Friday, July 17, 2015

Sphere Alliance Message #19
Dr Seuss - A Mission of Awakening

AK Note:  Theodor "Seuss" Geisel's work has entertained millions of American children. My favorite is "Oh the places you will go!".  I first saw that particular book after I returned from working for the SNFC railway in France, and my roommate at the time was given the book  upon graduating law school at USD. 

Dr Seuss was not without controversy, he was of the World War II era and some of his early cartoons are known to be slightly racist and others were war propaganda which attacked isolationist and Japanese Americans as 5th columnists... but such was the era and my own father was not immune to those same energies of the time.  His later children's book "The Sneeches and Other Stories" was an excellent portrayal of the insanity of racism, eliteism, peer pressure, and bending to fashions of the moment - with an interesting twist at the end that the only one who profited was the one who pandered to their insanity.  If anything he did more to eliminate racism by teaching children in the insanity of it all.

His  children's books remains his lasting legacy inspiring milliions of children to have a desire to read books because his books were FUN, quite unlike the the earlier "Dick and Jane" series of books.

As with all channelings use your higher discernment, and remember ETs are no different than humans in that there is  wide range states of consciousness within their own ranks.  Those communicating vary from staff to commanders, and there will be slight differences in the energy and tone of each message.  

Denise' messages are coming from the Ashtar Command contingent of the Sphere Alliance.  I have received a number of private messages which have been quite astounding, and I know who they are from, which I may publish at a later date.  Denise is having fun with this and so I am I.   There is a very light hearted tone to most of the messages she receives and very full of love.

This is so much fun!  Here is the message:

17 July 2015

I was thinking about the portals this morning and I ‘heard’: “Oh the places you will go” which is the title of a Dr. Seuss book, and I laughed of course, then they added, "Teddy was awake"Apparently I need to look into this a little bit. 

Dr. Seuss books were my boys’ favorite to read and my older son has used ‘fifer feffer feffs’ to transmute fear in a lucid dream.

Cleared my space and declared that only absolute unconditional pure love and truth are welcome here.

Please tell me about Dr. Seuss.

Oh we share so much joy and love that you ask this question.  He is a beloved friend and brother and is here on a ship close by working on his projects. 

And his books?

Oh yes, those wonderful works of art and we mean art completely, words and drawings/sketches.  Those works are full of codes and symbols to wake people up.  Children of course, but adults as well.  

Why do you think you hear similar phrases from us and we say things to you that remind you of his work?  

Why of course it is because he was working awake and we were injoying it along with him.

Oh the places you will go is one you must read and it will “fall” into your lap when it is “time”.

The portals are opened as we have said.  Imagine the possibilities.  Think of the books.  Everything is possible.  

The Lorax who spoke for the trees? 

Sam I Am!!! 

Yes, you get it now!!!!  

We love you with so much laughter and joy and end this transmission.

I have to share this: they said injoying and when I wrote enjoying they corrected me.  Then I tried to rewrite the sentence using enjoy and they said, no editing!  How funny!  

(Sam I Am is the main character from Green Eggs and Ham -- my youngest is Sam and it was the first book he learned to read!)


Here is a a Fiffer-Feffer-Feff!!!

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