Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Sphere Alliance Message #41
Clarification between the WAVE and the SHOW
(the WAVE has Arrived)

My apologies to Denice for misspelling her name, repeatedly, as many have pointed out to me today. I seem to have originally recorded her name that way on my email contacts when she transcribed the first interview with Heather.   The error is mine.  My comments as usual are in red italics with [square brackets] -AK


Had a long drive in rough weather, settling in to room 111 in a lovely Comfort Inn!  What a JOY!  Here is the transmission for LEE and I will transmit the rest when I get home Wednesday Morning -- sorry for the delay.

Also want to add a clarification to Lee: I do not channel the information.  I am tuned into the frequency and transmit the message.  What is really funny is I feel sometimes like an old-fashioned telegraph operator!  "They" let me know specific capitalizations and if I don't do it, I have to go back and correct it!  While I have been traveling, I have not had time to spell check, but they sure let me know when to capitalize!  How fun!


Dear Denice, 

So much appreciation for your selfless offer via AK to act as gateway to the "Neptune Sphere group soul", addressing inquiries in a channeled way during your leisure despite of your current family situation - that is really awesome. Above all please make sure you don't get overwhelmed and still provide sufficient time to withdraw, meditate, ground etc. Your well-being is more important than our questions :) 

Here now my address to the "Neptune Sphere group soul": 

Aloha - this is Lee once more with the German/ Hawaiian/ Pleiadian/ Arcturian consciousness signature. 

May I kindly ask you to please comment on my following questions: 

For common ground, we need to be using the same terminology with the same definition. With "The Show", are you above all referring to the what Cobra calls "The Event" or "The Event Flash", EM Ibrahim Hassan "The Blue Pulse" or "The Blue Flare", the Ascended Masters of the spiritual hirarchy "Earth's full Planetary Ascension into 5D Gaia", the Bible "The Rapture" and "The Second Coming of Christ", the final ending of 3D duality by switching the unity consciousness field back on for ALL life on Gaia, etc.? Palpable for everybody on Gaia, even if blind to the eyes?

OUR DEAREST BROTHER LEE, we so LOVE to HEAR/CONNECT with you.  There are many 'words' channelled and transmitted from many realms.  This is really a conundrum for us and we like to use an image to convey the exact idea.  So first we say the SHOW is perhaps a culmination of ALL of these words that you ask of, but we want to show you this and we have shown our vessel this image twice now:  (I am seeing the end scene from Muppets in Space) You think that with this scene, which conduit Denice has said is silly, is not serious.  NO, this scene is very serious, for it displays for YOU ALL the LOVE and JOY that we FEEL in the MOMENT of NOW! We have travelled so far to find YOU ALL and HERE WE ARE NOW!  LET's Celebrate

In his last message, Cobra deliberately differentiates between "The Wave" and "The Event", stating that The Wave does NOT equal The Event, but rather that the Wave from the Galactic Central Sun will slowly build up, leading into The Event at some unknown time in the future.

You, however, seem to state that once The Wave reaches Earth, "The Show" begins. Now please, clarify for us with more details what you mean by "The Show"; would you please depict it for us in our English words as good as you can.

WITH JOY, we SHARE that the "WAVE" has arrived. NOW we clarify -- the wave is the HEARTBEAT of SOURCE, it is a frequency of PURE LOVE that never dissipates, only builds, and flows throughout into the ULTRAVERSE as we have shared.  KNOW this -- the tingling, the dizziness, the thoughts that you remember, the dejavu- all are the beginning "symptoms" for lack of a better word than we have found before.  THE SHOW is the culmination of ALL and as we have shown you:  A CELEBRATION of FAMILY!

When you relay in hard language that "our divine gang is broken", do you mean that the light family aiding in the current ascension process here in the solar system are divided as to the timing - when to ignite "The Show" begin in its full extend? That there are the older forces which have become conservative over the multitude of years who vote for a continuation of the current slow down, saying "Earth humans by average are not ready yet for 'The Show'", but that you represent a new wave of our stellar multi-dimensional siblings which has gained so much influence over the past few months, that you both, can and will mitigate the power of the galactic wave much less than the conservative forces, leading to The Event right when The Wave enters this solar system around beginning of August 2015

We referred to the DIVINES in our MESSAGE to BILL/AK.  He calls the last few MAJOR Cast Members, Leaders behind the Scenes Also Known as the Puppet Masters to some -- He calls them DIVINE.  [...actually I call them "divines" ...Heather coined this term in early 2013 to describe the beings above even ETs who operate all the banking and government systems behind the scenes - who can appear as human and come to this realm and leave it at will.  They harvested human energy through systems on Earth and similar planets.  The term emerged because these seldom mentioned beings frequent use of the phrase "divine plan" (small "d") which misrepresented their plans as Creator Source's plan by relying on the presumption of the inattentive reader.  The movie Jupiter Ascending comes fairly close to illustrating their role on Earth.  The term is probably best not confused with Archons - used others to describe dis-incarnated reptilians. -AK] Again words.  There are so many labels by so many BEings for so many groups of BEings, when you see it from our perspective, it could make your head spin!!  (Ha Ha -- they are making fun of me -- Denice)  THE wave of LOVE arrives.  It continues, it is never ending.  There is no TIMING for the WAVE -- IT is HERE.  Did you think we would turn out all the lights and then leave?  NO, WE say with such LOVE, SUCH JOY, and SUCH playfulness, we have left the lights on for you!  ALL ARE READY FOR THE SHOW

