Tuesday, June 9, 2015

"Fractals R Us"

Surrounded in the lush green of our little backyard, I inhale the blossoms.  Life absorbs my senses and it’s a challenge to focus while breathing in butterflies amidst a cacophony of birds.  There are little ones – a rabbit, a robin and a newborn neighbor each peeks out at their first summer.  Days like this remind me why we came.  Diverse and gorgeous, each day rises with its own ambitions.  Life is full and complete.  Just listen.

This thing we are all doing and going through is remarkable yet so mundane.  I’m beginning to understand life is just like that.  All of it.  Before the shift.  After the shift.  During the shift.  We will all move along, find our way, change direction, step back and skip ahead. Sometimes we’ll move together and others we’ll feel alone.  It matters not.  What matters is the moment.  

The emergence of another season reminds us of others.  We compare – this year colder /warmer than last, this tree came back while that plant didn’t make it.  Weather, changes and predictions become our daily dialogue.  It’s this contrast that fuels us, occupies us and sparks our creations.  

Contrast has been capitalized on and grown into polarization.  It’s demanded our choosing – one country, one family, one lover, one god; and in that choosing declare allegiance while swearing obedience. These manufactured duties as part of the game, the game of humanity.

The air I breathe today is intoxicating – overwhelmingly fragrant.  No less so than societal immersion – we are overrun with requests.  Whose side are you on?  What team is the best? Who is worst?  Who is right?  Who is wrong? No one to tell us it’s all okay, or better yet, that it’s not the choice, but the choosing that’s the point.

With emerging consciousness, we direct our life.  New ideas, abilities, rememberings and desires spur creation.  I find myself talking and listening to off world beings on most days.   My dear friend K suggested and wondered if these were fractals; fractals of me.  I think yes, and here’s why.

If we could imagine Source as a vase; a huge exquisite, light filled, multi-colored vase.  Next imagine a moment of creation, a sort of Big Bang moment.  The vase explodes and infinite luminescent shards burst forth.

Some are from the base of the vase, some from the rim.  Some are blue, some pink, some green, some purple.  There are shards within shards as a large blue one breaks again.

These blue shards/fractals are closer together.  They broke/were created at the same now moment.  Consider these your “peeps”.  You know the ones – you instantly gel with.  There is some sense of familiarity that existed prior to that latest “hello”.  You’ve done this before.

Yet all of the shards/fractals are bits of Source.  The further away on the vase they started, the less familiarity they feel with each other, the less likely they are to easily “fit” together.

Some of these (off world) I speak to are my “peeps”.  The Plieadians; and there are some others.  Some feel foreign, yet there is a sense of knowing them all; a sort of “fractals r us”.

K also suggested that what I am doing with these conversations and the sharing of them is sort of expanding consciousness in some weird and wonderful way that expands it for anyone reading… I will say here that there are more conversations than I can share in a blog or a newsletter, but that they are all saved (to be shared someday).  These that are shared right now in both places, are what feel to me to be the most relevant or cool or both. ;-)

Did I create these beings?  Am I a fractal of these beings?  Yes and yes, just as I created you and am a part of you, and in the reading of my words, you’ve created and are a part of me.  WE create it all, that’s the whole point.  We are ONE.  It is a challenge to broaden our scope and incorporate oneness into all of creation, yet absolutely necessary.  We swim in a sea of polarization… Our life, as perceived by us, is absolutely our invention.  Every now exists because we believe it does and so we put it there. We are one Vase, gathering our pieces together in whatever fashion feels right. Just for the fun of it.

Here’s an interesting conversation, though unfinished, from someone I spoke to yesterday.  Enjoy.


Is there someone specific who wants to engage?

There is.

You are keeping me awake.

We feel a certain urgency to our information.  There are many wanting an audience.  It is our option to reach you now, when there is not so much static. (This was close to midnight and I wake each day at 5AM)

I do not know what you mean.

You are open – we are ready – it is the good moment for a connection.

Okay.  I would like an introduction.  I would also like an immediate ‘getting to the point”.  It is so very late for me now and I am not so sure how long this will last.

Yes, we feel a draining. We are not here to cause you discomfort but to supply facts; certain ones that may enlighten you further.

We are not a race that frequents earth by way of visitation or even lights in your skies.  Our interest is in the stories of old that circulate and their (*they) seem to form the basis of your “history”. This, we find to be a fascination into the insight of your predecessors, creators and ancestors rather than the truth it has been labeled.

How do you know our history if you’ve never been here?

There is a galactic truth/story if you will that Earth is a part of.

The misconceptions and falsehoods told and repeated over your concept of time was part of the veil of secrecy man agreed to step behind.

Not being human, we have never agreed to step willingly into delusion.  All truth is available in the Akash.  This is accessible to anyone interested in discovery.

What we’d like to say to you is that your origin somehow incorporates a bit of all the lies/folklore/stories you’ve been told.  Yet there is (*are) huge gaps and holes in knowledge.

Mankind takes the clues he finds left behind such as huge buildings and monoliths and imagines why – having no factual basis on which to stand his theories.

There were giants on your Earth by your standards.  There were times of great advancements in structural buildings.  These were not made with any tool you have today. 

The years of the creation of these stone buildings go so far beyond what man has guessed as to make it unbelievable.

As man uses time in forward motion only – the truth of time confuses the issue for any of his ability to “date” artifacts and buildings.

It all has happened. Time revolves as a record and what some of the discoveries are is more man’s “future” than “past”.

Mankind has already decided where he is going and what will be available to him when he gets there. Mankind has succeeded in securing a stronghold of power on Earth that will/does/is containing every dream and all imaginings for past-present-future lives.

The remarkable thing is that by remaining behind the veil you’ve “puled the wool” over only your own eyes. Everyone else in the cosmos has access to your story and so the ending is no surprise to us.

We are enjoying so much your pretense of not knowing that there are many who show up again and again to remind you. (Here I felt a reference to the many channelers.) Humans by design have limited attention spans.

I think I have to stop now.

Yes, I feel your fatigue.  Just know that as your story plays out for the rest of us – it makes it possible for it to be told to you before you see it for yourselves.  This does not make the tellers more powerful than you – only not restricted by the curtain. 

Yes.  I must go.

The conversation ended.

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Talk to you soon,

Much love,

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