Monday, August 3, 2015

It's Game Time

What is coming up now is balance.  What is being felt here is essence.  What is happening today is a return to center; the place from which manifestation begins.

It is true that creation is a constant force.  What we’ve come to appreciate is the ability to skew direction of that force with suggestion, with ideas, with systems, with advertising and primarily with emotion.

Today we begin actual comprehension of our potential.  This is not the same as understanding.  Understanding is STANDING – UNDER.  There is no one standing over you, giving you truth.  You are beneath no system, no being, no personality, no situation, no law.  Comprehension is self-actualization.  It does not come from an outside source, it emerges from within.

How this plays out is with an acceptance of self.  Perhaps announcement is necessary.  A statement of knowing, an acknowledgement of self.  This time, without apology.  I AM LOVE.  Today, love looks like this, prefers this, expresses like this, feels like this.  Acceptance is key.  It’s all okay.

For, once you accept yourself, your world follows suit.  As Master Creators, it has no choice but to.  YOU ARE SOURCE.

It all springs from you.  Focus takes energy.  With focus, intentional creation occurs.  The playing field is prepped now – what will you plant there?  Pay attention.  It is the optimum moment.  Master gardeners recognize this. If you are distracted – pointing fingers, blaming or making excuses – you may miss it. 

A neglected field will grow only weeds.  These are relentless things you’ll have to then work very hard to eliminate.

A Master Creator appreciates the moment, fills the field with whatever she wants, focuses on what matters to him and expects miracles to grow.

Distraction takes energy too.  Where will you place your energetic signature?  What is your image for the field of creation spread before you now?

Imagine. Focus. Accept.  Allow. These are the tools in your toolkit.  A being of Absolute Love, you are pure potential.  The essence of creation runs through your core.  The field has been cleared.  All is prepared. For you.  For now.  Plant your wildest imaginings.  Nurture them.  Use your toolkit.  Love with abundance.  It’s game time.

You are the one you’ve been waiting for.

With absolute love,

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