdom of spirituality. You have fought the battles of the old energy as a Lightworker many times, and you have become used to the way things work in an older energy. For thousands of years, the planet has not changed all that much, so you might have been involved in the same kind of dark-light battles over and over and, therefore, etched into your Akash are what we would call the spiritual rules of existence. However, now they're changing. So this message is for Lightworkers and old souls, and it includes some attributes we have talked about in the past, and also some new ones. Tonight we bring you some positive things that you need to know in this energy and some attributes that some would call admonitions of how to work in the new energy.

We started this conversation last week in the city you call Austin [Texas],* so let us begin from there. Dear ones, this new energy is a phrase you have heard for years. You were told, "The new age is upon you, and the new energy is arriving." Dear ones, it has arrived! Now it's starting to plant its seeds, and the attributes are very different from what you have experienced while you were waiting for it. You should know that shamanic energies in the old souls who are listening and reading are going to find some of these things difficult, even controversial. This is because they go against the spiritual habits experienced in the past, which worked and which were correct and proper for many. So let us begin where we left off.

Dear ones, please acknowledge the idea that when you graduate from one energy level to another, the lessons are learned, and the processes are then changed and advanced to a new level. It would be foolish for you to carry the same old lessons you completed from the past into the future. Yet many of you are trying to do that very same thing right now.

Saudi King Salman Will Miss Gulf Nation Summit In The U.S.

Does this guy take his cues from Tel Aviv?   Love how all the pretense is dropping away in complete transparency of what is... Saudi Arabia has been very active in funding the chaos in its neighbor Yemen as well as funding ISIS along with Qatar and Kuwait.  -AK
Saudi King Salman Will Miss Gulf Nation Summit In The U.S.
AP  Posted: 05/10/2015 4:27 pm EDT Updated: 05/10/2015 5:59 pm EDT

RIYADH, Saudi Arabia (AP) — Saudi Arabia's King Salman will not attend a Camp David summit of U.S. and allied Arab leaders, his foreign minister, Adel al-Jubeir, said Sunday.

In a statement, al-Jubeir said the summit Thursday coincides with a humanitarian cease-fire in the conflict in Yemen, where a Saudi-led coalition is fighting Shiite rebels known as Houthis. He said Crown Prince Mohammed bin Nayef, who is also interior minister, would lead the Saudi delegation and the king's son, Deputy Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, who is defense minister, will also attend.

President Barack Obama had planned to meet Salman one-on-one a day before the gathering of leaders at the presidential retreat but the White House did not take his decision to skip the summit as a sign of any substantial disagreement with the U.S.

The king, who took power in January after his brother King Abdullah died, has not traveled abroad since his ascension to the throne.

At the summit, leaders of Gulf nations will be looking for assurance that Obama has their support when the region feels under siege from Islamic extremists and Syria, Iraq and Yemen are in various states of chaos. Arab allies also feel threatened by Iran's rising influence and worry the nuclear pact taking shape with the U.S., Iran and other nations may embolden Tehran to intrude more aggressively in countries of the region.

Gaia Portal: Centralized motions of aligned entities collect Higher Cosmics and transmit to Gaia collective

Centralized motions of aligned entities collect Higher Cosmics and transmit to Gaia collective
by √ČirePort

Centralized motions of aligned entities collect Higher Cosmics and transmit to Gaia collective.

Portals of assistance have opened for all Gaia inhabitants.

Freshenings are experienced among Hue-manity and hu-manity, although some are not conscious of the changes.

Congealing of Inner Intents becomes the standard.

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