Apparently "The Event" would be the most impactful occurrence on and around Gaia since the downfall of Atlantis. If indeed you have not just the intent, but also - through the pivoting number of participating members in the higher realms - the power to have it occur in around a week from now, then this most important message of all and of ever should and needs to be trumpeted and heralded not just through this one dear channel Denice, but through many many many more, starting right now. If indeed you are sincere in both, beingness and message, then now is the time for you to spread "the news" to as many of the light servers and messengers as possible. So that other channels can relay your tidings for redundancy which is a required factor as long as we still are in 3D for the time being, would you please contact (directly or telepathically) our Ascended Masters (St. Germaine, Serapis Bey, Djwhal Khul, Senanda etc.), SaLuSa as delegate from Sirius, P'taah as delegate from the Pleiades, The Blue Avians, the Resistance Movement, maybe even tel-empaths like Corey Goode, EM Ibrahim Hassan, Matt Kahn etc. if possible - and anybody else in your reach who is known as a relay between the higher and the earth 3D realm. On behalf of many of us, I emphasize that we need to perceive you as a irrigation system of many lively sprinklers (vs. the current state of one slowly dripping faucet... that is not yet convincing, sorry .. ;).)

WELL SAID, BROTHER LEE, WELL SAID and as we are ALL EXPERIENCING the NOW in a MULTITUDE of WAYS, we have SENT OUR MESSAGE FAR AND WIDE.  It is the filters, and the last few controls, that will change/alter/impact how our message is received/delivered.  BE IN JOY! ALL is WELL!

According to Cobra, David Wilcock and Corey Goode, one of the main purposes and tasks of the multitude of spheres in our solar system is to diffuse or mitigate the power and thus effect of The Wave as to avoid cataclysm and apocalypse as in previous shifts into the next Yuga. Can you please comment on that?


I could go on (almost) forever, but will halt at this point as to give Denice a well-deserved break. With much love, joy, gratitude and anticipation 

WITH JOY, we too end our transmission dear brother!

Stand Up

So many names for this time: Awakening, The Wave, The Event, The Moment of Justice, The Shift, The Party.  Who to believe?  When is it coming?  What will happen?  Where should I be?  These are just a few of the wonderings I am feeling from us all… 

Here are some thoughts. Every happening is created (by us), regardless of its name or size or relative impact.  What differs is the number of energetic signatures participating, manifesting and experiencing the happening.  

All is in motion now.  I dislike the term “Wave” because on the shore a wave emerges from beyond, alters the landscape and departs.  It is more than that.  Think human wave, the kind routinely played out in ball fields everywhere. Once this wave happens, everyone is still there. Some of us start it.  Others of us hold up the middle.  The last few finish it.

This is not your typical ocean wave as there will be no retreating.  You cannot yet see the changes that are coming. You can feel them though.  This does not emerge from elsewhere.  It is more of an eruption.  What is getting ready to erupt is truth.  Yours, mine and everyone’s.  This is an explosion of what is within. 

What is within, is love.  Not one piece of an entire creation of love, but an entire creation of love, in one piece. (Thank you KK)

Love and light have tipped the scales here.  This upcoming happening is an eruption of love, an explosion of light, an enormous pulse of agape breathing through humanity and Gaia all at once.

This Shift is occurring in increments and all at once.  Some of us are catalysts for massive movements in consciousness.  Some of us are reporters.  Some of us are participants.  All of humanity is creating, assisting, BEING this shift. It is no longer a question of “if” we will manifest this moment; it perhaps becomes a question of “when”. We’ve waited a long moment.

Yet the term “when” is a major roadblock.  Think about a roadblock in physical life.  What does it accomplish?  It creates a STOP.  It halts progress.  It necessitates a WORK AROUND. It requires a NEW ROUTE. All of this - unless you want to change destinations.
We do not wish to alter our intended destination.  Many dreams ago we intended to arrive here now.  In order to proceed, all questions of “when” must be left out of the planning; as well as “who” and “how”. 

As an eruption of a volcano occurs when there is a build-up of certain conditions – so too this foretold “event” of exploding truth.  The conditions within each of us determine the make-up of the overflow; actually form the outcome that results in the outpouring of emotion about to be experienced.

What results is a deep in-breath of all that is, followed by a forceful push of all that is imagined.  Now is the moment to imagine only your wildest and most wonderful dreams. Hold them fast to you and watch what manifests.  All else is a distraction, providing only a roadblock.

As mankind each differs in his intents and expectations, the out-breath will be seen and even felt in a variety of ways.  These, depending on your personal plan.  You will be in the “right” place; your chosen locale is the perfect platform for your life’s expression.  This is true on every level.

This anticipation builds and is felt individually and collectively for “something”.  This “something” will begin our active participation in our “new age”.

Remember again the “wave” at the sports arena. It happens without a plan, YET EACH ONE KNOWS WHEN THEIR MOMENT TO STAND UP ARRIVES.

Our moment to stand up may just be right now. The only way such a wave occurs is if someone starts.  Some of us have stood.  Your moment is about to be.  Realize it.  No one else can affect this precise place like you can.  The eruption ingredients aren’t ready to explode out without your energy in there.  NO SINGLE ONE OF US CAN “WAVE”.  IT COMES FROM ALL OF US AS ONE.

You are the one’s you’ve been waiting for.


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