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Ending an era, CME Group to shutter most futures pits

Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) group's Chairman Emeritus Leo Melamed speaks during an interview with Reuters in Tokyo in this June 30, 2014 file photo.
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Business News | Wed Feb 4, 2015 10:46pm EST
Ending an era, CME Group to shutter most futures pits
By Tom Polansek

The world's largest futures market operator will shutter almost all of its open-outcry futures pits by July 2, ringing the closing bell on a once-raucous tradition that has been in decline since the rise of computerized trading.

The decision by CME Group Inc (CME.O), announced on Wednesday, ousts traders of products ranging from grain and livestock in Chicago to gold and oil in New York. Once the only way to buy or sell a futures contract to hedge against price moves, open-outcry trading is now only 1 percent of total futures trading volume, according to the exchange operator.

Options pits, which have stayed active in the face of electronic trading, will mostly remain open in both cities.

CME is expected to provide more details on its decisions when it reports quarterly earnings on Thursday.

The Wood Spike Treasure Dream...

By American Kabuki

Yesterday I was looking at my bank account and noticed a bounce charge.  It was caused by a software vendor doing an annual subscription renewal against my PayPal account. I had no idea there was an annual subscription for that utility software I purchased a year ago to fix Brian Kelly's laptop. The transaction came at the very worst time of the month against my PayPal account.  By default the money came out of my regular bank account one day before my blog ad revenue came in.  Not good timing at all.  May was not a fantastic month as it was, but I really didn't need that.

Hopefully the bank will reverse the charges but I haven't heard back yet. I need to get new boots (the sole blew out while hiking) and some clothes which no longer fit me, and in some cases getting a bit thread bare and "holey".  But for now that will all have to wait.

Perhaps all that triggered the dream that follows below, its not the same bank but the dream started out with a similar scenario...


I had a dream this morning. The location seemed to be my childhood city of Scottsdale Arizona, my dreams often take me back to my birth place State of Arizona. At the beginning  was a scene of me in a bank trying to correct a banking error  at Bank of America, they charged me a fee for something they shouldn't.  I haven't banked at Bank of America since I closed my business in 2009 after a devastating illness that put me into ICU, but for some reason it was that bank in this dream.

The bank tellers were flat rude in the dream and since I didn't have much money in the account the treated me like I was barely even human.  That kind of set the scene for what followed in the dream.

I decided to take a day labor job to raise some money.   It was hot and I was helping some man down the street from my childhood home put in a wooden landscaping edger into his garden.

The man who hired me was a miserable short greedy man, big bald spot on his head and wrap around hair, kind of like the boss in Dilbert.  He had this raging ego, he seemed to get his jollies and prestige in life by hiring people at very low wage and then demeaning them while they worked for him. There was another young guy working there and as we are digging in the hard decomposed granite landscaping soil to put this wood edger in, I grab a wood spike to nail to the cedar edger board that seemed to be made of Arizona ironwood.

Ironwood is a desert hardwood that grows very slowly, is extremely dense, and will not float in water.  Navajos and Hopi Indians use it make jewelry and durable craft items, its usually cut with hacksaws and other metal tools. The sawdust irritates the lungs, and you have to wear a mask while working it. The best ironwood is found when the reservoirs get low, the trees that have been under water for a long time are better for jewelry. It seasons the wood some how.  When I was 16 I made a silver ring band inlaid with ironwood all the way around it, which I still have.  My father was an amateur silver and gold smith and he showed me how to cut the metal and solder it together.

Sphere Alliance Message #5

On Jun 24, 2015, at 12:40 PM, Denise wrote:

After my declarations, this is what I heard:

Now the fun begins.  This is where you [collective you] come in.

I feel joy.

Yes, exuberance is the word.  We have been waiting for you to hear us.

Now, it is your turn. This will only take a “moment”.  Sit quietly.  Inhale.  Feel the energy of our love enter you. As you exhale, visualize a stream of pink/rose energy spiraling from your heart center.

These spirals are the code breakers. 

I can see them.

Yes, this will not take “long” to do.  Just a moment.  Once these are activated the fun begins.
We saw you last night and felt your love and joy.

End Transmission

I can "see" the pink energy spirals -- long wisps of smokey pink energy moving from here into infinity.  

Try this!  It gives me chills!!!

Aurora borealis glows in central Virginia, seen as far south as Texas (Photos)
and apparent "Sphere Alliance" message confirmation

Looks like Denise got "a hit" and the message from the Sphere Alliance was verified...and on scehduled!  Also got a private double confirmation in an email from Denise of whom she is talking to... which I may write up later... so fun! -AK

Aurora borealis glows in central Virginia, seen as far south as Texas (Photos)
By Angela Fritz June 23 at 10:30 AM

A gorgeous aurora was seen on Cape Cod, Mass. last night. (Chris Cook via

A series of coronal mass ejections over the past few days have hurled bursts of solar gas and magnetic field at our planet, sparking a severe geomagnetic storm and pushing the aurora borealis deep into the Lower 48.

On Monday night, the northern lights were photographed in states that rarely get to witness the optical manifestation of a solar storm. The Northeast was brimming with hues of green, pink and purple, but photographers in Virginia, North Carolina, Georgia, Arkansas and even Texas.

[Solar eruptions trigger severe geomagnetic storm]

If you happened to head outside around 1:30 a.m. in central Virginia, you might have caught this view. A very dark sky was needed to see the aurora down here, but David Murr in Louisa, Va., shared some great northern lights with us.

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